All the pens

All our pens together in one place – in numerical order. This is of no use to anyone except Russell or I. It will take a long long time to load – enjoy it if you want to, but please understand that it is really just a quick visual reference for us when we are out and about.

Mortalin Rat Poison

(Pen 1, Drawer 87) A bit of a dark one – poor ratty looks like he’s had it.

Roux hair color

(Pen 2, Drawer 20) One of our oldest and most prized pens. The lady’s hair changes from blonde to brunette

CIC Banque Cial

(Pen 3, Drawer 87) A nice glittery bank

GSD&M Idea City

(Pen 4, Drawer 41) They put as much passion into making a difference for their communities as they do for their clients

Rheingold Institut

(Pen 5, Drawer 41) They look beyond the obvious! Their journeys into the consumer psyche uncover the secrets behind the scenes of the purchase stage that drive perceptions and behavior. Rheingold was founded over 20 years ago in Cologne, Germany. Today, it is one of the most successful international qualitative research institutes worldwide.


(Pen 6, Drawer 41)

Assurances Maghrebia

(Pen 7, Drawer 41) Founded in 1973, this Tunisian insurance and reinsurance company, is dedicated for the insurance and financial protection of its individual, professional and “business” customers.

Demurger & Cie

(Pen 8, Drawer 20) A little bit warped, but it’s a very old dip-stick


(Pen 9, Drawer 87)

DBI Plastics

(Pen 10, Drawer 41)


(Pen 11, Drawer 41)

Stella McCartney – Blooper

(Pen 12, Drawer 41) The blooper is on the back – it says yentraCcM alletS


(Pen 13, Drawer 41)

Stella McCartney

(Pen 14, Drawer 41)

International Council of Shopping Centres

(Pen 15, Drawer 41)


(Pen 16, Drawer 41) This actually came from the desk of Anna Wintour (really long story)

Fuji film

(Pen 17, Drawer 41)

Imagine the possibilities

(Pen 18, Drawer 87)

Wittelbol, Miranda’s company

(Pen 19, Drawer 41)

Debra S Gregory Realtor

(Pen 20, Drawer 87)


(Pen 21, Drawer 41)

Elman Wall Travel Team

(Pen 22, Drawer 87) The best accountants in the world (we’re probably a bit biased)

Hewlett Packard

(Pen 23, Drawer 134)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

(Pen 24, Drawer 134)


(Pen 25, Drawer 42) A trade with Jean-Yves “Mobile Kommunikation neu Definiert!”


(Pen 26, Drawer 134)

Philips energy saving lamp

(Pen 27, Drawer 42)

NGK Spark Plug

(Pen 28, Drawer 42)

Philips Tanning

(Pen 29, Drawer 42)


(Pen 30, Drawer 134) State of the art…but a little bit retro

Infinity Sound Systems

(Pen 31, Drawer 134)

Artema Anesthesia

(Pen 32, Drawer 104)

Endort La Douleur

(Pen 33, Drawer 104)

Floradix mit Eisen

(Pen 34, Drawer 104) Our floaty

Bliv Donor

(Pen 35, Drawer 104)


(Pen 36, Drawer 104)

Pipram 400

(Pen 37, Drawer 104)

HIT type II?

(Pen 38, Drawer 104)

B.D. Iv Cannulae

(Pen 39, Drawer 104)

Suprax Tablets

(Pen 40, Drawer 104)

Prandin tablets

(Pen 41, Drawer 104)


(Pen 42, Drawer 104)

Norvasc (amlodipine besylate)

(Pen 43, Drawer 104)

ArthriSoothe Gold

(Pen 44, Drawer 104)

Fina service station

(Pen 45, Drawer 20) A bit bubbly

Plasser and Theurer

(Pen 46, Drawer 59) “High capacity, Precision, Reliability”

Travel and tourism (no writing)

(Pen 47, Drawer 59)


(Pen 48, Drawer 59) The way we work is as important as the goals we achieve.

United Airlines

(Pen 49, Drawer 59)


(Pen 50, Drawer 59) Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling floaty pen commerce around the globe.


(Pen 51, Drawer 59) You can be sure of Shell

Autobedrijf Hammers B.V

(Pen 52, Drawer 107) Our first floaty keyring. A wonderful promotion for a Skoda garage.

Esso extra motor oil

(Pen 53, Drawer 20) Probably our oldest and most valuable pen! Purchased at Clignancourt flea markets in Paris, and valued by that nice David Battie from The Antiques Roadshow.

BCN Taxi

(Pen 54, Drawer 79)

Citroen C3

(Pen 55, Drawer 107) The Citroën C3 is a versatile supermini that is full of technology and oozes charm and style from every angle.


(Pen 56, Drawer 59)


(Pen 57, Drawer 107)

Transportation inc

(Pen 58, Drawer 59)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

(Pen 59, Drawer 32) A gift from the manufacturer. Wow, this pen is pure action!

Burkina Faso

(Pen 60, Drawer 32) A landlocked country in West Africa. It is surrounded by Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Côte d’Ivoire to the southwest. Capital city: Ouagadougau

Egypt (mysteries of)

(Pen 61, Drawer 32)

Colorado ranch

(Pen 62, Drawer 33)

Follow me to Texas

(Pen 63, Drawer 34)

Washington – mountain

(Pen 64, Drawer 33)

Washington sea

(Pen 65, Drawer 33)

Alaska puffin

(Pen 66, Drawer 33)

Greetings from Newfoundland

(Pen 67, Drawer 9)

Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

(Pen 68, Drawer 31)

Cincinnati Zoo

(Pen 69, Drawer 83)

City Museum (St Louis)

(Pen 70, Drawer 124)

New Mexico

(Pen 71, Drawer 34)

Science Museum Minnesota

(Pen 72, Drawer 83)

Boston Tea Party Ship

(Pen 73, Drawer 84) A great present from Audrey. The tea chests drop overboard down to the sea bed. Now we will have to brush up on our American history

Chicago – heart

(Pen 74, Drawer 83)

Mount St Helens – tree

(Pen 75, Drawer 33)

Mount St Helens

(Pen 76, Drawer 33)

Liberace Museum (hands)

(Pen 77, Drawer 124) Bejewelled hands float up and down tickleing those ivories! Even more cool about this pen is that it is a ‘blooper’ – The hands have been put on upside down – how cool is that?


(Pen 78, Drawer 34)

Chicago Academy of Science

(Pen 79, Drawer 83)

Get Involved – Old Dominion

(Pen 80, Drawer 31)

Museum of our National Heritage

(Pen 81, Drawer 31)


(Pen 82, Drawer 31)


(Pen 83, Drawer 83)

Las Vegas – Cards

(Pen 84, Drawer 34)

Chicago the windy city

(Pen 85, Drawer 83)

History of America-Civil War

(Pen 86, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Moon

(Pen 87, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

Olympic Torch

(Pen 88, Drawer 31) This shows a runner carrying the torch from Los Angeles to Atlanta.


(Pen 89, Drawer 97) *A trade with Jean-Yves* The lovely Hula girls float behind the palm trees swaying in the foreground.

Grand Canyon

(Pen 90, Drawer 124)

Salt Lake City

(Pen 91, Drawer 34) A gift from the manufacturer. Our first pen in a new translucent barrel colour.

Aloha Hawaii – hang loose

(Pen 92, Drawer 97)

Biosphere 2 Oracle Arizona

(Pen 93, Drawer 34)

Soil Moisture Experiments 2005

(Pen 94, Drawer 84)

Las Vegas showgirl

(Pen 95, Drawer 34)

Bellingham Ferry

(Pen 96, Drawer 33)

Idaho lorry

(Pen 97, Drawer 33)

Newport Mansions

(Pen 98, Drawer 124)

Stockbridge – main st remembered

(Pen 99, Drawer 31)

Charlston Shipwreck & Heritage Centre

(Pen 100, Drawer 128)

Grand Canyon (on horseback)

(Pen 101, Drawer 34)

Tillamook Air Museum (Oregan)

(Pen 102, Drawer 82)

Ruby’s Inn, Utah

(Pen 103, Drawer 34)

New Mexico Route 66

(Pen 104, Drawer 124)

History of America-Mayflower

(Pen 105, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Motor

(Pen 106, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Washington

(Pen 107, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-West

(Pen 108, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

Liberace Museum (car)

(Pen 109, Drawer 34) Liberace’s OTT car floating between two candellabras, slightly spoiled by a small bubble, but more than made up for by the reverse panel which is beautiful.

National Toy Train Museum

(Pen 110, Drawer 124)

US Astronaut hall of fame

(Pen 111, Drawer 84) A trade with Jean-Yves* A groovy space shuttle takes off, and then floats right back down into its starting position.


(Pen 112, Drawer 124)

Alaska the last frontier

(Pen 113, Drawer 33)

Mark Twain’s Hannible, Missouri

(Pen 114, Drawer 83)

Sears Tower 1454ft Chicago, Illinois

(Pen 115, Drawer 83)


(Pen 116, Drawer 34)

Catskill Corners

(Pen 117, Drawer 31)

Chattanooga Choo Choo

(Pen 118, Drawer 31)

Guam Day

(Pen 119, Drawer 88)

Guam Night

(Pen 120, Drawer 88)

Henry Ford Museum

(Pen 121, Drawer 83)

Inclined Plane

(Pen 122, Drawer 31)

Main Street USA – Route 66

(Pen 123, Drawer 84)

Mid America Science Museum

(Pen 124, Drawer 31)

Touch down USA Space Shuttle Landing

(Pen 125, Drawer 84)

Trolley station and museum

(Pen 126, Drawer 31)

Smithsonian Institution

(Pen 127, Drawer 31) *A gift from the manufacturer* Our first ‘Twist and click’ with the slanted top, a groovy translucent green barrel, and a Trekkie float gliding across the Universe.

Kennedy – I need my space

(Pen 128, Drawer 1)

Kennedy – Lets do Launch

(Pen 129, Drawer 1)

Airbourne and special ops museum

(Pen 130, Drawer 31)

California desert

(Pen 131, Drawer 35) An evil looking snake floats towards a cute horse – somebody save him!

California redwoods

(Pen 132, Drawer 35) A Bambi looking creature seems to be floating through these weird woods. I wonder if he is looking for his mother?


(Pen 133, Drawer 35) Mmm? What is going on here? A little furry beaver type creature is floating on his back – there is some sort of old church in the background – I must do more research. Isn’t Monterey where the cheese comes from?

Monterey CA

(Pen 134, Drawer 35) Another Monterey pen, another furry beaver like creature and no cheese in sight – must do more research!

San Diego – Killer whale

(Pen 135, Drawer 35) Very colourful – we are not sure why Sandiego is shown with a radioactive horizon, but is sure looks pretty!

Pacific Park – Santa Monica Pier

(Pen 136, Drawer 35) A gorgous bold colourful pen – the floating seahorse floats amonst the bubbles and seaweed.

San Diego

(Pen 137, Drawer 35)

Los Angeles California

(Pen 138, Drawer 35)

Adventures in space

(Pen 139, Drawer 84) “Manned Mobility Unit” Cooool!

Alcatraz Federal Penetentiary Swim Team

(Pen 140, Drawer 109) It looks like they are escaping – but don’t worry, the sharks are floating across to bring them back.

California – beach

(Pen 141, Drawer 35)

California Golden State

(Pen 142, Drawer 35) A lovely sunny floaty pen. The genetically modified orange riding on the truck is a little worrying!

Edwards AFB

(Pen 143, Drawer 35) “Home of the Space Shuttle”


(Pen 144, Drawer 35) Really pretty pen – a steamboat paddles past a mini whitehouse type building – I must do some research.

San Diego – Aeroplane

(Pen 145, Drawer 35) Very colourful – we are not sure why Sandiego is shown with a radioactive horizon, but is sure looks pretty!

The Skunk Trains

(Pen 146, Drawer 35) I am not sure why skunks need their own trains.

Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

(Pen 147, Drawer 35) A very swanky silver car floats along a vintage image of Rodeo Drive.

San Fransisco Cable Car

(Pen 148, Drawer 89)

The Golden Gate

(Pen 149, Drawer 89)

California State Railroad Museum

(Pen 150, Drawer 124)

San Fransisco (Helicopter)

(Pen 151, Drawer 109)

San Fransisco (Yacht)

(Pen 152, Drawer 89)

Hollywood biplane

(Pen 153, Drawer 35)

Beverly Hills white limo

(Pen 154, Drawer 35)

Hollywood Home of the stars

(Pen 155, Drawer 114)

Hollywood black limo

(Pen 156, Drawer 35)

Dolphins, Miami Beach

(Pen 157, Drawer 1) Intelligent, curious, playful mammals – and that’s just Russell and I – the dolphins are pretty smart too!

Manatee, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 158, Drawer 1) We were not lucky enough to see a manatee for ourselves – perhaps becuase we kept singing Weebl’s Dugong song – do look it up, it is very catchy!

Orca, Miami Beach

(Pen 159, Drawer 1)

Seahorses, Miami Beach

(Pen 160, Drawer 1)

Alligator Beach Club

(Pen 161, Drawer 1)

Florida – Crocodile

(Pen 162, Drawer 1)

Florida – Dolphin

(Pen 163, Drawer 1) Quite an unusual pen – The lower part of the barrel has a transaprent blue front and back image. The dolphin appears to be leaping out of the water. He will happily perform his trick all day without the need for any fish treats!

Florida’s great

(Pen 164, Drawer 1) Says the cute parrot on the back panel. The floater is a stunning red parrot – we have never seen a real parrot float!

Alligators, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 165, Drawer 1) This pen uses the old ‘rear and front scenes identical’ method to show the alligator from both sides

Fish, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 166, Drawer 1) A great pen – the last one in the shop! We didn’t actually go into the aquarium – we just persuaded some nice staff to let us into the gift shop. Would definitely recommend a full visit.

Ladybugs, Miami Beach

(Pen 167, Drawer 1)

Seahorses, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 168, Drawer 1) Seahorses – lots of them – unfortunately one on the floating panel is missing part of his head.

Key West Conch Tour Train

(Pen 169, Drawer 1) Key West is one of the jolliest places we have ever visited – this lovely pen was a bonus!

Florida – experience the serenity

(Pen 170, Drawer 1) To experience he serenity of Florida, go a few miles out to sea!

Sawgrass recreation park

(Pen 171, Drawer 1)

Boats, Miami Beach

(Pen 172, Drawer 124)

National Gallery, Pisanello

(Pen 173, Drawer 60) The vision of St Eustace

Tate Surrealism

(Pen 174, Drawer 60) This is a truly surrealistic pen. The Tate Modern is shown in the background, with a giant lobster floating in the foreground. Floaty pens just don’t get any better than this!

Tippoo’s Tiger

(Pen 175, Drawer 60) Tippoo was a big boss man in India who was known as The Tiger for trying to get rid of the British. This pen is an excellent souvenir of the automaton in the museum,

Mica Ninagawa – goldfish

(Pen 176, Drawer 61) A lovely goldfish swims in this pen

Mica Ninagawa – slug

(Pen 177, Drawer 61) A lovely yellow grub floats past the bright flowers

Casa Brutus Design

(Pen 178, Drawer 78) Design Groovisions – a lovely conceal/reveal from Japan – different lights appear as the pen is tilted


(Pen 179, Drawer 61)

Portland Art Museum – Monet

(Pen 180, Drawer 120)

Chrissy Caviar

(Pen 181, Drawer 61) Chrissy, in the name of art, has had her eggs harvested as a sort of human caviar, and sold in jars. This pen accompanies her exhibitions, but does not actually contain a real egg.

It’s a scream!

(Pen 182, Drawer 60) Aaaaaaaagh

Keep in touch

(Pen 183, Drawer 60) The left hand floats towards the outstretched finger of the right hand – influenced by Michaelangelo, or the opening credits to the South Bank Show!

Lanzaroti, camels

(Pen 184, Drawer 38)

Rodin’s Thinker

(Pen 185, Drawer 60) From the Detroit Institute of Arts

The Last Supper

(Pen 186, Drawer 60) The bread and wine float between these thirteen famous diners.

Van Gogh’s sunflower

(Pen 187, Drawer 60) A lovely trade from Petra in the Netherlands. I asked her to surprise me and I couldn’t be happier. 

Underground D-Signs Alis-Brickwall

(Pen 188, Drawer 61)

St Louis Art Museum – Monet

(Pen 189, Drawer 61)

Vincent – brush

(Pen 190, Drawer 60)

Van Dyke, Rijks Museum Amsterdam

(Pen 191, Drawer 60)

Tate, Lady of Shallott

(Pen 192, Drawer 60) A present from Mandi, and our most moving moving pen! Taken from the J.W.Waterhouse painting,1888, illustrating the poem by Tennyson: And down the river’s dim expanse, Like some bold seer in a trance, Seeing all his own mischance, With glassy countenance, Did she look to Camelot, And at the closing of the day, She loosed the chain, and down she lay, The broad stream bore her far away, The Lady of Shalott.

Underground D-Signs Alis-paint (2)

(Pen 193, Drawer 61)

Ballet (Degas)

(Pen 194, Drawer 60)

Paris 1886 (Seurat)

(Pen 195, Drawer 60)

Underground D-Signs (Half-ware)

(Pen 196, Drawer 61)

Underground D-Signs-paint (4)

(Pen 197, Drawer 61)

National Gallery, Canaletto

(Pen 198, Drawer 60)

Corcoran Gallery of Art – Hopper

(Pen 199, Drawer 61) The Ground swell

Tate, Wallis

(Pen 200, Drawer 61) Taken from The Blue Ship, about 1934.

Bayeux Tapestry

(Pen 201, Drawer 60) Tapisserie Reine Mathilde – A wonderful extract from the Bayeux tapestry

Underground D-Signs Alis-lorry

(Pen 202, Drawer 61)

Underground D-Signs Alis-Skateboard

(Pen 203, Drawer 61)

Underground D-Signs Alis-teddy bear

(Pen 204, Drawer 61)

V&A a Surreal Thing

(Pen 205, Drawer 120)

Bo Bendixen – Bicycle

(Pen 206, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Dog

(Pen 207, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Elephant

(Pen 208, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Frog

(Pen 209, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Hedgehog

(Pen 210, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Horses

(Pen 211, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Horses (coloured)

(Pen 212, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Tiger

(Pen 213, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Monkey

(Pen 214, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Mouse

(Pen 215, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Owl

(Pen 216, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Pig

(Pen 217, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Rabbit

(Pen 218, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Raindeer

(Pen 219, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Sea lion

(Pen 220, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Bo Bendixen – Yachts

(Pen 221, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Ayres Rock Resort

(Pen 222, Drawer 5)

Kentucky Down Under

(Pen 223, Drawer 5)

New Zealand

(Pen 224, Drawer 5)

Franz Josef, New Zealand

(Pen 225, Drawer 5) A wonderful gift from Yannick. A man with a stick glides across a glacier.


(Pen 226, Drawer 5)

Balmshell Lipgloss – Ah…the classic

(Pen 227, Drawer 54) This is a story of the little black dress. An essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.  In this illustration, a woman is admiring herself in a mirror while she is wearing the classic black dress. She looks stunningly beautiful. When it is turned upside down, the barrel fills with silver sparkles, highlighting her classic look.

Balmshell Lipgloss – Selfridges special edition

(Pen 228, Drawer 54) This is the story of the day Susan went into Selfridges in London to buy a new lipgloss. She was totally flabbergasted to find a display of lipglosses that looked suspiciously like they had floaty pen type sections attached. A little research later, and Susan was able to confirm that these were indeed genuine Eskesen attachments. Floaty pen collecting doesn’t get better than this (obviously they’re not pens, but welcome to our world!)

Balmshell Lipgloss – Darling you look fabulous

(Pen 229, Drawer 54) This is the story of how a BALMSHELL prepares for a night out on the town. The illustration starts out with a woman who is standing wrapped in her favorite plush terry cloth towel.  She then slides behind a changing screen and when she comes out, she is dressed and ready. She looks into the mirror and thinks to herself, “Darling…you look fabulous!”


(Pen 230, Drawer 6) The swans float along the Bruges canal. I can taste the chocolate just by looking at this one.

Drenthe – Ram

(Pen 231, Drawer 6)

Antwerpen Planckendael

(Pen 232, Drawer 6)

Atomium – Brussels (metalic)

(Pen 233, Drawer 6) We took an elevator to the top of the Atomium, and I can assure you that it doesn’t float anywhere! Compare with the Atomium pen in the Fakes section.

Bruxelles – manekin Piss

(Pen 234, Drawer 6)

Cascades de Coo

(Pen 235, Drawer 6)


(Pen 236, Drawer 6)

Drenthe – Wagon

(Pen 237, Drawer 6)

Bruxelles – Brussels

(Pen 238, Drawer 6) *A trade with Petra, Belgium* A horse and carriage float through Brussels.

RMS Titanic (new background)

(Pen 239, Drawer 55)

Royal Yacht Brittannia

(Pen 240, Drawer 55)

DFDS Seaways

(Pen 241, Drawer 101)

Groeten MS Regina Rheine

(Pen 242, Drawer 55)

Crown Dynasty

(Pen 243, Drawer 55)

RMS Titanic

(Pen 244, Drawer 55)

USS Pampanito SS383

(Pen 245, Drawer 82)

Queen Elizabeth 2 – London

(Pen 246, Drawer 55)

M S Seawing

(Pen 247, Drawer 55)

S S Canberra

(Pen 248, Drawer 55) I have very fond memories of cruising on this ship when I was 10 years old, long before my floaty obsession began. I was sad to hear that it had been sold for scrap in 1997. You can imagine my delight to see this souvenir pen come up for Auction on Ebay. The ship floats from Dover, via Athens and Istanbul, to the Pyramids of Egypt. Slightly worryingly, the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ wobble a little when the pen is tilted!

Condor Ferries

(Pen 249, Drawer 101) A big floaty thank you to Jonathan.

Monte Toledo – Aznar Line

(Pen 250, Drawer 55) It’s so old, the water has faded away, and the boat floats in the air!


(Pen 251, Drawer 101)

Costa Classica

(Pen 252, Drawer 55)

Queen Elizabeth 2 – USA

(Pen 253, Drawer 55)

Queen Elizabeth 2

(Pen 254, Drawer 55)


(Pen 255, Drawer 55)

Costa Romantica

(Pen 256, Drawer 55)


(Pen 257, Drawer 55)


(Pen 258, Drawer 55)

Vision of the seas

(Pen 259, Drawer 55)

HMS Belfast

(Pen 260, Drawer 55)


(Pen 261, Drawer 71)

Bagpuss, Prof Yaffle

(Pen 262, Drawer 71)


(Pen 263, Drawer 71) This fabulous pink Twist and Click is a present from Katy. Two of the lovely knitted creatures float up in the clouds, while another Clanger waits back on their home planet in the foreground.

Red Dwarf – Cat

(Pen 264, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Holly

(Pen 265, Drawer 73)

The Prisoner – blooper

(Pen 266, Drawer 71)

The Prisoner

(Pen 267, Drawer 71)

Red Dwarf (Cat and Bug)

(Pen 268, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Authorised personnel only

(Pen 269, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Creighton and Bug

(Pen 270, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Lister

(Pen 271, Drawer 73)

Only Fools and Horses

(Pen 272, Drawer 71) You plonker Rodney!

Clangers – Rocket

(Pen 273, Drawer 71)

Red Dwarf – Bug

(Pen 274, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Red Dwarf

(Pen 275, Drawer 73)

Dr Who, Daleks

(Pen 276, Drawer 72)

Dr Who – Tardis

(Pen 277, Drawer 72)

Dr Who – Cybermen

(Pen 278, Drawer 72)

Daleks Invasion Earth – Bomb

(Pen 279, Drawer 72)

Daleks Invasion Earth – Dalek

(Pen 280, Drawer 72)

Doctor Who – Davros

(Pen 281, Drawer 72)

Doctor Who – John Pertwee

(Pen 282, Drawer 72)

Doctor Who – Peter Davidson

(Pen 283, Drawer 72)

Dr Who & Daleks Canal+ grey dalek

(Pen 284, Drawer 72)

Dr Who & Daleks Canal+ yellow dalek

(Pen 285, Drawer 72) A groovy Dalek floats happily along, while Davros is blown up in the background


(Pen 286, Drawer 50)

Captain Scarlet – Blue

(Pen 287, Drawer 50)

Captain Scarlet – Green

(Pen 288, Drawer 50)

Captain Scarlet – Red

(Pen 289, Drawer 50)

Captain Scarlet – White

(Pen 290, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 1

(Pen 291, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 2

(Pen 292, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 3

(Pen 293, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 4

(Pen 294, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 5

(Pen 295, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds, Lady P

(Pen 296, Drawer 50)

British Columbia – bear

(Pen 297, Drawer 8)

British Columbia – duck

(Pen 298, Drawer 8) A dark but elegant pen. A duck glides behind the reeds in the foreground.

British Columbia Sportsmans paradise

(Pen 299, Drawer 20) …If you like killing things!

Waterton Lakes National Park

(Pen 300, Drawer 8)

Jasper National Park

(Pen 301, Drawer 8)

British Columbia glitter

(Pen 302, Drawer 8)

Calgary glitter

(Pen 303, Drawer 8)

Butchant Gardens

(Pen 304, Drawer 20) Another very old and faded pen. The people look like they have floated right out of the 1950’s.

BC Ferries

(Pen 305, Drawer 101) We took this ferry over to Vancouver Island. Luckily the sea life was not on the same relative scale!

BC Museum of Mining

(Pen 306, Drawer 8)

Queen of Saanich

(Pen 307, Drawer 8)

Victoria, BC

(Pen 308, Drawer 8) Looks suspiciously like London, even the BC parliament building in the background looks like Harrods when it is lit up at night.

Perth County Thrives in 2005

(Pen 309, Drawer 8)

Columbia Icefield

(Pen 310, Drawer 8)

Jasper Tramway

(Pen 311, Drawer 8)

Maligne Lake

(Pen 312, Drawer 8)

Canada – Two ducks

(Pen 313, Drawer 7)

Canada – Bear

(Pen 314, Drawer 7)

Canada – Beaver (genuine)

(Pen 315, Drawer 7)

Canada – Caribou

(Pen 316, Drawer 7)

Canada – Horses

(Pen 317, Drawer 7)

Canada – one duck

(Pen 318, Drawer 7)

Canada – Stag

(Pen 319, Drawer 7)

Canada – Two geese

(Pen 320, Drawer 7)


(Pen 321, Drawer 7)

Montréal, Canada

(Pen 322, Drawer 9)

CN Tower – Old

(Pen 323, Drawer 9) Our first vintage pen. It was a present from Katy who bought it at an antique shop in Brighton. It has most of its liquid missing. The elevator does not actually float. We date it at about 1970. Definitely a favourite.

Toronto City Hall

(Pen 324, Drawer 20) The Mountie floats along this modern cityscape in this lovely orange-barelled pen. Whoever owned it before must have enjoyed nibbleing the cap!

Manitoba Museum

(Pen 325, Drawer 9)

Perce Gaspesie Quebec

(Pen 326, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower – New

(Pen 327, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – plane

(Pen 328, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – The Forks

(Pen 329, Drawer 9)

Niagara Falls

(Pen 330, Drawer 20) An amazingly old and faded pen.

Niagara Falls – Rainbow

(Pen 331, Drawer 100)

Montreal – Olympic Tower

(Pen 332, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower at night

(Pen 333, Drawer 9)

CN Tower at night (Narrower lift and non metalic)

(Pen 334, Drawer 9)

Vancouver Aquarium

(Pen 335, Drawer 10) They are now selling the more modern ‘twist and click’ style at the aquarium – this is a discontinued design, bought from a downtown shop.

Vancouver Aquarium – Marine Science

(Pen 336, Drawer 10)


(Pen 337, Drawer 10)

I’d rather be golfing

(Pen 338, Drawer 10)

Gas Town

(Pen 339, Drawer 10)

Gas Town with maple leaves

(Pen 340, Drawer 10)

Canada Place

(Pen 341, Drawer 10) What is that thing to the left? – a balloon? A firework? a seal cub? Not up to the usual Eskesen quality.

Granville Island

(Pen 342, Drawer 10) We LOVE the market on Granville Island – in fact it is a secret fantacy of Susan’s to be locked in there overnight with free access to all the stalls!

Land of the Totems

(Pen 343, Drawer 10) A wonderful pen. A canoe of first nation people rows by a village, with a colourful totem in the foreground.

Prospect Point

(Pen 344, Drawer 10) Totem poles in the foreground, mountains in the background, and a tram in the middle – just like being there!

Sea Bus

(Pen 345, Drawer 10) We used this service a couple of times. The view of Vancouver from the sea-bus is stunning.

Sky Train

(Pen 346, Drawer 10) We took the Sky Train several times during our visits to Vancouver. It was very smooth and slick – a bit like this pen!

Souvenir of Vancouver

(Pen 347, Drawer 10) A nice simple souvenir pen. A bridge in the foreground, a cityscape in the background, and a ship gliding back and forth in-between.

Super Sky ride

(Pen 348, Drawer 10) There is a lot of detail in the background, and not much in the foreground.

Vancouver BC Canada

(Pen 349, Drawer 10)

Hot Stuff

(Pen 350, Drawer 52)

The Girl & The Wolf

(Pen 351, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Bike

(Pen 352, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Flying

(Pen 353, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Jigsaw

(Pen 354, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Magnet

(Pen 355, Drawer 52)

3 cartoon girls

(Pen 356, Drawer 52)

Pink Glitter

(Pen 357, Drawer 52) *A gift from the manufacturer* Another new style, and our first glitter pen, all rolled into one gorgeous floaty. We don’t recognise the cartoon girl and dog – please let us know if you do.

George W. Bush

(Pen 358, Drawer 85)

President William J Clinton

(Pen 359, Drawer 85)


(Pen 360, Drawer 52)

Le Piaf

(Pen 361, Drawer 52)

Maya L’Abeille

(Pen 362, Drawer 52)


(Pen 363, Drawer 85)

Milo Manara

(Pen 364, Drawer 52)

Paddington – London Sights

(Pen 365, Drawer 51)

Paddington Bear – Paddington Station

(Pen 366, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson, Ugly Duckling

(Pen 367, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Boy and goat

(Pen 368, Drawer 51)

Hey Diddle Diddle

(Pen 369, Drawer 51) Please be patient while I scan the right front for this pen!

Humpty Dumpty

(Pen 370, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Chinaman

(Pen 371, Drawer 51)

Jack and Jill went up the hill

(Pen 372, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Chimney sweep

(Pen 373, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Mermaid

(Pen 374, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Soldier

(Pen 375, Drawer 51)

Odense Zoo

(Pen 376, Drawer 22)

Jyllands Akvariet

(Pen 377, Drawer 22)

Danish soldier with flag

(Pen 378, Drawer 21)


(Pen 379, Drawer 21)


(Pen 380, Drawer 21)

3 Performers

(Pen 381, Drawer 21)


(Pen 382, Drawer 21)

Danmark – flags

(Pen 383, Drawer 21)

Danmark – Hearts

(Pen 384, Drawer 21)

Aarhus Aadal golf center

(Pen 385, Drawer 22)

Blavand Bolcher

(Pen 386, Drawer 22)

Danmark – flag and beach umbrella

(Pen 387, Drawer 21)

KVLU University

(Pen 388, Drawer 22)

Danmark – viking

(Pen 389, Drawer 21)

Sammen gor vi en forskel!

(Pen 390, Drawer 22)

Danmarks Saltcenter

(Pen 391, Drawer 22)

Hvidovre ishockey klub

(Pen 392, Drawer 22)

Blokhus klit

(Pen 393, Drawer 22)


(Pen 394, Drawer 22)

Danmark, Viking ship

(Pen 395, Drawer 21)


(Pen 396, Drawer 22)

Tranekoer Slot

(Pen 397, Drawer 22)


(Pen 398, Drawer 23)

Little mermaid (with glitter)

(Pen 399, Drawer 23)


(Pen 400, Drawer 23)

Little mermaid

(Pen 401, Drawer 23)

Privat Bornepasning fra 6 mdr

(Pen 402, Drawer 23)

Post and tele museum – telephone

(Pen 403, Drawer 23)


(Pen 404, Drawer 23)

Nyhavn – Kobenhavn

(Pen 405, Drawer 23)

Post and tele museum – post

(Pen 406, Drawer 23)

Fantasy world – Dwarf

(Pen 407, Drawer 24)

Fyrtojet – Duck

(Pen 408, Drawer 24)


(Pen 409, Drawer 24)


(Pen 410, Drawer 24)


(Pen 411, Drawer 24)


(Pen 412, Drawer 24)


(Pen 413, Drawer 24)

Fyrtojet – Ghost

(Pen 414, Drawer 24)

Fantasy world – Boy

(Pen 415, Drawer 24)

Fyrtojet – Boy in tree

(Pen 416, Drawer 24)

Fyrtojet – Chimney sweep

(Pen 417, Drawer 24)

Fyrtojet – Mermaid

(Pen 418, Drawer 24)


(Pen 419, Drawer 24)

Fantasy world – Pumpkin

(Pen 420, Drawer 24)


(Pen 421, Drawer 44)

Winnie the Pooh – Red balloon

(Pen 422, Drawer 44)

Lady and the Tramp

(Pen 423, Drawer 44)

Winnie – Honey pot & bees

(Pen 424, Drawer 44)

Winnie – Rabbitz Howze

(Pen 425, Drawer 44)

Winnie – treehouse

(Pen 426, Drawer 44)

Shoshone Ice Caves, Idaho

(Pen 427, Drawer 33)

Disney – Goofy/tree

(Pen 428, Drawer 44)

Walt Disney World – fairytale castle

(Pen 429, Drawer 44)

The Little Mermaid

(Pen 430, Drawer 44)

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

(Pen 431, Drawer 44)

Toy Story

(Pen 432, Drawer 44)


(Pen 433, Drawer 44)


(Pen 434, Drawer 44)

Snow White

(Pen 435, Drawer 44)

Disney – Cinderella

(Pen 436, Drawer 44)

Disney Animal Kingdom – Elephant

(Pen 437, Drawer 44)

Mickey Mouse – aligator

(Pen 438, Drawer 45)

Disney – Donald/School

(Pen 439, Drawer 45)

Disney – Mickey/School

(Pen 440, Drawer 45)

Disney – Pluto/stick

(Pen 441, Drawer 45)

Walt Disney World – mickey/flood

(Pen 442, Drawer 45)

Disney Animal Kingdom – Giraffe

(Pen 443, Drawer 45)

Disneyland Resort Paris

(Pen 444, Drawer 45)

Whisky of Scotland

(Pen 445, Drawer 46) A dark but ingenious pen – the golden whisky is painted on the inside of the barrel, the floater is white. When the pen is tilted it looks like the whisky is pouring from the bottle into the glass.

The World’s Best Drink

(Pen 446, Drawer 46)

Le Mixx

(Pen 447, Drawer 46)

Gevalia House of Coffee

(Pen 448, Drawer 46)

Lipton – in arabic

(Pen 449, Drawer 46)

Lesumer Urquell

(Pen 450, Drawer 46)


(Pen 451, Drawer 113)

T Beer

(Pen 452, Drawer 113)

Nescafe – Romanian

(Pen 453, Drawer 46) With special thanks to Andreea Sarpe for translating this. It actually says: “Nescafe -Try it! – You will be amazed!” On the back it says “Essence of good coffee!” If we’re ever in Bucharest, then we know how to ask for a cup of coffee.

Explorer Vodka

(Pen 454, Drawer 113)


(Pen 455, Drawer 46)

Absolut Raspberry

(Pen 456, Drawer 46)

LeToTur – Greek property

(Pen 457, Drawer 41)

Merry Christmas

(Pen 458, Drawer 74)

Collectors United

(Pen 459, Drawer 131) A trade with Jean-Yves* This pen was designed especially for Eskesen collectors. The little character, Eskie, is throwing floaty pens across the world. The names of the collectors are shown on the back panel. 

Collectors (3)

(Pen 460, Drawer 131)

Christmas 2002

(Pen 461, Drawer 74)


(Pen 462, Drawer 131)

Eskesen & Lemon

(Pen 463, Drawer 74)

Dutch Collectors

(Pen 464, Drawer 131)

Eskesen Diver

(Pen 465, Drawer 74) *A gift from the manufacturer* A ‘Twist and Click’ promoting the company itself. Is this Mr Eskesen scuba diving through a pen? Also, has a lovely translucent blue barrel. Fab!

Eskesen Diver with light (Prototype)

(Pen 466, Drawer 74)

Christmas with Reindeer

(Pen 467, Drawer 74)

Yachts with light (Prototype)

(Pen 468, Drawer 74)

Europe – parliament

(Pen 469, Drawer 25)

Euro – currency

(Pen 470, Drawer 25) Shiny new Euro coins float in front of colourful Euro notes.

Europe – flags

(Pen 471, Drawer 25) From a theme park outside Brussels, which has models of all important buildings in the European Union. The pen has a vertical image of a man waving a European flag, against a background of national flags.

Greece (football team)

(Pen 472, Drawer 92)


(Pen 473, Drawer 25)

Principaute de Monaco

(Pen 474, Drawer 25)

Fugen im zillertal

(Pen 475, Drawer 17)

Switzerland (airplane)

(Pen 476, Drawer 108)

Wien Riesenrad

(Pen 477, Drawer 94)


(Pen 478, Drawer 25)

Green Fishy thing

(Pen 479, Drawer 100)

Canada – Beaver

(Pen 480, Drawer 70)

Canada – Seal

(Pen 481, Drawer 70)

Canada -Fish

(Pen 482, Drawer 70)

Chip & Co

(Pen 483, Drawer 70)

Berlin Fernsehturm

(Pen 484, Drawer 70)

New Zealand (fake)

(Pen 485, Drawer 70) A lovely present from Yannick. Slightly shorter and cruder than the real thing, but still cute. (a bit like Yannick!)

Disney, Mickey in London

(Pen 486, Drawer 105)


(Pen 487, Drawer 90)


(Pen 488, Drawer 90)


(Pen 489, Drawer 70)


(Pen 490, Drawer 90)

20th Century

(Pen 491, Drawer 100) Another foot-long pen. This shows important human achievements from the last hundred years. It includes everything from sliced bread to Dolly the sheep.

Atomium, Brussels

(Pen 492, Drawer 70)

Berlin Brandenburger Tor

(Pen 493, Drawer 70)

Las Vegas

(Pen 494, Drawer 90)


(Pen 495, Drawer 90)

Canada – Skiers

(Pen 496, Drawer 70) The skiers look great against the mountains, and for once the fast movement suits the image. An unusual use of perspective. The best fake so far.

Canada – Cable Car

(Pen 497, Drawer 70)

Canada – Ferry

(Pen 498, Drawer 70)

Flughafen Munchen

(Pen 499, Drawer 70)


(Pen 500, Drawer 68)

Algarve – with fish

(Pen 501, Drawer 68)

Cote d’azur

(Pen 502, Drawer 68)


(Pen 503, Drawer 68)

Perigord, France

(Pen 504, Drawer 68) Tom Pemberton, another campervanner spirit, brought us this back from his trip to France. The lovely geese float away from the french farmer with the pig, towards the farm to be made into fois gras pate. Lovely!

Jerusalem of peace

(Pen 505, Drawer 96)

Lucky Irish Leprachaun

(Pen 506, Drawer 96)

Grotte Di Castellana

(Pen 507, Drawer 96)


(Pen 508, Drawer 96)


(Pen 509, Drawer 68)

F.C. Barcelona

(Pen 510, Drawer 68)


(Pen 511, Drawer 68)


(Pen 512, Drawer 96)


(Pen 513, Drawer 68)

Antwerpen (f)

(Pen 514, Drawer 68)

Lago di Garda

(Pen 515, Drawer 96)

Paris (f)

(Pen 516, Drawer 68)


(Pen 517, Drawer 68)

Anne of Green Gables

(Pen 518, Drawer 96)

Baie des Anges, Nice

(Pen 519, Drawer 68)

Venezia (f)

(Pen 520, Drawer 96)


(Pen 521, Drawer 68) A horse and carriage float along a grand view of Brussels. A big thank you to Jean-Max, may you visit lots more places!


(Pen 522, Drawer 96)

Porec, Croatia

(Pen 523, Drawer 96)

Algarve (with boat)

(Pen 524, Drawer 68)

Sorrento (f)

(Pen 525, Drawer 96)

Les Carroz

(Pen 526, Drawer 68)

Roy Rogers and Trigger

(Pen 527, Drawer 75) We found the Roy Rogers museum on the internet, and the wonderful people there were kind enough to send me this. Roy Rogers rides Trigger past a fort, with a lovely tree in the foreground.

Turner Classic Movies

(Pen 528, Drawer 75) A very dark pen – I know there is a King Kong in there somewhere!


(Pen 529, Drawer 75)

Tom and Jerry

(Pen 530, Drawer 75) Jerry and his cheese float into his mouse hole – leaving Tom stuck on the left of the pen. Because domestic violence is never funny

Wile E Coyote

(Pen 531, Drawer 75) He’ll never catch that bird – even in a shiny new C-clip pen!

Betty Boop – leprachaun

(Pen 532, Drawer 52)

Elvis – gold

(Pen 533, Drawer 86)

Mamma Mia

(Pen 534, Drawer 86) With its shiny metallic body, it’s a real Super Trouper

Hound Dog

(Pen 535, Drawer 86)

Betty Boop – champagne

(Pen 536, Drawer 52)

Betty Boop – ocean

(Pen 537, Drawer 52)

Elvis impersonators

(Pen 538, Drawer 86) Seven Elvis impersonators squeezed into one pen.

All Shook Up

(Pen 539, Drawer 86)

The Indian in the Cupboard

(Pen 540, Drawer 75)

Betty Boop

(Pen 541, Drawer 52)

Bizet Carmen

(Pen 542, Drawer 144) The fiery Gypsy girl Carmen dances away from ruined and knife-wielding Don Jose, toward the hunky Toreador Escamillo.

Astro Boy

(Pen 543, Drawer 75)

Harry Potter

(Pen 544, Drawer 75) Made for Marks and Spencers and only available in the UK. Harry levitates towards the evil slytherin serpant.

Star Trek

(Pen 545, Drawer 75)

Summer Holiday The Musical

(Pen 546, Drawer 75) A lovely old Routemaster double decker – I can almost hear Cliff Richard singing!

Yellow submarine – updated with bubbles in background

(Pen 547, Drawer 86)

Betty Boop – car

(Pen 548, Drawer 52)


(Pen 549, Drawer 75) Our first pen won at auction. It is dated 1989. Batman slides up and down, chasing after his car, with his cape billowing in the background.

Star Wars Insider

(Pen 550, Drawer 75) This Landspeeder floaty pen was only available to members of the US based Star Wars fan club. I won it on e-bay for 2 pounds. There was no photograph, so it was a gamble, which luckily paid off.

HBO 1997

(Pen 551, Drawer 75) Escape to New York?

Terminator 2

(Pen 552, Drawer 75) A fabulous metalic image, but very difficult to scan

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

(Pen 553, Drawer 86)

Meat factory

(Pen 554, Drawer 47) The cow goes into the meat processing plant on the left, and a hamburger comes out on the right.

Ben and Jerrys

(Pen 555, Drawer 47) All the way from Vermont, and they’re not melted yet!

Cadbury World

(Pen 556, Drawer 47) Mmmm! Chocolate and a floaty pen combined – a BIG thank you to Marcus and Antonia Dante for finding this for us.


(Pen 557, Drawer 47) Possibly Cuban? The smoke floats in and out of the cigar. Back panel: “I cannot smoke cigars in Heaven. I shall not go” Mark Twain. Sadly our trip to Cuba in 2009 was devoid of floaties.

SPAM So good its gone

(Pen 558, Drawer 47) Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite…mmm!


(Pen 559, Drawer 47) The most beautiful artwork and colours – almost good enough to eat.

Chiquita banana

(Pen 560, Drawer 47) A sweet and mellow yellow pen

SPAM Museum

(Pen 561, Drawer 47)

Chuppa Chups

(Pen 562, Drawer 47)

Heinz EZ Squirt – red

(Pen 563, Drawer 48)

Heinz EZ Squirt – green

(Pen 564, Drawer 48)

Heinz EZ Squirt – purple

(Pen 565, Drawer 48)

Heinz Ketchup

(Pen 566, Drawer 48) Tip the pen and the ketchup pours over those yummy fries.

Baby Dill

(Pen 567, Drawer 48)

Leader of the pack

(Pen 568, Drawer 48)


(Pen 569, Drawer 12) It really was beautiful – here the swans float through the canals.

Le Jura

(Pen 570, Drawer 12)

Alpe D’huez

(Pen 571, Drawer 12)

Le Jardin des Papillons

(Pen 572, Drawer 12)

La Bete de Gevaudan

(Pen 573, Drawer 12)

L’aquarium du Perigord Noir

(Pen 574, Drawer 12)

Abbaye D’hautecombe

(Pen 575, Drawer 11) One of the most inaccessible places we have ever visited, all because of a tip-off that they had a floaty pen – totally worth it for this green floating beauty

Protegeons la mer!

(Pen 576, Drawer 11)

Aquarium La Rochelle

(Pen 577, Drawer 11)


(Pen 578, Drawer 13) Two scenes of Paris appear as the pen is tipped. The scenes seem to be painted on the inside of the clear barrel, with a white floating background that reveals the image.

Fort Boyard (Transparent background)

(Pen 579, Drawer 11)


(Pen 580, Drawer 13)


(Pen 581, Drawer 12)

Villedieu les Poeles

(Pen 582, Drawer 13)

Chamonix – Mt Blanc -glider

(Pen 583, Drawer 12)

Chamonix – Mt Blanc -skiers

(Pen 584, Drawer 12)

Chateaux de la Loire

(Pen 585, Drawer 12)

Gouffre de Poudrey

(Pen 586, Drawer 12) *A trade with Jean-Yves* A kind of Batwoman in a Bat Cave.

La Provence

(Pen 587, Drawer 13)


(Pen 588, Drawer 13)

La Rochelle

(Pen 589, Drawer 11)

Canet Plage

(Pen 590, Drawer 13) A crowded and built up resort that we spent a night at whilst driving back from Spain in 2001.

Lac D’annecy

(Pen 591, Drawer 12) The wonderful Dragonfly boat on Lake Annecy.

Paris – bus

(Pen 592, Drawer 13) The Bastille bus travells through Paris – Thanks Marcus!

Paris – plane

(Pen 593, Drawer 13) A plane flies over scenes of Paris.

Vedettes Paris

(Pen 594, Drawer 13)

La Rochelle

(Pen 595, Drawer 11)

Chateaux de la Loire

(Pen 596, Drawer 12)

Chateaux de la Loire

(Pen 597, Drawer 12)


(Pen 598, Drawer 13)


(Pen 599, Drawer 11)

Bateau a Roue

(Pen 600, Drawer 13)

La Napoule

(Pen 601, Drawer 11)

Souvenir de Dunkurque

(Pen 602, Drawer 11)

La place et l’arc de triophe de l’etoile

(Pen 603, Drawer 13)

Le Touquet

(Pen 604, Drawer 11)

La Rochelle

(Pen 605, Drawer 11)

Fort Boyard

(Pen 606, Drawer 11)


(Pen 607, Drawer 11) Geoff and Tessa brought us this great Twist and Click from Corsica. Glorious blue sky and sea, set off perfectly by the translucent blue barrel.

Parc Routier (Loire)

(Pen 608, Drawer 11)


(Pen 609, Drawer 76) Eases anger and inpatience.


(Pen 610, Drawer 76) Soothes, regenerates, gives a sense of purpose.

Black stone

(Pen 611, Drawer 76) Protects against dark energy.

Blue topaz

(Pen 612, Drawer 76) Helps with excess work stress. Note the very pale blue hues of this pen.


(Pen 613, Drawer 76) Warms, cleanses. Wish fulfillment, joy and confidence.


(Pen 614, Drawer 76) For mental and emotional clarity.

Crystal quartz

(Pen 615, Drawer 76) Enhances emotional peace.


(Pen 616, Drawer 76) Magnifies emotional and physical energy.


(Pen 617, Drawer 76) Helps you live at a higher awareness level.

Moon stone

(Pen 618, Drawer 76) Builds intuition and logic.

Rose quartz

(Pen 619, Drawer 76) Note the white clip, and swirly pink and white barel colours.

Tigers eye

(Pen 620, Drawer 76) Brings harmony and self confidence.

Red Jasper

(Pen 621, Drawer 76) Not semi precious – to us its VERY precious

Skyline Caverns miniature rock collection

(Pen 622, Drawer 77)


(Pen 623, Drawer 14)

Berlin – bear

(Pen 624, Drawer 102)


(Pen 625, Drawer 104)


(Pen 626, Drawer 103)

Munchen Olympiaturm

(Pen 627, Drawer 14)

Feldichlosschen uuerbach

(Pen 628, Drawer 14)

Judisches Museum Berlin

(Pen 629, Drawer 102)


(Pen 630, Drawer 14)

Deichtorhallen Hamburg

(Pen 631, Drawer 14)

Europalsche Jugenderholungs

(Pen 632, Drawer 103)

Tag der Sachsen 2003 in Sebnitz

(Pen 633, Drawer 14)

Berlin views

(Pen 634, Drawer 102)


(Pen 635, Drawer 14)

Cottbuser Parkeifenbahn

(Pen 636, Drawer 14)

DB NachtZug

(Pen 637, Drawer 103)

Die Hamburger Hummelbahn

(Pen 638, Drawer 14)

Dresdner Verkehrsbetreibe AG

(Pen 639, Drawer 103)


(Pen 640, Drawer 14)

Eselpark, Nessendorf

(Pen 641, Drawer 14)

Magdeburg an der Elbe

(Pen 642, Drawer 103)

Ostseebad Gromitz

(Pen 643, Drawer 14)


(Pen 644, Drawer 14)

Mixx Trabant

(Pen 645, Drawer 102)


(Pen 646, Drawer 66)

Lose weight at the gym

(Pen 647, Drawer 66) A very fat lady enters the gym – tip the pen – a very fit lady comes out!


(Pen 648, Drawer 66)


(Pen 649, Drawer 66)


(Pen 650, Drawer 66)

Noah’s Ark

(Pen 651, Drawer 65) The animals float in two by two.

The Sacred Hearts

(Pen 652, Drawer 65)


(Pen 653, Drawer 65) A gorgeous glittery pen – filled with everything you need for a wonderful Chanukah -including dreidel, latkes and Chanukah geld!

Presbyterian Youth Triennium

(Pen 654, Drawer 65)

Santa down chimney

(Pen 655, Drawer 65) Santa goes down the chimney, and lovely presents fall down into the hearth.

Every day is Halloween

(Pen 656, Drawer 65)

Happy Valentine’s day

(Pen 657, Drawer 65)


(Pen 658, Drawer 65)

Santa and reindeer

(Pen 659, Drawer 65) Santa and his reindeer fly across the night sky.

Indian g-ds

(Pen 660, Drawer 65)

The missionaries of California

(Pen 661, Drawer 65) Thanks to Regina for this explanation: “Around the time the US was founded on the East Coast, the Spanish were settling the West Coast. Father Sera walked most of the length of California, founding 21 mission churches about a day’s walk apart along what we call El Camino Royal. These were set up to convert the natives. There’s been a big stink about Father Sera’s proposed sainthood lately because, you know, the missionaries weren’t very nice about conversions. Anyway, there are these big wonderful colonial churches which are now in various states of repair. Every school child in California has to do a Mission Project on a mission of his or her choice.”

Samson and Delilah

(Pen 662, Drawer 65)

Adam and Eve

(Pen 663, Drawer 65)

Walls of Jericho

(Pen 664, Drawer 65) The ghostly pipers bring down the walls of Jericho.

Aninia Sola

(Pen 665, Drawer 65)


(Pen 666, Drawer 65)

Calgary Flames

(Pen 667, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Edmonton Oilers

(Pen 668, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Montreal Canadiens

(Pen 669, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Ottowa Senators

(Pen 670, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Toronto Maple Leafs

(Pen 671, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Vancouver Canucks

(Pen 672, Drawer 49) From the year the ice hockey teams were on strike!

Linkopings Hockey Club

(Pen 673, Drawer 49)

Timra Red Eagles

(Pen 674, Drawer 49)

The City of Gold, Israel

(Pen 675, Drawer 15)

Jerusalem – Knesset

(Pen 676, Drawer 15)


(Pen 677, Drawer 15)

Old Acre, Israel

(Pen 678, Drawer 15)

Peggy Guggenheim collection, Venice

(Pen 679, Drawer 26)

Citte del Vaticano

(Pen 680, Drawer 26)

Venezia, Doges Palace

(Pen 681, Drawer 26) Our very first floater! The gondola floats in front of famous Venice landmarks. I can taste the ice cream just by looking at this one.

Venezia (Rialto Bridge)

(Pen 682, Drawer 26)

Peggy Guggenheim Collection -Venezia

(Pen 683, Drawer 26)


(Pen 684, Drawer 26)


(Pen 685, Drawer 26)

Souvenir di Milano

(Pen 686, Drawer 26)

Souvenir del Lago di Garda

(Pen 687, Drawer 26)

San Marino

(Pen 688, Drawer 26)


(Pen 689, Drawer 26)

Souvenir di Roma

(Pen 690, Drawer 26)

Singapore Merlion Park

(Pen 691, Drawer 27) The Merlion was first designed as an emblem for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1964 – the lion head with a fish body resting on a crest of waves quickly became Singapore’s icon to the rest of the world. Measuring 8.6 metres high and weighing 70 tonnes, the Merlion statue was built from cement fondue by the late Singapore craftsman, Mr Lim Nang Seng. A second and smaller Merlion statue, measuring two metres high and weighing three tones, was also built by Mr Lim. The body was made of cement fondue, the skin from porcelain plates and eyes from small red teacups.

Underwater World, Singapore

(Pen 692, Drawer 27) Situated on Sentosa Island of Singapore, is a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life from 250 species from around the regions and is extremely popular with all our visitors for providing fun, leisure and educational experiences. Since our opening in 1991, more than 20 million visitors have been won over by our exhibits. With our aim to provide every visitor with a unique fun filled experience, Underwater World Singapore is actively involved in regular product renewal and program innovation. We copied this quote from their website – it wan’t written on the pen itself!


(Pen 693, Drawer 27) We think this is a pen for a hotel in Odawara, Japan. Cute birdie in the foreground – the background shows people playing tennis, golf, and swimming.

Sophia return to Osaka

(Pen 694, Drawer 27) Very cool space age pen – I have tried Googling this and I am still not sure what it is. There is a Sophia Sakai Planetarium in Osaka – the image seems to fit.

Goal, Cholesterol treatment

(Pen 695, Drawer 27) If only cholesterol was as easy to control as tipping up a pen…

Images of Singapore at Sentosa

(Pen 696, Drawer 27) “Experience the magic behind the history of Singapore! Here, legend, fact and folklore are creatively interwoven for guests to enjoy the special “I am there” experience. Images of Singapore is a journey to the very soul of Singapore – a place where cultural diversity, unity of values, adventure, perseverance and honor converge like nowhere else in the world. A must-visit for every visitor!” We copied this quote from their website – it wan’t written on the pen itself!

X-Trail GT debut

(Pen 697, Drawer 27) A lovely Japanese promotion – The car floats from the city to a frozen forrest.

Hong Kong – with Junk

(Pen 698, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!

East Japan Train Collection

(Pen 699, Drawer 27) *A gift from the manufacturer* Definitely our most exotic location not visited! Very cute background including a snowman wearing a fez, a windmill, The Sphinx, an ice cream cone, a star constellation and much more(?)

Hong Kong – at night

(Pen 700, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!

Hong Kong – bay

(Pen 701, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!

Hong Kong – bridge

(Pen 702, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!

Hong Kong – rickshaw

(Pen 703, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!

Hong Kong – train

(Pen 704, Drawer 110) A great present from Jonathan Wall – thanks!


(Pen 705, Drawer 62) White rhinos have broad flat lips for grazing and black rhinos have long pointed lips for eating foliage

Tropical Rain Forrest

(Pen 706, Drawer 62)


(Pen 707, Drawer 62) Studies have shown that the average size of a wolf pack’s territory is close to 200 km2. Wolf packs travel constantly in search of prey, covering roughly 9% of their territory per day. These wolves have a territory of approximately 275 x 1890 pixels.


(Pen 708, Drawer 62)


(Pen 709, Drawer 63) Busy bees, floating from flower to flower, making lots of honey.


(Pen 710, Drawer 63) This pen is simply crawling with little beasties.

Butterflies (clear)

(Pen 711, Drawer 63) There’s no back panel on this pen, so the colourful butterflies appear to fly through the air.

Don’t feed the bears

(Pen 712, Drawer 62)


(Pen 713, Drawer 62)


(Pen 714, Drawer 63) A whole ecosystem – in a pen!


(Pen 715, Drawer 63) Spiders are air-breathing chelicerate arthropods that have eight legs, and chelicerae modified into fangs that inject venom. These ones are safely tucked away inside the floaty pen.


(Pen 716, Drawer 63) Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised colonies which may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. These larger colonies consist mostly of sterile wingless females forming castes of “workers”, “soldiers”, or other specialised groups. Nearly all ant colonies also have some fertile males called “drones” and one or more fertile females called “queens”. The colonies are sometimes described as superorganisms because the ants appear to operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony.Luckily, this colony is trapped inside the floaty pen!

I ‘heart’ cows

(Pen 717, Drawer 62)

I ‘heart’ horses

(Pen 718, Drawer 62)

I love horses

(Pen 719, Drawer 62)


(Pen 720, Drawer 62)


(Pen 721, Drawer 62)


(Pen 722, Drawer 62)

Love bugs

(Pen 723, Drawer 63) The lovebug, Plecia nearctica, is a member of the family of march flies. It is also known as the honeymoon fly, telephonebug, kissybug or double-headedbug. Upon reaching maturity the lovebug spends almost the entirety of its remaining life copulating with its mate, hence its numerous romantic nicknames. The male and female attach themselves at the rear of the abdomen and remain that way at all times, even in flight. In fact, after mating, the male dies and is dragged around by the female until she lays her eggs.


(Pen 724, Drawer 62)

Glamour cats

(Pen 725, Drawer 62)

Ladybugs (ladybirds)

(Pen 726, Drawer 63) Coccinellidae is a family of beetles, known variously as ladybirds, ladybugs (North America), or lady beetles (preferred by some scientists). Lesser-used names include ladyclock, lady cow, and lady fly.

Yo ‘heart’ chihuahua

(Pen 727, Drawer 62)


(Pen 728, Drawer 62)


(Pen 729, Drawer 62)

London Aquarium – shells

(Pen 730, Drawer 69)

London Aquarium

(Pen 731, Drawer 69) Katy, our number one floaty scout, bought us this. The big blue shark and the little yellow fish happily swim side by side. It’s like having our own mini aquarium, except we don’t need to feed these fish, and the water does not get smelly!

British Museum – hippo

(Pen 732, Drawer 69)


(Pen 733, Drawer 18) The world’s largest toyshop – their teddy bears wear top hats, while a double decker bus floats across London.

Hamleys – blooper

(Pen 734, Drawer 18) As pen 733 except the white has accidently been missed from the floater making the bus appear transparent.

Westminster Abbey

(Pen 735, Drawer 19)

Freud Museum

(Pen 736, Drawer 69)

Beatles Abbey Road

(Pen 737, Drawer 18)

Buckingham Palace

(Pen 738, Drawer 19) Don’t worry, not all guards are taller than the trees in the UK!


(Pen 739, Drawer 18) A parade of guards is moving in a typical London fashion between a bus and a telephone box.

Sherlock Holmes

(Pen 740, Drawer 18)

The London Dungeon

(Pen 741, Drawer 69)

Abbey Road, NW8

(Pen 742, Drawer 18)

London – 3 Bobbys

(Pen 743, Drawer 18)

Chelsea Football Club

(Pen 744, Drawer 20) The Pensioners!

British Museum – mummy

(Pen 745, Drawer 69)

Planetarium London

(Pen 746, Drawer 69)


(Pen 747, Drawer 18)

Houses of Parliament, Glorious Britain

(Pen 748, Drawer 19)

Houses of Parliament. New

(Pen 749, Drawer 19) The beautiful Houses of Parliament being passed by a modern passenger boat.

Houses of Parliament. Old

(Pen 750, Drawer 19) An older barge sails by, probably having dredged the odd car or dead body from the river bed.

Museum of London

(Pen 751, Drawer 69)

Piccadilly Circus, New

(Pen 752, Drawer 19) The red bus floats past a black cab and a red telephone box. A McDonalds and Coke sign can be seen in the background.

Piccadilly Circus, Old

(Pen 753, Drawer 19) More foreground, less background. Sadly, discontinued.

RAF Museum, Hendon

(Pen 754, Drawer 69)

Tower Bridge, Glorious Britain

(Pen 755, Drawer 19) A boat floats from the Tower of London on the left, past Tower Bridge, and into another vessel on the right. A spectacular interpretation of perspective!

Tower Bridge, New

(Pen 756, Drawer 19)

Tower Bridge, Old

(Pen 757, Drawer 19) Even more peculiar perspective! Sadly discontinued.

Westminster Abbey (at night)

(Pen 758, Drawer 19)

London ‘heart’ England

(Pen 759, Drawer 18)

Piccadilly Circus (V old)

(Pen 760, Drawer 20) It hasn’t changed a bit.

Love at first sight (doggies)

(Pen 761, Drawer 64)


(Pen 762, Drawer 64)

Cherub and love hearts

(Pen 763, Drawer 64)

…with all my heart, I do

(Pen 764, Drawer 64)

Jen & Dimitris Wedding

(Pen 765, Drawer 64)

I love you – tunnel of love

(Pen 766, Drawer 64)

Kat and Stacey – a southern wedding

(Pen 767, Drawer 64)

Love and kisses

(Pen 768, Drawer 64)

De Vore sonnet

(Pen 769, Drawer 64)


(Pen 770, Drawer 85)


(Pen 771, Drawer 85)


(Pen 772, Drawer 57)

Floaty financial forecaster

(Pen 773, Drawer 57)

Which came first?

(Pen 774, Drawer 56)

Pretty dog salon

(Pen 775, Drawer 56)

Fickle Floaty of Fate

(Pen 776, Drawer 56) Use this extraordinary floaty pen as a decision maker.

Lava lamp

(Pen 777, Drawer 56)


(Pen 778, Drawer 56)

Breast Cancer awareness

(Pen 779, Drawer 56)

Glamourous 20’s lady

(Pen 780, Drawer 56)

Louisville Slugger

(Pen 781, Drawer 66)


(Pen 782, Drawer 82)

Blackjack – Los Angeles

(Pen 783, Drawer 34)


(Pen 784, Drawer 56) Because a floaty pen can carry a serious message too.


(Pen 785, Drawer 66) A man with a paint gun behind a bush in a forrest

The decision maker

(Pen 786, Drawer 56)

ABC News

(Pen 787, Drawer 134)

Robots in Space

(Pen 788, Drawer 57) Robots in Space A present for our nephew Zoom to learn how to clean his new teeth!

Magic card

(Pen 789, Drawer 57)

Minnesota Knitters’ Guild

(Pen 790, Drawer 57) It’s not the group existing that amazes me, it is the fact that they are big enough, and well organised enough to produce a floaty pen – good on them!

V Coins – The online coin shop

(Pen 791, Drawer 57)


(Pen 792, Drawer 57) A great pen for someone who likes quilting – the scissors float past a lovely american scene

Millennium hell

(Pen 793, Drawer 57)

Get better soon

(Pen 794, Drawer 57)


(Pen 795, Drawer 57)

Baseball (catcher)

(Pen 796, Drawer 66)

Home Run

(Pen 797, Drawer 66)

Internet auction

(Pen 798, Drawer 56)

Spooky egyptian pyramids

(Pen 799, Drawer 56) The Egyptians follow the sun into the pyramids, and emerge on the right hand side being chased by the moon!(?)

Taking care of business

(Pen 800, Drawer 56) A man goes into the building from the left, pushing a barrel of produce, and emerges on the right with bags of cash – could any of our american friends explain?

Macho pen

(Pen 801, Drawer 56)

Girl in cake

(Pen 802, Drawer 56)


(Pen 803, Drawer 56)


(Pen 804, Drawer 56)

Faries and toadstools

(Pen 805, Drawer 56)

Groovy girl in the rain

(Pen 806, Drawer 57) She wears a nice PVC raincoat, and has a see-through umberella


(Pen 807, Drawer 92)

Ambulance chasers

(Pen 808, Drawer 56)


(Pen 809, Drawer 56)

AH-64 Apache

(Pen 810, Drawer 82)

Airforce 1

(Pen 811, Drawer 82)

Magic name – Susan

(Pen 812, Drawer 58) Genuine Eskesen from about 1970’s. Float reveals name when tilted.

Magic name – Russ

(Pen 813, Drawer 58) Genuine Eskesen from about 1970’s. Float reveals name when tilted.

Magic name clicker – Susan

(Pen 814, Drawer 58) Genuine Eskesen from about 1970’s. Float reveals name when tilted.

Royal The Hague

(Pen 815, Drawer 28)


(Pen 816, Drawer 29)


(Pen 817, Drawer 29)

Noodwijk aan Zee

(Pen 818, Drawer 29)

De Haan, Le Coq

(Pen 819, Drawer 29)

Apeldoorn Apenheul

(Pen 820, Drawer 29)

Labyrint Drielandenpunt

(Pen 821, Drawer 29)

Vogelpark avifauna

(Pen 822, Drawer 29)

Amsterdam Red Light District

(Pen 823, Drawer 119) Too saucy for this page! The red curtain floats to reveal two peepshows. Very naughty!

Zorgaccent amersfoort

(Pen 824, Drawer 29)

Joods Historich Museum (Amsterdam)

(Pen 825, Drawer 119)


(Pen 826, Drawer 119)

Breda, Stad met Karakter

(Pen 827, Drawer 29)

Amsterdam, Joint

(Pen 828, Drawer 119)


(Pen 829, Drawer 28)

PTT Telecommunicatie

(Pen 830, Drawer 20) It’s for you…

TV Toys

(Pen 831, Drawer 29)

Holland, Clog boat

(Pen 832, Drawer 28) This pen has it all – a clog, tulip fields, windmills – very cute!


(Pen 833, Drawer 28)

Delft church

(Pen 834, Drawer 28)

Holland (family)

(Pen 835, Drawer 28)

Holland (Dutch maiden)

(Pen 836, Drawer 28)


(Pen 837, Drawer 29)

Holland Land of flowers

(Pen 838, Drawer 28)

Holland Soccer

(Pen 839, Drawer 92)


(Pen 840, Drawer 28) Another lovely surprise from Petra in the Netherlands. This pen shows the local tradition of cheese rolling.

Holland (Clog sailboat)

(Pen 841, Drawer 28)


(Pen 842, Drawer 29)

Have Amsterdam your own way

(Pen 843, Drawer 119)

Drents Museum

(Pen 844, Drawer 29)


(Pen 845, Drawer 29)


(Pen 846, Drawer 28)

Batavia Werf Lelystad

(Pen 847, Drawer 29)


(Pen 848, Drawer 29)

Spido Rotterdam

(Pen 849, Drawer 28)

Den Haag Gouden Koers

(Pen 850, Drawer 29)

Egmond aan Zee

(Pen 851, Drawer 28)

Space Expo

(Pen 852, Drawer 29)


(Pen 853, Drawer 29)


(Pen 854, Drawer 29)

Kameleondorp Terherne

(Pen 855, Drawer 29)

9/11 remembrance

(Pen 856, Drawer 2) We shall never forget! The image is in the same colours as a dollar bill.

King Kong NYC

(Pen 857, Drawer 2) An amazing present from Mandi. It’s King Kong up a skyscraper. We love it!

Remember 9/11

(Pen 858, Drawer 100)

Statue of Liberty – flag

(Pen 859, Drawer 2)

New York (Big Apple)

(Pen 860, Drawer 2)

New York Big Apple

(Pen 861, Drawer 2)

New York Hot Dog

(Pen 862, Drawer 2)

New York Statue of Liberty

(Pen 863, Drawer 2)

New York City The Big Apple

(Pen 864, Drawer 2)

New York (with black bear)

(Pen 865, Drawer 2)

New York Circle Line Ferry

(Pen 866, Drawer 2)

New York NYPD

(Pen 867, Drawer 2)

New York Subway

(Pen 868, Drawer 2)

New York Taxi – facing left

(Pen 869, Drawer 2)

Kingston Trolley Museum, NY

(Pen 870, Drawer 2)

I love New York

(Pen 871, Drawer 2)

New York Police – facing right

(Pen 872, Drawer 2)

Pez – Elephant

(Pen 873, Drawer 58)

Pez – Astronaught

(Pen 874, Drawer 58)

Pez – Bride & groom

(Pen 875, Drawer 58)

Pez – Policeman

(Pen 876, Drawer 58)

Prague – Town

(Pen 877, Drawer 30)

Praha – Czech Republic

(Pen 878, Drawer 30)

Prague – Boat

(Pen 879, Drawer 30)

Praha – flag

(Pen 880, Drawer 30)

Praha – airplane

(Pen 881, Drawer 30)

Bestu kved jur from Iceland

(Pen 882, Drawer 25)

Orsa Gronklitt

(Pen 883, Drawer 39)

Sweden – flags

(Pen 884, Drawer 39)

Sweden – flowers

(Pen 885, Drawer 39)

Science Discovery Centre – Sweden

(Pen 886, Drawer 39)


(Pen 887, Drawer 39)

Morgedal – Skiing (Norway)

(Pen 888, Drawer 129)

Voss – Norway

(Pen 889, Drawer 129)

Hilsen Fra Bergen

(Pen 890, Drawer 39)

Klakksvik – Faroe Islands

(Pen 891, Drawer 39)

MS “Kong Harald” (Norway)

(Pen 892, Drawer 101)

Greetings from Bergen

(Pen 893, Drawer 39)

Nessie Scotland

(Pen 894, Drawer 36)

Is it Trew? (Scotland)

(Pen 895, Drawer 36)

Loch Ness Scotland

(Pen 896, Drawer 36)

Scotland (pipers)

(Pen 897, Drawer 36)

Scottish Piper

(Pen 898, Drawer 36)

Seattle, flowers

(Pen 899, Drawer 3)

Seattle – night

(Pen 900, Drawer 3)

Archie McPhee

(Pen 901, Drawer 3)

Husky Fever

(Pen 902, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Seattle

(Pen 903, Drawer 3)

Heart Seattle

(Pen 904, Drawer 3)

Seattle Millennium

(Pen 905, Drawer 3)

Underground tours

(Pen 906, Drawer 3)

Seattle, City

(Pen 907, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Washington

(Pen 908, Drawer 3)

Waterfront Trolley

(Pen 909, Drawer 3)

Seattle fireworks

(Pen 910, Drawer 3)

Pike Place Market (farmers market)

(Pen 911, Drawer 4)

Pike Place Market (fish)

(Pen 912, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (umberella)

(Pen 913, Drawer 4)

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

(Pen 914, Drawer 4)


(Pen 915, Drawer 4)

Curtis Jenny

(Pen 916, Drawer 4)

First in flight

(Pen 917, Drawer 4)

Flying Fortress

(Pen 918, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (600)

(Pen 919, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (605usa)

(Pen 920, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (605wa)

(Pen 921, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (600), pencil

(Pen 922, Drawer 91)

Space Needle World Fair

(Pen 923, Drawer 91)

Smith Tower

(Pen 924, Drawer 4)

Puerto Rico

(Pen 925, Drawer 116)

Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

(Pen 926, Drawer 37)

Galo de Barcelos, Portugal

(Pen 927, Drawer 38)

Plaza de Toros Espana

(Pen 928, Drawer 38)

I ‘heart’ Tenerife

(Pen 929, Drawer 38)

Gibraltar (monkey)

(Pen 930, Drawer 80)

Madeira Millennium

(Pen 931, Drawer 38) To complete the trio from Patricia and Raymond, a lovely glittery pen celebrating the Millennium in Madeira. Thank you!

Madrid – La Cibeles

(Pen 932, Drawer 38)

Recuerdo de Madrid

(Pen 933, Drawer 38)

Baile Andaluz Espana

(Pen 934, Drawer 38)

Souvenir from Madeira

(Pen 935, Drawer 38)

Funchal, Madeira

(Pen 936, Drawer 38) Another wonderful present from Patricia and Raymond. A tourist coach floats through Funchal.


(Pen 937, Drawer 38)


(Pen 938, Drawer 66)

Bog people, Carnegie Museum

(Pen 939, Drawer 31)

Mannekin Pis Statue

(Pen 940, Drawer 67) *A trade with Petra, The Netherlands* This famous statue from Brussels – in a pen.

Guatemalan trouble doll – Beefeeter

(Pen 941, Drawer 67) If you tell them your troubles at night, by morning they will have solved them all for you. The dolls are: Beefeeter, Maiden, Bagpiper, Soldier, Admiral. Not really a very Guatemalan theme!

Guatemalan trouble doll – Maiden

(Pen 942, Drawer 67) If you tell them your troubles at night, by morning they will have solved them all for you. The dolls are: Beefeeter, Maiden, Bagpiper, Soldier, Admiral. Not really a very Guatemalan theme!

Guatemalan trouble doll – Admiral

(Pen 943, Drawer 67) If you tell them your troubles at night, by morning they will have solved them all for you. The dolls are: Beefeeter, Maiden, Bagpiper, Soldier, Admiral. Not really a very Guatemalan theme!

Guatemalan trouble doll – Piper

(Pen 944, Drawer 67) If you tell them your troubles at night, by morning they will have solved them all for you. The dolls are: Beefeeter, Maiden, Bagpiper, Soldier, Admiral. Not really a very Guatemalan theme!

Guatemalan trouble doll – Soldier

(Pen 945, Drawer 67) If you tell them your troubles at night, by morning they will have solved them all for you. The dolls are: Beefeeter, Maiden, Bagpiper, Soldier, Admiral. Not really a very Guatemalan theme!

Mickey Mouse – floating

(Pen 946, Drawer 20) Hey Mickey! He’s so fine!

Shells, Key West

(Pen 947, Drawer 67)

Miniature Rock Collection – Luray Caverns, Virginia

(Pen 948, Drawer 77)

Miniature rock collection

(Pen 949, Drawer 77)


(Pen 950, Drawer 20) 6 Up was not enough. We went one louder.

Hearts and Glitter

(Pen 951, Drawer 67)


(Pen 952, Drawer 67)


(Pen 953, Drawer 67)


(Pen 954, Drawer 20) They could only fit one in this keyring – the other six are out there somewhere.

Sacred soil

(Pen 955, Drawer 65)

St Leonard’s Farm Park, Esholt

(Pen 956, Drawer 126)


(Pen 957, Drawer 127)


(Pen 958, Drawer 40)

Alice’s Shop, Oxford

(Pen 959, Drawer 117)

Life, Newcastle

(Pen 960, Drawer 40) A nice brightly coloured pen from a horrible brightly coloured exhibition in Newcastle. It features a chromosome floating in front of various scenes celebrating life.

Eden Camp

(Pen 961, Drawer 126)

Roman Chester

(Pen 962, Drawer 40)


(Pen 963, Drawer 36)

George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, Lord of Skipton, Queens Champion, 1590

(Pen 964, Drawer 126) This pen certainly gets the prize for the longest title! Like the Canterbury pen at the top of this page, this pen features duelling knights. The detail here is amazing. A wonderful gift from our newest floaty scout!

The Beatles Story

(Pen 965, Drawer 86)


(Pen 966, Drawer 40)

Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway

(Pen 967, Drawer 98)


(Pen 968, Drawer 126)


(Pen 969, Drawer 40)


(Pen 970, Drawer 40) The famous Blackpool tram floats along the Golden Mile.

Blackpool at night

(Pen 971, Drawer 40) The gorgeous Blackpool Illuminations are shown in this pen. It’s very dark, but catch the light and it’s a real treat!

Blackpool at night – old

(Pen 972, Drawer 40) A much older version of the one above. Amazing retro font and colouring on the reverse.

Blackpool Tower

(Pen 973, Drawer 40) A vertical image of the lift floating up and down Blackpool Tower. The four Blackpool pens above were a gift from our dear friends Dulcie and Drew Harbottle. You are great scouts!


(Pen 974, Drawer 117) Katy, Mark and Zoom bought us this one on a day trip to Oxford. It features a student, in a long gown, floating on a bicycle. Luckily for us, it must have been a student serving in the shop that day – he got the prices mixed up and charged her only 35p each. Katy bought us LOADS!

Mersey ferries

(Pen 975, Drawer 101)

Alvechurch Waterways Hols

(Pen 976, Drawer 40)

National Railway Museum

(Pen 977, Drawer 98)


(Pen 978, Drawer 40)

Sea Life Centre

(Pen 979, Drawer 99) Features three seahorses floating in front of a lovely marine type scene. It was bought in Brighton, although is available at Sea Life centres throughout the country.

New Forrest Otter and Owl Centre

(Pen 980, Drawer 117)

Hedgehog Hospital

(Pen 981, Drawer 117) Another present from our number one scouts – a gorgeous family of hedgehogs float along – and every pen bought goes towards the care of sick and injured hedgehogs. You can also buy this pen from their web page.

New Forest

(Pen 982, Drawer 117)


(Pen 983, Drawer 128)

Empire and Us

(Pen 984, Drawer 117)

Vistorama, Bournemouth

(Pen 985, Drawer 99) Our second ever floater. A vertical picture of the tethered balloon ride. We went up at night and the views were amazing.

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

(Pen 986, Drawer 117)

Leeds Castle

(Pen 987, Drawer 117)

Canterbury Cathedral

(Pen 988, Drawer 117) The knight on the right charges/floats at the knight on the left. Interestingly the float is limited so that the knights do not cross.

Graveyard Scene (from Broadstairs)

(Pen 989, Drawer 56) We can’t really see the connection between Broadstairs and a spooky graveyard – but we did buy it in a souvenir shop in the centre of the town. The tourists were all quite elderly, but not as elderly as the skeleton crawling along the pen!

Windsor Castle

(Pen 990, Drawer 117) The guards are parading around Windsor Castle, another home of the Queen, just outside London.

Kents Cavern

(Pen 991, Drawer 99) Very scary! Kent floats into his cave. Ooooh!


(Pen 992, Drawer 117)


(Pen 993, Drawer 117)

The Roman Baths, Bath

(Pen 994, Drawer 117)

Journey to the 20th Century

(Pen 995, Drawer 117) Wow! The most detailed foreground, with 14 figures representing different ages of British history: Stone age, Bronze age, Iron Age, Roman, Saxons, vikings, Normans, Middle ages, Tudor, Stuarts, Victorian, First World War, Second World War and Today. The floater is a spaceman representing the future.

City of Nottingham

(Pen 996, Drawer 40)

West Somerset Railway

(Pen 997, Drawer 98)


(Pen 998, Drawer 99) A vintage car floats by the wonderful Brighton Pavilion.


(Pen 999, Drawer 117) A simple, but genuine floater. A punt floats past Kings College.

The Shuttleworth Collection

(Pen 1000, Drawer 82) Our first true ‘drive-by.’ Russell lets me out at the entrance, I blag my way into the museum shop without paying an entrance fee, purchase the pen and come out, all within the time it takes Russell to turn the car around, and we’re off. Sorry I can’t tell you anything about this museum – we weren’t there long enough!

Lands End

(Pen 1001, Drawer 128)

Weymouth & Portland

(Pen 1002, Drawer 99)

Railway, Bognor Regis

(Pen 1003, Drawer 98) This has everything we ever look for in a floaty pen – obscure tourist attraction, pretty scene, good floaty action, bright colours. Thanks Jo – this is a very special pen!


(Pen 1004, Drawer 99) An extra big thank you to Jo and Lee. This is almost exactly the same train as in the floaty pen Jo bought me from Bognor Regis. It is very rare to find the same floater in two pens – how did you find them Jo?

Isles of Scilly

(Pen 1005, Drawer 99)

Jamiaca Inn

(Pen 1006, Drawer 128) Jamaica Inn, Cornwall’s legendary coaching house, immortalised in Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name, has stood high on Bodmin Moor for over four centuries. Still referred to by historians as Cornwall’s most famous smuggling inn.

South Devon Railway

(Pen 1007, Drawer 98)

Scillonian III, Isles of Scilly

(Pen 1008, Drawer 55)

D Day Museum Portsmouth

(Pen 1009, Drawer 99)

Southend Pier Museum

(Pen 1010, Drawer 117)

Cornwall (Ship)

(Pen 1011, Drawer 128)

Bo Bendixen – Cat

(Pen 1012, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Barcelona, Car

(Pen 1013, Drawer 79)

Barcelona, taxi

(Pen 1014, Drawer 79)

Barcelona, policeman

(Pen 1015, Drawer 79)

Barcelona, tourist

(Pen 1016, Drawer 79)

BCN City

(Pen 1017, Drawer 79)

Gibraltar (cable car)

(Pen 1018, Drawer 80)

Gibraltar (flags)

(Pen 1019, Drawer 80)

Gibraltar (dolphin)

(Pen 1020, Drawer 80)

Gibraltar (ape)

(Pen 1021, Drawer 80)

Barcelona (blooper)

(Pen 1022, Drawer 79)

US Army

(Pen 1023, Drawer 82)

US Marines

(Pen 1024, Drawer 82)

US Navy

(Pen 1025, Drawer 82)

US Airforce

(Pen 1026, Drawer 82)

This is not a pen – Paint over, Accelerator

(Pen 1027, Drawer 81) CAUTION: THIS IS NOT A PEN, THIS IS THE WORLD’S SMALLEST PARTICLE ACCELERATOR. An affordable particle accelerator for your home that fits in the pocket without burning a hole in it. Gravitational and electromagnetic waves are generated within the tiny machine. Brain waves guaranteed to be affected. Quarks and leptons supplied.

This is not a pen – Peter Callesen, Wishing Pen

(Pen 1028, Drawer 81) Wish upon a star and your dreams may come true. Watch the elusive shooting star travelling on its endless journey through the vastness of a frozen universe. Then why not turn the universe upside down and watch it return. Use the pen to express your wishes in writing and allow the star to turn your dreams into reality…

This is not a pen – Mat Collishaw, Ophelia

(Pen 1029, Drawer 81) An oneiric version of the drowning of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Relive her poignant last moments as she floats amongst the clinging water weeds. Her movement suggest the possibility of escape, but the endlessly repeating action reminds us that she is trapped forever in her watery coffin, always on the brink of death.

This is not a pen – Katherine Aertebjerg, The Big Flower

(Pen 1030, Drawer 81) A mercurial landscape is dominated by a luscious, fleshy, pink flower which appears to be sweet and edible. At the same time, its lurid colouring and voluptuous form could indicate its poisonous and treacherous nature. The movement of the silhouetted figures towards and away from the flower underlines the contradictory nature of this simultaneous attraction and repulsion.

Southwest Charm

(Pen 1031, Drawer 34)

We can do it!

(Pen 1032, Drawer 56)

Speed up

(Pen 1033, Drawer 74)

Out of this world

(Pen 1034, Drawer 57)

Target (dog)

(Pen 1035, Drawer 87)


(Pen 1036, Drawer 123)


(Pen 1037, Drawer 123)


(Pen 1038, Drawer 123)

Espana, bullfighter

(Pen 1039, Drawer 123) Lovely bullfighting pen – if the slaughter of a defensless animal in front of cheering crowds is your thing! Wonderful red and orange colours. The bull looks very graceful and completely harmless floating around the arena! – Thanks Geoff and Tessa!

Catedral de Sevilla

(Pen 1040, Drawer 123)

Big apple NY

(Pen 1041, Drawer 90)

Vesuvio, fake

(Pen 1042, Drawer 96)

Nectar in bar

(Pen 1043, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1044, Drawer 62)


(Pen 1045, Drawer 68)

The Lake District

(Pen 1046, Drawer 40)


(Pen 1047, Drawer 56)

Bluebell Railway

(Pen 1048, Drawer 98)

Maid of the mist (Chinese)

(Pen 1049, Drawer 70)

Holy Cow!!!

(Pen 1050, Drawer 56)

Here’s the beef

(Pen 1051, Drawer 62)

Benjamin Franklin

(Pen 1052, Drawer 85)

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, 1775

(Pen 1053, Drawer 52)

Horseless power

(Pen 1054, Drawer 59)

Transport terminal (?)

(Pen 1055, Drawer 57)

Baltimore-annapolis hash house harriers

(Pen 1056, Drawer 31)


(Pen 1057, Drawer 38)

Paris by night by day

(Pen 1058, Drawer 13)


(Pen 1059, Drawer 106)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

(Pen 1060, Drawer 44)

Pooh and friends

(Pen 1061, Drawer 44)

Winnie the Pooh – pooh and friends back

(Pen 1062, Drawer 44)

Paris Arc du Triomphe

(Pen 1063, Drawer 13)

London Aquarium, shark

(Pen 1064, Drawer 69)

Houses of Parliament – newer

(Pen 1065, Drawer 19)

London, UK

(Pen 1066, Drawer 18)

Mount Everest

(Pen 1067, Drawer 88)

America – Land of the Free

(Pen 1068, Drawer 84)

Souvenir di Milano (cathederal)

(Pen 1069, Drawer 26)

Souvenir di Roma – white wheels

(Pen 1070, Drawer 26)


(Pen 1071, Drawer 6)


(Pen 1072, Drawer 2)

English Heritage

(Pen 1073, Drawer 117)

Australia Zoo

(Pen 1074, Drawer 5)

Australia Zoo – Crikey!

(Pen 1075, Drawer 5) Crikey, This may be a fake!

Bruxelles – Brussels updated

(Pen 1076, Drawer 6)

Bruxelles – Mannekin Piss

(Pen 1077, Drawer 6)

Chicago, the windy city

(Pen 1078, Drawer 83)

Chicago – waterfront

(Pen 1079, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1080, Drawer 33)

Rhapsody of the Seas

(Pen 1081, Drawer 55)


(Pen 1082, Drawer 55)

Lapland, Finland

(Pen 1083, Drawer 25)

Hang Loose – Aloha Hawaii

(Pen 1084, Drawer 97)

Real Madrid

(Pen 1085, Drawer 68)

Buckingham Fountain

(Pen 1086, Drawer 83)

Multnomah Falls

(Pen 1087, Drawer 33)


(Pen 1088, Drawer 83)

I muled Grand Canyon

(Pen 1089, Drawer 34)

San Francisco

(Pen 1090, Drawer 89)

San Francisco – where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars

(Pen 1091, Drawer 89)

Hog Heaven

(Pen 1092, Drawer 31)


(Pen 1093, Drawer 12)

Souvenir d’hardelot

(Pen 1094, Drawer 12)

Brecon Mountain Railway

(Pen 1095, Drawer 98)


(Pen 1096, Drawer 117)

Mazel Tov

(Pen 1097, Drawer 65)


(Pen 1098, Drawer 57)

British Museum – Gladiators

(Pen 1099, Drawer 69)


(Pen 1100, Drawer 13)

Scottish Seabird Centre

(Pen 1101, Drawer 36)

The Mary Rose

(Pen 1102, Drawer 55)


(Pen 1103, Drawer 13)

Leeds Castle, small

(Pen 1104, Drawer 117)

Royal Airforce Museum

(Pen 1105, Drawer 82)

South Africa

(Pen 1106, Drawer 32)

Pen collection Finn Sorenson

(Pen 1107, Drawer 131)

Qatar Airways

(Pen 1108, Drawer 88)

Dr Reddys

(Pen 1109, Drawer 104)


(Pen 1110, Drawer 15)

Empire State Building

(Pen 1111, Drawer 2)


(Pen 1112, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1113, Drawer 67)


(Pen 1114, Drawer 67)

Grand Cayman

(Pen 1115, Drawer 116)


(Pen 1116, Drawer 83)

Vancouver (with maple leaves)

(Pen 1117, Drawer 10)

Seattle (apple apple)

(Pen 1118, Drawer 3)

London red bus

(Pen 1119, Drawer 18)

GM2008 SAM

(Pen 1120, Drawer 4)

Vancouver Canada

(Pen 1121, Drawer 10)

Seattle Orca

(Pen 1122, Drawer 3)

Seattle Skyline

(Pen 1123, Drawer 3)

Vancouver, Canada

(Pen 1124, Drawer 10)

Pike Place Market, Seattle

(Pen 1125, Drawer 4)

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle

(Pen 1126, Drawer 4)

Seattle, Space Needle, see through

(Pen 1127, Drawer 4)

Vancouver, heart

(Pen 1128, Drawer 10)


(Pen 1129, Drawer 8)

Vancouver, Orca

(Pen 1130, Drawer 10)

Pike Place Market, Seattle (Farmers market)

(Pen 1131, Drawer 4)

Seattle (wind)

(Pen 1132, Drawer 3)

Seattle (pen 998 with left cloud missing)

(Pen 1133, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Washington, a scenic adventure

(Pen 1134, Drawer 3)

It’s a pirate’s life for me!

(Pen 1135, Drawer 4)

Tower of London

(Pen 1136, Drawer 19) (with annoying orientation of the back panel for OCD sufferers like me!)

Washigton (State)

(Pen 1137, Drawer 33)

San Francisco’s a zoo

(Pen 1138, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (Cab)

(Pen 1139, Drawer 89)

Aquarium of the Bay

(Pen 1140, Drawer 89)

I love San Francisco

(Pen 1141, Drawer 109) From the days when San Francisco was really hip.

San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge

(Pen 1142, Drawer 89)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

(Pen 1143, Drawer 89) A huge thank you to Cat, this pen is totally gorgeous! It really captures the San Francisco mist!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

(Pen 1144, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (heart)

(Pen 1145, Drawer 89)


(Pen 1146, Drawer 89)

Flying over Goden Gate Bridge

(Pen 1147, Drawer 109)

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (pink)

(Pen 1148, Drawer 89)

The Crookedest Street in the World

(Pen 1149, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (cable car)

(Pen 1150, Drawer 89)

San Francisco, glitter

(Pen 1151, Drawer 89)

Wells Fargo

(Pen 1152, Drawer 70)

Souvenir di Firenze

(Pen 1153, Drawer 26)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

(Pen 1154, Drawer 70)

Venezia, fake

(Pen 1155, Drawer 96)

Southend Pier Museum, older

(Pen 1156, Drawer 117)

Navy Pier Chicago

(Pen 1157, Drawer 83)

Minnesota, Land of 1,000 lakes

(Pen 1158, Drawer 83)

Life is just ducky

(Pen 1159, Drawer 62)

Mount Rundle, Banff

(Pen 1160, Drawer 8)


(Pen 1161, Drawer 108) Flipping heck! The sighrt of the world’s first revolving cable car!

Union Pacific

(Pen 1162, Drawer 59)

Nashville Tennessee

(Pen 1163, Drawer 31)

L’oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

(Pen 1164, Drawer 9)

Lobster is King, Nova Scotia

(Pen 1165, Drawer 90)

Espana (Sun)

(Pen 1166, Drawer 123)


(Pen 1167, Drawer 96)


(Pen 1168, Drawer 35)

Zell Am Ziller

(Pen 1169, Drawer 17)

Kobenhavn (Flag)

(Pen 1170, Drawer 23)

Legoland (Billund) (white)

(Pen 1171, Drawer 24)

Legoland (Billund)

(Pen 1172, Drawer 24)

Fiskeri- Og Sofartmuseet esbjerg

(Pen 1173, Drawer 22)

Tip and Strip, ancient lady

(Pen 1174, Drawer 20) As a rule, we don’t collect the Tip N Strips, but this one is so charming!

America’s first rapid transport monorail, World Fair, Seattle 1962

(Pen 1175, Drawer 91)

Seattle World’s Fair 1962

(Pen 1176, Drawer 91)

Seattle Space Needle, Gift Set

(Pen 1177, Drawer 91) To find one 50 year old pen is amazing, but to find two, and still in their original box…


(Pen 1178, Drawer 33)

Vibek Camping Ebeltoft

(Pen 1179, Drawer 22)

The Hammers

(Pen 1180, Drawer 92)

West Ham United

(Pen 1181, Drawer 92)

Norwich City

(Pen 1182, Drawer 92)

FC Kobenharvn

(Pen 1183, Drawer 92)

Mersey ferries (Red back)

(Pen 1184, Drawer 101)


(Pen 1185, Drawer 17)

Gedser – Travemunde Ruten

(Pen 1186, Drawer 55)


(Pen 1187, Drawer 30)

Praha (Nightscape)

(Pen 1188, Drawer 30)


(Pen 1189, Drawer 6)


(Pen 1190, Drawer 25)

Buckingham Palace, Old

(Pen 1191, Drawer 19)

Gower Heritage Centre

(Pen 1192, Drawer 127)

Kennet and Avon Canal

(Pen 1193, Drawer 117)

Lincolnshires Lancaster

(Pen 1194, Drawer 82) From the late Graham Jacob’s collection – we don’t know how it was damaged, but it’s very old, and we love it!

Fakiren fra Bilbao

(Pen 1195, Drawer 75)

Danmark (like 383, but with spare metal)

(Pen 1196, Drawer 21)

Danmark (soldier)

(Pen 1197, Drawer 21)

Danmark (in colour)

(Pen 1198, Drawer 21)

Danmark (in colour, Vikings)

(Pen 1199, Drawer 21)

The Little Mirmaid

(Pen 1200, Drawer 23)

Kobenhavn, The Little Mirmaid

(Pen 1201, Drawer 23)


(Pen 1202, Drawer 22)

Dansk Landbrugsmuseum

(Pen 1203, Drawer 22)

Museet Ribes Vikinger

(Pen 1204, Drawer 93)

Danmarks Jernbanemuseum

(Pen 1205, Drawer 93)

Museet for Danmarks Frihedskamp 1940-1945

(Pen 1206, Drawer 93)

(Pen 1207, Drawer 93)


(Pen 1208, Drawer 93)

(Pen 1209, Drawer 23)

Monsted Kalkgruber

(Pen 1210, Drawer 93)

Gjellerodde Cafeteria and Mini-Marked

(Pen 1211, Drawer 93)

Randers Regnskov

(Pen 1212, Drawer 93)

Vognmandsforretning 1313

(Pen 1213, Drawer 93)


(Pen 1214, Drawer 14)

Wien Parliament

(Pen 1215, Drawer 94)

Wien Staatsoper

(Pen 1216, Drawer 94)

Wien City

(Pen 1217, Drawer 94)

Wien Schloss Schonbrunn

(Pen 1218, Drawer 94)

Wien Schloss Schonbrunn – older

(Pen 1219, Drawer 94)


(Pen 1220, Drawer 17)

Saltzburg Mozartstadt

(Pen 1221, Drawer 94)

Giuss Aus Austria

(Pen 1222, Drawer 94)

Giuss Aus Tyrol Austria

(Pen 1223, Drawer 17)

Thermalbad Bad Hofgastein

(Pen 1224, Drawer 94)

Thermalbad Bad Hofgastein – older

(Pen 1225, Drawer 94)

St Johann

(Pen 1226, Drawer 17)

Rattenberg am Inn

(Pen 1227, Drawer 17)


(Pen 1228, Drawer 17)

Wintersportort mayrhofen

(Pen 1229, Drawer 17)

Ferienparadies Kirchberg

(Pen 1230, Drawer 17)


(Pen 1231, Drawer 94)


(Pen 1232, Drawer 93)

Egeskov Slot

(Pen 1233, Drawer 93)

Hojriis slot

(Pen 1234, Drawer 93)

mini byen i varde

(Pen 1235, Drawer 93)


(Pen 1236, Drawer 93)


(Pen 1237, Drawer 93)

aktiv risikostyring

(Pen 1238, Drawer 104)


(Pen 1239, Drawer 6)

Rosenborg Slot

(Pen 1240, Drawer 93)

Voergard Slot

(Pen 1241, Drawer 93)

Gavno Slot

(Pen 1242, Drawer 93)

Tonder vandtarn

(Pen 1243, Drawer 93)


(Pen 1244, Drawer 94)


(Pen 1245, Drawer 17)

St Anton

(Pen 1246, Drawer 94)


(Pen 1247, Drawer 6)

Frederiksborg Slot

(Pen 1248, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1249, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1250, Drawer 95)

Romo Danmark

(Pen 1251, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1252, Drawer 95)

toftum bjerge

(Pen 1253, Drawer 95)

skyde pavillonen

(Pen 1254, Drawer 95)

alpenstadt kufstein

(Pen 1255, Drawer 94)

hjemmevaerns museet froslevlejren

(Pen 1256, Drawer 95)

hohenluftkurort saalbach

(Pen 1257, Drawer 20) There’s an eidelweiss, so we must be in Austria

nordseeinsel sylt

(Pen 1258, Drawer 14)

skibby rejser

(Pen 1259, Drawer 59)

fornæs aps camping

(Pen 1260, Drawer 95)

aalholm automuseum

(Pen 1261, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1262, Drawer 95)

orkenens sonner

(Pen 1263, Drawer 86)

Lentos Kunst museum Linz

(Pen 1264, Drawer 94)

Convoy Buddy

(Pen 1265, Drawer 59)

Convoy Buddy 19, BP

(Pen 1266, Drawer 59)

Convoy Buddy, Polar

(Pen 1267, Drawer 59)

Convoy Buddy, Vibocold

(Pen 1268, Drawer 59)

Convoy Buddy, Frigor

(Pen 1269, Drawer 59)

Condor Ferries, newer

(Pen 1270, Drawer 101)


(Pen 1271, Drawer 41)

Scanket – punch

(Pen 1272, Drawer 41)

Scanket – cog

(Pen 1273, Drawer 41)

(Pen 1274, Drawer 95)

(Pen 1275, Drawer 42) Danish ISP


(Pen 1276, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1277, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1278, Drawer 59)

I.C. Nielsen and Son

(Pen 1279, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1280, Drawer 42)

Europa Park

(Pen 1281, Drawer 14)

Capri, Biggy

(Pen 1282, Drawer 100)

Blackpool glitter

(Pen 1283, Drawer 100)

Las Vegas, Biggy

(Pen 1284, Drawer 100)

Tycho Brahe planetariun

(Pen 1285, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1286, Drawer 46)

Chelsea FC

(Pen 1287, Drawer 100)

Seattle Space Needle

(Pen 1288, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1289, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1290, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1291, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1292, Drawer 100)

Duracell (real)

(Pen 1293, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1294, Drawer 100)

Calve Mayonnaise

(Pen 1295, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1296, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1297, Drawer 100)

Kia Motors

(Pen 1298, Drawer 100)

Dr. Oetker

(Pen 1299, Drawer 100)

World of Coca Cola, Atlanta

(Pen 1300, Drawer 100)

Mama Mia (with copyright)

(Pen 1301, Drawer 100)

Baskin Robbins

(Pen 1302, Drawer 100)

Shell (delivery)

(Pen 1303, Drawer 100)

ABC stores Hawaii

(Pen 1304, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Making London simple

(Pen 1305, Drawer 18) “The simplest way is…by bus” – it’s an 0171 number so that dates it fairly specifically

Souvenir from Folkstone

(Pen 1306, Drawer 99)

Hawaii – surfboarder

(Pen 1307, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Minnie Mouse – Clear floater

(Pen 1308, Drawer 44)

Carnaval! Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

(Pen 1309, Drawer 116) There’s a party happening in this pen!

Hawaii – Hula girls – newer

(Pen 1310, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Volcano Hawaii

(Pen 1311, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Pope John Paul II

(Pen 1312, Drawer 65) His Holiness rises above The Vatican, and then gently floats back down again

ABC Stores Hawaii (map)

(Pen 1313, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

San Francisco’s a zoo (narrow font on back)

(Pen 1314, Drawer 109) Another great present from Naomi!

Isle of Wight Steam Railway

(Pen 1315, Drawer 98) Chuffing pen!

Aloha from Hawaii – sunset

(Pen 1316, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Suicide Blonde

(Pen 1317, Drawer 57) Dyed by her own hand!

Souvenir from the Isle of Wight

(Pen 1318, Drawer 99) Beautiful 1950’s car on a summer’s day

Aloha Hawaii

(Pen 1319, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – newer

(Pen 1320, Drawer 89) (Different scale and transparent bridge)

The Baltic Shipping Company, Leningrad, USSR

(Pen 1321, Drawer 55) Mikhail Lermontov M/S

New York, Empire State

(Pen 1322, Drawer 2) King Kong and the Empire State Building – an iconic pen

Marge Simpson

(Pen 1323, Drawer 75) Her hair grows, to reveal all sorts of objects living in it!


(Pen 1324, Drawer 120) Facial parts are floating all over this pen!

Balmshell lipgloss – Shopaholic

(Pen 1325, Drawer 54) This is the story of a woman who has an addiction to shopping. She slides into a boutique just to pick up a few small things. When she slides out of the store, the doorman is carrying all of her parcels.


(Pen 1326, Drawer 105) An amazing quality fake – comfortable grip, smooth writing, beautifully made (Wesco China)


(Pen 1327, Drawer 87) You deserve it!


(Pen 1328, Drawer 47) There’s an M in everyone – this pen has two!

McVities Digestive

(Pen 1329, Drawer 47) Mmm – perfect with a nice cup of Tetly’s tea

Gauguin, Tahiti, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

(Pen 1330, Drawer 60) In 1891, Gauguin, frustrated by lack of recognition at home and financially destitute, sailed to the tropics to escape European civilization and “everything that is artificial and conventional…nice to see him in a floaty pen!

Lady Protector+

(Pen 1331, Drawer 87) Always smooth, and no nicks!


(Pen 1332, Drawer 47) At last – we have this pen! Thanks to Martini Auctions!

M&M’s (clear)

(Pen 1333, Drawer 47) Just like pen 1328, but they’ve eaten the background!

Duracell Powercheck

(Pen 1334, Drawer 42) Yes, this keyring is working at full power


(Pen 1335, Drawer 47) Helps you work, rest and play

Homer, Tip ‘n’ Strip

(Pen 1336, Drawer 75) Mmmm…donuts….make you look like this!

Metro, toothbrush

(Pen 1337, Drawer 87) Because we read it every morning over somebody’s shoulder on the tube! Westminster City Council estimated that free newspapers made up a quarter of all rubbish in the West End

Wien Hundertwasser-Haus

(Pen 1338, Drawer 94)


(Pen 1339, Drawer 99) Donkey rides on the sands!

Sunrise Medical

(Pen 1340, Drawer 104) Take a day out on a mobility scooter into the countryside.

Ted Baker, London

(Pen 1341, Drawer 112) Phenomenal Style


(Pen 1342, Drawer 14)

St. Mary’s Lighthouse – Whitley Bay

(Pen 1343, Drawer 40) …On the beautiful North East Coast

Tower of London (Red and White)

(Pen 1344, Drawer 19)

Radstadter Tauern, Pass-strasse 815, 1,738m

(Pen 1345, Drawer 94)

Feemason’s Hall, London

(Pen 1346, Drawer 18)

Feemason’s Hall, London (blue apron)

(Pen 1347, Drawer 18)

Bonbon – Land

(Pen 1348, Drawer 95) En verden Af sjov


(Pen 1349, Drawer 6) Waterloo – I was defeated, you won the war, Waterloo – promise to love you for ever more, Waterloo – couldn’t escape if I wanted to, Waterloo – knowing my fate is to be with you, Waterloo – finally facing my waterloo

Scan Modul System

(Pen 1350, Drawer 104) Bringing the scan directly to the patient.

Nido Student Living

(Pen 1351, Drawer 87) Come and study in London, our buses are red!

Oostende, with glitter

(Pen 1352, Drawer 6)


(Pen 1353, Drawer 67) Little pieces of Denmark in a pen.

St Paul’s Cathederal

(Pen 1354, Drawer 18) Some very hip tourists are dancing in the streets of London

York, England

(Pen 1355, Drawer 126) York Minster, one of the gates and a horse and cart.

Luftkurout Soll am Wilden Kaiser, Tirol-Austria

(Pen 1356, Drawer 17) A ride on a chair lift into the mountains on a sunny day


(Pen 1357, Drawer 117)

P&O Stena Line (sunset)

(Pen 1358, Drawer 101)

Aquarama, Blankenberge

(Pen 1359, Drawer 6)


(Pen 1360, Drawer 94) Montafon Voralberg

P&O Stena Line

(Pen 1361, Drawer 55) From England to France, and back again!

Seaton Tramway

(Pen 1362, Drawer 98)

Goldstar Israeli beer

(Pen 1363, Drawer 46) Magniiiiv!

You don’t know Jack – Jetzt fur Playstation

(Pen 1364, Drawer 42) Die quiz show zwischen wissen und Wahnwitz

.T..Mobile…MDA III

(Pen 1365, Drawer 134)

British soldier

(Pen 1366, Drawer 67) The jacket has beautiful gold detail, but he doesn’t have a face!

Honda, Die Neue Fireblade

(Pen 1367, Drawer 107) The power of dreams

Tokyo Disneyland, MCMLXXXV

(Pen 1368, Drawer 27)

London, Martini Auctions

(Pen 1369, Drawer 18)

London, Paddington station

(Pen 1370, Drawer 18) Not a sign of the Bear!

Coca Cola – A legend is back. The original Georgia Green Bottle

(Pen 1371, Drawer 46) It’s the real thing!

Post & Tele Museum Danmark (old and new phones)

(Pen 1372, Drawer 95) A really old lady uses a really old phone, disappears, and comes out of the pen as ayoung woman with a mobile on the right.

Souvenir of Norfolk Broads

(Pen 1373, Drawer 40) One day we will go sailing on the Norfolk Broads – until then, we can enjoy the pen.

Post & Tele Museum Danmark

(Pen 1374, Drawer 95) The mail arives by donkey wagon


(Pen 1375, Drawer 74) The floaty pen factory!

Sporvejmuseet, Skjoldenaesholm

(Pen 1376, Drawer 95) This pen needs more vowells in its title!

Grusse Vom Attersee, Kammer Seewalchen, Steinbach – Unterbach

(Pen 1377, Drawer 94)

Antwerpen (older)

(Pen 1378, Drawer 6) Like pen 236 but photoramic with subtle differences!

Pirate ship

(Pen 1379, Drawer 57) A bit of a puzzle this one – a sailing ship, a desert island, and skulls on the back.

Bregenzer Wald

(Pen 1380, Drawer 94) Mellau am Schrocken, Schoppernau

Grusse aus der Sommerfrische: Weyregg, Austria

(Pen 1381, Drawer 94)

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

(Pen 1382, Drawer 69) 221b Baker Street, London


(Pen 1383, Drawer 94) Festspielstadt, Motzartstadt

Souvenir from the Isle of Wight (map in background)

(Pen 1384, Drawer 99)

Luftkurort Mittersill, Im Pinzgau

(Pen 1385, Drawer 94)

Sporvejsmuseet, Skjoldenaesholm

(Pen 1386, Drawer 95)

Luftkurort Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria

(Pen 1387, Drawer 17)

Amalenborg, Kobenhavn

(Pen 1388, Drawer 23)

Grusse aus der Alpenstadt Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria

(Pen 1389, Drawer 17) This pen is alive…with the sound of music! – Thanks Maria!

Grusse aus Fugen im zillertal, Tirol, Austria

(Pen 1390, Drawer 17)

Luftkurort Mayrhofen, Tirol, Austria (cable car)

(Pen 1391, Drawer 17)

Wolds Way Lavender

(Pen 1392, Drawer 126) Mmmm, smells lovely!

Wagrain, Salzburg, Austria

(Pen 1393, Drawer 94) Sommerfrische – Wintersport

Tivoli Danmark

(Pen 1394, Drawer 24) The Little Drummer Boy

Disneyland, Walt Disney Productions

(Pen 1395, Drawer 44)

M/S Angelina Lauro

(Pen 1396, Drawer 55)

Solvang, Danish capital of America

(Pen 1397, Drawer 35) America?


(Pen 1398, Drawer 68)


(Pen 1399, Drawer 68) Some sort of football

Old egg timer

(Pen 1400, Drawer 20) Amazing old pen – still working

UPS Euroservice

(Pen 1401, Drawer 100) By truck or by train, in a gift set

Jonah and the Whale

(Pen 1402, Drawer 65) Swim, Jonah, Swim!

Vancouver, Canada (Inukshuk)

(Pen 1403, Drawer 10) Not an official Olympic pen, but the Inukshuk is now synonamous with the Vancouver 2010 – we are very happy to have this pen!


(Pen 1404, Drawer 87) He’s been painting this pen for years, but doesn’t seem to get anywhere

P&O European Ferries

(Pen 1405, Drawer 101)

Fountain Pen Hospital

(Pen 1406, Drawer 87) The showcase of fine writing instruments


(Pen 1407, Drawer 100) Are those oranges driving that car?

Beautiful St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

(Pen 1408, Drawer 116)

Mannekin Pis (clear)

(Pen 1409, Drawer 6) So that’s how the liquid gets in the pen!

Gibraltar (two monkeys and sun)

(Pen 1410, Drawer 80)

Bart Simpson

(Pen 1411, Drawer 52) Also starring Santa’s Little Helper

Piccadilly Circus

(Pen 1412, Drawer 19) This version shows a bus, advertising Normeat, and there is a neon sign for Bovril in the background

Happy Easter from Martini Auctions

(Pen 1413, Drawer 87) And Happy Easter to you too, Regina!

Whistler’s mother

(Pen 1414, Drawer 120) She seems to be waiting for an e-mail

Horrible Histories

(Pen 1415, Drawer 51) Bought at the Cabinet War Rooms, London


(Pen 1416, Drawer 62) Look very carefully, they’re hiding

Float pen collectors unite

(Pen 1417, Drawer 131) A floaty pen, floating inside a pen!

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

(Pen 1418, Drawer 85) A tiny Barack that I can keep in my pocket

Michelle Obama, First Lady

(Pen 1419, Drawer 85) As glamarous as the lady herself

Jorvik, The Viking City

(Pen 1420, Drawer 126) A great souvenir from York


(Pen 1421, Drawer 102) We had a great day out to Potsdam with Andy and Kathy – we will return in the summer when the vines are more than just sad little twigs


(Pen 1422, Drawer 102) Produziert ca. Mio von 1957 bis 1991


(Pen 1423, Drawer 28)

Berlin, Brandenburger Tor

(Pen 1424, Drawer 70) Sillouette flags, with golden bears on back


(Pen 1425, Drawer 14) We thought it might be a fake, but it seems the real thing

Het Rembrandthuis Museum

(Pen 1426, Drawer 6) Rembrant’s house in Amsterdam floats in front of a monochrome background of his work

Judisches Museum Berlin (red on white back)

(Pen 1427, Drawer 102)

Pergamon Museum, Berlin (Blue Hippo)

(Pen 1428, Drawer 102) A very big thank you to Andy and Kathy – we appreciate your dedication to the cause

Berlin (glitter)

(Pen 1429, Drawer 102)

Berlin, Eine Stadt – Zwei Zoo’s

(Pen 1430, Drawer 102) Russell had to surrender his watch as security whilst he went in to buy this pen

Pergamon Museum, Berlin (The Nile at night)

(Pen 1431, Drawer 102) A very big thank you to Andy and Kathy – we appreciate your dedication to the cause

Berlin (Yellow/red bus)

(Pen 1432, Drawer 70)

Berlin, Haupstadt Deutschlands

(Pen 1433, Drawer 70)

Berlin (Yellow bus)

(Pen 1434, Drawer 102) The same background as pen 1439

Berlin Fernsehturm (with spot in sky)

(Pen 1435, Drawer 70) We went up this communiation tower, and no, teddy bears do not parachute from the top! (The tower is also a gleaming silver colour – definitely not pink!)

The British Museum (egyptian with bird)

(Pen 1436, Drawer 69)

Mammut, Vogelherd, 35,000 Jahre Alt

(Pen 1437, Drawer 102) A wonderful find by Andy and Kathy in Berlin

I am sterdam

(Pen 1438, Drawer 119) The ‘sterdam’ bit majically joins the ‘I am’ bit – Russell hates this pen!

Berlin (bear)

(Pen 1439, Drawer 102) A great big Berlin bear floats past some of the major sights of Berlin. The same background as pen 1434)

Trollstigen, Norway

(Pen 1440, Drawer 129) Trollstigen (English: The Troll Ladder) is a mountain road in Rauma, Norway, part of Norwegian National Road 63 connecting Åndalsnes in Rauma and Valldal in Norddal. It is a popular tourist attraction due to its steep incline of 9% and eleven hairpin bends up a steep mountain side. Trollstigen was opened on July 31, 1936, by King Haakon VII after 8 years of construction.

Die Grune Zitadelle von Magdeburg

(Pen 1441, Drawer 14) Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser (December 15, 1928 – February 19, 2000) was an Austrian painter and architect. In 1999 Hundertwasser started his last project named Die Grüne Zitadelle von Magdeburg. Although he never finished this work completely, the building was built a few years later in Magdeburg, a town in central Germany, and opened on October 3, 2005.

The Prostate Cancer Charity

(Pen 1442, Drawer 104) Amazing charity pen – the man floats up through the pen and somehow loses all his clothes! Thanks to Marks and Spencers for another great floaty pen and supporting another great cause

Trolls of Norway

(Pen 1443, Drawer 129) Fearsome creatures from Norse mythology, or cute , big-eared fairytale characters?

The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society

(Pen 1444, Drawer 129) Hammerfest, Norway

Diergaarde Blijdorp, Rotterdam Zoo

(Pen 1445, Drawer 28) They have tigers in Rotterdam!

Hurtigruten, MS Finnmarken

(Pen 1446, Drawer 101) Norwegian passenger and freight line with daily sailings along Norway’s spectacular western and northern coast. The 11 day trip has been described as the “World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage.”

Hurtigruten, MS Trollfjord

(Pen 1447, Drawer 101) They’ve named this ship after the fjord where the Trolls live!

Sweden flag

(Pen 1448, Drawer 39) According to the mythology, the Swedish 12th century king Eric the Holy saw a yellow cross in the sky as he landed in Finland during the First Swedish Crusade in 1157. Seeing this as a sign from God he adopted the yellow cross against a blue background as his banner.

The British Museum (snakes)

(Pen 1449, Drawer 69) “Hiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssss”

Lago Maggiore, Souvenir

(Pen 1450, Drawer 26) On a very dreary day, or just very faded?

De Eerste LIM – lift in Europa werkt bij

(Pen 1451, Drawer 42) Apparently, LIM means Linear Induction Motor

It’s got to be Rainbow

(Pen 1452, Drawer 47) Full cream evaporated milk

Pooh bear

(Pen 1453, Drawer 44) Pooh with his balloon float up high

Hurtigruten, MS Richard With

(Pen 1454, Drawer 101) With what?


(Pen 1455, Drawer 87) Wakerom – Ede


(Pen 1456, Drawer 34) Wow, we’ve struck lucky with this pen

Drielandenpunt – Vaals

(Pen 1457, Drawer 121) Frontier between Holland, Belgium and Germany

Amsterdam, Holland

(Pen 1458, Drawer 119)

Dolphinarium – Harderwijk

(Pen 1459, Drawer 28) Very faded, but lovely scene

Piccadilly Circus (newer without phone box)

(Pen 1460, Drawer 19) Very poor quality, but seems to be genuine

Tower Bridge (newer without birds)

(Pen 1461, Drawer 19) …and the bridge is down, unlike our other Tower Bridge pens


(Pen 1462, Drawer 11)


(Pen 1463, Drawer 11)

Mont Saint Michel

(Pen 1464, Drawer 11)

Saint Malo Cite Corsaire

(Pen 1465, Drawer 11)


(Pen 1466, Drawer 101)


(Pen 1467, Drawer 15) I bought this pen on the internet in 2013. In 2014 my lovely nephews picked me up an identical one on their summer hols. I am so lucky. I have kept their gift, an offered the original as a swapsie.

Gran Canaria

(Pen 1468, Drawer 38)

Cap Frehel

(Pen 1469, Drawer 96)

Revolving restaurant, Stanser Horn

(Pen 1470, Drawer 133)


(Pen 1471, Drawer 108)

Coca Cola, on check background

(Pen 1472, Drawer 46)

Coca Cola, on check, different back

(Pen 1473, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1474, Drawer 14)

Carnaval – Spain

(Pen 1475, Drawer 38)

Carnaval! – Basel, Switzerland

(Pen 1476, Drawer 108)

Carnaval- USA

(Pen 1477, Drawer 34)

Carnaval – Mexico

(Pen 1478, Drawer 37)

Carnaval – Italy

(Pen 1479, Drawer 26)

Asuka II

(Pen 1480, Drawer 55)

M.P.S. Ursula

(Pen 1481, Drawer 55)

St Thomas V.I

(Pen 1482, Drawer 55)

Visit the Big 5

(Pen 1483, Drawer 32)

Table Mountain

(Pen 1484, Drawer 32)


(Pen 1485, Drawer 27)

Hiharu Asami

(Pen 1486, Drawer 27)


(Pen 1487, Drawer 27)

Egypt Sunken Treasures

(Pen 1488, Drawer 27)

Neo Tokyo Samurai Black

(Pen 1489, Drawer 27)


(Pen 1490, Drawer 27)

Akashi Kaikyo

(Pen 1491, Drawer 27)

Hong Kong

(Pen 1492, Drawer 110)

Ghibli Museum

(Pen 1493, Drawer 27)

Adirondack Museum

(Pen 1494, Drawer 83)

Alcatraz Island

(Pen 1495, Drawer 109)

Cherokee Trading Post

(Pen 1496, Drawer 83)

October 20th 1977 6.42pm

(Pen 1497, Drawer 84)

The White House

(Pen 1498, Drawer 85)

Aloha from Hawaii

(Pen 1499, Drawer 97)

Great Smoky Mountains

(Pen 1500, Drawer 83)

East meets West

(Pen 1501, Drawer 84)


(Pen 1502, Drawer 87)

Jerusalem the Holy

(Pen 1503, Drawer 15)


(Pen 1504, Drawer 25)

Ricordo di Roma

(Pen 1505, Drawer 26)

Zell am See

(Pen 1506, Drawer 17)


(Pen 1507, Drawer 129)


(Pen 1508, Drawer 26)


(Pen 1509, Drawer 29)


(Pen 1510, Drawer 26)

Souvernir di Assisi

(Pen 1511, Drawer 26)


(Pen 1512, Drawer 25)


(Pen 1513, Drawer 71)

Baba Papa

(Pen 1514, Drawer 51)

Britney Spears

(Pen 1515, Drawer 86)

The Beatles Story, faces

(Pen 1516, Drawer 86)

The Muppets

(Pen 1517, Drawer 52)

Frank Kafka

(Pen 1518, Drawer 30)

Running the USA

(Pen 1519, Drawer 85)

William J Clinton Presidential Center

(Pen 1520, Drawer 85)


(Pen 1521, Drawer 52)

Klovn (zulu)

(Pen 1522, Drawer 52)

Souvenir of Wales

(Pen 1523, Drawer 127)

The Real Mary King’s Close

(Pen 1524, Drawer 36)

Legoland (bricks)

(Pen 1525, Drawer 95)

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

(Pen 1526, Drawer 98)


(Pen 1527, Drawer 40)

Miniature Rock Collection – Pacific Science Center

(Pen 1528, Drawer 77)

Den Tilsandede Kirke Skagen

(Pen 1529, Drawer 67)

Miniature Rock Collection – Rock City

(Pen 1530, Drawer 77)

Miniature rock collection – Polar Caves

(Pen 1531, Drawer 77)

Esbjerg Museum

(Pen 1532, Drawer 67)


(Pen 1533, Drawer 67)

Miniature rock collection – Museum of Natural History

(Pen 1534, Drawer 77)

Oregon RFID

(Pen 1535, Drawer 67)

Sneglehuset I Thyboron

(Pen 1536, Drawer 67)

Eskesen Foat Pen Collectors

(Pen 1537, Drawer 131)

Houston Museum of Science

(Pen 1538, Drawer 67)


(Pen 1539, Drawer 57)


(Pen 1540, Drawer 59)

Funny white plastic balls – no fluid

(Pen 1541, Drawer 67)

Your Mon£y (Marks and Spencers)

(Pen 1542, Drawer 106)

Cristallerie de la Reine

(Pen 1543, Drawer 13)


(Pen 1544, Drawer 67) International Product Group

Massif de Jura

(Pen 1545, Drawer 67)


(Pen 1546, Drawer 104)

22nd Bi-annual American Pencil Collectors Society

(Pen 1547, Drawer 57)

Jungle scene

(Pen 1548, Drawer 78)

Atlanta 1996

(Pen 1549, Drawer 66)

The Road to the White House

(Pen 1550, Drawer 85)

Tutti frutti

(Pen 1551, Drawer 47)


(Pen 1552, Drawer 57)

Musical notes, flute

(Pen 1553, Drawer 78)

Musical notes – Cello

(Pen 1554, Drawer 78)

Musical notes – Saxaphone

(Pen 1555, Drawer 78)

Member Oklahoma Cow Tipping Association

(Pen 1556, Drawer 78)

For sale/Sold (Jack Keely, floaty industries)

(Pen 1557, Drawer 78)

Santa World

(Pen 1558, Drawer 24) Santa floats up and down in glittery snow

Orange Counties Credit Union

(Pen 1559, Drawer 87)

100 Years 26th Olympiad Atlanta 1996

(Pen 1560, Drawer 66)

Celebrating 100 years 1996 Olympic Games Atlanta 1996

(Pen 1561, Drawer 66)

Hawkeye Breeders Service inc

(Pen 1562, Drawer 104)


(Pen 1563, Drawer 106)

American Museum of Natural History

(Pen 1564, Drawer 2)

Jyllands Akvariet, shells

(Pen 1565, Drawer 43)

Aida, Das clubschiff

(Pen 1566, Drawer 59)

Ebay Live!

(Pen 1567, Drawer 106) Chicago 08


(Pen 1568, Drawer 78)

Bornholm (no background)

(Pen 1569, Drawer 93)

50 Years PSI

(Pen 1570, Drawer 106) Dusseldorf

2000 Republican National Convention

(Pen 1571, Drawer 85)


(Pen 1572, Drawer 104)


(Pen 1573, Drawer 106) Value in partnership

Bishop Museum, Hawaii

(Pen 1574, Drawer 43)

Your next promotional pen

(Pen 1575, Drawer 74)

Ahmanson Biological Imaging Center

(Pen 1576, Drawer 104) UCLA health

Disneyland Paris

(Pen 1577, Drawer 13)

jay-cee sales & rivet inc

(Pen 1578, Drawer 43) The quality rivet people

Barbados West Indies

(Pen 1579, Drawer 116)

Emmelev A/S

(Pen 1580, Drawer 43)

agnitio – IMPACT

(Pen 1581, Drawer 106)

Liquid Gaviscon

(Pen 1582, Drawer 104)

Bridal flower divas

(Pen 1583, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1584, Drawer 106)

Frisian Flag Milk Products

(Pen 1585, Drawer 106) Frisian Flag provides Indonesian consumers of all ages with high-quality dairy products. A popular drink containing sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient is soda gembira: soda water mixed with Frisian Flag milk. But no matter how you drink it, Frisian Flag means enjoying all the goodness that milk has to offer.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

(Pen 1586, Drawer 107)

Fire Services National Benevolent Fund

(Pen 1587, Drawer 78) Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is here for all fire service personnel during their times of need, and assists thousands of individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services.It costs over £9 million every year to keep the Charity running, and with no government funding – Please give generously.


(Pen 1588, Drawer 78) We’re not sure if this is from the TT Isle of Man race in 2006 – if anyone can help with this, please let us know

Nutricia Nutridrink protein

(Pen 1589, Drawer 46)

Temesta, yellow

(Pen 1590, Drawer 104) Lorazepam is a high potency benzodiazepine drug which has all five intrinsic benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant. Lorazepam is used for the short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, acute seizures including status epilepticus and sedation of hospitalised patients, as well as sedation of aggressive patients

Temesta, red

(Pen 1591, Drawer 104) Lorazepam is a high potency benzodiazepine drug which has all five intrinsic benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant. Lorazepam is used for the short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, acute seizures including status epilepticus and sedation of hospitalised patients, as well as sedation of aggressive patients


(Pen 1592, Drawer 104) Cute little puppy in a pen.


(Pen 1593, Drawer 46)

DGA DCN Cherbourg

(Pen 1594, Drawer 107) The DCNS Group is a company working in the field of naval armament. It designs and builds warships, combat systems, port facilities and the maintenance in operational conditions of the forces. DCNS has existed in its present form since 2007 and is the heir of the French arsenals and management of buildings and Naval Weapons (DCN DCAN became in 1991).The French government is a shareholder at 75%. The site of Cherbourg is mainly dedicated to the achievement of submarines with nuclear propulsion ( submarine nuclear attack (SNA) and submarine ballistic missile (SSBN)) – I better treat this pen with great care!


(Pen 1595, Drawer 107) The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a light van produced by Mercedes-Benz in Vitoria, Spain. From the name of the city Vitoria came the name Vito. The name was also derived from an exemplary, long-standing employee, Vito Rosenstein. Vito’s dedication to the company resulted in an unusually high accolade.

Parfumerie francaise

(Pen 1596, Drawer 106) …so astronauts can look well groomed in space!

London Lite

(Pen 1597, Drawer 106) Westminster City Council estimated that free newspapers made up a quarter of all rubbish in the West End – I still miss it being around to turn my nose up at!

Yunessun, resort, Japan

(Pen 1598, Drawer 27) See you any time you want

Frisko, Iglo

(Pen 1599, Drawer 106) Iglo is one of the umbrella brands of the frozen-foods business of Unilever, used mainly in Europe. In the UK, it is known as Birds Eye, and in Italy as Findus. In 2006, Unilever announced the divestiture of most of its frozen foods business, meaning that the Iglo brand will be sold to private equity fund Permira.

CSC, cycling team

(Pen 1600, Drawer 66) From 2001 through 2008, CSC sponsored Team CSC, one of the best-managed and most successful sports franchises in the world. The cycling team shared with CSC a global reach and embodied the common themes of experience, results and teamwork as they competed in more than 80 races per season. In every race, Team CSC cyclists reinforced the message that they, like CSC, were leaders in their field and committed to excellence.

I am a TMC treasure!

(Pen 1601, Drawer 78) We have no idea what a TMC treasure is – according to Google it could be The Mother Church, The Motorsports Club, Treasure Mountain Consulting, The Millionnaire Club etc. etc. The truth is out there – please let us know! UPDATE: The mystery has been solved by the wonderful and talented Janet K Miller: “TMC is Tucson Medical Center (Well, it’s a lot of things, but the saguaro cactus that figures prominently in the pen is the clue that solves the puzzle). I bet they gave these to every baby born there!”

Schneider Electric

(Pen 1602, Drawer 42) With more than 100,000 employees in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric leverages its people diversity as a strength to understand its customers and the world we are living in. In 2009, 34% of Schneider Electric’s sales were in new economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.


(Pen 1603, Drawer 106)

Kleine Scheidegg

(Pen 1604, Drawer 108) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s


(Pen 1605, Drawer 133) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Brienzer Rothorn

(Pen 1606, Drawer 133) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Jungfrau Joch

(Pen 1607, Drawer 108) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Poldark Mine, Helston Cornwall

(Pen 1608, Drawer 128) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Lago Maggiore, Souvenir (different cropping)

(Pen 1609, Drawer 26) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s


(Pen 1610, Drawer 108) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Snowden summitt, Wales

(Pen 1611, Drawer 127) A big thank you to Dr Jonathan C Roberts for his amazing Random Act of Kindness! Eight pens collected whilst on family holidays in the 19 70’s and 80’s

Alligator Beach Club – Florida

(Pen 1612, Drawer 1) A lovely gift from Yasin Khandwalla from his trip with his family to USA

Houston, Texas

(Pen 1613, Drawer 34) A lovely gift from Yasin Khandwalla from his trip with his family to USA

Wallace and Gromit

(Pen 1614, Drawer 105) “That’s the spirit Lad!” A lovely pen – it’s supposed to be a spirit level so the bubble is intentional! This pen is definitely not Danish, but could be manufactured by Wesco, China. Produced by Rainbow Designs.

Doctor Who – Tardis

(Pen 1615, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Doctor Who – Cyberman

(Pen 1616, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Doctor Who – Red Dalek

(Pen 1617, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, C3PO

(Pen 1618, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, Yoda

(Pen 1619, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, Darth Vadar

(Pen 1620, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, R2D2

(Pen 1621, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

The Queen’s Silver Jubilee 1977

(Pen 1622, Drawer 19) It has suffered a bit over the years, but a charming pen nevertheless. A great find by Katy at an ephemera fair

Norwegian Epic

(Pen 1623, Drawer 101) A great gift from Jonathan Wall!

Celebrity Century

(Pen 1624, Drawer 101) Big thanks to Dean for this great pen!

Wallace Collection – Fragonard

(Pen 1625, Drawer 60) Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732 – 1806) – The Swing – The girl is delicious in her froth of pink silk, poised mid-air tantalizingly beyond reach. This pen doesn’t really do the painting justice – if you come to London, try and see it in person.

Wallace Collection

(Pen 1626, Drawer 60) François Boucher (1703 – 1770) Madame de Pompadour

Wallace Collection – Cannon

(Pen 1627, Drawer 60) We’re struggling to match this pen to a painting in the Wallace Collection – it is certainly very beautiful, with the tiniest cannonball as the floater! Any ideas?

Swarovski (White)

(Pen 1628, Drawer 105)

Swarovski (Black)

(Pen 1629, Drawer 105)

Supreme, the home of NYC skate culture

(Pen 1630, Drawer 106) Thanks Mand, this pen is Mega!


(Pen 1631, Drawer 105)

Kleine Scheidegg Jungfraujoch

(Pen 1632, Drawer 108)

Schweiz Suisse Switzerland with same front as 1632

(Pen 1633, Drawer 133)

Switzerland (with cartoon Adelweiss)

(Pen 1634, Drawer 133)

Luzern Vierwaldstattersee (white printed window on right)

(Pen 1635, Drawer 133)

Grindelwald, Wetterhorn/Jungrau

(Pen 1636, Drawer 108)

Grindelwald, Berber Oberland

(Pen 1637, Drawer 133)


(Pen 1638, Drawer 133)

Schweiz Suisse Switzerland

(Pen 1639, Drawer 108)

Switzerland (with cartoon cows)

(Pen 1640, Drawer 108)

Jungfraujoch, 3454m, Schweiz Switzerland (with Japanese)

(Pen 1641, Drawer 108)

Interlaken, Eiger – Monch – Jungfrau

(Pen 1642, Drawer 108)

Swiss flag graphic

(Pen 1643, Drawer 133)

Switzerland (red graphic)

(Pen 1644, Drawer 108)

Schweiz Suisse Switzerland (with cable car)

(Pen 1645, Drawer 108)

Schweiz Suisse Switzerland (with train)

(Pen 1646, Drawer 133)

Luzern Vierwaldstattersee

(Pen 1647, Drawer 108)

Schweiz Suisse Switzerland (with cable boat)

(Pen 1648, Drawer 133)

Schilthorn 2970m Murren

(Pen 1649, Drawer 108)

Jungfraujoch, 3454m, Schweiz Switzerland

(Pen 1650, Drawer 108)

Airport Zurich Kloten

(Pen 1651, Drawer 133)

Munchen (horses and beer barrels)

(Pen 1652, Drawer 14) Thanks for the amazing pen Daniela

Zurich und die Alpen

(Pen 1653, Drawer 133)

Jungfraujoch, 3454m, Schweiz Switzerland (with little huskies)

(Pen 1654, Drawer 108)

Mumu Cow Switzerland

(Pen 1655, Drawer 96)


(Pen 1656, Drawer 96)

Interlaken Jungfrau

(Pen 1657, Drawer 96)

Ted Baker, Shed your layers

(Pen 1658, Drawer 112) Dean what an amazing pen! Thank you

Plymouth England

(Pen 1659, Drawer 99)

Wien Vienna

(Pen 1660, Drawer 17)

Buffalo New York

(Pen 1661, Drawer 2)

Reptile Gardens Black Hill, South Dakota

(Pen 1662, Drawer 31)

Isle of Man

(Pen 1663, Drawer 25)


(Pen 1664, Drawer 25)

Canada (with plane)

(Pen 1665, Drawer 7)


(Pen 1666, Drawer 133)

Niagara Falls (with red water)

(Pen 1667, Drawer 9)

Canada Place (no fireworks or leaves)

(Pen 1668, Drawer 10)

The Tallyho and Parliamint Buildings, Victoria BC

(Pen 1669, Drawer 8) Not the same Tally Ho as the famous corner in Finchly, North London

Sainre-Anne De Beaupre Quebec – Canada

(Pen 1670, Drawer 9)

Walibi Wavre

(Pen 1671, Drawer 6) A themepark now known as Walibi Belgium

Aloha from Kauai

(Pen 1672, Drawer 97) Hello from the oldest Hawaiian island

Yellowstone Park

(Pen 1673, Drawer 33) A great big old brown bear


(Pen 1674, Drawer 107)


(Pen 1675, Drawer 13)

Souvenir de Bretagne

(Pen 1676, Drawer 11)

Pilatus Luzern Schweiz

(Pen 1677, Drawer 108)

The Getty Center

(Pen 1678, Drawer 35)

Oct. 20 1977 6:42pm

(Pen 1679, Drawer 86) At 6:42 PM on October 20, 1977, the pilot of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s chartered Convair 240 airplane radioed that the craft was dangerously low on fuel. Less than ten minutes later, the plane crashed into a densely wooded thicket, cutting a 500 foot path through the swamp near McComb, Mississippi. The plane had left Greenville, South Carolina enroute to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Ronnie VanZant, Steve Gaines, his sister Cassie Gaines, their assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick and the pilots, Walter McCreary and William Gray were all killed. Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson were seriously injured but eventually recovered. In 1990, Allen Collins died of complications from pneumonia. In 2001, Leon Wilkeson past away in his sleep.

Soren Qwist

(Pen 1680, Drawer 106) serving the events industry

(Pen 1681, Drawer 106)

ISPP Groupe Esc Rouen

(Pen 1682, Drawer 106)

(Pen 1683, Drawer 106)

Slawenburg Raddusch

(Pen 1684, Drawer 103) Archaologie in der Niederlausitz

msm Ski

(Pen 1685, Drawer 106) Warren Miller

Atlanta 1996 (high jump)

(Pen 1686, Drawer 31)

Atlanta 1996 (baseball)

(Pen 1687, Drawer 31)

Svendborg sf8

(Pen 1688, Drawer 92) Some sort of football game


(Pen 1689, Drawer 66) Instruct. Inform. Inspire. Http://

What are you laughing at?

(Pen 1690, Drawer 3) From KUOW 94.9 Seattle and npr


(Pen 1691, Drawer 62) Back to the Cretaceous


(Pen 1692, Drawer 62)


(Pen 1693, Drawer 62) Intellignet, curious, playful, mammals


(Pen 1694, Drawer 78) …did the chicken cross the road?

Vestdanmarks Kuglepennesamlerforening AR 2000 pen

(Pen 1695, Drawer 131)

Reklampennens Venner Spesialpenn 2000

(Pen 1696, Drawer 131)

For Sale / Sold

(Pen 1697, Drawer 78)

Just married / Honeymoon

(Pen 1698, Drawer 64)

James A.Michener Art Museum

(Pen 1699, Drawer 83) (right person at desk)

(Pen 1700, Drawer 106) (left person at desk)

(Pen 1701, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1702, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1703, Drawer 124)

Cleveland Rocks

(Pen 1704, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1705, Drawer 29)


(Pen 1706, Drawer 103)


(Pen 1707, Drawer 17)

Chicago (glitter)

(Pen 1708, Drawer 124)


(Pen 1709, Drawer 124)


(Pen 1710, Drawer 31)

Queen Mary 2

(Pen 1711, Drawer 55) Geoff and Tessa returned from New York on this glorious ocean liner – I would love to do the journey myself, but after our last cruise, I suspect this pen is as close as we will get!

Ted Baker – Hot to Trot

(Pen 1712, Drawer 112) Thanks Candida Hilton, I hear Russell practically whipped it out of your hand when he first met you! You have the coolest name.

P&O Ferries

(Pen 1713, Drawer 101) Gift from Tim Hennah (ABTOF conference)

London Airport

(Pen 1714, Drawer 20) The lovely people at Oxfam in Hessle contacted me about this pen and matching box. London Airport was renamed Heathrow in 1966, so that helps to date the pen. The box is amazing!

Brittany Ferries

(Pen 1715, Drawer 101) Purchased by Russell Eisen at ABTOF

Ready to Serve

(Pen 1716, Drawer 106) I daren’t tell you what the bull on the right does when he goes over to the cow on the left

Windows ME

(Pen 1717, Drawer 90) A little clunky – a bit like a certain operating system?


(Pen 1718, Drawer 47)

The Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Eilat

(Pen 1719, Drawer 15) Wow Esther! Another truly amazing and treasured pen

Toms Jackpot

(Pen 1720, Drawer 47) Tom’s Jackpot dragees

Sebacil pour-on

(Pen 1721, Drawer 104) If you need some icky chemicals to pour on your pigs, you know where to go!

Jolly Cola

(Pen 1722, Drawer 46)

Lake Louise Alberta

(Pen 1723, Drawer 8)


(Pen 1724, Drawer 101)

Mercedes-Benz World

(Pen 1725, Drawer 117) I am very lucky to have Rob Ritson as a colleague – just look at this amazing pen he bought us.


(Pen 1726, Drawer 75) There’s something funny about this one – is it a fake?


(Pen 1727, Drawer 2)

A Team

(Pen 1728, Drawer 90) This was an amazing gift from Becky and Leah from Australia – they sent it care of Mandi, who lost it for five years – if either of you are reading this, please get in touch!

Malta & Gozo

(Pen 1729, Drawer 16) Russell found this whilst on the wonderful AITO conference in Malta. Russell, if you could sneak me along to these conferences, then I could search for the pens whilst you concentrate on tax issues!


(Pen 1730, Drawer 95)


(Pen 1731, Drawer 104) A skin patch for overactive bladder

Find a way to say yes

(Pen 1732, Drawer 112) Yes lives in the land of No!

Blarney Castle

(Pen 1733, Drawer 25)

Tradisjon og nyskaping

(Pen 1734, Drawer 129) Translating from the Norweigen this says “Tradition and innovation go hand in hand” There is a lovely Norweigen Troll floating through this pen. Fatima

(Pen 1735, Drawer 38)

Walt Disney’s Fantasia

(Pen 1736, Drawer 44)

The Peak Tramways, Hong Kong

(Pen 1737, Drawer 110)

Diddl, flying carpet

(Pen 1738, Drawer 75) There’s something funny about this one – is it a fake?


(Pen 1739, Drawer 106)

Aero Perlen I Ohavet

(Pen 1740, Drawer 95)

Runnin’ in the sun

(Pen 1741, Drawer 34)

Garden theatre, Hong Kong

(Pen 1742, Drawer 110)

Bornholm solskinsoen i Ostersoen

(Pen 1743, Drawer 93)

Peter Pan

(Pen 1744, Drawer 44)

Janet K Miller

(Pen 1745, Drawer 61) Janet is known for her amazing ‘reverse glass’ paintings – check her out

Quince Honey Farm

(Pen 1746, Drawer 99) This place looks buzzing! Thanks Tulay – you’re as sweet as honey!

Abbey Road (with barrel printed)

(Pen 1747, Drawer 18)

iCarnival – Oruro Bolivia

(Pen 1748, Drawer 37) Another party in a pen!

Mette and Maren Mols

(Pen 1749, Drawer 101)

Pigeon Forge

(Pen 1750, Drawer 109)

Restaurant Olgod

(Pen 1751, Drawer 22) It’s Olgod at restaurant Olgod

Friis Optik

(Pen 1752, Drawer 111) See 1759!


(Pen 1753, Drawer 90) An amazing gift from Ian Palmer from the AITO conference – you can just see the lovely printed barrell to the left of the image.


(Pen 1754, Drawer 46)

Aquarium Langeland

(Pen 1755, Drawer 22)

Google (Plain)

(Pen 1756, Drawer 134) It’s Google – plain and simple!

Skousen (different back)

(Pen 1757, Drawer 42)

Danmarks Jernbanemuseum (steam train)

(Pen 1758, Drawer 93)

Soro Special Optik

(Pen 1759, Drawer 111) See 1752!

Bridge Princess

(Pen 1760, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Little black pen

(Pen 1761, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Wine Princess

(Pen 1762, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Golf Princess

(Pen 1763, Drawer 66) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Still crazy after all these beers

(Pen 1764, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

What happens tonight…goes on Facebook tomorrow!

(Pen 1765, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!


(Pen 1766, Drawer 96) We had a wonderful week in Athens, but unfortunately no genuine Eskesens (except the ones from Venice given to us by Andy and Kathy, who we met from their cruise)

I ‘heart’ Kastoria

(Pen 1767, Drawer 96) We had a wonderful week in Athens, but unfortunately no genuine Eskesens (except the ones from Venice given to us by Andy and Kathy, who we met from their cruise)

Titanic Movie (with no writing)

(Pen 1768, Drawer 96) A wonderfully poor fake – so bad its cool

Athens (big)

(Pen 1769, Drawer 100) We had a wonderful week in Athens, but unfortunately no genuine Eskesens (except the ones from Venice given to us by Andy and Kathy, who we met from their cruise)

Kleine Scheidegg (with full house on left!)

(Pen 1770, Drawer 133)


(Pen 1771, Drawer 90)

Elman Wall Audit Tax Advisory

(Pen 1772, Drawer 112) Once again, a floaty pen from the best accountants in the world


(Pen 1773, Drawer 113)


(Pen 1774, Drawer 46) A la pulpe d’orange


(Pen 1775, Drawer 78) The human serviette

It’s a wimpy wonderland!

(Pen 1776, Drawer 51)

Clearwater Harbor Realty inc.

(Pen 1777, Drawer 112) Imagination makes the difference


(Pen 1778, Drawer 112) Los Gatos

(Pen 1779, Drawer 112) Fast and easy

Tuca Body Art Ball (dark with wings)

(Pen 1780, Drawer 78)

Tuca Body Art Ball (light with crown)

(Pen 1781, Drawer 78)

AAI Shadow 200

(Pen 1782, Drawer 107)


(Pen 1783, Drawer 107) Mixing business with leather since 1983!

Ruth and Rick, September 4, 2010

(Pen 1784, Drawer 64) Spooky how these look just like Russell and I?

Goldberg Samson

(Pen 1785, Drawer 112) “You have questions. Our lawyers have answers!


(Pen 1786, Drawer 112) and

AAI Aerosonde

(Pen 1787, Drawer 107)

Google Geo Education

(Pen 1788, Drawer 134)

Gledileg Joi

(Pen 1789, Drawer 65) A really stunning pen, with both glitter and a floater – a wonderful gift from Iceland by pen hunter supremo Ian Palmer

Andale Ready Mix Central inc.

(Pen 1790, Drawer 107)

Baker Hughes

(Pen 1791, Drawer 107) Focus on the resevoir SPE 2008

Art at work

(Pen 1792, Drawer 33) November 2007

Oregonr Rfid

(Pen 1793, Drawer 134)

Life is a merry-go-round

(Pen 1794, Drawer 112) “It always has its ups and downs” Running Horse Studio (Restore your hair and glass eyes!!!)

National Baseball Hall of Fame

(Pen 1795, Drawer 66)


(Pen 1796, Drawer 106) You can find this fabulous mermaid at

The Sweetshop

(Pen 1797, Drawer 78) If you do pay them a visit, don’t expect any pear drops or Kola cubes!

Julian Ross Bernstein Barmitzvah March 12 2010

(Pen 1798, Drawer 65) Julian, this is one of our all time favourite pens – Mazaltov! – if you ever read this, please get in touch!

Hershey’s GSS

(Pen 1799, Drawer 112) Possibilities, not boundaries


(Pen 1800, Drawer 42) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s superIT guy!

Isus hoda na vodi

(Pen 1801, Drawer 65) For those of you that don’t speak croation – it means “Jesus walks on water”

SMART 529,

(Pen 1802, Drawer 112) Here in the UK we have enjoyed free education for all – sadly, with the introduction of tuition fees, this sort of company will soon be needed over here.

XRDS Exposed

(Pen 1803, Drawer 112) Eeek, this is a very scarey pen!

Hail to the Chief, David’s 80th

(Pen 1804, Drawer 78) David – you’re not actually the Chief? What a cool pen!

Flagler museum, Palm Beach, Florida

(Pen 1805, Drawer 1)

Balmshell lipgloss – Sleep in Beauty

(Pen 1806, Drawer 54) This is the story of a BALMSHELL’s beauty sleep. As the scene turns from night to day this BALMSHELL’s rest continues.

Balmshell lipgloss – Hair apy

(Pen 1807, Drawer 54) This is the story of the idea that a woman’s hair stylist is her therapist. It starts with a woman who has roots and is looking and feeling dull. Then the dream team that consists of a hairstylist, a colourist and a make up artist slides over her “before look” to reveal the “after look” at the salon. Her hair is done and she is glowing from ear to ear, looking and feeling incredible. True BALMSHELL therapy!

Balmshell lipgloss – Weekend in the Hamptons

(Pen 1808, Drawer 54) This is the story of a typical summer weekend for a BALMSHELL living in New York City. Two women in their business suits slide behind a sign that has an arrow pointing west saying, “The City” and another arrow pointing east saying “The Beach.” When they slide out from behind the sign, they are on a beach in their bikinis.

Balmshell lipgloss – Confessions of a call girl

(Pen 1809, Drawer 54) This is the story of a Balmshell’s favourite pastime: Gossiping with a girlfriend. Two women are talking on the phone, one is relaxing on her bed, and the other os lounging by the pool. A talk bubble filled with juicy gossip slides back and forthbetween them

Balmshell lipgloss – Curse of the purse

(Pen 1810, Drawer 54) This is the story of an epidemic affecting Balmshell’s all over the world. The curse that purses have on women. In this illustration a woman who appears to be lustfully drawn to the man of her dreams, actually passes right by him and goes to a store window.  In the window is not the man but the purse of her dreams.

Balmshell lipgloss – Beach patrol

(Pen 1811, Drawer 54) This is the story of a beautiful brunette Balmshell who is patrolling an incredible beachfront down south. Peering through her binoculars she scans the beach, checking out all the “eye candy”.

Balmshell lipgloss – You give me fever

(Pen 1812, Drawer 54) This is the story of lust at first sight. It is a close up of a woman at a bar. In the background there is a guy who is winking at her. When the lip-gloss is tilted, her cheeks and the hearts beside her head fill with pink as she blushes and flirts back.

Balmshell lipgloss – Yummy Mummy

(Pen 1813, Drawer 54) This is the story of the BALMSHELL mummy. As she strolls past the shrub in the park she catches the eye of many admirers at the café. It is then revealed that she is indeed a “Yummy Mummy.”

Balmshell lipgloss – Shoe fetish

(Pen 1814, Drawer 54) This is the story of a woman with a shoe obsession. Her closet is filled with shoes, leaving only a small section for her clothes. As she slides back and forth trying to decide what shoes to wear, her equally shoe-obsessed companion, Jimmy Chew Chew (her miniature terrier), is chewing on one of her stilettos.

Trieste – Castle

(Pen 1815, Drawer 68) View of Main Square

Disneyland (with ride)

(Pen 1816, Drawer 118) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Loving you

(Pen 1817, Drawer 75) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Graceland (with Elvis)

(Pen 1818, Drawer 124) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

MS Sunward II, Norwegian Caribean Lines

(Pen 1819, Drawer 101) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Aloha from Hawaii (three girls on right)

(Pen 1820, Drawer 97) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Aloah from Hawaii (like pen 1672 Kauai)

(Pen 1821, Drawer 97) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Universal Studios, Florida

(Pen 1822, Drawer 75) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

The Little Mermaid (horizontal scene)

(Pen 1823, Drawer 118) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

Yosemite National Park

(Pen 1824, Drawer 35) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field


(Pen 1825, Drawer 118) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field


(Pen 1826, Drawer 129) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

The Ahwahnee, Yosemite, National Park

(Pen 1827, Drawer 124) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

La Provence (squared font on back)

(Pen 1828, Drawer 12) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Holland (famly in tulip field)

(Pen 1829, Drawer 28) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Fährschiff Deutschland

(Pen 1830, Drawer 101) Found at The Braderie de Lille. This translates as ‘ferryboat Germany’

Koln am Rhein

(Pen 1831, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Fernsehturm Hamburg

(Pen 1832, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Ostseebad Laboe

(Pen 1833, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Koln am Rhein (mixed coloured font)

(Pen 1834, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Le Cite de Carcassonne

(Pen 1835, Drawer 12) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Nordseebad Nordeney

(Pen 1836, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille


(Pen 1837, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Hamburg Auf der Reeperbahn

(Pen 1838, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge

(Pen 1839, Drawer 109)

Chicago, water tower

(Pen 1840, Drawer 83)

Charleston, S.C., Rainbow Row

(Pen 1841, Drawer 109)

Cactus County Arizona

(Pen 1842, Drawer 34)

Chicago, Take the EL Train!

(Pen 1843, Drawer 83)

Seattle’s Chinatown

(Pen 1844, Drawer 3)

New York’s Chinatown

(Pen 1845, Drawer 2)

Solvang, Danish capital of America (Carlsberg beer band wagon)

(Pen 1846, Drawer 35)

Charlotte North Carolina

(Pen 1847, Drawer 109)

Kereskedelem Software Hardware

(Pen 1848, Drawer 90)

Donald Duck (Walt Disney Productions on barrel)

(Pen 1849, Drawer 118)

ING (Renaul F1 Team)

(Pen 1850, Drawer 112)

Mickey (short tail)

(Pen 1851, Drawer 43) Similar to pen number 946, but with a shorter tail, and no overprinting on the barrel

Air Force Academy Colorado

(Pen 1852, Drawer 82)

Souvenir from Israel

(Pen 1853, Drawer 90)

B’nai B’rith Women

(Pen 1854, Drawer 90) I used to be a B’nai B’rith Woman (Susan, not Russell) This pen is very special to me

100% GM Free

(Pen 1855, Drawer 112) How cheeky! This fella’s trousers come down to reveal an organic carrot!

The National Gallery

(Pen 1856, Drawer 60)

Love forever, Yayoi Kusama

(Pen 1857, Drawer 120)

Yayoi Kusama

(Pen 1858, Drawer 61)

Ted Baker

(Pen 1859, Drawer 112)

Sarah Millican

(Pen 1860, Drawer 52)

Arquipelgo da Medeira

(Pen 1861, Drawer 38)

Souvenir from Funchal

(Pen 1862, Drawer 38)

Aeroporto do Funchal

(Pen 1863, Drawer 38)

Madeira (dancing girl)

(Pen 1864, Drawer 115)

Madeira (Liner)

(Pen 1865, Drawer 115)

Madeira (sledge)

(Pen 1866, Drawer 115)

Madeira (plane)

(Pen 1867, Drawer 115)

Madeira (boat)

(Pen 1868, Drawer 115)

Greetings from Sliema, Malta

(Pen 1869, Drawer 115)

Vaduz (bus)

(Pen 1870, Drawer 25)


(Pen 1871, Drawer 87)

Switzerland (cow)

(Pen 1872, Drawer 133)

Gran Canaria (camels)

(Pen 1873, Drawer 38)

Unites Arab Emirates

(Pen 1874, Drawer 88)

M Shed

(Pen 1875, Drawer 117)

12 Weeks

(Pen 1876, Drawer 78)

St Michaels Mount

(Pen 1877, Drawer 128)

Mary Arden’s Farm

(Pen 1878, Drawer 117)


(Pen 1879, Drawer 17)


(Pen 1880, Drawer 43)

Barcelona (liner)

(Pen 1881, Drawer 115)

I love Costa Brava

(Pen 1882, Drawer 123)


(Pen 1883, Drawer 123)

Miam Beach (female hand on hip)

(Pen 1884, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female hands on head)

(Pen 1885, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male hands on bum)

(Pen 1886, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female 2 piece)

(Pen 1887, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male hands on neck)

(Pen 1888, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male one hand on hip)

(Pen 1889, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male two hands on hip)

(Pen 1890, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female hand on head)

(Pen 1891, Drawer 114)

Puerto Rico (male back)

(Pen 1892, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (male hand on bum)

(Pen 1893, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (female 2 piece)

(Pen 1894, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (female blonde)

(Pen 1895, Drawer 109)

Miami (dolphin)

(Pen 1896, Drawer 114)

Miami (liner)

(Pen 1897, Drawer 114)

Miami (diver)

(Pen 1898, Drawer 114)

Miami (dinghy)

(Pen 1899, Drawer 114)

Miami (Turtle)

(Pen 1900, Drawer 114)

St Barth (dinghy)

(Pen 1901, Drawer 116)

St. Barth (turtle)

(Pen 1902, Drawer 116)

St. Barth (diver)

(Pen 1903, Drawer 116)


(Pen 1904, Drawer 116)

Florida (flamingo)

(Pen 1905, Drawer 114)

Aligator beach club

(Pen 1906, Drawer 114)

Florida (dolphin)

(Pen 1907, Drawer 114)

Puerto Rico (liner – old)

(Pen 1908, Drawer 109) The pen was in a sorry state, and the shop owner tried to give it to us for free – of course as his whole shop was in a sorry state, we wanted to give him something. We then proceeded to enter into a bidding war, where we were doing the bidding up!

Puerto Rico (liner)

(Pen 1909, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (turtle)

(Pen 1910, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (dinghy)

(Pen 1911, Drawer 109)

Tortola BVI (female black shoes)

(Pen 1912, Drawer 116)

Tortola, BVI (male)

(Pen 1913, Drawer 116)

Tortola, BVI (female black boots)

(Pen 1914, Drawer 116)


(Pen 1915, Drawer 28) “Is mit de kunst!”


(Pen 1916, Drawer 107)

“De Efteling” “De vliegende Fakir”

(Pen 1917, Drawer 28)

Rembrandt’s the Night Watch, Rijks Museum Amsterdam (non-metallic)

(Pen 1918, Drawer 120) A big thank you to Andy and Kathy, who called into Amsterdam whilst they were cruising Europe.

Ponypark Slagharen

(Pen 1919, Drawer 29)

Acapulco, La Quebrada, Mexico

(Pen 1920, Drawer 37) Diving off a very high cliff, and then floating back up again

Donald in Mexico

(Pen 1921, Drawer 118)

Mini Meet East 2007

(Pen 1922, Drawer 107)

Aladdin (with brighter skin colour)

(Pen 1923, Drawer 118) Just like pen 434, but with brighter skin colour

Window Gard

(Pen 1924, Drawer 112) Safety & Sun BV


(Pen 1925, Drawer 112) The floater in this pen is well and truly stuck.We would love to know what image would be revealed if it worked properly – any ideas? Let us know

Brown Boveri Verkehrstechnik

(Pen 1926, Drawer 107) It’s something to do with trains

(Pen 1927, Drawer 112) Mmmmm – butchers

Jan van Schaffelaar 1482

(Pen 1928, Drawer 28) A cavalry officer jumps off the tower

Texel (tower)

(Pen 1929, Drawer 28) We’re not sure if the actual tower in real life floats up into the sky like it does in this pen. It would be cool

(Pen 1930, Drawer 112) Badeenten mit ihrem Werbeaufdruck – you can have these printed to your design from 100 pieces


(Pen 1931, Drawer 29)

Nederland Leet Met Water

(Pen 1932, Drawer 112) The object floating in this pen is actually in the shape of The Netherlands. Not the bubble – that is actually bubble shaped.


(Pen 1933, Drawer 28) A lovely git from Miranda – she doesn’t want it because it has a big bubble – that’s not a problem for us


(Pen 1934, Drawer 112) Het natuurlijke genieten

(Pen 1935, Drawer 6)


(Pen 1936, Drawer 100) Thank you Miranda for this floaty lighter – yes the scan is rubbish, but the case does not match the pen, and there is a small issue of the lighter mechanism stuck to the floater which prevents a snug fit on the scanner.

Holland (blue colours with people in clogs, blue and white colours only)

(Pen 1937, Drawer 121)

Holland (Delft tiles)

(Pen 1938, Drawer 121)

Atlanta Georgia

(Pen 1939, Drawer 109)

Amsterdam (canal boat)

(Pen 1940, Drawer 119)

Holland (blue colours with people in clogs, with coloured faces)

(Pen 1941, Drawer 121)

Amsterdam (cyclists along canal)

(Pen 1942, Drawer 119)

Amsterdam (Glitter)

(Pen 1943, Drawer 119)

Holland (family in tulip field) – non metallic

(Pen 1944, Drawer 121)

Holland (family walking in field of tulips with flag and shield on back)

(Pen 1945, Drawer 121)

Holland (Cows)

(Pen 1946, Drawer 121)

Amsterdam (canal boat and bridge)

(Pen 1947, Drawer 119)

Souvenir uit Amsterdam, Magere brug aan de Amstel

(Pen 1948, Drawer 119)

Pocahontas (1 of 5)

(Pen 1949, Drawer 118) This set has been my holy grail since I first read issue 2 of the floatabout newsletter from 1997. A gorgeous collection of pens containing seeds, gemstones, and shells. All have interesting barrel colours, giving them a marble and wood effect. I have waited years to find this pen, and then a quick mention to Miranda, and they were in our hands within a few days. Thanks to the floaty pen fairy!

Pocahontas (2 of 5)

(Pen 1950, Drawer 118) See pen 1949 for story

Pocahontas (3 of 5)

(Pen 1951, Drawer 118) See pen 1949 for story

Pocahontas (4 of 5)

(Pen 1952, Drawer 118) See pen 1949 for story

Pocahontas (5 of 5)

(Pen 1953, Drawer 118) See pen 1949 for story

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist”

(Pen 1954, Drawer 75) The consensus on Rotten Tomatoes states “The scenery and the stars are undeniably beautiful, but they can’t make up for The Tourist’s slow, muddled plot, or the lack of chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.” – However, we think this is a pretty amazing pen!

I am sterdam (sillouette)

(Pen 1955, Drawer 119)

Rijks Museum Amsterdam – Winterlandschap met schaatsers, Hendrick Avercamp, ca. 1608

(Pen 1956, Drawer 120) Avercamp showed all kinds of uncouth details in this bird’s-eye view, including couples making love and going to the toilet and in the distance, in the middle, a man urinating. Not all of this has been squeezed into the pen, but we love it any way. Thanks again Andy and Kathy.

Rijks Museum Amsterdam – Kinderen der zee, Jozef Israëls, 1872

(Pen 1957, Drawer 120) Another great gift from Andy and Kathy

Amsterdam Holland (the same front as pen 1458, but with a very different back)

(Pen 1958, Drawer 119)

De Zaanse Schans, Holland

(Pen 1959, Drawer 121) Identical front to pen 1966, but for a different location

Amsterdam (canal boat and bridge, with crest and XXX on back)

(Pen 1960, Drawer 119)

I heart Holland

(Pen 1961, Drawer 121)

Holland (couple dancing in tulip field)

(Pen 1962, Drawer 121) Like pen 836, but very different back

I heart Amsterdam

(Pen 1963, Drawer 119) The Dutch National Monument floats up and down in this pen

Greetings from Holland

(Pen 1964, Drawer 121)

Rembrandt 400, 1606 to 2006

(Pen 1965, Drawer 120) Rembrandt floats between ‘The anatomy Lesson’ on the left, and Rijks Museum on the right. As with all genuine floaty pens, this journey takes seven seconds. The pen is to celebrate 400 years.

Holland (with sailboat clogs)

(Pen 1966, Drawer 121) The back panel looks to me like potatoes. This pen reference is the year of my birth (Susan)

Volendam Holland

(Pen 1967, Drawer 121) All floaty pen collectors should visit Volendam

I am sterdam (Rijks Museum) – in colour

(Pen 1968, Drawer 119) Two pens – one coloured, the other in black and white. Russell isn’t convinced – what do you think?

I am sterdam (Rijks Museum)

(Pen 1969, Drawer 119) Two pens – one coloured, the other in black and white. Russell isn’t convinced – what do you think?

Red light Amsterdam

(Pen 1970, Drawer 119) Never has the red light district looked so classy

Union Investment

(Pen 1971, Drawer 112) A wonderful gift from the extremely talented Daniela Diemer in Switzerland. A great pen form a great lady.

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam – Wheatfield with Crows

(Pen 1972, Drawer 120)

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam – Sunflowers

(Pen 1973, Drawer 120)

Anne Taintor – Someone called about something

(Pen 1974, Drawer 16)

Anne Taintor – You be Thelma, I’ll be Louise

(Pen 1975, Drawer 16)

Anne Taintor – Why am I sober?

(Pen 1976, Drawer 16)

Anne Taintor – I love not camping

(Pen 1977, Drawer 16)

Anne Taintor – Born to be Wild

(Pen 1978, Drawer 16) Shelley, thank you so much for bringing these pens back from San Fransisco, you are amazing!

Anne Taintor – Screw the budget!

(Pen 1979, Drawer 16) Shelley, thank you so much for bringing these pens back from San Fransisco, you are amazing!

Amsterdam Stad Der Fietsen

(Pen 1980, Drawer 119) A lovely gift from Miranda

Kinder Museum

(Pen 1981, Drawer 119) A very cute little kneidel (with legs) walks around the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam

Elvis American Diner

(Pen 1982, Drawer 123) Elvis is alive and living in Israel. A big thank you to Nicole Wall. You’re a star! We know it isn’t an Eskesen, but we love it, and are glad you got it for us.

Dubrovnik, cruise ship

(Pen 1983, Drawer 16) A grogeous spiral clip – thanks Geoff and Tessa


(Pen 1984, Drawer 105) Dean, what an amazing pen, thank you. I know it isn’t a genuine Eskesen, but the Wesco pens are the next best thing in my opinion, and this one is so beautifuly made. I can vouch that it goes really well with a glass of the black stuff.

Mystery pen – cocktail

(Pen 1985, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had ime to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

Mystery pen – sushi

(Pen 1986, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had ime to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

Mystery pen – cat

(Pen 1987, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had ime to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

Mystery pen – beer

(Pen 1988, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had ime to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

Mystery pen – forest monster

(Pen 1989, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had time to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

mystery pen – moustache

(Pen 1990, Drawer 16) International pens of mystery! These six pens were bought in Vancouver. They are not Eskesen, but that is all that we know about them. If I hadn’t had to spend hours removing the very sticky price tags from the most prominent part of the pens I might have had time to do some research. Edit: They are designed by the very cool people at Gama-Go – no more information for now

(Pen 1991, Drawer 25) Ian and Zsuzi, we are so potty about the Jersey Potteries floaties pens that you both brought us. You are both AMAZING. Now if you could just co-ordinate your holidays next time so that you go to different places!

(Pen 1992, Drawer 122) Thanks Jennifer, another cracker!

Barbados (flag)

(Pen 1993, Drawer 116)


(Pen 1994, Drawer 88) Amazing find Esther

Balmshell lipgloss – Wilderness girl

(Pen 1995, Drawer 54) This is the story of a Balmshell who knows how to rough it in the wilderness. She is in a canoe with her boyfriend. As he does all the paddling, she’s relaxing with her legs up and talking on her cell phone. A real trooper!

Balmshell lipgloss – That’s so 80sl

(Pen 1996, Drawer 54) This is the story

Cote d’Azur, French Riviera

(Pen 1997, Drawer 115) Showing Cannes to the left, and Monaco to the right – how glamorous!

Leeds Castle (Cartoon knight)

(Pen 1998, Drawer 99) Ian, you are a great floaty pen scout – thank you once again for your astounding efforts

Ted Baker, Ted Baker London

(Pen 1999, Drawer 112) A nice bit of pen topiary and a black London cab

Hong Kong, panda

(Pen 2000, Drawer 110) A giant panda – how cute?

Mojave Max

(Pen 2001, Drawer 109) “I am Mojave Max, and I have been very busy since I became the Spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Program  in 1995. I have been telling people about native species, what they can do to protect their local environments, and how to safely enjoy nature!”

Winnie the Pooh in Cancun wrapper

(Pen 2002, Drawer 37) An intriguing combination of pen and outer wrapper. Esther, you are a skilled pen hunter!

Norwegian Dream

(Pen 2003, Drawer 122) Another cruise ship, another exotic location

Vintage glamour lady

(Pen 2004, Drawer 57) I know, we don’t usually collect Tip n Strips, but this one is particularly classy and deserves a place in our collection

Cerveza Nacional Rubia de Gran Clase

(Pen 2005, Drawer 113) A wonderful vintage bottle opener

New York Rangers

(Pen 2006, Drawer 66)

Sky Train, Vancouver BC

(Pen 2007, Drawer 10)

Piggie Walt Disney Productions

(Pen 2008, Drawer 43)

R.M.S. Titanic

(Pen 2009, Drawer 122) Jonathan, we love this, thank you!

Canada (Moose)

(Pen 2010, Drawer 7) Beautiful Canadian scenery and a couple of moose

Moose Scientific name: Alces Alces

(Pen 2011, Drawer 62) We do love a chocolate Moose

P- 40 Warhawk

(Pen 2012, Drawer 82)

Disneyland Walt Disney Productions

(Pen 2013, Drawer 118)

Las Vegas, non metallic

(Pen 2014, Drawer 109) Very similar to pen 95, but is non-metallic and the purple in the older pen has been substituted for pink in the newer one

Juneau, Alaska, cruise ship

(Pen 2015, Drawer 109) We were lucky we didn’t see any bears the size of a cruise ship while we were there!

Juneau, Alaska

(Pen 2016, Drawer 109) The bears look so cuddly in this pen

Disneyland Splash Mountain

(Pen 2017, Drawer 118)

World’s only Corn Palace Mitchell – so. Dakota

(Pen 2018, Drawer 109) The Corn Palace is a multi-purpose arena located in South Dakota. The Moorish Revival building is decorated with crop art, the murals and designs covering the building are made from corn and other grains. It is a popular tourist destination, visited by more than 500,000 people each year. The Corn Palace is celebrated with the Corn Palace Festival. Other popular annual events include the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in July and the Corn Palace Polka Festival in September.

Melbourne featuring beautiful St Kilda Road

(Pen 2019, Drawer 5)

Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

(Pen 2020, Drawer 4)

The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

(Pen 2021, Drawer 109) A fun show for all the family

Song of Norway Royal Caribbean

(Pen 2022, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2023, Drawer 8) A fabulous pen showing the Ogopogo monster in the beautiful Okanagan lake – The name “ogopogo” originates from a 1924 English music hall song called “The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot”, by Cumberland Clark and Mark Strong. The cover was said to portray “a boot-wearing, antenna-sporting, banjo-playing, pixie-like monster from Hindustan” – all far removed indeed from Canada’s serpentiform cryptid. Nevertheless, it was this very sheet music that had originated one of the most familiar of all modern-day cryptid nicknames (until then, the Lake Okanagan monster had been known only as the naitaka – a traditional native American name given to it by the local Okanakane tribe).

Jungfrau Joch 3454 müm

(Pen 2024, Drawer 108)

The Royal Gorge and world’s highest bridge

(Pen 2025, Drawer 109) An amazing bridge near Cañon City, Colorado. Tragically the bridge was devastated by fire in June 2013, and it is not know when it will re-open. I hope they didn’t lose any floaty pen stock from the souvenir shop

Monterey, California. (back panel askew)

(Pen 2026, Drawer 109) A very cute otter floats in this pen

Thames Barrier

(Pen 2027, Drawer 19) If you ever happen to be visiting London, this is a spectacular sight, and a lovely adjoining park – we would definitely recomend it for a couple of hours away from the hubub of the city.

(Pen 2028, Drawer 99) Thanks Greg – we can really recommend a narrow boat holiday. This website can make it happen.


(Pen 2029, Drawer 13) Russell and I retuned to Lille in July 2013. It is a beautiful town, with lots of amazing chocolate shops, but very few souvenir shops. At least this pen can’t melt, or make you fat!


(Pen 2030, Drawer 90)

Bourgogne (non Eskesen)

(Pen 2031, Drawer 123) Yes, we know it isn’t an Eskesen, but it is very very cute, thanks Jonathan

Monterey Bay Aquarium

(Pen 2032, Drawer 123) A very big thanks to Susie Shaw, and her very special family, that spent a considerable amount of time on their recent ‘trip of a lifetime’ to hunt for floaties. Yes it is a fake, but we LOVE it. See also pen 2033

The Queen Mary

(Pen 2033, Drawer 122) A gift, all the way from Long Beach California, from the amazing Susie Shaw and her fabulous family. The whole family searched for floaters while they were on their ‘trip of a lifetime’ around California – see also pen number 2032

The family that prays together stays together

(Pen 2034, Drawer 65) It’s true! A great trade with Kim Dougherty – I am sure I recognise these people from about 20 other pens!


(Pen 2035, Drawer 118) Huey, Dewy and Louie are in a small boat floating on a river through a dense forest – not sure who the glamorous duckie on the left is.


(Pen 2036, Drawer 78) Bingo played in the UK (90 ball bingo) is not to be confused with bingo played in the US (75 ball bingo), as the tickets and the calling are slightly different – This pen is definitely a US Bingo pen, but still a lot of fun.

Betty Boop (with Mickey Mouse)

(Pen 2037, Drawer 118) The very glamorous Betty is joined in a game of baseball with Mickey Mouse and a piggy


(Pen 2038, Drawer 109) Hooray for Hollywood


(Pen 2039, Drawer 118) The Duchess, Thomas O’Malley, and the kittens Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. With Scat Cat and his band providing the music – this pen has it all!


(Pen 2040, Drawer 133) The Matterhorn is slightly faded, but very beautiful


(Pen 2041, Drawer 109) The Grand Canyon State

Palm Springs California

(Pen 2042, Drawer 109) A fabulous silver chauffer driven car floats towards a very glamorous woman and her dog

The Lord is my Shepherd

(Pen 2043, Drawer 65) Psalm 23, in a pen – who would have thought?

Liberace Museum

(Pen 2044, Drawer 86) Identical to our blooper pen 77, but this time with the hands the correct way round

International Spy Museum Washington DC

(Pen 2045, Drawer 109) I am not who I say I am. Remember the enemy is listening. Assume nothing!

Disneyland, rocket ship

(Pen 2046, Drawer 118)

Between God and Man, Angels in Italian Art, Mississippi Museum of Art

(Pen 2047, Drawer 120) We are waiting to hear form the museum for more details of this lovely pen


(Pen 2048, Drawer 51) The great American novel, in a pen – Thanks Jennifer

Madurodam (train)

(Pen 2049, Drawer 121)

Americans in Paris (1860-1900) Boston Museum of Fine Arts

(Pen 2050, Drawer 120) “When today we look for ‘American art’ we find it mainly in Paris. When we find it out of Paris, we at least find a good deal of Paris in it.” —Henry James, 1887 – John Singer Sargent captured the pearly light of dusk in Paris in his 1879 work ‘In the Luxembourg Gardens’

New York

(Pen 2051, Drawer 124) Thanks Sarah, loving both these pens you got us from your trip to the big apple!

Disneyland Paris (pirate ship)

(Pen 2052, Drawer 118)

Key West lighthouse

(Pen 2053, Drawer 109)


(Pen 2054, Drawer 103) A beautiful faded pen

OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)

(Pen 2055, Drawer 124) OMSI is home to the U.S. Navy’s last non-nuclear, fast-attack submarine

Groeten M.S. Solaris

(Pen 2056, Drawer 122)

Otterpark Aqualutra

(Pen 2057, Drawer 121)

The Empire State Building New York

(Pen 2058, Drawer 124) Thanks Sarah, loving both these pens you got us from your trip to the big apple!

Grizzly Bear

(Pen 2059, Drawer 62) North American Wildlife – up to 8ft, 800 lbs


(Pen 2060, Drawer 78) There he goes again showing off his wiener, thanks Jennifer

Atlanta, Georgia

(Pen 2061, Drawer 124) A horse and carriage float past a beautiful old colonial house, with glamarous people enjotying the spacious gardens

Aloha from Maui

(Pen 2062, Drawer 97) A plane floats over the lovely Hawaiian islands

Texel, ferry

(Pen 2063, Drawer 121)


(Pen 2064, Drawer 6)

Why limit happy to an hour?

(Pen 2065, Drawer 78) A question we have all asked at one time or another – in a pen!

Burgers’ Ocean Arnhem, Holland

(Pen 2066, Drawer 121) Burgers’ Ocean, is the aquarium at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem . It has a capacity of more than eight million litres (a little more than the pen!) and is an eco-display of both flora (especially algae ) and fauna of the ocean from Southeast Asia . Visitors are led through presentations of the life on the coast , the coral reefs , the open ocean and deep sea lead. Burgers’ Ocean was opened in 2000 and is only accessible by Burgers’ Bush .

When it’s just us girls – it’s just more fun

(Pen 2067, Drawer 78) A frustratingly left-handed pen, but still very cute

Home of Mark Twain Hannibal Missouri

(Pen 2068, Drawer 124) Another corker from Jennifer

Diergaarde Blijdorp

(Pen 2069, Drawer 6) Elephants float around Rotterdam Zoo

Afsluitdijk, Holland

(Pen 2070, Drawer 121) Too many constenants – non dutch-speakers don’t stand a chance!

Kabelbaan Valkenburg

(Pen 2071, Drawer 121) Climb this Dutch tower, and enjoy views of Belgium and Germany

M.S.J. Henry Dunant

(Pen 2072, Drawer 122) Named after Jean Henri Dunant, winner of the first Nobel peace prize

Great Orme Summit Llandudno

(Pen 2073, Drawer 127) A wonderful gift form Adam and Becky Chater. “It’s from the Great Orme Tramway, at Llandudno . We visited earlier in the year on a geocaching expedition and bought a pen at the time, completely forgetting that you collected them too (sorry!). We returned to the area again this week and made sure we went back up the Great Orme again (this time by car!) just to visit the shop and get some pens for you. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped stocking the floaty pens and have lots of other different kinds of pen instead but Becky managed to find what could well be the very last floaty pen from the Great Orme Tramway hiding in the basket of other pens so we quickly made the purchase. We did ask and were told there were no more floaty pens in the back of the shop.”


(Pen 2074, Drawer 121) Considered to be one of the finest zoos in Europe, it opened in 1935, and has bred many many Asian elephants. The pen has a lovely floaty butterfly

UTD Menvoeder

(Pen 2075, Drawer 112) I think this is some sort of Dutch animal feed company. From what I can make out via Google Translate and Wikipedia this company merged many years ago into a much larger feed manufacturer.

Vestingstad Bourtange

(Pen 2076, Drawer 121) Built around 1568, it was inhabited until 1960 when the town was converted into an open air museum

We do not gossip

(Pen 2077, Drawer 78) We distribute vital information! Another frustratingly left-handed pen

Dialog in the Dark

(Pen 2078, Drawer 78) The concept of Dialogue (or Dialog in the US) in the Dark is simple: visitors are lead by blind guides in groups through specially constructed dark rooms in which scent, sound, wind, temperature and texture convey the characteristics of daily environments – for example a park, a city, a boat cruise or a bar. The daily routines become a new experience. A reversal of roles is created: people who can see are taken out of their familiar environment. Blind people provide them with security and a sense of orientation by transmitting to them a world without pictures. The tour itself lasts for about one hour but the effects can last a lifetime.

Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Maui Kona Hawaii

(Pen 2079, Drawer 97) Russell would definitely be too scared to swim in this pen! Interestingly, this pen has an identical scene to pen 2080, Marinemuseum Den Helder, 7,300 miles away

Marinemuseum Den Helder

(Pen 2080, Drawer 121) The Dutch Navy Museum – next time you are in the area, do pay them a visit. It looks very interesting, and they do some great humanitarian work. Interestingly, this pen has an identical scene to pen 2079, Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Maui Kona Hawaii, 7,300 miles away

‘S Hertogenbosch

(Pen 2081, Drawer 121) Yes it does start with “‘s” – it is a town and municipality in southern Netherlands

Saint Antonin Noble Val

(Pen 2082, Drawer 125) Saint Antonin was beheaded and his body was thrown into the river depicted in this lovely pen. The town was also used as a location for the 2001 movie Charlotte Gray, starring Cate Blanchett.

Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) Pennslyvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia

(Pen 2083, Drawer 120) Maxfield Parrish was an American painter and illustrator who died just a couple of months after Susan was born. He is known for his distinctive saturated hues and idealized neo-classical imagery. The illustration used in this pen is taken from the 1906 ‘Old King Cole’ which stands in the King Cole bar in New York. It has recently had a $100,000 rennovation and appears in the film “The Devil Wears Prada”

U.S. Marines – OORAH!

(Pen 2084, Drawer 82) Oorah is a battle cry common in the United States Marine Corps since the mid-20th century. It is comparable to hooah in the US Army and hooyah in the US Navy and US Coast Guard. It is most commonly used to respond to a verbal greeting or as an expression of enthusiasm.

Fort de Condé

(Pen 2085, Drawer 125) The Fort de Condé, or Fort Pille, is a fortification of the Séré de Rivières system, built in France between 1877 and 1883 to defend the area between Soissons and Laon. It is located on the heights of the confluence of the Aisne and the Vesle near the communes of Condé-sur-Aisne and Chivres-Val. Although the fort was considered obsolete at the start of World War I, its command of strategic ground made it a coveted objective throughout the war, changing hands several times. Following the war it was used in support service before its abandonment and purchase by a local community. It has been under preservation since 1979 and may be visited.

Natuudiorama Holderberg – Holten

(Pen 2086, Drawer 121) The Natural History Museum is one of the greatest collections of European species and allow more than 1,000 animals. Ranging from the largest songbird of the Netherlands, the only ape found in Europe. There are 11 stunning life-size dioramas to see which animals are in their natural position and environment, you will experience nature up close! We love Google translate

POW MIA You are not forgotten

(Pen 2087, Drawer 82)


(Pen 2088, Drawer 105) Ahh, Pimms, the quintessential english summer drink. Thanks to the fab sister in law, Fiona Allen, for this lovely pen. We think this is another Wesco, China pen

Southend pier and foreshore

(Pen 2089, Drawer 117) Didn’t we have a lovely day, the day we went to Southend? Of course, any day with a floaty pen is a lovely day

Wintersportort Mayrhofen Zillertal Tirol

(Pen 2090, Drawer 17) Found at an antiques village on our day trip to Southend

Cyprus, Famagusta

(Pen 2091, Drawer 25) Found at an antiques village on our day trip to Southend


(Pen 2092, Drawer 115) It may be a fake, but it’s clear and bright, just like our weekend in Helsinki!

Helsinki (polar bear)

(Pen 2093, Drawer 25) We had a fabulous weekend in Helsinki hunting for floaties. We found a lovely Lapland pen that we already had and one fake. On the last day, in an obscure and out of the way souvenir shop close to the Olympic stadium, we found this fabulous keyring. Sadly we didn’t see any polar bears floating in the harbour as is shown in this pen.

Franz Kafka

(Pen 2094, Drawer 51) The wonderful Ann-Marie bought us this back from Prague – We LOVE this pen – what a find, an instant favourite! Thank you.


(Pen 2095, Drawer 130) We found 4 of these curious zodiac conceal/reveals in the back of an amazingly dusty souvenir shop in Madeira. They are in a bit of a bad state, and the floaters are a bit temperamental, but we love them.


(Pen 2096, Drawer 130) We found 4 of these curious zodiac conceal/reveals in the back of an amazingly dusty souvenir shop in Madeira. They are in a bit of a bad state, and the floaters are a bit temperamental, but we love them.


(Pen 2097, Drawer 130) We found 4 of these curious zodiac conceal/reveals in the back of an amazingly dusty souvenir shop in Madeira. They are in a bit of a bad state, and the floaters are a bit temperamental, but we love them.


(Pen 2098, Drawer 130) We found 4 of these curious zodiac conceal/reveals in the back of an amazingly dusty souvenir shop in Madeira. They are in a bit of a bad state, and the floaters are a bit temperamental, but we love them.

Souvenir from Madeira (boat)

(Pen 2099, Drawer 38)

Porto Santo Madeira

(Pen 2100, Drawer 38) Groovy naked lady on the beach at Porto Santo. It definitely wasn’t the weather for this when we were in Madeira in February!

Souvenir from Funchal Madeira (embroidery)

(Pen 2101, Drawer 38)

Souvenir from Funchal Madeira (embroidery) (older, letter opener)

(Pen 2102, Drawer 38) Russell and I debated this for a long time – it is clearly the photoramic version of pen 2101, but in the end we agreed that it was sufficiently different in colours and proportions to be considered a new pen

Souvenir Madeira 2000

(Pen 2103, Drawer 38) A great find in 2014 – to think that this had been languishing at the back of a shop for 14 years! This is how seriously we take our floaty pen hunting

Arquipelago da Madeia

(Pen 2104, Drawer 38)

Aeroporto do Funchal (older, letter opener)

(Pen 2105, Drawer 38) Another one we debated hard – it is clearly the photoramic version of pen 1863, but in the end we agreed that it was sufficiently different in colours and proportions to be considered a new pen

Funchal – Monte Madeira

(Pen 2106, Drawer 38) We had a great trip up in the cable car to Monte – we would definitely recommend

Collectionneurs Francais de Stylos a image mobile

(Pen 2107, Drawer 131) OK, so the Eskesen mascot, Eskie, is firing pens at a France-shaped target – now can someone explain the red, white and blue cockeral? – As with all M Zanat pens, the barrel colour is beautiful

Algerie 2000 2001

(Pen 2108, Drawer 32) The whole Zanat family float in this pen

Merci Peder C. Eskesen S.I.M.S 2001

(Pen 2109, Drawer 131) Very stylish mahogany barrel colour

Saint Etienne, Capital des collectioneurs, IIIeme Millenaire

(Pen 2110, Drawer 131) A lovely smokey barrel colour

Happy Birthday all them collectors S.I.M.S. World 3 years in the third millennium

(Pen 2111, Drawer 131) Love the wording!

SIMS collectors 2002

(Pen 2112, Drawer 131) A nice blue and yellow barrel combo

Saint Etienne, Capital des collectioneurs, IIIeme Millenaire – with Marie de St Etienne

(Pen 2113, Drawer 131) The same as pen 2109, but with the Mayor floating in it

S.I.M.S. M Zanat, collectioneur

(Pen 2114, Drawer 131) Another M Zanat pen – love the white clip and belly band

SIMS America, Asia, Africa, Europe

(Pen 2115, Drawer 131) Eskesen A/S The factory at Store Merlose Denmark

The New Millenium XXIeme Siecle

(Pen 2116, Drawer 131) With the Eskesen mascot, Eskie, dressed up as various national stereotypes

Collection 1986-1997 Saint-Etienne

(Pen 2117, Drawer 131) Catch that pen!

HMS Victory 1765

(Pen 2118, Drawer 122) A gift from the father of the lovely Sarah, who works with Russell. He bought it at Greenwich Museum in London – Yes LONDON, where we have lived for over ten years – why have we never visited this place?

Capri (cave)

(Pen 2119, Drawer 26) The water in this cave looks so lovely and blue – thanks Ace for another great find


(Pen 2120, Drawer 26) Run from that Lava! Thanks Ace for this great pen – it is a little bit scratched – in fact it looks like it was actually hewn from volcanic rock


(Pen 2121, Drawer 26) We especially love the font on the back of this pen – thanks Ace, another great find

Hong Kong, plane

(Pen 2122, Drawer 27)

Papa Benedetto XVI Citta’ Del Vaticano

(Pen 2123, Drawer 65) This pen contains a couple of large bubbles, probably air from Vatican City. Thanks Ace!

United Nations

(Pen 2124, Drawer 85) How fabulous that this pen exists!

Atlanta 1996, Coca-cola

(Pen 2125, Drawer 113) It’s the real thing!

Jesus walking on the waters

(Pen 2126, Drawer 65)

Raffles Hotel

(Pen 2127, Drawer 88) Grand old lady of the East


(Pen 2128, Drawer 118) Aaww, Bambi slides back and forth in this cute pen

Baby Bio The five drop difference

(Pen 2129, Drawer 112) The floater in this pen is stuck – I like to imagine that the fluid floats from the bottle and a thriving healthy plant appears

Tui – Fly & more, hier steckt mehr drin!

(Pen 2130, Drawer 107) A very clever pen, that has to be seen moving to be appreciated. It really gets you in the holiday spirit, although if I were sat in a plane, and could see another plane so close, I think I would be a bit nervous.

Walt Disney Studios Park

(Pen 2131, Drawer 118) I love these pens that have Mickey’s ears on the end

Tate St Ives

(Pen 2132, Drawer 60) And Val didn’t think we would want this because it was so similar to pen 200 – that’s not how it works! The rear panel shows is especially made for Tate St Ives – now we have to look out for more variations of our other Tate pens.

Florence Nightingale Museum

(Pen 2133, Drawer 52) A beautifully detailed, but thankfully not too bloody, pen


(Pen 2134, Drawer 62) A cute horsey pen for this horsey charity – look them up and see the good work that they do.

(Pen 2135, Drawer 70) Receiving a letter from someone you haven’t heard from in years – amazing! Receiving a letter from someone you haven’t heard from in years that includes a floaty pen – Priceless! Thank you Sue Pyke (loved the fact that you had to rugby-tackle someone to get this

Canals of Great Britain

(Pen 2136, Drawer 126) We really wanted to take a boat out on our day trip to Skipton – we had to settle for this pen, which is equally charming!

Greetings from Aruba

(Pen 2137, Drawer 116)

Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

(Pen 2138, Drawer 5)

Milwaukee Wisconsin

(Pen 2139, Drawer 124)

Maori War Canoe New Zealand

(Pen 2140, Drawer 5)

Pohutu Geyser-Rotorua, New Zealand

(Pen 2141, Drawer 5)

Saint Louis

(Pen 2142, Drawer 124)

America joins the train age

(Pen 2143, Drawer 124) The DeWitt Clinton of the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad was the first steam locomotive to operate in the state of New York and the fourth built in the United States. The locomotive began operations in 1831. It was named in honour of DeWitt Clinton, the governor of New York State responsible for the Erie Canal, who died in 1828.

Native birds of New Zealand

(Pen 2144, Drawer 5)

Gold Coast, Australia

(Pen 2145, Drawer 70)

New York (hot dog vendor)

(Pen 2146, Drawer 2)

Jet boating on New Zealands famous rivers

(Pen 2147, Drawer 5) I think this is what William and Catherine took a ride on during their April 14 tour of New Zealand

Rotorua New Zealand

(Pen 2148, Drawer 5) Rotorua is a city on the southern shores of the lake of the same name “The second great lake of Kahumatamomoe”, in the Bay of Plenty area of the North Island of New Zealand.

Hawaii – surfers paradise

(Pen 2149, Drawer 97)

Aero Sekur

(Pen 2150, Drawer 107) Aero Sekur is a specialist supplier of safety systems to the global aerospace and defence markets. The pen illustrates this by showing them helping Santa Claus to descend safely into a chimney – amazing!

Espumisan easy – Efektyvi ir greita pagalba puciant pilva!

(Pen 2151, Drawer 111) According to Google Translate this pen is in Lithuanian and the product offers “A quick and effective help blowing belly!”

Eurovit D-vitamin – Mindenkiner szuksege van!

(Pen 2152, Drawer 111) Google thinks this may be Hungarian – any ideas? It’s still a lovely sunny pen

Kyocera Hydro

(Pen 2153, Drawer 134) A waterproof smartphone – submersed in a floaty pen, but still going strong

(Pen 2154, Drawer 132) From what I can tell this is some sort of apprenticeship scheme in Denmark. The pen depicts a skinny apprentice who floats past many hazards, including being shot at with a flame thrower

Purina Friskies

(Pen 2155, Drawer 132) If our cats, Boo Boo and Yo-Yo, could only get into this pen! Yumm


(Pen 2156, Drawer 111) A very pretty pen for Elleste hormone replacement therapy tablets – such a sweet feminine pen

Sailor Jerry Spiced

(Pen 2157, Drawer 46) When this retro lady drinks the spiced rum she puts on a black dress – or does she take it off?

Mobilcom debitel, wie schlau ist das denn?

(Pen 2158, Drawer 42) How clever is that? These men mean business, better not mess with them!

Coupe, Hyundai, Prepare to want one

(Pen 2159, Drawer 107) This pen contains a simple message – the Hyundai Coupe is a babe magnet.


(Pen 2160, Drawer 132) Beautiful beautiful rainbow paint, available from these Danish paint people.

šťastný život

(Pen 2161, Drawer 130) “A happy life” in Slovak – this pen makes me happy

Stella Maris

(Pen 2162, Drawer 130) This pen is so cute, it had to be Japanese – you can imagine how happy I was to find it is for a Japanese Catholic school. It has a small girl walking towards the school, accompanied by butterflies, a dog, a goose and a chicken. A pink elephant is waving his trunk from the zoo, and there are pretty blossoms everywhere – definitely Japanese

The Jungle Book

(Pen 2163, Drawer 118) Everyone sing along: “Now, I’m the king of the swingers, whoa, The jungle V.I.P. I’ve reached the top and had to stop, And that’s what’s botherin’ me, I wanna be a man, Man Cub, And stroll right into town, And be just like the other men, I’m tired of monkeyin’ around.”

Three cheers for 21 years, Ted Baker, London

(Pen 2164, Drawer 132) Ted Baker really are producing some amazing pens – they are the most frequently requested pens from our collection (we don’t have any spares). They can’t be doing the brand any harm either.

It’s a pig pen!! ’93 Designs by Lisa

(Pen 2165, Drawer 62) Two exclamation marks!

GRV2241, Groovisions chappie

(Pen 2166, Drawer 130) This is a character by a Tokyo based design studio. When you tip the pen his clothes become black – groovy!

Lee Space Adventures

(Pen 2167, Drawer 132) The jeans are out there

The White House, Washington D.C.

(Pen 2168, Drawer 85)

OMG, WTF is the BFD?

(Pen 2169, Drawer 130) I had to look these abbreviations up. The pen is called “Murray’s Law” I also looked that up, but can’t see how it relates to the pen, unless this is much more high-brow than those in the rest of the Design Design inc. series.

Mysterious sailing ship

(Pen 2170, Drawer 130) The front scene is identical to pen 1897. The back panel is completely blank. This may be a trade sample.

Vintage car wash, perfecting the shine

(Pen 2171, Drawer 130)

The White House, Washington D.C. (eagle and seal)

(Pen 2172, Drawer 85)

Fabuland (fire truck)

(Pen 2173, Drawer 132) The cat, in full firefighter uniform, drives the fire truck to make sure fires don’t stand a chance in Lego Fabuland

At our age, swimming is dangerous. Lifeguards don’t try as hard

(Pen 2174, Drawer 130)


(Pen 2175, Drawer 43) Mahle is a leading global manufacturer of quality components for the automotive industry. This is certainly a quality pen. I have no idea how they got this shiny widget into the pen – it must be magic!

Fabuland (trash lorry)

(Pen 2176, Drawer 132) The crow drives the trash lorry to keep everything spick and span in Lego Fabuland

Lever Industrial 030-456911

(Pen 2177, Drawer 132) I can’t find much about this company – the telephone number is an old Berlin number


(Pen 2178, Drawer 47) “Only Smarties have the answer” – Unless of course you are not from the UK, where Smarties have a completely different catchphrase or are a the name of a completely different candy (If you were from the UK, we would call them chocolates, not candy!)

The Lion King

(Pen 2179, Drawer 118) It’s the circle of life – in a pen

Lions, King of the beasts

(Pen 2180, Drawer 62)

John o’Groats

(Pen 2181, Drawer 36) Adam and Becky Chater are fellow floaty pen collectors, but only collect pens they have picked up themselves on their travels. They often send us gifts of pens, but WILL NOT accept any pens or money in return. This makes them probably the nicest people on the planet.

Caledonian MacBrayne

(Pen 2182, Drawer 122) Adam and Becky Chater are fellow floaty pen collectors, but only collect pens they have picked up themselves on their travels. They often send us gifts of pens, but WILL NOT accept any pens or money in return. This makes them probably the nicest people on the planet.

Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Company – rail

(Pen 2183, Drawer 99)

Dartmouth Steam Railway and Riverboat Company – boat

(Pen 2184, Drawer 99)

Lee Evans Roadrunner

(Pen 2185, Drawer 52) Lee Evans stars in one of my all time favourite films, the 1995 “Funny Bones”. I have never met anyone else who has seen it. You do not know how frustrating it is not to be able to share it with anyone. Not even Russell has watched it. Please, if anyone else has seen it, please get in touch – tell me that I am not some weirdo liking an obscure film that nobody other than the critics have seen. How nice of Lee to produce a floaty pen for his Roadrunner tour! This in part makes up for the sense of isolation I feel about that movie.

Swanage Railway

(Pen 2186, Drawer 98)


(Pen 2187, Drawer 107) This pen was a trade with the wonderful Welsh pen collector, Dorothy Bater in August 2014, shortly before our trip to Munich. A week later Russell had not yet seen this pen, as I had not had time to catalogue it before our trip. On our first full day in Munich we meet up in our hotel room after a hard day of floaty pen hunting. Imagine my embarassment when Russell was so proud to have found this pen at the BMW museum, with NO idea that we had acquired it a week before.


(Pen 2188, Drawer 117)

Cheddar Gorge

(Pen 2189, Drawer 117)

Alice’s Shop, Oxford – white rabbit

(Pen 2190, Drawer 117)

Cutty Sark

(Pen 2191, Drawer 122)

The Gurkha Museum

(Pen 2192, Drawer 82)

Caldey Island

(Pen 2193, Drawer 127)

100 Years XXVI Olympiad Atlanta 1996

(Pen 2194, Drawer 31)

Duvel Belgium Beer

(Pen 2195, Drawer 105) Another Wesco-style pen that we bought direct at the brewery in Bruges, Belgium. The tiny balls represent the froth on the beer, and the bubble is intentional in the design. There is a really nice company crest printed on the barrel

Liverbird Greetings, Liverpool

(Pen 2196, Drawer 40) This beautiful Liverpool pen was created by Hilary Caplan at (highly recommended!) The pen was actually bought for us by the amazing Jonathan Wall when he happened to be up there about a day after the pens had gone on sale!

I ‘Heart’ Israel

(Pen 2197, Drawer 123) We ‘heart’ Israel too, but this non-Eskesen pen is a little too fat! Thanks for thinking of us. We will put it with the Elvis American Diner (pen 1982) equally fabulous!

Jerusalem of Peace (star of David)

(Pen 2198, Drawer 15) Like this pen, we are all praying for a Jerusalem of Peace. I can imagine your excitement Ace when you found this on your summer hols. Thanks for being such an amazing floaty pen hunter!


(Pen 2199, Drawer 25) The European Union is a beautiful thing. So is this pen.

Airport Brussels

(Pen 2200, Drawer 6)

Brugge (boat trip)

(Pen 2201, Drawer 6)

England Rugby

(Pen 2202, Drawer 66) Sarah, you have done it again. This pen is amazing. As they say in Rugby “Above and Beyond!”

atomium – brussels

(Pen 2203, Drawer 6) When we got this pen back home we descovered that it is missing the floater. It is a blooper!


(Pen 2204, Drawer 43) Russell popped into an antique market in London on his lunch hour, and this is the result. It contains one of the the most unusual objects in all our collection. It appears to be a fishing hook with some sort of fly attached. Mustad is the best- selling hook-brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries, and an amazing promotional pen!

Munchen Stadt mit herz

(Pen 2205, Drawer 103)

Munchen / Bayern

(Pen 2206, Drawer 103)

Praha, train

(Pen 2207, Drawer 30)

Vienna World

(Pen 2208, Drawer 17)

60,000m2 Culture MuseumQuartier Wien

(Pen 2209, Drawer 17)

Wien Schloss Schonbrunn, princess

(Pen 2210, Drawer 17)

Austria, coats of arms

(Pen 2211, Drawer 17) There are nine coats of arms on the pen – Andy and Kathy – thank you so much for getting this for us.

Praha Ceska Republika

(Pen 2212, Drawer 30) Karluv most

St. Wolfgang St. Gilgen

(Pen 2213, Drawer 17)

Hungary Budapest

(Pen 2214, Drawer 70)

Austria, train

(Pen 2215, Drawer 17)

Cesky Krumlov

(Pen 2216, Drawer 30)

Cesky Krumlov, white back panel

(Pen 2217, Drawer 30) This pen looks exactly the same as pen 2216. However, the back panel is definitely white rather than yellow, and the colours in the front section are definitely less yellow. When I returned from Cesky Krumlov, Russell also queried this. The little man in the shop assured me that the yellower pen was newer than the white and they were definitely two separate editions. That is good enough for me.


(Pen 2218, Drawer 16) Russell was so happy to find this pen at BMW World in Munich. I was laid up in our hotel room with a bad cold. He hadn’t noticed that it was a weird stubby style, and definetely not an Eskesen. Despite my bad throat, and how difficult it was for me to speak, I had to break the news to him.


(Pen 2219, Drawer 86)

Mozart, Mozarthous Vienna printed on barrel

(Pen 2220, Drawer 17)


(Pen 2221, Drawer 86)

Praha, with horse and white carriage

(Pen 2222, Drawer 30)

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky

(Pen 2223, Drawer 86)

Praha, coloured letters on back

(Pen 2224, Drawer 30)

Budapest, river boat and blue back

(Pen 2225, Drawer 25)

Budapest, coach and blue back

(Pen 2226, Drawer 25)

Praha, car and bridge

(Pen 2227, Drawer 30) A digital version of pen 1187, but with very different colours not seen on the photoramic

San Antonio Texas

(Pen 2228, Drawer 136)

Dallas Texas

(Pen 2229, Drawer 136)

Texas the Lone Star State

(Pen 2230, Drawer 136)

Space Center Houston

(Pen 2231, Drawer 136)

Ridin’ the range Texas style

(Pen 2232, Drawer 136)

the house on the rock

(Pen 2233, Drawer 138) This place looks so much fun – we will definitely have to visit, next time we are passing!

Washington our nation’s capital

(Pen 2234, Drawer 115)

Kansas City

(Pen 2235, Drawer 138)


(Pen 2236, Drawer 138)


(Pen 2237, Drawer 115)

San Francisco’s Chinatown

(Pen 2238, Drawer 138)

Saint Louis (TWA plane)

(Pen 2239, Drawer 137)

Florida (surfer)

(Pen 2240, Drawer 136)

San Francisco (cab) older

(Pen 2241, Drawer 136) Like pen 1139, but older style of cab

San Francisco cable car

(Pen 2242, Drawer 136) Like pen 1150, but an older photoramic, with tons more detail

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Swim Team

(Pen 2243, Drawer 136) Like pen 140 but buildings brown rather than black

Fisherman’s Wharf

(Pen 2244, Drawer 136)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street

(Pen 2245, Drawer 136)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street (bottom row on back panel all in pink)

(Pen 2246, Drawer 136) Like pen 1149, but with much more detail

The crookedest street in the world San Francisco (photoramic)

(Pen 2247, Drawer 136)

San Francisco (sail boats)

(Pen 2248, Drawer 136)

San Jose California

(Pen 2249, Drawer 137)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

(Pen 2250, Drawer 137)

Offical California Earthquake Detector

(Pen 2251, Drawer 137)

Southern California World’s Biggest Parking Lot

(Pen 2252, Drawer 137)

Long Beach California

(Pen 2253, Drawer 137)

Santa Cruz, California

(Pen 2254, Drawer 137)

San Diego (sun bathing and sailing)

(Pen 2255, Drawer 137)

California Cruisin’

(Pen 2256, Drawer 137)

Monterey, California.

(Pen 2257, Drawer 137)

Disney-MGM Studios

(Pen 2258, Drawer 118) in January 2008 this park changed its name to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Destination Epcot

(Pen 2259, Drawer 118)

Walt Disney World

(Pen 2260, Drawer 118)

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

(Pen 2261, Drawer 75)

Indianapolis Indiana

(Pen 2262, Drawer 137)

Indianapolis Indiana (race)

(Pen 2263, Drawer 137)

Nashville, Tennessee

(Pen 2264, Drawer 137)

Memphis Tennessee

(Pen 2265, Drawer 137)

Nashville Home of the Good Ole Opry

(Pen 2266, Drawer 137)

Chicago my kind of town

(Pen 2267, Drawer 136)

John G. Shedd Aquarium Chicago-Illinois

(Pen 2268, Drawer 136)

Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

(Pen 2269, Drawer 136)

Seven Seas Panorama Brookfield Zoo

(Pen 2270, Drawer 136)

O’hare International Airport

(Pen 2271, Drawer 136)

Chicago “The windy city”

(Pen 2272, Drawer 136)

Miniature rock collection Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

(Pen 2273, Drawer 77)

Miniature rock collection Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Illinois

(Pen 2274, Drawer 77)

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

(Pen 2275, Drawer 136)

Chicago (yellow cab)

(Pen 2276, Drawer 136)

John Hancock Center Height 1456ft – Chicago Illinois

(Pen 2277, Drawer 136)

The Oceanarium at Shedd Aquarium Chicago’s ocean by the lake

(Pen 2278, Drawer 136)

Sears Tower Chicago Illinois

(Pen 2279, Drawer 136)

Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes

(Pen 2280, Drawer 136)

U.S.S. Constitution Boston

(Pen 2281, Drawer 122)

Boston (sailing)

(Pen 2282, Drawer 136)

Boston (swan boats)

(Pen 2283, Drawer 136)

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market Boston

(Pen 2284, Drawer 136)

Boston Tea Party Ship, December 16 1773

(Pen 2285, Drawer 136) Similar to pen 73, but non-metallic

Arizona, stagecoach

(Pen 2286, Drawer 136)

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan country

(Pen 2287, Drawer 136)

Queen of the Mall, Minnesota USA

(Pen 2288, Drawer 136)

Puerto Rico (parrots)

(Pen 2289, Drawer 116)

Puerto Rico (sailing)

(Pen 2290, Drawer 116)

Hawaii (canoe at sunset)

(Pen 2291, Drawer 97)

Hawaii (eight hula girls)

(Pen 2292, Drawer 97) Like pen 1310 but back definitely bluer

Aloha Hawaii (fish)

(Pen 2293, Drawer 97)

Hawaii (surfers)

(Pen 2294, Drawer 97)

Casa Loma, Toronto Canada

(Pen 2295, Drawer 9)

Canada (first nations canoe)

(Pen 2296, Drawer 7)

South Carolina

(Pen 2297, Drawer 136)

North Carolina (glitter name)

(Pen 2298, Drawer 136)

North Carolina (fishing)

(Pen 2299, Drawer 136)

North Carolina the Tar Heel state

(Pen 2300, Drawer 136)

North Carolina

(Pen 2301, Drawer 137)

Breckenridge Colorado

(Pen 2302, Drawer 137)


(Pen 2303, Drawer 137)

Pike’s Peak Colorado

(Pen 2304, Drawer 137) The little man is saying “I made it”

Garden of the Gods Colorado

(Pen 2305, Drawer 137)

Air Force Academy Colorado (marching)

(Pen 2306, Drawer 82)

I made it!, Pike’s Peak Colorado 14,110ft

(Pen 2307, Drawer 137)

Hands on Piano (1994 AIM)

(Pen 2308, Drawer 130) Aahh, the mysterious pens with no writing except the teeny weeny copyright details – you have to look very closely to see that these pens are different!

Hands on Piano (Albert Elovitz 1994)

(Pen 2309, Drawer 130) Aahh, the mysterious pens with no writing except the teeny weeny copyright details – you have to look very closely to see that these pens are different!

Ixtapa Zihuantanejo Mexico

(Pen 2310, Drawer 37)

Cruising St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

(Pen 2311, Drawer 116)

Destination space, Space shuttle launch

(Pen 2312, Drawer 130) Identical front to pen 111

Discovery of the new world, October 1492

(Pen 2313, Drawer 138)

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus discovers America, October 12 1492

(Pen 2314, Drawer 138)

Exploring the future

(Pen 2315, Drawer 130)

It’s a pig pen!!

(Pen 2316, Drawer 62) Like pen 2165, but with more complete door rme on the barn

Song Of America, Royal Caribbean

(Pen 2317, Drawer 122)

The midnight ride of Paul Revere, April 18-19 1775

(Pen 2318, Drawer 130) Like pen1053 but with yellow back and white bridge

United Nations (duff piper)

(Pen 2319, Drawer 85) Identical to pen 2124, except in this pen, the piper is playing a bagpipe with only one pipe – I suspect that it has not been cut out properly

Scotland(three pipers)

(Pen 2320, Drawer 36)

Madame Tussauds, Baker Street London

(Pen 2321, Drawer 69)

Beefeater (naked legs)

(Pen 2322, Drawer 19) This charming Beefeater drops his trousers when the pen is tipped – whatever next!

Scottish piper (with Scottish flag on barrel)

(Pen 2323, Drawer 36)

Nice Le Chateau

(Pen 2324, Drawer 125)

Baltimore, Maryland

(Pen 2325, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2326, Drawer 70)

Las vegas (roulette table)

(Pen 2327, Drawer 135)

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History

(Pen 2328, Drawer 135)

Spokane Washington

(Pen 2329, Drawer 135)

National Aquarium in Baltimore

(Pen 2330, Drawer 135)

North American Buffalo

(Pen 2331, Drawer 135)

Atlanta, plane at sunset

(Pen 2332, Drawer 135)

Six flags Great America Shockwave

(Pen 2333, Drawer 135)

New Mexico Land of enchantment

(Pen 2334, Drawer 135)

Eagle River, Wisconsin

(Pen 2335, Drawer 135)

Williamsburg, VA Virginia’s colonial capitol

(Pen 2336, Drawer 135)

Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympic Games

(Pen 2337, Drawer 135)

Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

(Pen 2338, Drawer 135)

Wisconsin (mouse and cheese)

(Pen 2339, Drawer 135)

Arkansas is… Hog Heaven

(Pen 2340, Drawer 135) Like pen 1092, but with very different fencing

Lake Geneva Wisconsin

(Pen 2341, Drawer 135)

Atlanta 1996, soccer

(Pen 2342, Drawer 135)

Denver “the mile high city”

(Pen 2343, Drawer 135)

Land of Lincoln, Springfield Illiois

(Pen 2344, Drawer 85)


(Pen 2345, Drawer 135)

Busch Gardens, Drachen, Fire

(Pen 2346, Drawer 135)

Myrtle Beach, SC

(Pen 2347, Drawer 135)

Las Vegas (Showgirls)

(Pen 2348, Drawer 135)

Ridin’ the range Oklahoma style

(Pen 2349, Drawer 135)

The Bubble Room, Captiva Island

(Pen 2350, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2351, Drawer 135)

Annapolis, MD

(Pen 2352, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2353, Drawer 135)

Shamu Sea World

(Pen 2354, Drawer 135)

Go Bucks! Ohio State University

(Pen 2355, Drawer 66)

New Orleans

(Pen 2356, Drawer 135)

Hi Y’all from Georgia

(Pen 2357, Drawer 135)

Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington. Mount Vernon Verginia

(Pen 2358, Drawer 135)

The Big Apple

(Pen 2359, Drawer 135)

Statue of Liberty Liberty Island, N.Y

(Pen 2360, Drawer 135)

Empire State Building New York City (gorilla with both arms up)

(Pen 2361, Drawer 135)

The Village Express

(Pen 2362, Drawer 112) On time delivery since 1976

Old Navy Clothing Company

(Pen 2363, Drawer 112)

Packer Hall of Fame

(Pen 2364, Drawer 66)

Member of the football All Star Club

(Pen 2365, Drawer 66)

Member of the basketball All Star Club

(Pen 2366, Drawer 66)

B-24 Bomber

(Pen 2367, Drawer 82)

F-104 Starfighter

(Pen 2368, Drawer 82)

B-1B Bomber

(Pen 2369, Drawer 82)


(Pen 2370, Drawer 130)

Cows are… Udderly delightful

(Pen 2371, Drawer 62)

Whales Giants of the Deep

(Pen 2372, Drawer 62)


(Pen 2373, Drawer 62)

Bats, The only true flying mammals

(Pen 2374, Drawer 62)

Vitznau Rigi

(Pen 2375, Drawer 133) Thanks Daniela!

The Royal Yacht Britannia

(Pen 2376, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2377, Drawer 103) Looks like a great place to unwind


(Pen 2378, Drawer 103) A German island with a really interesting history – really interesting – go on, Google it now! This little ditty explains its flag: “Green is the land, Red is the cliff, White is the sand,These are the colours of Helgoland!”


(Pen 2379, Drawer 103) Russell and I dropped in on Passau when we were on a River cruise in 2014 – we traded this pen a few weeks later with Ingolf Hoffman

Royal Dutch Airlines

(Pen 2380, Drawer 132)

Well-Fair (bus)

(Pen 2381, Drawer 132)

MS Baltica

(Pen 2382, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2383, Drawer 132)

AA Driving School

(Pen 2384, Drawer 132)

Pisa Italia

(Pen 2385, Drawer 26)

Otto’s Ottifanten

(Pen 2386, Drawer 52) A very cute German character


(Pen 2387, Drawer 39)


(Pen 2388, Drawer 103) 100km southeast of Berlin – not the pen, that is in our house – Spreewald is a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve

Bergwerk “Glukauf” Sondershausen

(Pen 2389, Drawer 132) The Good Luck potash plant

Kurs Kiel

(Pen 2390, Drawer 103) The only reference to this pen that I can find is on Miranda’s database – translating from Dutch to English, it would appear that this is a German pen, with smoked salmon swimming in it!

Well-Fair (bed)

(Pen 2391, Drawer 132)

Coca-Cola Schutzmarke . Koffeinhaltig

(Pen 2392, Drawer 90)

MTV Load

(Pen 2393, Drawer 132) Fertislised with Motorola

Tag der Sachsen 1999 in Riesa

(Pen 2394, Drawer 103) An annual celebration of the Free State of Saxony


(Pen 2395, Drawer 123)

Viamala Schlucht

(Pen 2396, Drawer 133) Thanks Daniela!

(Pen 2397, Drawer 90) Tasmanian devils in a pen! A lovely gift, thank you!

SIMS 2014

(Pen 2398, Drawer 131) A pen that has both Susan and Russell’s face on – what’s not to love? Mahfoud, you are extraordinary, and we love you. One day perhaps we will get to meet Debbie Carriere in Canada, and Nobuko Ochiai in Japan – our heads all share a pen – it feels like we know you!

Post Office Tower

(Pen 2399, Drawer 20) An historic pen of the Post Office Tower, London, before it became the Telecom Tower, before it became the BT Tower. And it comes in an amazing presentation box, just like pen 1714 – Katy, you are amazing!

National Geographic – Vision of Division

(Pen 2400, Drawer 120) Commissioned by Assaf Shaham, an Israeli artist, for National Geographic

Celeste and Max

(Pen 2401, Drawer 64) Celeste and Max float from Seattle to Los Angeles

Remax, Margie Bryant

(Pen 2402, Drawer 147) Margie floats over towards house to post SOLD sign.

Burlesque Hall of Fame, Lili St. Cyr

(Pen 2403, Drawer 52) Lili St. Cyr, dress falls, revealing lingerie (Lili was a high class American burlesque artist from the 1940s to the 1970s)

Rebecca Handler Photography

(Pen 2404, Drawer 132) A wonderful retro-coloured orange – a beach ball floats between these near naked sun worshippers

MainJoy Unlimited, Inc.

(Pen 2405, Drawer 147) A rooster chases a hen out of the barn

Visual Apparel

(Pen 2406, Drawer 132) An advertising pen in the tradition of the old ‘Tip ‘n’ Strip’

USS Constitution Boston

(Pen 2407, Drawer 124) We were in Boston in the Great Snow blizzard of February 2015, when most of the shops and Museums were closed. Luckily, the wonderful Sarah at Elman Wall went there a couple of months later and got us this beautiful pen.

Deauville (cinema)

(Pen 2408, Drawer 125) A fabulous trio from Debbie Potts, Merci infiniment!

Deauville (horse racing)

(Pen 2409, Drawer 125) A fabulous trio from Debbie Potts, Merci infiniment!

Deauville (beach)

(Pen 2410, Drawer 125) A fabulous trio from Debbie Potts, Merci infiniment!

English Heritage, Step into England’s story

(Pen 2411, Drawer 19) One of the advantages of living and working in London, is that we re able to pop in regularly to the same museum shops in the hope that they will have a new floaty pen design for sale. These two pens were picked up in one lunch hour, so the perseverance does pay off.

Westminster Abbey (Graphical)

(Pen 2412, Drawer 19) One of the advantages of living and working in London, is that we re able to pop in regularly to the same museum shops in the hope that they will have a new floaty pen design for sale. These two pens were picked up in one lunch hour, so the perseverance does pay off.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (with big piece of red jasper)

(Pen 2413, Drawer 77) Aahh, pens 2412 to 2416 – the subject of much heated debate! Russell ruled that these pens are all the same design, do we were only allowed to buy one. I argued that they are all different, and we should buy them all! We reached a compromise in choosing four, each with a prominent distinctive stone. Russell wasn’t entirely happy, but the staff in the gift shop were starting to stare, and he wanted to shut me up. The truth is that having just visited the amazing Gems gallery, I wanted to bring as many gems home as possible!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (with large chunk of pyrite)

(Pen 2414, Drawer 77) Aahh, pens 2412 to 2416 – the subject of much heated debate! Russell ruled that these pens are all the same design, do we were only allowed to buy one. I argued that they are all different, and we should buy them all! We reached a compromise in choosing four, each with a prominent distinctive stone. Russell wasn’t entirely happy, but the staff in the gift shop were starting to stare, and he wanted to shut me up. The truth is that having just visited the amazing Gems gallery, I wanted to bring as many gems home as possible!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (with chunk of zebra jasper)

(Pen 2415, Drawer 77) Aahh, pens 2412 to 2416 – the subject of much heated debate! Russell ruled that these pens are all the same design, do we were only allowed to buy one. I argued that they are all different, and we should buy them all! We reached a compromise in choosing four, each with a prominent distinctive stone. Russell wasn’t entirely happy, but the staff in the gift shop were starting to stare, and he wanted to shut me up. The truth is that having just visited the amazing Gems gallery, I wanted to bring as many gems home as possible!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (with big piece of turquoise)

(Pen 2416, Drawer 77) Aahh, pens 2412 to 2416 – the subject of much heated debate! Russell ruled that these pens are all the same design, do we were only allowed to buy one. I argued that they are all different, and we should buy them all! We reached a compromise in choosing four, each with a prominent distinctive stone. Russell wasn’t entirely happy, but the staff in the gift shop were starting to stare, and he wanted to shut me up. The truth is that having just visited the amazing Gems gallery, I wanted to bring as many gems home as possible!

Ted Baker red bus

(Pen 2417, Drawer 19) The ubiquitous red bus floats past the ubiquitous red phone box, but this time, there is a lovely green and tranquil scene behind with London’s iconic skyline shown in silhouette in the distance.

Old North Church, Boston MA

(Pen 2418, Drawer 124) Built 1723. The pen depicts the two lanterns being lit in the steeple on April 18 1775, touching off the war for independence.

Boston, Massachusetts, T Underground

(Pen 2419, Drawer 124) Other than the Tea Party visitors attractions in Boston, the other important T is the underground, which we found to be just about the only transport working in the great snowfall of February 2015 when we were there!

Boston Terrier

(Pen 2420, Drawer 62) Aww, we got this pen in Boston, how cute!

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

(Pen 2421, Drawer 2) The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center was a lot of fun, and even the queuing was entertaining. What’s more, the elevators had special effects projected on the ceilings when we were ascending and descending. We also went up the Empire State Building, but it was quite tedious and we felt like we were herded around like cattle. Also from the Rockefeller, you get a really good view of the Empire State Building, which is the more photogenic building, and cannot be seen when standing atop itself!

Statue of Liberty

(Pen 2422, Drawer 2) A classic star spangled floaty pen

Princess New York

(Pen 2423, Drawer 2) Pens 2423 and 2424 are proof that you have to search high and low in EVERY souvenir shop. When you think you have been in every shop in New York (there are hundreds), there is always one more, and when you think you have searched the shop, look high and low for any old forgotten stock. In our last shop, on our last night in New York, we finally found these two fabulous pens – the pink one is a bit of a mystery – both pens were alone and dirty, without prices, and totally flummoxed the shop assistant, who practically gave them to us! Now they are rescued and back home with us, living with their own kind!

New York the Big Apple

(Pen 2424, Drawer 2) Pens 2423 and 2424 are proof that you have to search high and low in EVERY souvenir shop. When you think you have been in every shop in New York (there are hundreds), there is always one more, and when you think you have searched the shop, look high and low for any old forgotten stock. In our last shop, on our last night in New York, we finally found these two fabulous pens – the pink one is a bit of a mystery – both pens were alone and dirty, without prices, and totally flummoxed the shop assistant, who practically gave them to us! Now they are rescued and back home with us, living with their own kind!

Hong Kong, sailboat

(Pen 2425, Drawer 110) Debbie, you are an amazing pen scout – Do Jeh!

Hong Kong, train

(Pen 2426, Drawer 110) Debbie, you are an amazing pen scout – Do Jeh!

Washington DC (Cherry blossom)

(Pen 2427, Drawer 138) A beautiful pen, capturing the gorgeous pink cherry blossom in the springtime. Of course we were there in the big freeze of 2015, and everything was white!

The White House Washington DC

(Pen 2428, Drawer 85)

Airforce One United States of America

(Pen 2429, Drawer 85)

Washington, D.C.

(Pen 2430, Drawer 137)

Royal Naval College Greenwich

(Pen 2431, Drawer 69) The college was established in buildings designed by Sir Christopher Wren and built between 1696 and 1712. It has proven a popular setting for filming in recent years, appearing, among other instances, in Sherlock Holmes and as the setting for the final clash (on Earth) in Thor: The Dark World.

Destination space, Space shuttle

(Pen 2432, Drawer 130)

Corsica (Black silhouette)

(Pen 2433, Drawer 115)

Hong Kong, The floating restaurant of Aberdeen

(Pen 2434, Drawer 110)

Hong Kong (red river)

(Pen 2435, Drawer 110)

Hong Kong Peak Tramway

(Pen 2436, Drawer 110)

Star Ferry Hong Kong

(Pen 2437, Drawer 110)


(Pen 2438, Drawer 116)

Souvenir de La Martinique

(Pen 2439, Drawer 116)

Barbados (windsurfer)

(Pen 2440, Drawer 116)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ninja

(Pen 2441, Drawer 138) On May 30, 1996, an employee was killed while crossing the tracks in the roller coaster’s station. She slipped and fell into a shallow pit beneath the tracks and was struck by a train that was pulling into the station.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Roaring Rapids

(Pen 2442, Drawer 138)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Jet Stream

(Pen 2443, Drawer 138)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Colossus

(Pen 2444, Drawer 138) In 1978, a 20-year-old woman died after falling out of the ride.[36] The lap bar was locked in place but due to the woman’s obesity it proved to be ineffective. One of the old cars has been sent to the Sky Tower.This incident prompted Colossus to be closed for a year while the trains were switched out and other adjustments made. On September 8, 2014, a fire broke out atop Colossus’s lift hill. The ride had already been closed down for conversion into Twisted Colossus, and no injuries or deaths were reported. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Revolution

(Pen 2445, Drawer 138)

Disney’s Aladdin

(Pen 2446, Drawer 143)

The Lion King (cave)

(Pen 2447, Drawer 143)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Jessica Rabbit

(Pen 2448, Drawer 143) 1987 The Walt Disney Company and Amblin Entertainment Inc.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Baby Herman

(Pen 2449, Drawer 143) 1987 The Walt Disney Company and Amblin Entertainment Inc.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Benny the Cab

(Pen 2450, Drawer 143) 1987 The Walt Disney Company and Amblin Entertainment Inc.

Disneyland (Mickey floating on book)

(Pen 2451, Drawer 143) The same front was uesd on pen 442

Disneyland (steam boat)

(Pen 2452, Drawer 143)

EuroDisney (Car)

(Pen 2453, Drawer 143)

EuroDisney (Airship)

(Pen 2454, Drawer 143)

EuroDisney (Mickey floating on book)

(Pen 2455, Drawer 143)

EuroDisney (Steamboat)

(Pen 2456, Drawer 143)

Coca-Cola marketed by Michel Oks

(Pen 2457, Drawer 113)


(Pen 2458, Drawer 63)


(Pen 2459, Drawer 62)

Taxi, Bernard Carant/Paris

(Pen 2460, Drawer 107)

Stena Line

(Pen 2461, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2462, Drawer 122)

Arc 2000

(Pen 2463, Drawer 125)

Le Flum

(Pen 2464, Drawer 125)

San Diego Zoo (flamingos)

(Pen 2465, Drawer 137)

San Diego (plane)

(Pen 2466, Drawer 138)

San Diego Zoo (Koalas)

(Pen 2467, Drawer 139)

San Diego Zoo (Truck)

(Pen 2468, Drawer 138)

Mission San Diego

(Pen 2469, Drawer 139)

John G Shedd Aquarium The Ocean by the Lake

(Pen 2470, Drawer 139)

Chicago… My kind of town

(Pen 2471, Drawer 137)

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

(Pen 2472, Drawer 138)

Florida (seahorse on back)

(Pen 2473, Drawer 139)

Florida (plane)

(Pen 2474, Drawer 137)

Florida’s Family

(Pen 2475, Drawer 137)

World’s Highest Observation Deck, World Trade Center, New York City

(Pen 2476, Drawer 138)

San Francisco (coloured sailboats)

(Pen 2477, Drawer 138)

Japanese Tea Garden Golden Gate Park San Francisco

(Pen 2478, Drawer 137)

Flying over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

(Pen 2479, Drawer 138)

San Francisco one Neat City

(Pen 2480, Drawer 138)

I spent time on San Francisco Bay

(Pen 2481, Drawer 138)

Chinatown San Francisco

(Pen 2482, Drawer 138)

Palm Springs California (metallic gold sunset on back)

(Pen 2483, Drawer 138)

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

(Pen 2484, Drawer 138) Palm Springs – California

Los Angeles California (plane)

(Pen 2485, Drawer 137)

California (surfer)

(Pen 2486, Drawer 139)

Southern California

(Pen 2487, Drawer 139)

Las Vegas (slots)

(Pen 2488, Drawer 137)

Luxor Las Vegas (Camel)

(Pen 2489, Drawer 139)

Luxor Las Vegas (boatl)

(Pen 2490, Drawer 138)

Excalibur Hotel / Casino / Las Vegas

(Pen 2491, Drawer 138)

Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2492, Drawer 138)

Wizard of Oz Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2493, Drawer 75)

Star Trek Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2494, Drawer 139)

Bikin’ and Beachin’ California

(Pen 2495, Drawer 138)

Hollywood Bowl

(Pen 2496, Drawer 137)

Muir Woods (bird)

(Pen 2497, Drawer 139)

Muir Woods (deer)

(Pen 2498, Drawer 138)

Sharks Sea World

(Pen 2499, Drawer 138)

Sea World Mission: Bermuda Triangle

(Pen 2500, Drawer 139)

Spaceport USA (shuttle)

(Pen 2501, Drawer 139)

Spaceport USA (bus)

(Pen 2502, Drawer 137)

Trump Tower

(Pen 2503, Drawer 137)

Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA (movie stars)

(Pen 2504, Drawer 75)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Viper)

(Pen 2505, Drawer 138)


(Pen 2506, Drawer 133)

Euro Disney (Pirate ship)

(Pen 2507, Drawer 143)

Euro Disney (Tinkerbell)

(Pen 2508, Drawer 143)

Tourada Portugal

(Pen 2509, Drawer 38)

Berlin (checkpoint Charlie)

(Pen 2510, Drawer 102)


(Pen 2511, Drawer 103) St Goar, St Goarshausen, Boppard, Bacharach

St Wolfgang am Wolfgangsee

(Pen 2512, Drawer 103) Die Perle des Salzkammerguts

Trier (uneven letters on back)

(Pen 2513, Drawer 103)

Trier (straight letters on back)

(Pen 2514, Drawer 103)

Saint Malo

(Pen 2515, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2516, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2517, Drawer 125)

Le Village Gaulois

(Pen 2518, Drawer 51)

C.N.P.O Les Hyvans

(Pen 2519, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2520, Drawer 125)

La Rochelle (scene on left of back)

(Pen 2521, Drawer 125)

1789-1989 Bicentenaire

(Pen 2522, Drawer 125) Paris’ printed on barrel

Paris Ville Lumiere

(Pen 2523, Drawer 125)

Paris Sacre-Coeur

(Pen 2524, Drawer 125)

Tower Bridge London

(Pen 2525, Drawer 140) Something is not quite right about this pen – the graphical image is not in keeping with the age of the pen type – but the seal is clear, so it must be genuine

Walibi (flying carpet)

(Pen 2526, Drawer 142)


(Pen 2527, Drawer 142)

Han Sur Lesse

(Pen 2528, Drawer 142) Reserve Naturelle d’Animaux Sauvages

Grottes De Han-Sur-Lesse

(Pen 2529, Drawer 142)

Souvenir from Bruges

(Pen 2530, Drawer 142)

Souvenir Brugge

(Pen 2531, Drawer 142)

Souvenir Bruxelles-Brussels

(Pen 2532, Drawer 142)

Souvenir Oostende

(Pen 2533, Drawer 142)

Souvenir Sanremo

(Pen 2534, Drawer 26)

Souvenir Di Portofino

(Pen 2535, Drawer 26)

Souvenir Europe (flags on poles)

(Pen 2536, Drawer 141)

Mini Europe, Brussels

(Pen 2537, Drawer 141)

Souvenir Europe

(Pen 2538, Drawer 141)

Europe (12 member states listed)

(Pen 2539, Drawer 141)

Nice (petit train)

(Pen 2540, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2541, Drawer 125)

Aeroport – Nice – Cote d’Azur

(Pen 2542, Drawer 125)

Le Carnaval De Nice

(Pen 2543, Drawer 125)

Cannes (waterskiers)

(Pen 2544, Drawer 125)

Cote D’Azur (waterskiers and town names)

(Pen 2545, Drawer 125)

Cote D’Azur (windsurfers)

(Pen 2546, Drawer 125)

Holland (red and silver back)

(Pen 2547, Drawer 121)

Holland (clog boat)

(Pen 2548, Drawer 121)

Buckingham Palace, London, England

(Pen 2549, Drawer 140) Very similar to pen 738, but clearly has only two trees – and it is not that the third is out of site, it was only ever a bi-tree pen as opposed to a tri-ree pen!

Hong Kong (boat)

(Pen 2550, Drawer 110) Another one that is similar to a pen we already have. I suspect this is an earlier version of pen 1492. There is no sign of the white section on the backpanel, and also the background is red, merging to yellow, whereas in pen 1492 it is solid red

John G Shedd Aquarium

(Pen 2551, Drawer 136) On the face of it, this pen looks identical to pen 2268, but under the magnifying glass this shows many subtle differences that can;t be explained by just fading. We are convinced it is an earlier print to the one we have, but are open to other ideas

Donald Duck

(Pen 2552, Drawer 143)

Ostend (newer)

(Pen 2553, Drawer 142) Like pen 2064, but a more modern reprint

Airport Brussels (older)

(Pen 2554, Drawer 142) Like pen2200 but with smaller tail fin

1906 2006

(Pen 2555, Drawer 111)

Pennenverzamelaars Vereniging Nederland 1993-2008

(Pen 2556, Drawer 131)

ACC akut 600mg Z

(Pen 2557, Drawer 111)

Votum plus

(Pen 2558, Drawer 111)

The Mercedes Benz Viano

(Pen 2559, Drawer 107) “The best place for heroes”

Die Seenotretter

(Pen 2560, Drawer 130)

(Pen 2561, Drawer 132)

The Huntington

(Pen 2562, Drawer 138) Library Art Collections Botanical Gardens San Marino California

bodytravel: Reise in den Körper

(Pen 2563, Drawer 130)

(Pen 2564, Drawer 103) Call them on 03987-20840

Townsend Thoresen Car Ferries

(Pen 2565, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2566, Drawer 113)

Notre-Dame de Beauraing

(Pen 2567, Drawer 142)

Sumo (Floaty industries)

(Pen 2568, Drawer 66)

Laboratoire Dermatologique Bioderma

(Pen 2569, Drawer 111) Nice printing directly onto clip – Sebium AKN

Xelevia Velmetia

(Pen 2570, Drawer 111)

Mysterious Saudi pen (I can’t read the font)

(Pen 2571, Drawer 107)

Jacob’s Sheep

(Pen 2572, Drawer 62)

Springtime Dairy Products

(Pen 2573, Drawer 113)

Pepsi (in Arabic)

(Pen 2574, Drawer 113)

Arabic Sesame Street?

(Pen 2575, Drawer 75)

Trental (Japanese)

(Pen 2576, Drawer 111)

J'(heart) Le Champagne!

(Pen 2577, Drawer 113)

SNO Phenicol eye drops

(Pen 2578, Drawer 111)

Posco Atoms Football Team

(Pen 2579, Drawer 92)

Las Vegas (aliens)

(Pen 2580, Drawer 138)

Hong Kong (big fat letters on back)

(Pen 2581, Drawer 110)

Hollywood (De Lorean)

(Pen 2582, Drawer 138)


(Pen 2583, Drawer 51)

Universal Studios (Jaws)

(Pen 2584, Drawer 75)

Smithsonian Institution USS Enterprise National Air and Space Museum

(Pen 2585, Drawer 137)


(Pen 2586, Drawer 121)

Algo gyógyszercsalád vadonatúj klasszikusok sanofi aventis

(Pen 2587, Drawer 111)

Museum of Contemporary Arts – Retrofuterism

(Pen 2588, Drawer 137)

National Gallery Eckerberg

(Pen 2589, Drawer 120)

Well-Fair Relax

(Pen 2590, Drawer 111)


(Pen 2591, Drawer 136) This appears to be the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood

(Pen 2592, Drawer 132)

Fogg Art Museum Harvard University Art Museums

(Pen 2593, Drawer 120) Ingres, Raphael and the fournarina 1812

John F Kennedy

(Pen 2594, Drawer 85)

Toyota (sewing machinery)

(Pen 2595, Drawer 132)

P-47 Thunderbolt

(Pen 2596, Drawer 82)

Underground Art Tour, New York Subway

(Pen 2597, Drawer 120)

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

(Pen 2598, Drawer 138) Palm Beach Florida

Way Out!

(Pen 2599, Drawer 130)

Van Leeuwen Buizen

(Pen 2600, Drawer 132)

Fiat 500

(Pen 2601, Drawer 90) Hmmm, this isn’t really a floaty pen is it? We know, but as Fiat 500 fans this is kind of a cross over of our hobbies. We love it and we say that it stays!


(Pen 2602, Drawer 90)

Alice’s adventures Underground (falling through the rabbit hole)

(Pen 2603, Drawer 140) As a floaty pen collector, we travel far and wide and search high and low in search of floaty pens and often return empty handed. Also, friends and family tell us they search for us, but don’t see them so much these days. This pen is the exception to the rule. Our dear aunt, Kathy, had travelled 4,100 from Vancouver to visit London, and was having a day out at Bletchley park, when she saw this pen lying in the mud – what are the chances of that happening? If you genuinely lost this pen, please contact us and we will return it.

Alice’s adventures Underground (I’m late)

(Pen 2604, Drawer 140)

I ‘heart’ Venice (Italian flag heart)

(Pen 2605, Drawer 26) We returned to Venice in August 2015 – where we had bought our first floaty pen 23 years earlier – Venice is still as beautiful and romantic as ever, there is nowhere quite like it.

I ‘heart’ Venice

(Pen 2606, Drawer 26) We returned to Venice in August 2015 – where we had bought our first floaty pen 23 years earlier – Venice is still as beautiful and romantic as ever, there is nowhere quite like it.

Arriveer Senioren Reizen

(Pen 2607, Drawer 132)

Artis Zoo Amsterdam

(Pen 2608, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2609, Drawer 125) All together now: “Sur le Pont d’Avignon, L’on y danse, l’on y danse, Sur le Pont d’Avignon, L’on y danse tous en rond”

Collector pen: Barbara Ankone to Miranda Wittebol

(Pen 2610, Drawer 131)

Berchtesgaden – Konigssee

(Pen 2611, Drawer 145)

Bonnet Rouge force sante

(Pen 2612, Drawer 113)


(Pen 2613, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2614, Drawer 125)

Cannes (clapperboard)

(Pen 2615, Drawer 125)

CHV mengvoeders

(Pen 2616, Drawer 146) De Coöperatieve Handels Vereniging (CHV) ‘compound’

Highclare Castle

(Pen 2617, Drawer 117) The real “Downton Abbey”

Disneyland Paris (Minnie with flowers)

(Pen 2618, Drawer 143)

Disneyland Paris (canoe)

(Pen 2619, Drawer 143)

Dolfinarium Harderwijk

(Pen 2620, Drawer 146)

Dresdner Schwebebahn DVB

(Pen 2621, Drawer 145)

Einmal im leben durch wuppertal schweben

(Pen 2622, Drawer 145) The suspension monorail with its swift train service is not only a landmark and historical monument but has been Wuppertal’s indispensable means of transport since its inauguration in 1901. 85,000 passengers use it daily to travel through the city without the problems of junctions or traffic jams. How cool is this?

Enjoy your travel with sealink

(Pen 2623, Drawer 122)


(Pen 2624, Drawer 147) To treat high blood pressure

FFF, Fast Flying Ferries

(Pen 2625, Drawer 122)

Flevohof, Biddinghuizen, Oosterlijk Flevoland

(Pen 2626, Drawer 146) Now called Walibi Holand (see pens 1671 and 2526 for other Walibi pens)

ING (transparent pen with transport)

(Pen 2627, Drawer 107)

Disney (Goofy and cars)

(Pen 2628, Drawer 143)

North Yorkshire Moors Railway, engine on right

(Pen 2629, Drawer 98) Missing its top, but still full of steam

Atchoum, Walt Disney Productions

(Pen 2630, Drawer 43)


(Pen 2631, Drawer 146)

Souvenir of London Airport

(Pen 2632, Drawer 20)

Girl Scoutings…like a ray of sunshine!

(Pen 2633, Drawer 130)

Granatium Radentheim

(Pen 2634, Drawer 76) Lots of lovely garnets


(Pen 2635, Drawer 146)

Heidelberg (writing only, no images, on back)

(Pen 2636, Drawer 145)

Help is on the way, San Bernardino Associated Governments

(Pen 2637, Drawer 130)


(Pen 2638, Drawer 17) Together with the Hinterglemm (pen 2640) this is an interesting pair of pens. They are identical, except for the writing on the back panel is applied to the exterior, as some sort of decal

Het Nederlands Spoorwegmuseum

(Pen 2639, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2640, Drawer 17) Together with the Hermagor (pen 2638) this is an interesting pair of pens. They are identical, except for the writing on the back panel is applied to the exterior, as some sort of decal

I ‘heart’ Lanzarote

(Pen 2641, Drawer 38)


(Pen 2642, Drawer 122) A big thanks to Citycruises for this pen – we love it!

Jewish Prague

(Pen 2643, Drawer 30) The Golem lives again -in a floaty pen!

Karlstejn, Ceska Republika-Czech Republic

(Pen 2644, Drawer 30)


(Pen 2645, Drawer 146)

Konigsschlosser, Neuwanstein, Hohenschwangau

(Pen 2646, Drawer 145)

Le Larzac

(Pen 2647, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2648, Drawer 145)

Luchtvaartmuseum Aviodome-Schiphol

(Pen 2649, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2650, Drawer 125) Nice scenes of Lyon with some exhibits from the World Museum of Puppets floating in the foreground

Madurodam (yellow train from left)

(Pen 2651, Drawer 146)

Martinitoren Groningen

(Pen 2652, Drawer 146)

Museum Hartenstein, oosterbeek, Airborne

(Pen 2653, Drawer 146)

Museum het schip, Amsterdam

(Pen 2654, Drawer 146) A huge building or fort appears to float across this pen

Museum Stoomtram Hoorn – Medemblik

(Pen 2655, Drawer 146)

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum Arnhem

(Pen 2656, Drawer 146)

Nurnberg – Germany

(Pen 2657, Drawer 145)

Praha (with tram)

(Pen 2658, Drawer 30)

Que la Montagne est belle

(Pen 2659, Drawer 125) The pen, of a song composed about a mountain in the Ardeche

Rederij Kamstra – Eemshaven

(Pen 2660, Drawer 146) Google Translate: Shipping company Kamstra , organized from 1975 – July 1, 1999 tax-free purchasing canals called ” butter-buying cruises ” called from Emden , Delfzijl and Eemshaven.

Regalskeppet Vasa 1628, The Swedisch Warschip VASA 1628

(Pen 2661, Drawer 122)

Rothenburg o.d.T.

(Pen 2662, Drawer 145)

Scheveningen Pier

(Pen 2663, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2664, Drawer 70) A bit of a mystery pen. The clip says ‘Hong Kong’ and the tip is slightly elongated, however, in all other respects, it would appear to be an Eskesen (age, clear stopper, speed of float)

Serviceruf Wir bewegen Dresden DVB

(Pen 2665, Drawer 145)

Slot Loevestein, Brakel

(Pen 2666, Drawer 146)

Souvenir Avanti

(Pen 2667, Drawer 130) According to Google, Avanti can be any number of things, none of which look like the scene on this pen – It is definitely not a car, a London greasy spoon café, an Australian resort or an ancient Indian city etc. etc. Any help will be much appreciated, and then we can move this to its proper category

Souvenir Maastricht

(Pen 2668, Drawer 146)

Speelland Beekse Bergen

(Pen 2669, Drawer 146)

Stichting Vrienden safaripark Beekse Bergen

(Pen 2670, Drawer 129)


(Pen 2671, Drawer 125)


(Pen 2672, Drawer 146)

Thomas & Friends

(Pen 2673, Drawer 75)

Titisee Feldberg Schwarzwald

(Pen 2674, Drawer 145)

(Pen 2675, Drawer 146) The Dutch low cost airline

Uitrijden Boogviaduct A15 Hardinxveld-Giessendam 2003

(Pen 2676, Drawer 146) The motorway was closed for one hour and the old bridge was removed – and they made a pen – I love it! Google translate: The A15 motorway between Papendrecht and Gorinchem intersection was closed Friday for one hour in both directions. Until early Saturday morning were removed two overpasses at Hardinxveld-Giessendam. That did Rijkswaterstaat because crossovers led by an optical illusion to a lot of congestion and accidents. Many truck driver thought a vehoging that she could not get under it and were therefore often an emergency stop. The new viaducts on the A15 are half a meter higher.


(Pen 2677, Drawer 146)

Utrecht Dom

(Pen 2678, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2679, Drawer 146)

Valkenburg (man on horse)

(Pen 2680, Drawer 146)

Verkehrsverein Pforzheim

(Pen 2681, Drawer 145)

Viaduc de Millau

(Pen 2682, Drawer 125) Designed by the French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux and British architect Norman Foster, it is the tallest bridge in the world with one mast’s summit at 343.0 metres (1,125 ft) above the base of the structure

Winterparadies Zell am See Austria

(Pen 2683, Drawer 17)

Your Quality Carries to Romania, Tarom

(Pen 2684, Drawer 88)

Zonder God Buitenspel

(Pen 2685, Drawer 92)

Hairy Bikers

(Pen 2686, Drawer 75)

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas

(Pen 2687, Drawer 139)

Gettysburg National Military Park

(Pen 2688, Drawer 82)

LBJ Presidential Library

(Pen 2689, Drawer 85)

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

(Pen 2690, Drawer 48) Grown, not made

(Pen 2691, Drawer 134)


(Pen 2692, Drawer 116) Antigua

Natural Bridge Zoo

(Pen 2693, Drawer 139)

Dinosaurs in their time

(Pen 2694, Drawer 139) Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Astoria Column, Astoria Oregon

(Pen 2695, Drawer 139) “I made it to the top”

Penguin Point National Aviary

(Pen 2696, Drawer 139)

Lost River Cave Kentucky

(Pen 2697, Drawer 139)

Exforge, (amlodipine and valsartan) Tablets

(Pen 2698, Drawer 111) This product contains 2 medications: amlodipine and valsartan. They both work by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker and valsartan is an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB).

Amnesty International Österreich

(Pen 2699, Drawer 130)

Happy Birthday

(Pen 2700, Drawer 130)

Puccini La Boheme

(Pen 2701, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Rudolfo slides across the floor of his garret, right past the lost key, and grasps Mimi’s cold little hand. Exquisite details: Marcello’s work-in-progress on an easle, a few pages of Rudolfo’s play have escaped the stove.

Mozart The Magic Flute

(Pen 2702, Drawer 144) Tilt the pen and…the Queen of the Night makes an entrance, holds forth, and exits into a starry sky. Non-float side: Papageno the Birdcatcher.

Mozart Don Giovanni

(Pen 2703, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Don Giovanni’s servant Leporello proudly reels off an absurdly long list of his master’s sexual conquests. Dona Elvira realizes she’s been betrayed as the list grows longer and longer.

Puccini Madama Butterfly

(Pen 2704, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Glitter swirls around Cio-cio-san, Suzuki and Sorrow as they decorate the house with flower blossoms in joyful anticipation of Pinkerton’s return to Nagasaki.


(Pen 2705, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and… Old Doctor Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles. The tip ‘n strip construction allows the contract to be signed before your eyes. (Beautiful wrap-around image is impossible to scan)

Tosca’s Rome

(Pen 2706, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Tosca plunges to her death from the top of Castello Sant angelo in Rome . Reverse side features Tosca’s Rome : the three real locations in Rome where the opera takes place: Santa Andrea della Valle, Palazzo Farnese, and the Castello Sant angelo (aka the Tomb of Hadrian).

Giuseppe Verdi La Traviata

(Pen 2707, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Heartbroken Alfredo hurls his gambling winnings at poor doomed Violetta. In the background stunned party-goers and dancers gasp at his gesture.

Richard Strauss Salome

(Pen 2708, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…the spoiled teen stalker Princess Salome takes it (almost) all off as she prances over the remains of (deceased) Jochanaan aka John the Baptist in a classic tip ‘n strip pen. Warning: Biblical themed-pen is definitely R-rated. (Beautiful wrap-around image is impossible to scan)

Richard Wagner Die Walkure

(Pen 2709, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Brunnhilde comes in for a landing on a craggy rock!

M.S. Prinses Juliana

(Pen 2710, Drawer 122) We think named after the late Juliana Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


(Pen 2711, Drawer 107) All are welcome, regardless of profession, nationality, sexuality and age when Daily room’s house rules are observed. Here you can enjoy yourself to the big gold medal when enjoying the host-house beer. We have a large selection of beer and some snacks. Food you are welcome to bring your own. You will see trains running, togeffekter and nice guests of all ages

Mitsubishi Electric Imaging Products

(Pen 2712, Drawer 134) (Brown van)

(Pen 2713, Drawer 107) New York-London-Paris-Munich, Everybody talk about M Pop Muzik, Pop Muzik – If you can remember the 80’s you weren’t there! This lovely pen shows UPS will take your stuff around the world.

Aktren Spezial

(Pen 2714, Drawer 111)

Kloster Chorin

(Pen 2715, Drawer 145)

Tenerife, El Teide, 3716 M.alt

(Pen 2716, Drawer 38)

HEXAGON Stau ade… mit dem neuen Piaggio

(Pen 2717, Drawer 107)

Disneyland Resort Paris (Tinkerbell)

(Pen 2718, Drawer 143)

Holland Kaascentrum, Ook bij u op de markt! 30 jaar!

(Pen 2719, Drawer 47) Mmmm cheese!

Kruse Domal

(Pen 2720, Drawer 107)

From Guernsey “The Sunshine Isle”

(Pen 2721, Drawer 99)

Coloured blobs, Tiger

(Pen 2722, Drawer 148)

I heart Israel

(Pen 2723, Drawer 123) A lovely gift from Harris and Michelle Rosenberg. Thanks for thinking of us

Palace Princess Historic Royal Palaces

(Pen 2724, Drawer 148)

Loch ness glittter pen

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Strasburg Rail Road

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Strasburg. PA. A great gift from Gill Crawshaw, floaty pen and cocktail stick collector!

Van Dyke, Rijks Museum Amsterdam, with black rear panel

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Palace Princess

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Ian Palmer strikes again – what a star!

Sir Nick the Knight

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Ian Palmer strikes again – what a star!

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) This stairlift works perfectly in the floaty pen

London Underground

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Not Danish, but a great pen nonetheless. Great scene of Oxford Circus (It’s not really like that) and a bit bubbly (it’s not really like that!)

The most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge, SE1

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) One of the best pens of 2016!

Pacman Namco Bandai, Paladone Products Ltd

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) A big thanks to Esther!

German collector pen 2016

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Biggy, Holger, Ongolf, Regina, Steffi and Thomas. A man climbs a step ladder to reach his floaty pens!

Zippo, The name in flame

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Ben & Jerry’s

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Mmmm, a cow, and ice cream!


(Pen ?, Drawer ?) It’s snowing in this floaty pen – That reminds me, we must go skiing!

Gaviscon Advance

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) A beautifuly designed pen – the medicine just flows down to where its needed.

Andrea Berg

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Fish, Turtle and starfish float gracefuly in this pen – georgeous!

Lotto, Nierdersachsen

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) The winning numbers 1, 27, 31, 34, 11, 32 – if you win the jackpot, please share!

Chicago Illinois O’hare Airport (sunset)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Buffallo New York (green back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

New York City

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Silverton Colorado

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Rockerfeller Center

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Jefferson Memorial Washington DC

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Florida Beach Club

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Melbourne Australia

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Bermuda Aquarium museum and zoo

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Australia (Kangaroo and Joey)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Venezia (st Marks Sq on back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Venezia (Rialto Bridge on back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Australia (Koala and baby)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Singapore Changi Airport

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Chinese gardens Singapore

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Lourdes Ville Sainte

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Lulworth Cove Dorset

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?) © L De Brunhoff 1988, Pour Bernard Carant


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Montana de Feugo Lanzarote

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Brittany Ferries (cartoon style)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Hamburg (new)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Baile andaluz Espana (older)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Hilsen Fra Norge

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Church Mary a Hollow white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool church saints name cave red

Have a Beaulieu-full day

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Cassis les Calanques

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

The Cable Car Gibraltar

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Boulogne sur mer nausicaa

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

SS Uganda

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Sealink British Ferries

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Principaute de Monaco (old style shield)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Kent and East Sussex Railway

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Paris France

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Lourdes La Ville Sainte

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

ParisTour Eiffell Arc de Triomphe

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

“Lands End” Cornwall

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Le Tunnel sous la Manche

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Barcelona monumento a colon y puerta de la paz

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Key West Conch Tour Train (with building)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Paris (like 578 but in black)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Boulogne sur mer

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Souvenir de boulogne sur mer

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Souvenir Bruxelles-Brussells

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Vedettes Paris (modern font)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Gorgeous mountain doggy on the back

Worcester Cathederal

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Tower bridge (one line)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Scotland (6 pipers with black on yellow flag on back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Hamburg (newer)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Algarve (carro tipico)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Plaza de Toros Espana(different back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Ciao Italia

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Citte del Vaticano (with Pope)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Greetings from Holland (conceal/reveal)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Bermuda (town)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Brittany Ferries (truckline)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Katoomba scenic railway

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Katoomba scenic railway (no foreground)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Singapore Haw Par Villa

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Singapore Merlion Park (newer)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Singapore Waterfront

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Chicken Boy

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Too tall to live, to weird to die!

Liquid Gaviscon (wording on barrel only)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Member of the baseball All Star club

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Atlanta (silhouette back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Sears Tower 1454ft Chicago, Illinois (newer font)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

New Orleans (paddle steamer)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

New Orleans (town)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Pittsburgh (airplane)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Buffalo New York (snow scene)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)


(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Florida (bi-plane)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Florida (alligator)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Florida (oranges)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Walt Disney World – mickey/flood (black and white back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Museum of the moving image

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

The White House (many soldiers)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street, older

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Statue of Liberty (vertical statue on back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

I love New York (folksy back)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

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