All the pens – 2021

All our pens together in one place – in numerical order. This is of no use to anyone except Russell or I. It will take a long long time to load – enjoy it if you want to, but please understand that it is really just a quick visual reference for us when we are out and about.

Strasburg Rail Road pa.

(Pen 2727, Drawer 139) Strasburg. PA. A great gift from Gill Crawshaw, floaty pen and cocktail stick collector!

Van Dyke, Rijks Museum Amsterdam, with black rear panel

(Pen 2728, Drawer 60)

Palace Princess

(Pen 2729, Drawer 140) Ian Palmer strikes again – what a star!

Sir Nick the Knight

(Pen 2730, Drawer 140) Ian Palmer strikes again – what a star!

(Pen 2731, Drawer 147) This stairlift works perfectly in the floaty pen

German collector pen 2016

(Pen 2735, Drawer 131) Biggy, Holger, Ongolf, Regina, Steffi and Thomas. A man climbs a step ladder to reach his floaty pens!

Zippo, The name in flame

(Pen 2736, Drawer 147)

Ben & Jerry’s

(Pen 2737, Drawer 47) Mmmm, a cow, and ice cream!


(Pen 2738, Drawer 147) It’s snowing in this floaty pen – That reminds me, we must go skiing!

Gaviscon Advance

(Pen 2739, Drawer 111) A beautifuly designed pen – the medicine just flows down to where its needed.

Andrea Berg

(Pen 2740, Drawer 86) Fish, Turtle and starfish float gracefuly in this pen – georgeous!

Chicago Illinois O’hare Airport (sunset)

(Pen 2742, Drawer 139)

Buffallo New York (green back)

(Pen 2743, Drawer 139)

Silverton Colorado

(Pen 2745, Drawer 33)

Melbourne Australia

(Pen 2749, Drawer 5)

Australia (Kangaroo and Joey)

(Pen 2751, Drawer 5)

Venezia (st Marks Sq on back)

(Pen 2752, Drawer 152)

Venezia (Rialto Bridge on back)

(Pen 2753, Drawer 152)

Singapore Changi Airport

(Pen 2755, Drawer 27)

Chinese gardens Singapore

(Pen 2756, Drawer 27)

Lourdes Ville Sainte

(Pen 2757, Drawer 151)

Lulworth Cove Dorset

(Pen 2758, Drawer 117)


(Pen 2759, Drawer 75) © L De Brunhoff 1988, Pour Bernard Carant


(Pen 2760, Drawer 151)

Brittany Ferries (cartoon style)

(Pen 2762, Drawer 122)

Hamburg (new)

(Pen 2763, Drawer 102)

Hilsen Fra Norge

(Pen 2765, Drawer 129)


(Pen 2766, Drawer 151)


(Pen 2767, Drawer 127) Church Mary a Hollow white hazel near to the rapid whirlpool church saints name cave red

Have a Beaulieu-full day

(Pen 2768, Drawer 117)

Cassis les Calanques

(Pen 2769, Drawer 151)

The Cable Car Gibraltar

(Pen 2770, Drawer 80)

Boulogne sur mer nausicaa

(Pen 2771, Drawer 151)

SS Uganda

(Pen 2772, Drawer 122)

Principaute de Monaco (old style shield)

(Pen 2774, Drawer 25)

Kent and East Sussex Railway

(Pen 2775, Drawer 117)

Paris France

(Pen 2776, Drawer 151)

ParisTour Eiffell Arc de Triomphe

(Pen 2778, Drawer 151)


(Pen 2779, Drawer 94)

“Lands End” Cornwall

(Pen 2780, Drawer 126)

Barcelona monumento a colon y puerta de la paz

(Pen 2782, Drawer 79)

Key West Conch Tour Train (with building)

(Pen 2783, Drawer 139)

Souvenir de boulogne sur mer

(Pen 2786, Drawer 151)

Souvenir Bruxelles-Brussells

(Pen 2787, Drawer 142)

Vedettes Paris (modern font)

(Pen 2788, Drawer 151)


(Pen 2789, Drawer 151) Gorgeous mountain doggy on the back

Tower bridge (one line)

(Pen 2791, Drawer 140)

Scotland (6 pipers with black on yellow flag on back)

(Pen 2792, Drawer 36)


(Pen 2793, Drawer 157)

Hamburg (newer)

(Pen 2794, Drawer 102)

Algarve (carro tipico)

(Pen 2795, Drawer 157)

Plaza de Toros Espana(different back)

(Pen 2796, Drawer 38)

Ciao Italia

(Pen 2797, Drawer 152)

Florida (oranges)

(Pen 2801, Drawer 114)

Katoomba scenic railway (no foreground)

(Pen 2805, Drawer 5)

Singapore Merlion Park (newer)

(Pen 2807, Drawer 27)

Singapore Waterfront

(Pen 2808, Drawer 27)

Chicken Boy

(Pen 2809, Drawer 35) Too tall to live, to weird to die!

Liquid Gaviscon (wording on barrel only)

(Pen 2810, Drawer 111)

Member of the baseball All Star club

(Pen 2811, Drawer 156)

Atlanta (silhouette back)

(Pen 2812, Drawer 33)

Sears Tower 1454ft Chicago, Illinois (newer font)

(Pen 2813, Drawer 124)

New Orleans (paddle steamer)

(Pen 2814, Drawer 124)

New Orleans (town)

(Pen 2815, Drawer 124)

Pittsburgh (airplane)

(Pen 2816, Drawer 34)

Buffalo New York (snow scene)

(Pen 2817, Drawer 124)


(Pen 2820, Drawer 116)

Florida (oranges)

(Pen 2821, Drawer 114)

Walt Disney World – mickey/flood (black and white back)

(Pen 2822, Drawer 143)

The White House (many soldiers)

(Pen 2824, Drawer 124)

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

(Pen 2825, Drawer 34)

Statue of Liberty (vertical statue on back)

(Pen 2827, Drawer 2)

I love New York (folksy back)

(Pen 2828, Drawer 2)


(Pen 2829, Drawer 102) A Lufthansa plane taxis in fron tof the Flughafen Frankfurt Main

Miniature Rock Collection Lost River Gorge

(Pen 2830, Drawer 77) White Mountains N.H.

Lost River North Woodstock. NH

(Pen 2832, Drawer 33) Find Lost River!

The Mayflower II Plymouth

(Pen 2833, Drawer 122) MA 1620

Grand Canyon des Chute Sainte-Anne Quebec Canada

(Pen 2834, Drawer 10) From Tripadvisor Mary M: Beautiful waterfalls, with lovely hiking paths. Great care was taken to make hiking accessible to most and amusing for children, with interesting and informational displays along the way.

Garten der Schmetterlinge

(Pen 2835, Drawer 102) You can find tiny butterfly eggs, hungrily munching caterpillars and expertly camouflaged cocoons. The little Chinese Dwarf quails, whose chicks are barely larger than a bumble bee, the turtles diving into the water and the mysterious iguana are a constant source of delight

Ricordo Citta del Vaticano (with statue)

(Pen 2837, Drawer 152) A statue appears to float through the Galleriea Borghese. We think this is The Pieta in the Basilica od St Peter, by Michelangelo.


(Pen 2838, Drawer 124) A lobster floats across the Boston Cityscape

New York

(Pen 2840, Drawer 2) A horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park

Souvenir de Firenze

(Pen 2842, Drawer 152) Venus de Milo floats majstically over Florence

Nordseeheilbad Büsum

(Pen 2843, Drawer 102) Büsum, gateway to the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site

Cancun Mexico

(Pen 2844, Drawer 37) A beautiful snorkeler swims by the lovely fish and corals

Zoo Rostock

(Pen 2845, Drawer 102) 6 hectares and with 4,500 animals from 320 species

Ellis Island

(Pen 2846, Drawer 124) A very happy scene

Teleferico Del Tiede Tenerife

(Pen 2849, Drawer 38) ALT 3718 MTS

Insel Rugen Rasender Roland

(Pen 2851, Drawer 102) Narrow guage Rugen Rwsort Railway on the island off the Pomeranain coast of Germany on the Baltic Sea

The Flume, Franconia Notch State park, New Hampshire

(Pen 2852, Drawer 139) The Flume was discovered in 1808 by 93-year-old “Aunt” Jess Guernsey when she accidentally came upon it while fishing. She had trouble convincing her family of the marvelous discovery, but eventually persuaded others to come and see for themselves. At that time, a huge, egg-shaped boulder hung suspended between the walls. The rock was 10 ft (3.0 m) high and 12 ft (3.7 m) long. A heavy rainstorm in June 1883 started a landslide that swept the boulder from its place. The boulder has never been found. The same storm deepened the gorge and formed Avalanche Falls.


(Pen 2854, Drawer 152) A Greco Roman Chariot races across the Teatro Antico di Taormina

Newport, Rhode Island

(Pen 2856, Drawer 124) #We are sailing

Philadelphia, the birthplace of Liberty

(Pen 2857, Drawer 139) Let Freedom Ring

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

(Pen 2858, Drawer 139) The earliest attempts at settling the Boothbay Harbor region were made by fishermen, but these settlements were ravaged by King Phillip’s war in 1675 and Indian forays in 1690. The area remained uninhabited until 1729. At that time, the entire Boothbay Harbor region became the settlement of Townsend, which included present day Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay and Southport. In 1746, the settlement petitioned the general Court of Massachusetts for incorporation. Governor Bernard signed the act of incorporation, naming the area Boothbay. On February 16, 1889 the Town of Boothbay Harbor was formed by act of the State Legislature.

Nubble Lighthouse Maine

(Pen 2860, Drawer 139) #We are sailing

Independence Seaport Museum Philedelphia PA

(Pen 2861, Drawer 139) Family fun on the water!

Helsinki – 1952 Olympic Games

(Pen 2862, Drawer 155) A golden runner crosses the globe to Helsinki

Windsor Castle (Painting on rear)

(Pen 2863, Drawer 117) Left, Right, Left, Right

Castle Howard York

(Pen 2864, Drawer 40) Featured in 1981 adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead revisited

Las Vegas

(Pen 2866, Drawer 124) “Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks – it says, GOODBYE.” – Frank Sinatra

Paris – 1900 Olympic Games

(Pen 2867, Drawer 155) More pens for Paris 2024 please!

Royal Obseratory Greenwich NMM London 2006

(Pen 2868, Drawer 140) The red ball floats down this pen in 7 seconds. The actual red ball normally raises the pole at 12:55 pm, then three minutes later it reaches the top; at 1 pm the ball drops

Singapore – Chinese Junk

(Pen 2869, Drawer 27)


(Pen 2870, Drawer 75) I’m Popeye the Sailor Man, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man, I’m strong to the “finich” ’cause I eats me spinach, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man


(Pen 2871, Drawer 7) A beautiful town in Quebec. They have a Cyclorama – Russell and I love these – The Cyclorama of Jerusalem


(Pen 2872, Drawer 113) Hamm’s Beer Since 1865

Rushmore Cave, Black Hills S.D.

(Pen 2873, Drawer 139) It’s the ninth longes cave in South Dakota!

Mickey Mouse

(Pen 2878, Drawer 118) Copyright Walt Disney Productions

Les Parisettes (Clouds)

(Pen 2887, Drawer 147) Les Parisettes est un éditeur d’objets fabriqués principalement en France et en Europe. Nous proposons 2 collections : la collection Paris, centrée sur la Tour Eiffel et la Collection Store, écoresponsable et colorée. Vous trouverez aussi dans notre showroom de Paris et sur ce site d’autres jolis cadeaux parisiens.

Les Parisiettes (Blossom)

(Pen 2888, Drawer 147) Les Parisettes est un éditeur d’objets fabriqués principalement en France et en Europe. Nous proposons 2 collections : la collection Paris, centrée sur la Tour Eiffel et la Collection Store, écoresponsable et colorée. Vous trouverez aussi dans notre showr

Jenrick Group

(Pen 2891, Drawer 147) Funky recruiters across the UK

Madeira – Santana

(Pen 2892, Drawer 157) Famous A-frame houses in the background


(Pen 2893, Drawer 154) Gorgeous stylised pen. A boy floats down the pen into the clouds, and reappears as a girl.

Land of Lincoln, Springfield Illiois (Face looking right)

(Pen 2894, Drawer 34) Whatever pen you are, be a good one

Budapest Ruin Pubs

(Pen 2895, Drawer 154) Recycled spaces to have fun in Budapest

Plurimmo, un promoteur inspire

(Pen 2897, Drawer 147) Colourful cyclist, butterflies, tree and building – gorgeous!

Ben & Jerry’s

(Pen 2898, Drawer 47) I love Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream. I love this pen – especially the floating sprinkles and the cherry on top. I just wish they would stay out of politics.

Star Party

(Pen 2899, Drawer 130) Get together after dark and gaze up at the sky

World of Dinosaurs, Paradise Wildlife Park

(Pen 2900, Drawer 126) We visited Paradise Wildlife Park 1 January 2019. The year got off to a great start when we found this pen. We were at Paradise for the ‘Tickle a Tapir’ experience. Not far from where we live, North of London. Go visit when you can.

Microsoft Office

(Pen 2901, Drawer 134) Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access – I am not sure I have all the core programs – any ideas?

Scandinavian Seaways

(Pen 2905, Drawer 122) A great find at – they have never let us down


(Pen 2909, Drawer 75) Gallop on

Souvenir of Victoria, B.C. Canada

(Pen 2910, Drawer 10) It has a red London bus floating along


(Pen 2911, Drawer 153) To quote Arthur Shappey in the fabulous Cabin Pressure “Helsinki! How could you not have fun in Helsinki? Its like half helter skelter and half twinkly!”

Souvenir of Arrochar

(Pen 2912, Drawer 36) It’s a braw bricht moonlit nicht in Arrochar

Souvenir du Mont Blanc

(Pen 2913, Drawer 152) The pen shows the tunnel under the Alps, linking Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France with Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy


(Pen 2916, Drawer 151) The French Alps – I am sure we have those skiers in another pen


(Pen 2919, Drawer 152) A donkey ride across the Bay of Naples

Los Cristianos – Tenerife

(Pen 2922, Drawer 38) Originally developed as a resort for ailing Swedes, but now for everyone!

The Beaver, Paddle-wheel steamer

(Pen 2923, Drawer 122) An historic Hudson Bay Company Ship


(Pen 2924, Drawer 80) It’s got monkeys and a rock

Greetings from Iceland

(Pen 2925, Drawer 25) We went to Iceland in 2016, and all we could afford to buy was this pen! An amazing country.

Lake Myvatn, Greetings from Iceland

(Pen 2926, Drawer 25) On our tour of Iceland in 2016 we learned that Myvatn actually means “midge” as the place was swarming with the little beasties. It is appropriate then, that this pen had reached us in a sorry state with parts of its anatomy missing

Souvenir from Bruges

(Pen 2929, Drawer 6) We do have a lot of Bruges pens, but defintiely not this configuration

S.Giovanni Rotondo

(Pen 2930, Drawer 152) A pen from Puglia – can’t wait to go back there


(Pen 2931, Drawer 151) The French Basque country

Souvenir di Gubbio

(Pen 2932, Drawer 152) A wolf with something in his mouth, followed by white birds, being watched by some holy man – this must mean something – Wikipedia – you let me down.

Lisboa Portugal

(Pen 2933, Drawer 157) Mosteiro dos Jerónimos


(Pen 2934, Drawer 151) Je vais bien!


(Pen 2935, Drawer 139) A lobster floats into a lobster pot – dinner is sorted

Bar Harbor Maine

(Pen 2936, Drawer 139) A lobster floats into a lobster pot – dinner is sorted

NASA Kenedy Space Center’s Spaceport USA (thrusts lit)

(Pen 2937, Drawer 139) Space Shuttle Launch

Chateau de Chantilly

(Pen 2939, Drawer 151) Chantilly lace and a pretty face, And a pony tail hanging down. A wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk, Make the world go round.

Torre del Lago, Puccini

(Pen 2941, Drawer 144) The Festival Puccini, an annual opera festival which attracts around 40,000 attendees, is held in its open-air theatre, a short distance from the Villa where Giacomo Puccini lived and worked. He is buried in a small chapel inside the Villa. The area of the village on the sea is well known for being an important gay and gay-friendly summer resort of national and international appeal.

Fatima, Portugal

(Pen 2943, Drawer 157)


(Pen 2944, Drawer 107) Traditionally British since 1902


(Pen 2945, Drawer 16)

Ricordo, Certosa di Pavia

(Pen 2946, Drawer 152) Is this pen for the comune created in 1929 in the province of Lombardy?

La Camargue

(Pen 2948, Drawer 151) Camargue horses, greater flamingo, and Camargue cattle are pictures

Los Angeles

(Pen 2949, Drawer 35) Fireworks, front and back


(Pen 2950, Drawer 152) A groovy water skiier floats past a colourful mid-century waterscape

IDS Center

(Pen 2956, Drawer 34) Minneapolis Minnesota

Souvenir S. Fruttuoso di Camogli

(Pen 2957, Drawer 152) It’s tourist information says it is neither port nor resort. Not much more than an indentation along a mountainous coastline. I think it looks gorgeous.

Wales (with 2 red dragons)

(Pen 2958, Drawer 127)

San Juan

(Pen 2959, Drawer 116) Puerto Rican piragua shaved ice dessert is being served in this pen – yum

Souvenir di Ischia

(Pen 2960, Drawer 152) A volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples. Hot springs bubble up in Maronti Beach

Portugal, Sintra

(Pen 2961, Drawer 157) Home to secret gardens and enchanting woods. A fairytale destination.

St Michael’s Mount

(Pen 2962, Drawer 126) During the 6th century, according to legend, St. Michael’s Mount was home to an 18-foot giant named Cormoran, who lived in a cave with his ill-gotten treasures obtained by terrorizing local towns and villages. That is, until a young farmer’s son named Jack took on this gigantic menace, who had an appetite for cattle and children, and killed him by trapping him in a concealed pit, bringing down his axe upon his head. Henceforth known as “Jack the Giant Killer”.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

(Pen 2963, Drawer 124) This Ohio museum looks stunning, but certainly seems to receive it’s share of criticism. Charlotte Church points out that of the 295 acts and artists in the museum, 259 are entirely male. In 2018, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden criticized the Hall of Fame by calling it “an utter and complete load of bollocks … run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock ‘n’ roll if it hit them in the face.”

Zoo Magdeburg

(Pen 2964, Drawer 102) An African elephant floats along the 39.5 acres of this 1950s zoo

Rheinfall Schaffhausen

(Pen 2965, Drawer 133) The most powerful waterfall in Europe

Robots, Science Museum

(Pen 2966, Drawer 69) A 2017 exhibition exploring the 500-year story of humanoid robots and the scientific quest to understand what it means to be human

Skyforce, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

(Pen 2967, Drawer 40) Royal Airforce and Red Arrows together create a white knuckle, high speed, spinning ride where you pilot your own aircraft and can rotate your gondola around a centre axis creating your own ride experience. Flipping heck – you can even do complete rolls.

Kon-Tiki Museet – Oslo

(Pen 2985, Drawer 129) From the wonderful Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo. Fun fact number 1 : Susan’s father used to have a club in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in the 1970s called Kon Tiki. Among the performers were Tommy Cooper, Frankie Vaughan and the Bachelors. Many of the Coronation Street staff of the day would visit. Fun fact number two: Just a Minute’s Nicholas Parsons talks about having a terrible time at the Kon Tiki club, Wakefield in his autobiography. It was his first stand up outside London, and wasn’t expecting the northern realness. Fun fact number three: Another legendary performer at the Kon Tiki club was Geordie commedian, Bobby Pattinson. Susan found herself working for him at his care home group 25 years later.

Trinity House

(Pen 2986, Drawer 126)

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