Holidays and Religion

Let’s celebrate these floaties!


(Pen 653, Drawer 65) A gorgeous glittery pen – filled with everything you need for a wonderful Chanukah -including dreidel, latkes and Chanukah geld!

Merry Christmas

(Pen 458, Drawer 74)

Christmas 2002

(Pen 461, Drawer 74)

Christmas with Reindeer

(Pen 467, Drawer 74)

Noah’s Ark

(Pen 651, Drawer 65) The animals float in two by two.

The Sacred Hearts

(Pen 652, Drawer 65)

Presbyterian Youth Triennium

(Pen 654, Drawer 65)

Santa down chimney

(Pen 655, Drawer 65) Santa goes down the chimney, and lovely presents fall down into the hearth.

Every day is Halloween

(Pen 656, Drawer 65)

Happy Valentine’s day

(Pen 657, Drawer 65)


(Pen 658, Drawer 65)

Santa and reindeer

(Pen 659, Drawer 65) Santa and his reindeer fly across the night sky.

Indian g-ds

(Pen 660, Drawer 65)

Samson and Delilah

(Pen 662, Drawer 65)

Adam and Eve

(Pen 663, Drawer 65)

Walls of Jericho

(Pen 664, Drawer 65) The ghostly pipers bring down the walls of Jericho.

Aninia Sola

(Pen 665, Drawer 65)


(Pen 666, Drawer 65)

Santa World

(Pen 1558, Drawer 24) Santa floats up and down in glittery snow

Mazel Tov

(Pen 1097, Drawer 65)

The missionaries of California

(Pen 661, Drawer 65) Thanks to Regina for this explanation: “Around the time the US was founded on the East Coast, the Spanish were settling the West Coast. Father Sera walked most of the length of California, founding 21 mission churches about a day’s walk apart along what we call El Camino Royal. These were set up to convert the natives. There’s been a big stink about Father Sera’s proposed sainthood lately because, you know, the missionaries weren’t very nice about conversions. Anyway, there are these big wonderful colonial churches which are now in various states of repair. Every school child in California has to do a Mission Project on a mission of his or her choice.”

Pope John Paul II

(Pen 1312, Drawer 65) His Holiness rises above The Vatican, and then gently floats back down again

Jonah and the Whale

(Pen 1402, Drawer 65) Swim, Jonah, Swim!

Julian Ross Bernstein Barmitzvah March 12 2010

(Pen 1798, Drawer 65) Julian, this is one of our all time favourite pens – Mazaltov! – if you ever read this, please get in touch!

Isus hoda na vodi

(Pen 1801, Drawer 65) For those of you that don’t speak croation – it means “Jesus walks on water”

B’nai B’rith Women

(Pen 1854, Drawer 90) I used to be a B’nai B’rith Woman (Susan, not Russell) This pen is very special to me

The family that prays together stays together

(Pen 2034, Drawer 65) It’s true! A great trade with Kim Dougherty – I am sure I recognise these people from about 20 other pens!

The Lord is my Shepherd

(Pen 2043, Drawer 65) Psalm 23, in a pen – who would have thought?

Papa Benedetto XVI Citta’ Del Vaticano

(Pen 2123, Drawer 65) This pen contains a couple of large bubbles, probably air from Vatican City. Thanks Ace!

Jesus walking on the waters

(Pen 2126, Drawer 65)

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