Film, music, TV, literature

Lights, camera, music, action…float!

Paddington – London Sights

(Pen 365, Drawer 51)

Paddington Bear – Paddington Station

(Pen 366, Drawer 51)


(Pen 529, Drawer 75)

Tom and Jerry

(Pen 530, Drawer 75) Jerry and his cheese float into his mouse hole – leaving Tom stuck on the left of the pen. Because domestic violence is never funny

Wile E Coyote

(Pen 531, Drawer 75) He’ll never catch that bird – even in a shiny new C-clip pen!

Astro Boy

(Pen 543, Drawer 75)

Elvis – gold

(Pen 533, Drawer 86)

Mamma Mia

(Pen 534, Drawer 86) With its shiny metallic body, it’s a real Super Trouper

Hound Dog

(Pen 535, Drawer 86)

Betty Boop – leprachaun

(Pen 532, Drawer 52)

Elvis impersonators

(Pen 538, Drawer 86) Seven Elvis impersonators squeezed into one pen.

Star Wars Insider

(Pen 550, Drawer 75) This Landspeeder floaty pen was only available to members of the US based Star Wars fan club. I won it on e-bay for 2 pounds. There was no photograph, so it was a gamble, which luckily paid off.

Arabic Sesame Street?

(Pen 2575, Drawer 75)

Betty Boop – champagne

(Pen 536, Drawer 52)

The Beatles Yellow Submarine

(Pen 553, Drawer 86)

Betty Boop – ocean

(Pen 537, Drawer 52)

Betty Boop

(Pen 541, Drawer 52)

Betty Boop – car

(Pen 548, Drawer 52)

Star Trek

(Pen 545, Drawer 75)

Summer Holiday The Musical

(Pen 546, Drawer 75) A lovely old Routemaster double decker – I can almost hear Cliff Richard singing!

Yellow submarine – updated with bubbles in background

(Pen 547, Drawer 86)

Harry Potter

(Pen 544, Drawer 75) Made for Marks and Spencers and only available in the UK. Harry levitates towards the evil slytherin serpant.

The Muppets

(Pen 1517, Drawer 52)


(Pen 1521, Drawer 52)

Franz Kafka

(Pen 2094, Drawer 51) The wonderful Ann-Marie bought us this back from Prague – We LOVE this pen – what a find, an instant favourite! Thank you.

Liberace Museum

(Pen 2044, Drawer 86) Identical to our blooper pen 77, but this time with the hands the correct way round

Beatles Abbey Road

(Pen 737, Drawer 18)

ABC News

(Pen 787, Drawer 134)

Hot Stuff

(Pen 350, Drawer 52)

The Girl & The Wolf

(Pen 351, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Bike

(Pen 352, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Flying

(Pen 353, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Jigsaw

(Pen 354, Drawer 52)

Hello Sunshine – Magnet

(Pen 355, Drawer 52)

3 cartoon girls

(Pen 356, Drawer 52)

Pink Glitter

(Pen 357, Drawer 52) *A gift from the manufacturer* Another new style, and our first glitter pen, all rolled into one gorgeous floaty. We don’t recognise the cartoon girl and dog – please let us know if you do.


(Pen 360, Drawer 52)

Le Piaf

(Pen 361, Drawer 52)

Maya L’Abeille

(Pen 362, Drawer 52)


(Pen 363, Drawer 85)

Milo Manara

(Pen 364, Drawer 52)

H C Anderson, Ugly Duckling

(Pen 367, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Boy and goat

(Pen 368, Drawer 51)

Hey Diddle Diddle

(Pen 369, Drawer 51) Please be patient while I scan the right front for this pen!

Humpty Dumpty

(Pen 370, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Chinaman

(Pen 371, Drawer 51)

Jack and Jill went up the hill

(Pen 372, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Chimney sweep

(Pen 373, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Mermaid

(Pen 374, Drawer 51)

H C Anderson – Soldier

(Pen 375, Drawer 51)

Roy Rogers and Trigger

(Pen 527, Drawer 75) We found the Roy Rogers museum on the internet, and the wonderful people there were kind enough to send me this. Roy Rogers rides Trigger past a fort, with a lovely tree in the foreground.

Turner Classic Movies

(Pen 528, Drawer 75) A very dark pen – I know there is a King Kong in there somewhere!

All Shook Up

(Pen 539, Drawer 86)

The Indian in the Cupboard

(Pen 540, Drawer 75)

Bizet Carmen

(Pen 542, Drawer 144) The fiery Gypsy girl Carmen dances away from ruined and knife-wielding Don Jose, toward the hunky Toreador Escamillo.

HBO 1997

(Pen 551, Drawer 75) Escape to New York?

Terminator 2

(Pen 552, Drawer 75) A fabulous metalic image, but very difficult to scan

Freud Museum

(Pen 736, Drawer 69)

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

(Pen 1382, Drawer 69) 221b Baker Street, London

Sherlock Holmes

(Pen 740, Drawer 18)


(Pen 966, Drawer 40)

The Beatles Story

(Pen 965, Drawer 86)

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, 1775

(Pen 1053, Drawer 52)

Fakiren fra Bilbao

(Pen 1195, Drawer 75)

orkenens sonner

(Pen 1263, Drawer 86)


(Pen 549, Drawer 75) Our first pen won at auction. It is dated 1989. Batman slides up and down, chasing after his car, with his cape billowing in the background.

Mama Mia (with copyright)

(Pen 1301, Drawer 100)

Marge Simpson

(Pen 1323, Drawer 75) Her hair grows, to reveal all sorts of objects living in it!

Homer, Tip ‘n’ Strip

(Pen 1336, Drawer 75) Mmmm…donuts….make you look like this!

Alice’s Shop, Oxford

(Pen 959, Drawer 117)

Bart Simpson

(Pen 1411, Drawer 52) Also starring Santa’s Little Helper

Horrible Histories

(Pen 1415, Drawer 51) Bought at the Cabinet War Rooms, London

Baba Papa

(Pen 1514, Drawer 51)

Britney Spears

(Pen 1515, Drawer 86)

The Beatles Story, faces

(Pen 1516, Drawer 86)

Frank Kafka

(Pen 1518, Drawer 30)

Klovn (zulu)

(Pen 1522, Drawer 52)

Wallace and Gromit

(Pen 1614, Drawer 105) “That’s the spirit Lad!” A lovely pen – it’s supposed to be a spirit level so the bubble is intentional! This pen is definitely not Danish, but could be manufactured by Wesco, China. Produced by Rainbow Designs.

Doctor Who – Tardis

(Pen 1615, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Doctor Who – Cyberman

(Pen 1616, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Doctor Who – Red Dalek

(Pen 1617, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, C3PO

(Pen 1618, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, Yoda

(Pen 1619, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, Darth Vadar

(Pen 1620, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Star Wars, R2D2

(Pen 1621, Drawer 105) It may not be Danish, but it is a beautifuly made Wesco from China

Oct. 20 1977 6:42pm

(Pen 1679, Drawer 86) At 6:42 PM on October 20, 1977, the pilot of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s chartered Convair 240 airplane radioed that the craft was dangerously low on fuel. Less than ten minutes later, the plane crashed into a densely wooded thicket, cutting a 500 foot path through the swamp near McComb, Mississippi. The plane had left Greenville, South Carolina enroute to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Ronnie VanZant, Steve Gaines, his sister Cassie Gaines, their assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick and the pilots, Walter McCreary and William Gray were all killed. Gary Rossington, Allen Collins, Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson were seriously injured but eventually recovered. In 1990, Allen Collins died of complications from pneumonia. In 2001, Leon Wilkeson past away in his sleep.


(Pen 1726, Drawer 75) There’s something funny about this one – is it a fake?

Diddl, flying carpet

(Pen 1738, Drawer 75) There’s something funny about this one – is it a fake?

Abbey Road (with barrel printed)

(Pen 1747, Drawer 18)

It’s a wimpy wonderland!

(Pen 1776, Drawer 51)

Loving you

(Pen 1817, Drawer 75) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Graceland (with Elvis)

(Pen 1818, Drawer 124) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Sarah Millican

(Pen 1860, Drawer 52)

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist”

(Pen 1954, Drawer 75) The consensus on Rotten Tomatoes states “The scenery and the stars are undeniably beautiful, but they can’t make up for The Tourist’s slow, muddled plot, or the lack of chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie.” – However, we think this is a pretty amazing pen!


(Pen 2048, Drawer 51) The great American novel, in a pen – Thanks Jennifer

Home of Mark Twain Hannibal Missouri

(Pen 2068, Drawer 124) Another corker from Jennifer

The Jungle Book

(Pen 2163, Drawer 118) Everyone sing along: “Now, I’m the king of the swingers, whoa, The jungle V.I.P. I’ve reached the top and had to stop, And that’s what’s botherin’ me, I wanna be a man, Man Cub, And stroll right into town, And be just like the other men, I’m tired of monkeyin’ around.”

The Lion King

(Pen 2179, Drawer 118) It’s the circle of life – in a pen

Lee Evans Roadrunner

(Pen 2185, Drawer 52) Lee Evans stars in one of my all time favourite films, the 1995 “Funny Bones”. I have never met anyone else who has seen it. You do not know how frustrating it is not to be able to share it with anyone. Not even Russell has watched it. Please, if anyone else has seen it, please get in touch – tell me that I am not some weirdo liking an obscure film that nobody other than the critics have seen. How nice of Lee to produce a floaty pen for his Roadrunner tour! This in part makes up for the sense of isolation I feel about that movie.


(Pen 2219, Drawer 86)

Mozart, Mozarthous Vienna printed on barrel

(Pen 2220, Drawer 17)


(Pen 2221, Drawer 86)

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky

(Pen 2223, Drawer 86)

Hands on Piano (Albert Elovitz 1994)

(Pen 2309, Drawer 130) Aahh, the mysterious pens with no writing except the teeny weeny copyright details – you have to look very closely to see that these pens are different!

The midnight ride of Paul Revere, April 18-19 1775

(Pen 2318, Drawer 130) Like pen1053 but with yellow back and white bridge

Otto’s Ottifanten

(Pen 2386, Drawer 52) A very cute German character

Burlesque Hall of Fame, Lili St. Cyr

(Pen 2403, Drawer 52) Lili St. Cyr, dress falls, revealing lingerie (Lili was a high class American burlesque artist from the 1940s to the 1970s)

Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA (movie stars)

(Pen 2504, Drawer 75)

Universal Studios (Jaws)

(Pen 2584, Drawer 75)

Thomas & Friends

(Pen 2673, Drawer 75)

Hairy Bikers

(Pen 2686, Drawer 75)

Puccini La Boheme

(Pen 2701, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Rudolfo slides across the floor of his garret, right past the lost key, and grasps Mimi’s cold little hand. Exquisite details: Marcello’s work-in-progress on an easle, a few pages of Rudolfo’s play have escaped the stove.

Mozart The Magic Flute

(Pen 2702, Drawer 144) Tilt the pen and…the Queen of the Night makes an entrance, holds forth, and exits into a starry sky. Non-float side: Papageno the Birdcatcher.

Mozart Don Giovanni

(Pen 2703, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Don Giovanni’s servant Leporello proudly reels off an absurdly long list of his master’s sexual conquests. Dona Elvira realizes she’s been betrayed as the list grows longer and longer.

Puccini Madama Butterfly

(Pen 2704, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Glitter swirls around Cio-cio-san, Suzuki and Sorrow as they decorate the house with flower blossoms in joyful anticipation of Pinkerton’s return to Nagasaki.


(Pen 2705, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and… Old Doctor Faust sells his soul to Mephistopheles. The tip ‘n strip construction allows the contract to be signed before your eyes. (Beautiful wrap-around image is impossible to scan)

Tosca’s Rome

(Pen 2706, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Tosca plunges to her death from the top of Castello Sant angelo in Rome . Reverse side features Tosca’s Rome : the three real locations in Rome where the opera takes place: Santa Andrea della Valle, Palazzo Farnese, and the Castello Sant angelo (aka the Tomb of Hadrian).

Giuseppe Verdi La Traviata

(Pen 2707, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Heartbroken Alfredo hurls his gambling winnings at poor doomed Violetta. In the background stunned party-goers and dancers gasp at his gesture.

Richard Strauss Salome

(Pen 2708, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…the spoiled teen stalker Princess Salome takes it (almost) all off as she prances over the remains of (deceased) Jochanaan aka John the Baptist in a classic tip ‘n strip pen. Warning: Biblical themed-pen is definitely R-rated. (Beautiful wrap-around image is impossible to scan)

Richard Wagner Die Walkure

(Pen 2709, Drawer 144) Tip the pen and…Brunnhilde comes in for a landing on a craggy rock!

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