Pens for trade

We love to trade floaty pens. These are the pens that we currently have available for trade. Trade list updated: 27 September 2021 (more big updates coming soon) At the bottom of the page you will see what pens we are looking for, and how we trade.

Transportation inc

(Pen 58, Drawer 59)

Follow me to Texas

(Pen 63, Drawer 34)


(Pen 82, Drawer 31)


(Pen 116, Drawer 34)

Smithsonian Institution

(Pen 127, Drawer 31) *A gift from the manufacturer* Our first ‘Twist and click’ with the slanted top, a groovy translucent green barrel, and a Trekkie float gliding across the Universe.

California – beach

(Pen 141, Drawer 35)

California Golden State

(Pen 142, Drawer 35) A lovely sunny floaty pen. The genetically modified orange riding on the truck is a little worrying!

Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

(Pen 147, Drawer 35) A very swanky silver car floats along a vintage image of Rodeo Drive.

San Fransisco Cable Car

(Pen 148, Drawer 89)

The Golden Gate

(Pen 149, Drawer 89)

Florida – Dolphin

(Pen 163, Drawer 1) Quite an unusual pen – The lower part of the barrel has a transaprent blue front and back image. The dolphin appears to be leaping out of the water. He will happily perform his trick all day without the need for any fish treats!

The Last Supper

(Pen 186, Drawer 60) The bread and wine float between these thirteen famous diners *Please contact us directly if you are interested in this pen*.

Bo Bendixen – Tiger

(Pen 213, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Queen Elizabeth 2 – London

(Pen 246, Drawer 55)


(Pen 261, Drawer 71)

Bagpuss, Prof Yaffle

(Pen 262, Drawer 71)

Red Dwarf – Holly

(Pen 265, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Authorised personnel only

(Pen 269, Drawer 73)

Red Dwarf – Lister

(Pen 271, Drawer 73)

Clangers – Rocket

(Pen 273, Drawer 71)

Dr Who & Daleks Canal+ grey dalek

(Pen 284, Drawer 72)

Captain Scarlet – Green

(Pen 288, Drawer 50)

Captain Scarlet – Red

(Pen 289, Drawer 50)

Thunderbirds 2

(Pen 292, Drawer 50)

Toronto – CN Tower – New

(Pen 327, Drawer 9)

Sammen gor vi en forskel!

(Pen 390, Drawer 22)

Danmark, Viking ship

(Pen 395, Drawer 21)

Winnie – Honey pot & bees

(Pen 424, Drawer 44)

Winnie – Rabbitz Howze

(Pen 425, Drawer 44)

Winnie – treehouse

(Pen 426, Drawer 44)

The Little Mermaid

(Pen 430, Drawer 44)

Le Mixx

(Pen 447, Drawer 46)

Principaute de Monaco

(Pen 474, Drawer 25)


(Pen 511, Drawer 68)


(Pen 578, Drawer 13) Two scenes of Paris appear as the pen is tipped. The scenes seem to be painted on the inside of the clear barrel, with a white floating background that reveals the image.

Paris – bus

(Pen 592, Drawer 13) The Bastille bus travells through Paris – Thanks Marcus!

Paris – plane

(Pen 593, Drawer 13) A plane flies over scenes of Paris.

Vedettes Paris

(Pen 594, Drawer 13)

Munchen Olympiaturm

(Pen 627, Drawer 14)


(Pen 644, Drawer 14)

The Sacred Hearts

(Pen 652, Drawer 65)

Citte del Vaticano

(Pen 680, Drawer 26)

Venezia, Doges Palace

(Pen 681, Drawer 26) Our very first floater! The gondola floats in front of famous Venice landmarks. I can taste the ice cream just by looking at this one.


(Pen 684, Drawer 26)

Souvenir del Lago di Garda

(Pen 687, Drawer 26)

London Aquarium

(Pen 731, Drawer 69) Katy, our number one floaty scout, bought us this. The big blue shark and the little yellow fish happily swim side by side. It’s like having our own mini aquarium, except we don’t need to feed these fish, and the water does not get smelly!

British Museum – hippo

(Pen 732, Drawer 69)

Freud Museum

(Pen 736, Drawer 69)

Buckingham Palace

(Pen 738, Drawer 19) Don’t worry, not all guards are taller than the trees in the UK!

British Museum – mummy

(Pen 745, Drawer 69)

Houses of Parliament, Glorious Britain

(Pen 748, Drawer 19)

Houses of Parliament. Old

(Pen 750, Drawer 19) An older barge sails by, probably having dredged the odd car or dead body from the river bed.

Piccadilly Circus, Old

(Pen 753, Drawer 19) More foreground, less background. Sadly, discontinued.

Tower Bridge, Old

(Pen 757, Drawer 19) Even more peculiar perspective! Sadly discontinued.


(Pen 795, Drawer 57)

Amsterdam Red Light District

(Pen 823, Drawer 119) Too saucy for this page! The red curtain floats to reveal two peepshows. Very naughty!


(Pen 826, Drawer 119)

Amsterdam, Joint

(Pen 828, Drawer 119)

Holland (family)

(Pen 835, Drawer 28)

New York City The Big Apple

(Pen 864, Drawer 2)

New York Subway

(Pen 868, Drawer 2)

I love New York

(Pen 871, Drawer 2)

Science Discovery Centre – Sweden

(Pen 886, Drawer 39)

Hilsen Fra Bergen

(Pen 890, Drawer 39)

Is it Trew? (Scotland)

(Pen 895, Drawer 36)

Scottish Piper

(Pen 898, Drawer 36)

Seattle, City

(Pen 907, Drawer 3)

Pike Place Market (farmers market)

(Pen 911, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (605usa)

(Pen 920, Drawer 4)

Souvenir from Madeira

(Pen 935, Drawer 38)

Mannekin Pis Statue

(Pen 940, Drawer 67) *A trade with Petra, The Netherlands* This famous statue from Brussels – in a pen.


(Pen 957, Drawer 127)

Alice’s Shop, Oxford

(Pen 959, Drawer 117)


(Pen 969, Drawer 40)


(Pen 998, Drawer 99) A vintage car floats by the wonderful Brighton Pavilion.

Bo Bendixen – Cat

(Pen 1012, Drawer 53) All the pleasures of Scandinavian lifestyle and nature are captured in the colourful designs of Bo Bendixen.

Vesuvio, fake

(Pen 1042, Drawer 96)

The Lake District

(Pen 1046, Drawer 40)

Souvenir di Milano (cathederal)

(Pen 1069, Drawer 26)

Hog Heaven

(Pen 1092, Drawer 31)

London red bus

(Pen 1119, Drawer 18)

San Francisco’s a zoo

(Pen 1138, Drawer 89)

The Crookedest Street in the World

(Pen 1149, Drawer 89)


(Pen 1167, Drawer 96)


(Pen 1178, Drawer 33)

Danmark (in colour, Vikings)

(Pen 1199, Drawer 21)

Lentos Kunst museum Linz

(Pen 1264, Drawer 94)

Berlin (Yellow bus)

(Pen 1434, Drawer 102) The same background as pen 1439

Berlin (bear)

(Pen 1439, Drawer 102) A great big Berlin bear floats past some of the major sights of Berlin. The same background as pen 1434)

The Prostate Cancer Charity

(Pen 1442, Drawer 104) Amazing charity pen – the man floats up through the pen and somehow loses all his clothes! Thanks to Marks and Spencers for another great floaty pen and supporting another great cause

Amsterdam, Holland

(Pen 1458, Drawer 119)

Mont Saint Michel

(Pen 1464, Drawer 11)

Coca Cola, on check background

(Pen 1472, Drawer 46)

Visit the Big 5

(Pen 1483, Drawer 32)

Jerusalem the Holy

(Pen 1503, Drawer 15)


(Pen 1504, Drawer 25)

Ricordo di Roma

(Pen 1505, Drawer 26)


(Pen 1508, Drawer 26)

Running the USA

(Pen 1519, Drawer 85)

Miniature Rock Collection – Rock City

(Pen 1530, Drawer 77)

Wallace Collection

(Pen 1626, Drawer 60) François Boucher (1703 – 1770) Madame de Pompadour

Mumu Cow Switzerland

(Pen 1655, Drawer 96)

Runnin’ in the sun

(Pen 1741, Drawer 34)

Abbey Road (with barrel printed)

(Pen 1747, Drawer 18)

Bridge Princess

(Pen 1760, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Little black pen

(Pen 1761, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Still crazy after all these beers

(Pen 1764, Drawer 78) A great spot by Tricia and Raymond Gerstein, and to think they were worried they weren’t proper floaties!

Elman Wall Audit Tax Advisory

(Pen 1772, Drawer 112) Once again, a floaty pen from the best accountants in the world

Graceland (with Elvis)

(Pen 1818, Drawer 124) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!


(Pen 1825, Drawer 118) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

Koln am Rhein

(Pen 1831, Drawer 103) Found at The Braderie de Lille

Cactus County Arizona

(Pen 1842, Drawer 34)

Chicago, Take the EL Train!

(Pen 1843, Drawer 83)

Charlotte North Carolina

(Pen 1847, Drawer 109)

ING (Renaul F1 Team)

(Pen 1850, Drawer 112)

Souvenir from Funchal

(Pen 1862, Drawer 38)

Barcelona (liner)

(Pen 1881, Drawer 115)

Amsterdam (canal boat)

(Pen 1940, Drawer 119)

Rijks Museum Amsterdam – Winterlandschap met schaatsers, Hendrick Avercamp, ca. 1608

(Pen 1956, Drawer 120) Avercamp showed all kinds of uncouth details in this bird’s-eye view, including couples making love and going to the toilet and in the distance, in the middle, a man urinating. Not all of this has been squeezed into the pen, but we love it any way. Thanks again Andy and Kathy.

Amsterdam (canal boat and bridge, with crest and XXX on back)

(Pen 1960, Drawer 119)

Holland (with sailboat clogs)

(Pen 1966, Drawer 121) The back panel looks to me like potatoes. This pen reference is the year of my birth (Susan)

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam – Wheatfield with Crows

(Pen 1972, Drawer 120)

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam – Sunflowers

(Pen 1973, Drawer 120)

Kinder Museum

(Pen 1981, Drawer 119) A very cute little kneidel (with legs) walks around the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam

Disneyland Splash Mountain

(Pen 2017, Drawer 118)


(Pen 2035, Drawer 118) Huey, Dewy and Louie are in a small boat floating on a river through a dense forest – not sure who the glamorous duckie on the left is.

Disneyland, rocket ship

(Pen 2046, Drawer 118)

Atlanta, Georgia

(Pen 2061, Drawer 124) A horse and carriage float past a beautiful old colonial house, with glamarous people enjotying the spacious gardens


(Pen 2064, Drawer 6)

Souvenir from Madeira (boat)

(Pen 2099, Drawer 38)

Hong Kong, plane

(Pen 2122, Drawer 27)


(Pen 2134, Drawer 62) A cute horsey pen for this horsey charity – look them up and see the good work that they do.

Canals of Great Britain

(Pen 2136, Drawer 126) We really wanted to take a boat out on our day trip to Skipton – we had to settle for this pen, which is equally charming!

Saint Louis

(Pen 2142, Drawer 124)

The Lion King

(Pen 2179, Drawer 118) It’s the circle of life – in a pen

Caledonian MacBrayne

(Pen 2182, Drawer 122) Adam and Becky Chater are fellow floaty pen collectors, but only collect pens they have picked up themselves on their travels. They often send us gifts of pens, but WILL NOT accept any pens or money in return. This makes them probably the nicest people on the planet.


(Pen 2187, Drawer 107) This pen was a trade with the wonderful Welsh pen collector, Dorothy Bater in August 2014, shortly before our trip to Munich. A week later Russell had not yet seen this pen, as I had not had time to catalogue it before our trip. On our first full day in Munich we meet up in our hotel room after a hard day of floaty pen hunting. Imagine my embarassment when Russell was so proud to have found this pen at the BMW museum, with NO idea that we had acquired it a week before.

Duvel Belgium Beer

(Pen 2195, Drawer 105) Another Wesco-style pen that we bought direct at the brewery in Bruges, Belgium. The tiny balls represent the froth on the beer, and the bubble is intentional in the design. There is a really nice company crest printed on the barrel

Liverbird Greetings, Liverpool

(Pen 2196, Drawer 40) This beautiful Liverpool pen was created by Hilary Caplan at (highly recommended!) The pen was actually bought for us by the amazing Jonathan Wall when he happened to be up there about a day after the pens had gone on sale!

Brugge (boat trip)

(Pen 2201, Drawer 6)

St. Wolfgang St. Gilgen

(Pen 2213, Drawer 17)

Texas the Lone Star State

(Pen 2230, Drawer 136)

Ridin’ the range Texas style

(Pen 2232, Drawer 136)

Saint Louis (TWA plane)

(Pen 2239, Drawer 137)

San Francisco cable car

(Pen 2242, Drawer 136) Like pen 1150, but an older photoramic, with tons more detail

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street (bottom row on back panel all in pink)

(Pen 2246, Drawer 136) Like pen 1149, but with much more detail

The crookedest street in the world San Francisco (photoramic)

(Pen 2247, Drawer 136)

San Diego (sun bathing and sailing)

(Pen 2255, Drawer 137)

Indianapolis Indiana

(Pen 2262, Drawer 137)

Nashville, Tennessee

(Pen 2264, Drawer 137)

Nashville Home of the Good Ole Opry

(Pen 2266, Drawer 137)

John Hancock Center Height 1456ft – Chicago Illinois

(Pen 2277, Drawer 136)

North Carolina

(Pen 2301, Drawer 137)

Air Force Academy Colorado (marching)

(Pen 2306, Drawer 82)

Madame Tussauds, Baker Street London

(Pen 2321, Drawer 69)

New Orleans

(Pen 2356, Drawer 135)

Empire State Building New York City (gorilla with both arms up)

(Pen 2361, Drawer 135)

SIMS 2014

(Pen 2398, Drawer 131) A pen that has both Susan and Russell’s face on – what’s not to love? Mahfoud, you are extraordinary, and we love you. One day perhaps we will get to meet Debbie Carriere in Canada, and Nobuko Ochiai in Japan – our heads all share a pen – it feels like we know you!

Airforce One United States of America

(Pen 2429, Drawer 85)

Hong Kong, The floating restaurant of Aberdeen

(Pen 2434, Drawer 110)

Hong Kong (red river)

(Pen 2435, Drawer 110)

Hong Kong Peak Tramway

(Pen 2436, Drawer 110)

Star Ferry Hong Kong

(Pen 2437, Drawer 110)

Chicago… My kind of town

(Pen 2471, Drawer 137)

California (surfer)

(Pen 2486, Drawer 139)

Souvenir Europe (flags on poles)

(Pen 2536, Drawer 141)

Le Carnaval De Nice

(Pen 2543, Drawer 125)

Hong Kong (boat)

(Pen 2550, Drawer 110) Another one that is similar to a pen we already have. I suspect this is an earlier version of pen 1492. There is no sign of the white section on the backpanel, and also the background is red, merging to yellow, whereas in pen 1492 it is solid red

Universal Studios (Jaws)

(Pen 2584, Drawer 75)

Underground Art Tour, New York Subway

(Pen 2597, Drawer 120)

I ‘heart’ Venice (Italian flag heart)

(Pen 2605, Drawer 26) We returned to Venice in August 2015 – where we had bought our first floaty pen 23 years earlier – Venice is still as beautiful and romantic as ever, there is nowhere quite like it.

I ‘heart’ Venice

(Pen 2606, Drawer 26) We returned to Venice in August 2015 – where we had bought our first floaty pen 23 years earlier – Venice is still as beautiful and romantic as ever, there is nowhere quite like it.

Highclere Castle

(Pen 2617, Drawer 117) The real “Downton Abbey”


(Pen 2631, Drawer 146)

Palace Princess Historic Royal Palaces

(Pen 2724, Drawer 148)

London Underground

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Not Danish, but a great pen nonetheless. Great scene of Oxford Circus (It’s not really like that) and a bit bubbly (it’s not really like that!)

The most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge, SE1

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) One of the best pens of 2016!

Hamburg (newer)

(Pen ?, Drawer ?)

Floaty pens that we love:

  •  We don’t mind bubbles – especially with older pens, they add to their character!
  •  Similarly: warped, rusty, scratched, belly band missing – we will take them
  •  We don’t mind if it’s not a pen – key rings, whistles, chopsticks – you name it – if it’s Eskesen, we love it.
  • We love pens with objects in them – gemstones, seeds, rivets, Guatemalan trouble dolls, human embryos – all welcome here!
  •  Non-English language pens – we have a lot of fun using Google Translate to try to investigate their background. We also love Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic language pens.
  • Food brands, drink brands, medical brands, fashion brands, beauty brands, any brands!
  • London pens – you’d think that living here, we’d have them all wouldn’t you? Well many pens were produced in the 50 years before we became collectors, so if you have any we’d love them.
  • We don’t collect Tip and Strips, unless they mention a particular place, or are advertising a particular brand, or are very old. We do, however, have a few for trade, so if they are your thing, then please have a look.
  • Any other Eskesen pens not referred to above!

How our trade pen listing works:

  • All the pens shown on this page are available to trade.
  • We prefer to trade on a 1:1 basis (unless otherwise stated).
  • We store all our trade pens carefully to avoid bubbles and scratches.
  • The pens shown use the images and references from our main collection, but the pens available for trade will not be the exact pen, and may be a different barrel colour, or style. For example: The pen in our collection may be a blue digital C-clip, but the duplicate may be a yellow Photoramic key-chain.
  • We will always send you a detailed image of the front and back of the pen that we propose to trade, so that everything is clear and that you are happy.
  •  We will always point out any defects, such as bubbles or scratches, or missing bits.
  •  There is no limit to the number of pens that we will trade in one transaction – the more the better, but we always use trackable mail.
  • Some pens that we trade are not Eskesen – we are always really clear when this is the case.
  • Just tell us the pen reference number of the pens that you want, and we’ll send you the images of the actual trade pens.

More pens: