The lip glosses

Floaty lip glosses – whatever next?

Balmshell Lipgloss – Ah…the classic

(Pen 227, Drawer 54) This is a story of the little black dress. An essential part of any woman’s wardrobe.  In this illustration, a woman is admiring herself in a mirror while she is wearing the classic black dress. She looks stunningly beautiful. When it is turned upside down, the barrel fills with silver sparkles, highlighting her classic look.

Balmshell Lipgloss – Selfridges special edition

(Pen 228, Drawer 54) This is the story of the day Susan went into Selfridges in London to buy a new lipgloss. She was totally flabbergasted to find a display of lipglosses that looked suspiciously like they had floaty pen type sections attached. A little research later, and Susan was able to confirm that these were indeed genuine Eskesen attachments. Floaty pen collecting doesn’t get better than this (obviously they’re not pens, but welcome to our world!)

Balmshell Lipgloss – Darling you look fabulous

(Pen 229, Drawer 54) This is the story of how a BALMSHELL prepares for a night out on the town. The illustration starts out with a woman who is standing wrapped in her favorite plush terry cloth towel.  She then slides behind a changing screen and when she comes out, she is dressed and ready. She looks into the mirror and thinks to herself, “Darling…you look fabulous!”

Balmshell lipgloss – Shopaholic

(Pen 1325, Drawer 54) This is the story of a woman who has an addiction to shopping. She slides into a boutique just to pick up a few small things. When she slides out of the store, the doorman is carrying all of her parcels.

Balmshell lipgloss – Sleep in Beauty

(Pen 1806, Drawer 54) This is the story of a BALMSHELL’s beauty sleep. As the scene turns from night to day this BALMSHELL’s rest continues.

Balmshell lipgloss – Hair apy

(Pen 1807, Drawer 54) This is the story of the idea that a woman’s hair stylist is her therapist. It starts with a woman who has roots and is looking and feeling dull. Then the dream team that consists of a hairstylist, a colourist and a make up artist slides over her “before look” to reveal the “after look” at the salon. Her hair is done and she is glowing from ear to ear, looking and feeling incredible. True BALMSHELL therapy!

Balmshell lipgloss – Weekend in the Hamptons

(Pen 1808, Drawer 54) This is the story of a typical summer weekend for a BALMSHELL living in New York City. Two women in their business suits slide behind a sign that has an arrow pointing west saying, “The City” and another arrow pointing east saying “The Beach.” When they slide out from behind the sign, they are on a beach in their bikinis.

Balmshell lipgloss – Confessions of a call girl

(Pen 1809, Drawer 54) This is the story of a Balmshell’s favourite pastime: Gossiping with a girlfriend. Two women are talking on the phone, one is relaxing on her bed, and the other os lounging by the pool. A talk bubble filled with juicy gossip slides back and forthbetween them

Balmshell lipgloss – Curse of the purse

(Pen 1810, Drawer 54) This is the story of an epidemic affecting Balmshell’s all over the world. The curse that purses have on women. In this illustration a woman who appears to be lustfully drawn to the man of her dreams, actually passes right by him and goes to a store window.  In the window is not the man but the purse of her dreams.

Balmshell lipgloss – Beach patrol

(Pen 1811, Drawer 54) This is the story of a beautiful brunette Balmshell who is patrolling an incredible beachfront down south. Peering through her binoculars she scans the beach, checking out all the “eye candy”.

Balmshell lipgloss – You give me fever

(Pen 1812, Drawer 54) This is the story of lust at first sight. It is a close up of a woman at a bar. In the background there is a guy who is winking at her. When the lip-gloss is tilted, her cheeks and the hearts beside her head fill with pink as she blushes and flirts back.

Balmshell lipgloss – Yummy Mummy

(Pen 1813, Drawer 54) This is the story of the BALMSHELL mummy. As she strolls past the shrub in the park she catches the eye of many admirers at the café. It is then revealed that she is indeed a “Yummy Mummy.”

Balmshell lipgloss – Shoe fetish

(Pen 1814, Drawer 54) This is the story of a woman with a shoe obsession. Her closet is filled with shoes, leaving only a small section for her clothes. As she slides back and forth trying to decide what shoes to wear, her equally shoe-obsessed companion, Jimmy Chew Chew (her miniature terrier), is chewing on one of her stilettos.

Balmshell lipgloss – Wilderness girl

(Pen 1995, Drawer 54) This is the story of a Balmshell who knows how to rough it in the wilderness. She is in a canoe with her boyfriend. As he does all the paddling, she’s relaxing with her legs up and talking on her cell phone. A real trooper!

Balmshell lipgloss – That’s so 80sl

(Pen 1996, Drawer 54) This is the story

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