Advertising floaties

If you want to sell something – let it float, you know it makes sense!

Metro, toothbrush

(Pen 1337, Drawer 87) Because we read it every morning over somebody’s shoulder on the tube! Westminster City Council estimated that free newspapers made up a quarter of all rubbish in the West End

.T..Mobile…MDA III

(Pen 1365, Drawer 134)

Elman Wall Travel Team

(Pen 22, Drawer 87) The best accountants in the world (we’re probably a bit biased)

Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP

(Pen 24, Drawer 134)


(Pen 26, Drawer 134)

Your Mon£y (Marks and Spencers)

(Pen 1542, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1563, Drawer 106)

Ebay Live!

(Pen 1567, Drawer 106) Chicago 08

Liquid Gaviscon

(Pen 1582, Drawer 104)

Hewlett Packard

(Pen 23, Drawer 134)

Philips energy saving lamp

(Pen 27, Drawer 42)

Sammen gor vi en forskel!

(Pen 390, Drawer 22)


(Pen 625, Drawer 104)


(Pen 16, Drawer 41) This actually came from the desk of Anna Wintour (really long story)


(Pen 1327, Drawer 87) You deserve it!

Lady Protector+

(Pen 1331, Drawer 87) Always smooth, and no nicks!

Duracell Powercheck

(Pen 1334, Drawer 42) Yes, this keyring is working at full power

Ted Baker, London

(Pen 1341, Drawer 112) Phenomenal Style

Nido Student Living

(Pen 1351, Drawer 87) Come and study in London, our buses are red!


(Pen 1375, Drawer 74) The floaty pen factory!

UPS Euroservice

(Pen 1401, Drawer 100) By truck or by train, in a gift set


(Pen 1404, Drawer 87) He’s been painting this pen for years, but doesn’t seem to get anywhere

The Prostate Cancer Charity

(Pen 1442, Drawer 104) Amazing charity pen – the man floats up through the pen and somehow loses all his clothes! Thanks to Marks and Spencers for another great floaty pen and supporting another great cause

De Eerste LIM – lift in Europa werkt bij

(Pen 1451, Drawer 42) Apparently, LIM means Linear Induction Motor


(Pen 1592, Drawer 104) Cute little puppy in a pen.

London Lite

(Pen 1597, Drawer 106) Westminster City Council estimated that free newspapers made up a quarter of all rubbish in the West End – I still miss it being around to turn my nose up at!

NGK Spark Plug

(Pen 28, Drawer 42)

Ted Baker, Shed your layers

(Pen 1658, Drawer 112) Dean what an amazing pen! Thank you

Ted Baker – Hot to Trot

(Pen 1712, Drawer 112) Thanks Candida Hilton, I hear Russell practically whipped it out of your hand when he first met you! You have the coolest name.

Find a way to say yes

(Pen 1732, Drawer 112) Yes lives in the land of No!

Philips Tanning

(Pen 29, Drawer 42)


(Pen 30, Drawer 134) State of the art…but a little bit retro

Baskin Robbins

(Pen 1302, Drawer 100)

Floradix mit Eisen

(Pen 34, Drawer 104) Our floaty

You don’t know Jack – Jetzt fur Playstation

(Pen 1364, Drawer 42) Die quiz show zwischen wissen und Wahnwitz


(Pen 1603, Drawer 106)

Bliv Donor

(Pen 35, Drawer 104)


(Pen 36, Drawer 104)

Pipram 400

(Pen 37, Drawer 104)

HIT type II?

(Pen 38, Drawer 104)

B.D. Iv Cannulae

(Pen 39, Drawer 104)

Suprax Tablets

(Pen 40, Drawer 104)

Prandin tablets

(Pen 41, Drawer 104)


(Pen 42, Drawer 104)

Norvasc (amlodipine besylate)

(Pen 43, Drawer 104)

ArthriSoothe Gold

(Pen 44, Drawer 104)

United Airlines

(Pen 49, Drawer 59)


(Pen 50, Drawer 59) Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling floaty pen commerce around the globe.

Autobedrijf Hammers B.V

(Pen 52, Drawer 107) Our first floaty keyring. A wonderful promotion for a Skoda garage.

Esso extra motor oil

(Pen 53, Drawer 20) Probably our oldest and most valuable pen! Purchased at Clignancourt flea markets in Paris, and valued by that nice David Battie from The Antiques Roadshow.

Citroen C3

(Pen 55, Drawer 107) The Citroën C3 is a versatile supermini that is full of technology and oozes charm and style from every angle.


(Pen 57, Drawer 107)

ABC News

(Pen 787, Drawer 134)

Qatar Airways

(Pen 1108, Drawer 88)

Dr Reddys

(Pen 1109, Drawer 104)

Sebacil pour-on

(Pen 1721, Drawer 104) If you need some icky chemicals to pour on your pigs, you know where to go!


(Pen 1112, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1271, Drawer 41)

Scanket – punch

(Pen 1272, Drawer 41)

Scanket – cog

(Pen 1273, Drawer 41)


(Pen 1289, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1290, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1292, Drawer 100)

Duracell (real)

(Pen 1293, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1294, Drawer 100)

Infinity Sound Systems

(Pen 31, Drawer 134)

Shell (delivery)

(Pen 1303, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1296, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1297, Drawer 100)

Kia Motors

(Pen 1298, Drawer 100)

Dr. Oetker

(Pen 1299, Drawer 100)

Mortalin Rat Poison

(Pen 1, Drawer 87) A bit of a dark one – poor ratty looks like he’s had it.

Roux hair color

(Pen 2, Drawer 20) One of our oldest and most prized pens. The lady’s hair changes from blonde to brunette

CIC Banque Cial

(Pen 3, Drawer 87) A nice glittery bank

GSD&M Idea City

(Pen 4, Drawer 41) They put as much passion into making a difference for their communities as they do for their clients

Rheingold Institut

(Pen 5, Drawer 41) They look beyond the obvious! Their journeys into the consumer psyche uncover the secrets behind the scenes of the purchase stage that drive perceptions and behavior. Rheingold was founded over 20 years ago in Cologne, Germany. Today, it is one of the most successful international qualitative research institutes worldwide.


(Pen 6, Drawer 41)

Assurances Maghrebia

(Pen 7, Drawer 41) Founded in 1973, this Tunisian insurance and reinsurance company, is dedicated for the insurance and financial protection of its individual, professional and “business” customers.

Demurger & Cie

(Pen 8, Drawer 20) A little bit warped, but it’s a very old dip-stick


(Pen 9, Drawer 87)

DBI Plastics

(Pen 10, Drawer 41)


(Pen 11, Drawer 41)

Stella McCartney – Blooper

(Pen 12, Drawer 41) The blooper is on the back – it says yentraCcM alletS


(Pen 13, Drawer 41)

Stella McCartney

(Pen 14, Drawer 41)

International Council of Shopping Centres

(Pen 15, Drawer 41)

Fuji film

(Pen 17, Drawer 41)

Imagine the possibilities

(Pen 18, Drawer 87)

Wittelbol, Miranda’s company

(Pen 19, Drawer 41)

Debra S Gregory Realtor

(Pen 20, Drawer 87)


(Pen 21, Drawer 41)


(Pen 25, Drawer 42) A trade with Jean-Yves “Mobile Kommunikation neu Definiert!”

Artema Anesthesia

(Pen 32, Drawer 104)

Endort La Douleur

(Pen 33, Drawer 104)

Fina service station

(Pen 45, Drawer 20) A bit bubbly

Plasser and Theurer

(Pen 46, Drawer 59) “High capacity, Precision, Reliability”

Travel and tourism (no writing)

(Pen 47, Drawer 59)


(Pen 48, Drawer 59) The way we work is as important as the goals we achieve.


(Pen 51, Drawer 59) You can be sure of Shell


(Pen 56, Drawer 59)

Transportation inc

(Pen 58, Drawer 59)

Casa Brutus Design

(Pen 178, Drawer 78) Design Groovisions – a lovely conceal/reveal from Japan – different lights appear as the pen is tilted

LeToTur – Greek property

(Pen 457, Drawer 41)

Target (dog)

(Pen 1035, Drawer 87)


(Pen 1059, Drawer 106)

aktiv risikostyring

(Pen 1238, Drawer 104)

(Pen 1275, Drawer 42) Danish ISP


(Pen 1277, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1278, Drawer 59)

I.C. Nielsen and Son

(Pen 1279, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1280, Drawer 42)

Orange Counties Credit Union

(Pen 1559, Drawer 87)

skibby rejser

(Pen 1259, Drawer 59)

Sunrise Medical

(Pen 1340, Drawer 104) Take a day out on a mobility scooter into the countryside.

Scan Modul System

(Pen 1350, Drawer 104) Bringing the scan directly to the patient.

Honda, Die Neue Fireblade

(Pen 1367, Drawer 107) The power of dreams

Fountain Pen Hospital

(Pen 1406, Drawer 87) The showcase of fine writing instruments

Happy Easter from Martini Auctions

(Pen 1413, Drawer 87) And Happy Easter to you too, Regina!


(Pen 1502, Drawer 87)


(Pen 1540, Drawer 59)


(Pen 1546, Drawer 104)

Hawkeye Breeders Service inc

(Pen 1562, Drawer 104)

Aida, Das clubschiff

(Pen 1566, Drawer 59)


(Pen 1568, Drawer 78)

50 Years PSI

(Pen 1570, Drawer 106) Dusseldorf


(Pen 1572, Drawer 104)


(Pen 1573, Drawer 106) Value in partnership

Your next promotional pen

(Pen 1575, Drawer 74)

Ahmanson Biological Imaging Center

(Pen 1576, Drawer 104) UCLA health

jay-cee sales & rivet inc

(Pen 1578, Drawer 43) The quality rivet people

agnitio – IMPACT

(Pen 1581, Drawer 106)

Bridal flower divas

(Pen 1583, Drawer 106)


(Pen 1584, Drawer 106)

Frisian Flag Milk Products

(Pen 1585, Drawer 106) Frisian Flag provides Indonesian consumers of all ages with high-quality dairy products. A popular drink containing sweetened condensed milk as an ingredient is soda gembira: soda water mixed with Frisian Flag milk. But no matter how you drink it, Frisian Flag means enjoying all the goodness that milk has to offer.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class

(Pen 1586, Drawer 107)

Nutricia Nutridrink protein

(Pen 1589, Drawer 46)

Temesta, yellow

(Pen 1590, Drawer 104) Lorazepam is a high potency benzodiazepine drug which has all five intrinsic benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant. Lorazepam is used for the short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, acute seizures including status epilepticus and sedation of hospitalised patients, as well as sedation of aggressive patients

Temesta, red

(Pen 1591, Drawer 104) Lorazepam is a high potency benzodiazepine drug which has all five intrinsic benzodiazepine effects: anxiolytic, amnesic, sedative/hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant. Lorazepam is used for the short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, acute seizures including status epilepticus and sedation of hospitalised patients, as well as sedation of aggressive patients


(Pen 1593, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1595, Drawer 107) The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a light van produced by Mercedes-Benz in Vitoria, Spain. From the name of the city Vitoria came the name Vito. The name was also derived from an exemplary, long-standing employee, Vito Rosenstein. Vito’s dedication to the company resulted in an unusually high accolade.

Parfumerie francaise

(Pen 1596, Drawer 106) …so astronauts can look well groomed in space!

Frisko, Iglo

(Pen 1599, Drawer 106) Iglo is one of the umbrella brands of the frozen-foods business of Unilever, used mainly in Europe. In the UK, it is known as Birds Eye, and in Italy as Findus. In 2006, Unilever announced the divestiture of most of its frozen foods business, meaning that the Iglo brand will be sold to private equity fund Permira.

Schneider Electric

(Pen 1602, Drawer 42) With more than 100,000 employees in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric leverages its people diversity as a strength to understand its customers and the world we are living in. In 2009, 34% of Schneider Electric’s sales were in new economies such as Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Supreme, the home of NYC skate culture

(Pen 1630, Drawer 106) Thanks Mand, this pen is Mega!


(Pen 1674, Drawer 107)

Soren Qwist

(Pen 1680, Drawer 106) serving the events industry

(Pen 1681, Drawer 106)

ISPP Groupe Esc Rouen

(Pen 1682, Drawer 106)

(Pen 1683, Drawer 106)

msm Ski

(Pen 1685, Drawer 106) Warren Miller (right person at desk)

(Pen 1700, Drawer 106) (left person at desk)

(Pen 1701, Drawer 106)

Ready to Serve

(Pen 1716, Drawer 106) I daren’t tell you what the bull on the right does when he goes over to the cow on the left

Windows ME

(Pen 1717, Drawer 90) A little clunky – a bit like a certain operating system?


(Pen 1718, Drawer 47)

Mercedes-Benz World

(Pen 1725, Drawer 117) I am very lucky to have Rob Ritson as a colleague – just look at this amazing pen he bought us.


(Pen 1731, Drawer 104) A skin patch for overactive bladder


(Pen 1739, Drawer 106)

Friis Optik

(Pen 1752, Drawer 111) See 1759!

Google (Plain)

(Pen 1756, Drawer 134) It’s Google – plain and simple!

Skousen (different back)

(Pen 1757, Drawer 42)

Soro Special Optik

(Pen 1759, Drawer 111) See 1752!

Elman Wall Audit Tax Advisory

(Pen 1772, Drawer 112) Once again, a floaty pen from the best accountants in the world


(Pen 1773, Drawer 113)


(Pen 1774, Drawer 46) A la pulpe d’orange

Clearwater Harbor Realty inc.

(Pen 1777, Drawer 112) Imagination makes the difference


(Pen 1778, Drawer 112) Los Gatos

(Pen 1779, Drawer 112) Fast and easy

Tuca Body Art Ball (dark with wings)

(Pen 1780, Drawer 78)

Tuca Body Art Ball (light with crown)

(Pen 1781, Drawer 78)

AAI Shadow 200

(Pen 1782, Drawer 107)


(Pen 1783, Drawer 107) Mixing business with leather since 1983!

Goldberg Samson

(Pen 1785, Drawer 112) “You have questions. Our lawyers have answers!


(Pen 1786, Drawer 112) and

AAI Aerosonde

(Pen 1787, Drawer 107)

Google Geo Education

(Pen 1788, Drawer 134)

Andale Ready Mix Central inc.

(Pen 1790, Drawer 107)

Baker Hughes

(Pen 1791, Drawer 107) Focus on the resevoir SPE 2008

Oregonr Rfid

(Pen 1793, Drawer 134)

Life is a merry-go-round

(Pen 1794, Drawer 112) “It always has its ups and downs” Running Horse Studio (Restore your hair and glass eyes!!!)


(Pen 1796, Drawer 106) You can find this fabulous mermaid at

The Sweetshop

(Pen 1797, Drawer 78) If you do pay them a visit, don’t expect any pear drops or Kola cubes!

Hershey’s GSS

(Pen 1799, Drawer 112) Possibilities, not boundaries


(Pen 1800, Drawer 42) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s superIT guy!

SMART 529,

(Pen 1802, Drawer 112) Here in the UK we have enjoyed free education for all – sadly, with the introduction of tuition fees, this sort of company will soon be needed over here.

XRDS Exposed

(Pen 1803, Drawer 112) Eeek, this is a very scarey pen!

ING (Renaul F1 Team)

(Pen 1850, Drawer 112)

100% GM Free

(Pen 1855, Drawer 112) How cheeky! This fella’s trousers come down to reveal an organic carrot!

Ted Baker

(Pen 1859, Drawer 112)


(Pen 1871, Drawer 87)

12 Weeks

(Pen 1876, Drawer 78)


(Pen 1916, Drawer 107)

Window Gard

(Pen 1924, Drawer 112) Safety & Sun BV


(Pen 1925, Drawer 112) The floater in this pen is well and truly stuck.We would love to know what image would be revealed if it worked properly – any ideas? Let us know

Brown Boveri Verkehrstechnik

(Pen 1926, Drawer 107) It’s something to do with trains

(Pen 1927, Drawer 112) Mmmmm – butchers

(Pen 1930, Drawer 112) Badeenten mit ihrem Werbeaufdruck – you can have these printed to your design from 100 pieces

Nederland Leet Met Water

(Pen 1932, Drawer 112) The object floating in this pen is actually in the shape of The Netherlands. Not the bubble – that is actually bubble shaped.


(Pen 1934, Drawer 112) Het natuurlijke genieten


(Pen 1936, Drawer 100) Thank you Miranda for this floaty lighter – yes the scan is rubbish, but the case does not match the pen, and there is a small issue of the lighter mechanism stuck to the floater which prevents a snug fit on the scanner.

Union Investment

(Pen 1971, Drawer 112) A wonderful gift from the extremely talented Daniela Diemer in Switzerland. A great pen form a great lady.

Ted Baker, Ted Baker London

(Pen 1999, Drawer 112) A nice bit of pen topiary and a black London cab

UTD Menvoeder

(Pen 2075, Drawer 112) I think this is some sort of Dutch animal feed company. From what I can make out via Google Translate and Wikipedia this company merged many years ago into a much larger feed manufacturer.

Baby Bio The five drop difference

(Pen 2129, Drawer 112) The floater in this pen is stuck – I like to imagine that the fluid floats from the bottle and a thriving healthy plant appears

Tui – Fly & more, hier steckt mehr drin!

(Pen 2130, Drawer 107) A very clever pen, that has to be seen moving to be appreciated. It really gets you in the holiday spirit, although if I were sat in a plane, and could see another plane so close, I think I would be a bit nervous.

Aero Sekur

(Pen 2150, Drawer 107) Aero Sekur is a specialist supplier of safety systems to the global aerospace and defence markets. The pen illustrates this by showing them helping Santa Claus to descend safely into a chimney – amazing!

Espumisan easy – Efektyvi ir greita pagalba puciant pilva!

(Pen 2151, Drawer 111) According to Google Translate this pen is in Lithuanian and the product offers “A quick and effective help blowing belly!”

Eurovit D-vitamin – Mindenkiner szuksege van!

(Pen 2152, Drawer 111) Google thinks this may be Hungarian – any ideas? It’s still a lovely sunny pen

Kyocera Hydro

(Pen 2153, Drawer 134) A waterproof smartphone – submersed in a floaty pen, but still going strong

(Pen 2154, Drawer 132) From what I can tell this is some sort of apprenticeship scheme in Denmark. The pen depicts a skinny apprentice who floats past many hazards, including being shot at with a flame thrower

Purina Friskies

(Pen 2155, Drawer 132) If our cats, Boo Boo and Yo-Yo, could only get into this pen! Yumm


(Pen 2156, Drawer 111) A very pretty pen for Elleste hormone replacement therapy tablets – such a sweet feminine pen

Mobilcom debitel, wie schlau ist das denn?

(Pen 2158, Drawer 42) How clever is that? These men mean business, better not mess with them!

Coupe, Hyundai, Prepare to want one

(Pen 2159, Drawer 107) This pen contains a simple message – the Hyundai Coupe is a babe magnet.


(Pen 2160, Drawer 132) Beautiful beautiful rainbow paint, available from these Danish paint people.

Three cheers for 21 years, Ted Baker, London

(Pen 2164, Drawer 132) Ted Baker really are producing some amazing pens – they are the most frequently requested pens from our collection (we don’t have any spares). They can’t be doing the brand any harm either.

It’s a pig pen!! ’93 Designs by Lisa

(Pen 2165, Drawer 62) Two exclamation marks!

GRV2241, Groovisions chappie

(Pen 2166, Drawer 130) This is a character by a Tokyo based design studio. When you tip the pen his clothes become black – groovy!

Lee Space Adventures

(Pen 2167, Drawer 132) The jeans are out there

Fabuland (fire truck)

(Pen 2173, Drawer 132) The cat, in full firefighter uniform, drives the fire truck to make sure fires don’t stand a chance in Lego Fabuland

Fabuland (trash lorry)

(Pen 2176, Drawer 132) The crow drives the trash lorry to keep everything spick and span in Lego Fabuland

Lever Industrial 030-456911

(Pen 2177, Drawer 132) I can’t find much about this company – the telephone number is an old Berlin number


(Pen 2187, Drawer 107) This pen was a trade with the wonderful Welsh pen collector, Dorothy Bater in August 2014, shortly before our trip to Munich. A week later Russell had not yet seen this pen, as I had not had time to catalogue it before our trip. On our first full day in Munich we meet up in our hotel room after a hard day of floaty pen hunting. Imagine my embarassment when Russell was so proud to have found this pen at the BMW museum, with NO idea that we had acquired it a week before.

Duvel Belgium Beer

(Pen 2195, Drawer 105) Another Wesco-style pen that we bought direct at the brewery in Bruges, Belgium. The tiny balls represent the froth on the beer, and the bubble is intentional in the design. There is a really nice company crest printed on the barrel


(Pen 2204, Drawer 43) Russell popped into an antique market in London on his lunch hour, and this is the result. It contains one of the the most unusual objects in all our collection. It appears to be a fishing hook with some sort of fly attached. Mustad is the best- selling hook-brand on the planet and has a presence in more than 160 countries, and an amazing promotional pen!


(Pen 2218, Drawer 16) Russell was so happy to find this pen at BMW World in Munich. I was laid up in our hotel room with a bad cold. He hadn’t noticed that it was a weird stubby style, and definetely not an Eskesen. Despite my bad throat, and how difficult it was for me to speak, I had to break the news to him.

Old Navy Clothing Company

(Pen 2363, Drawer 112)

Royal Dutch Airlines

(Pen 2380, Drawer 132)

Well-Fair (bus)

(Pen 2381, Drawer 132)


(Pen 2383, Drawer 132)

AA Driving School

(Pen 2384, Drawer 132)

Bergwerk “Glukauf” Sondershausen

(Pen 2389, Drawer 132) The Good Luck potash plant

Kurs Kiel

(Pen 2390, Drawer 103) The only reference to this pen that I can find is on Miranda’s database – translating from Dutch to English, it would appear that this is a German pen, with smoked salmon swimming in it!

Well-Fair (bed)

(Pen 2391, Drawer 132)

MTV Load

(Pen 2393, Drawer 132) Fertislised with Motorola

Remax, Margie Bryant

(Pen 2402, Drawer 147) Margie floats over towards house to post SOLD sign.

Rebecca Handler Photography

(Pen 2404, Drawer 132) A wonderful retro-coloured orange – a beach ball floats between these near naked sun worshippers

MainJoy Unlimited, Inc.

(Pen 2405, Drawer 147) A rooster chases a hen out of the barn

Visual Apparel

(Pen 2406, Drawer 132) An advertising pen in the tradition of the old ‘Tip ‘n’ Strip’

Ted Baker red bus

(Pen 2417, Drawer 19) The ubiquitous red bus floats past the ubiquitous red phone box, but this time, there is a lovely green and tranquil scene behind with London’s iconic skyline shown in silhouette in the distance.

Taxi, Bernard Carant/Paris

(Pen 2460, Drawer 107)

1906 2006

(Pen 2555, Drawer 111)

Pennenverzamelaars Vereniging Nederland 1993-2008

(Pen 2556, Drawer 131)

ACC akut 600mg Z

(Pen 2557, Drawer 111)

Votum plus

(Pen 2558, Drawer 111)

The Mercedes Benz Viano

(Pen 2559, Drawer 107) “The best place for heroes”

Die Seenotretter

(Pen 2560, Drawer 130)

(Pen 2561, Drawer 132)

bodytravel: Reise in den Körper

(Pen 2563, Drawer 130)

(Pen 2564, Drawer 103) Call them on 03987-20840


(Pen 2566, Drawer 113)

Laboratoire Dermatologique Bioderma

(Pen 2569, Drawer 111) Nice printing directly onto clip – Sebium AKN

Xelevia Velmetia

(Pen 2570, Drawer 111)

Mysterious Saudi pen (I can’t read the font)

(Pen 2571, Drawer 107)

Springtime Dairy Products

(Pen 2573, Drawer 113)

Trental (Japanese)

(Pen 2576, Drawer 111)

SNO Phenicol eye drops

(Pen 2578, Drawer 111)


(Pen 2583, Drawer 51)


(Pen 2586, Drawer 121)

Algo gyógyszercsalád vadonatúj klasszikusok sanofi aventis

(Pen 2587, Drawer 111)

Well-Fair Relax

(Pen 2590, Drawer 111)

(Pen 2592, Drawer 132)

Toyota (sewing machinery)

(Pen 2595, Drawer 132)

Van Leeuwen Buizen

(Pen 2600, Drawer 132)

Arriveer Senioren Reizen

(Pen 2607, Drawer 132)


(Pen 2624, Drawer 147) To treat high blood pressure

ING (transparent pen with transport)

(Pen 2627, Drawer 107)

(Pen 2675, Drawer 146) The Dutch low cost airline

Your Quality Carries to Romania, Tarom

(Pen 2684, Drawer 88)

(Pen 2691, Drawer 134)


(Pen 2692, Drawer 116) Antigua

Exforge, (amlodipine and valsartan) Tablets

(Pen 2698, Drawer 111) This product contains 2 medications: amlodipine and valsartan. They both work by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker and valsartan is an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB).

Mitsubishi Electric Imaging Products

(Pen 2712, Drawer 134) (Brown van)

(Pen 2713, Drawer 107) New York-London-Paris-Munich, Everybody talk about M Pop Muzik, Pop Muzik – If you can remember the 80’s you weren’t there! This lovely pen shows UPS will take your stuff around the world.

Aktren Spezial

(Pen 2714, Drawer 111)

Holland Kaascentrum, Ook bij u op de markt! 30 jaar!

(Pen 2719, Drawer 47) Mmmm cheese!

Kruse Domal

(Pen 2720, Drawer 107)

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