The favourites

All floaty pens are special – these pens below are extra special…

The Last Supper

(Pen 186, Drawer 60) The bread and wine float between these thirteen famous diners. Yes people, this is the ACTUAL pen that was used in the Bond film No Time to Die – Long story which we will tell in due course

Ben and Jerrys

(Pen 555, Drawer 47) All the way from Vermont, and they’re not melted yet!

Cadbury World

(Pen 556, Drawer 47) Mmmm! Chocolate and a floaty pen combined – a BIG thank you to Marcus and Antonia Dante for finding this for us.

SPAM So good its gone

(Pen 558, Drawer 47) Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite…mmm!

Chiquita banana

(Pen 560, Drawer 47) A sweet and mellow yellow pen

Heinz Ketchup

(Pen 566, Drawer 48) Tip the pen and the ketchup pours over those yummy fries.


(Pen 653, Drawer 65) A gorgeous glittery pen – filled with everything you need for a wonderful Chanukah -including dreidel, latkes and Chanukah geld!

Venezia, Doges Palace

(Pen 681, Drawer 26) Our very first floater! The gondola floats in front of famous Venice landmarks. I can taste the ice cream just by looking at this one.

Goal, Cholesterol treatment

(Pen 695, Drawer 27) If only cholesterol was as easy to control as tipping up a pen…


(Pen 710, Drawer 63) This pen is simply crawling with little beasties.

Magic name – Russ

(Pen 813, Drawer 58) Genuine Eskesen from about 1970’s. Float reveals name when tilted.

Magic name clicker – Susan

(Pen 814, Drawer 58) Genuine Eskesen from about 1970’s. Float reveals name when tilted.

Amsterdam Red Light District

(Pen 823, Drawer 119) Too saucy for this page! The red curtain floats to reveal two peepshows. Very naughty!

Mickey Mouse – floating

(Pen 946, Drawer 20) Hey Mickey! He’s so fine!


(Pen 950, Drawer 20) 6 Up was not enough. We went one louder.

The Shuttleworth Collection

(Pen 1000, Drawer 82) Our first true ‘drive-by.’ Russell lets me out at the entrance, I blag my way into the museum shop without paying an entrance fee, purchase the pen and come out, all within the time it takes Russell to turn the car around, and we’re off. Sorry I can’t tell you anything about this museum – we weren’t there long enough!

Seattle Space Needle, Gift Set

(Pen 1177, Drawer 91) To find one 50 year old pen is amazing, but to find two, and still in their original box…

Minnesota Knitters’ Guild

(Pen 790, Drawer 57) It’s not the group existing that amazes me, it is the fact that they are big enough, and well organised enough to produce a floaty pen – good on them!


(Pen 16, Drawer 41) This actually came from the desk of Anna Wintour (really long story)

Elman Wall Travel Team

(Pen 22, Drawer 87) The best accountants in the world (we’re probably a bit biased)


(Pen 1292, Drawer 100)

Liberace Museum (hands)

(Pen 77, Drawer 124) Bejewelled hands float up and down tickleing those ivories! Even more cool about this pen is that it is a ‘blooper’ – The hands have been put on upside down – how cool is that?

Tate Surrealism

(Pen 174, Drawer 60) This is a truly surrealistic pen. The Tate Modern is shown in the background, with a giant lobster floating in the foreground. Floaty pens just don’t get any better than this!

Red Jasper

(Pen 621, Drawer 76) Not semi precious – to us its VERY precious

Only Fools and Horses

(Pen 272, Drawer 71) You plonker Rodney!

CN Tower – Old

(Pen 323, Drawer 9) Our first vintage pen. It was a present from Katy who bought it at an antique shop in Brighton. It has most of its liquid missing. The elevator does not actually float. We date it at about 1970. Definitely a favourite.

Nescafe – Romanian

(Pen 453, Drawer 46) With special thanks to Andreea Sarpe for translating this. It actually says: “Nescafe -Try it! – You will be amazed!” On the back it says “Essence of good coffee!” If we’re ever in Bucharest, then we know how to ask for a cup of coffee.

Mamma Mia

(Pen 534, Drawer 86) With its shiny metallic body, it’s a real Super Trouper


(Pen 549, Drawer 75) Our first pen won at auction. It is dated 1989. Batman slides up and down, chasing after his car, with his cape billowing in the background.


(Pen 1332, Drawer 47) At last – we have this pen! Thanks to Martini Auctions!

M&M’s (clear)

(Pen 1333, Drawer 47) Just like pen 1328, but they’ve eaten the background!

Goldstar Israeli beer

(Pen 1363, Drawer 46) Magniiiiv!

Old egg timer

(Pen 1400, Drawer 20) Amazing old pen – still working

Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States

(Pen 1418, Drawer 85) A tiny Barack that I can keep in my pocket

Michelle Obama, First Lady

(Pen 1419, Drawer 85) As glamarous as the lady herself

The Prostate Cancer Charity

(Pen 1442, Drawer 104) Amazing charity pen – the man floats up through the pen and somehow loses all his clothes! Thanks to Marks and Spencers for another great floaty pen and supporting another great cause

Franz Kafka

(Pen 2094, Drawer 51) The wonderful Ann-Marie bought us this back from Prague – We LOVE this pen – what a find, an instant favourite! Thank you.

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