Floaty pen museum

All the ancient pens – on display in one place – many warped, faded or just dried up

Roux hair color
One of our oldest and most prized pens. The lady’s hair changes from blonde to brunette (Pen 2, Drawer 20)

Demurger & Cie
A little bit warped, but it’s a very old dip-stick (Pen 8, Drawer 20)

Fina service station
A bit bubbly (Pen 45, Drawer 20)

Esso extra motor oil
Probably our oldest and most valuable pen! Purchased at Clignancourt flea markets in Paris, and valued by that nice David Battie from The Antiques Roadshow. (Pen 53, Drawer 20)

S S Canberra
I have very fond memories of cruising on this ship when I was 10 years old, long before my floaty obsession began. I was sad to hear that it had been sold for scrap in 1997. You can imagine my delight to see this souvenir pen come up for Auction on Ebay. The ship floats from Dover, via Athens and Istanbul, to the Pyramids of Egypt. Slightly worryingly, the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ wobble a little when the pen is tilted! (Pen 248, Drawer 55)

Monte Toledo – Aznar Line
It’s so old, the water has faded away, and the boat floats in the air! (Pen 250, Drawer 55)

British Columbia Sportsmans paradise
…If you like killing things! (Pen 299, Drawer 20)

Butchant Gardens
Another very old and faded pen. The people look like they have floated right out of the 1950’s. (Pen 304, Drawer 20)

Toronto City Hall
The Mountie floats along this modern cityscape in this lovely orange-barelled pen. Whoever owned it before must have enjoyed nibbleing the cap! (Pen 324, Drawer 20)

Niagara Falls
An amazingly old and faded pen. (Pen 330, Drawer 20)

Mickey Mouse – floating
Hey Mickey! He’s so fine! (Pen 946, Drawer 20)

6 Up was not enough. We went one louder. (Pen 950, Drawer 20)

Seattle Space Needle, Gift Set
To find one 50 year old pen is amazing, but to find two, and still in their original box… (Pen 1177, Drawer 91)

Chelsea Football Club
The Pensioners! (Pen 744, Drawer 20)

Piccadilly Circus (V old)
It hasn’t changed a bit. (Pen 760, Drawer 20)

PTT Telecommunicatie
It’s for you… (Pen 830, Drawer 20)

Space Needle (600), pencil
(Pen 922, Drawer 91)

Space Needle World Fair
(Pen 923, Drawer 91)

CN Tower – Old
Our first vintage pen. It was a present from Katy who bought it at an antique shop in Brighton. It has most of its liquid missing. The elevator does not actually float. We date it at about 1970. Definitely a favourite. (Pen 323, Drawer 9)

They could only fit one in this keyring – the other six are out there somewhere. (Pen 954, Drawer 20)

I love San Francisco
From the days when San Francisco was really hip. (Pen 1141, Drawer 109)

Tip and Strip, ancient lady
As a rule, we don’t collect the Tip N Strips, but this one is so charming! (Pen 1174, Drawer 20)

America’s first rapid transport monorail, World Fair, Seattle 1962
(Pen 1175, Drawer 91)

Seattle World’s Fair 1962
(Pen 1176, Drawer 91)

Lincolnshires Lancaster
From the late Graham Jacob’s collection – we don’t know how it was damaged, but it’s very old, and we love it! (Pen 1194, Drawer 82)

The Little Mirmaid
(Pen 1200, Drawer 23)

hohenluftkurort saalbach
There’s an eidelweiss, so we must be in Austria (Pen 1257, Drawer 20)

Souvenir from Folkstone
(Pen 1306, Drawer 99)

Souvenir from the Isle of Wight
Beautiful 1950’s car on a summer’s day (Pen 1318, Drawer 99)

Goldstar Israeli beer
Magniiiiv! (Pen 1363, Drawer 46)

Old egg timer
Amazing old pen – still working (Pen 1400, Drawer 20)

London Airport
The lovely people at Oxfam in Hessle contacted me about this pen and matching box. London Airport was renamed Heathrow in 1966, so that helps to date the pen. The box is amazing! (Pen 1714, Drawer 20)

New York Rangers
(Pen 2006, Drawer 66)

Piggie Walt Disney Productions
(Pen 2008, Drawer 43)

Post Office Tower
An historic pen of the Post Office Tower, London, before it became the Telecom Tower, before it became the BT Tower. And it comes in an amazing presentation box, just like pen 1714 – Katy, you are amazing! (Pen 2399, Drawer 20)

Souvenir of London Airport
(Pen 2632, Drawer 20)