Big boats

Floating floaters – Russell’s favourite category

Queen Elizabeth 2 – London
(Pen 246, Drawer 55)

RMS Titanic (new background)
(Pen 239, Drawer 55)

Rhapsody of the Seas
(Pen 1081, Drawer 55)

The Baltic Shipping Company, Leningrad, USSR
Mikhail Lermontov M/S (Pen 1321, Drawer 55)

Vision of the seas
(Pen 259, Drawer 55)

Royal Yacht Brittannia
(Pen 240, Drawer 55)

MS “Kong Harald” (Norway)
(Pen 892, Drawer 101)

Fährschiff Deutschland
Found at The Braderie de Lille. This translates as ‘ferryboat Germany’ (Pen 1830, Drawer 101)

The Queen Mary
A gift, all the way from Long Beach California, from the amazing Susie Shaw and her fabulous family. The whole family searched for floaters while they were on their ‘trip of a lifetime’ around California – see also pen number 2032 (Pen 2033, Drawer 122)

DFDS Seaways
(Pen 241, Drawer 101)

Groeten MS Regina Rheine
(Pen 242, Drawer 55)

Crown Dynasty
(Pen 243, Drawer 55)

RMS Titanic
(Pen 244, Drawer 55)

USS Pampanito SS383
(Pen 245, Drawer 82)

M S Seawing
(Pen 247, Drawer 55)

S S Canberra
I have very fond memories of cruising on this ship when I was 10 years old, long before my floaty obsession began. I was sad to hear that it had been sold for scrap in 1997. You can imagine my delight to see this souvenir pen come up for Auction on Ebay. The ship floats from Dover, via Athens and Istanbul, to the Pyramids of Egypt. Slightly worryingly, the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ wobble a little when the pen is tilted! (Pen 248, Drawer 55)

Condor Ferries
A big floaty thank you to Jonathan. (Pen 249, Drawer 101)

Monte Toledo – Aznar Line
It’s so old, the water has faded away, and the boat floats in the air! (Pen 250, Drawer 55)

(Pen 251, Drawer 101)

Costa Classica
(Pen 252, Drawer 55)

Queen Elizabeth 2 – USA
(Pen 253, Drawer 55)

Queen Elizabeth 2
(Pen 254, Drawer 55)

(Pen 255, Drawer 55)

Costa Romantica
(Pen 256, Drawer 55)

(Pen 257, Drawer 55)

(Pen 258, Drawer 55)

HMS Belfast
(Pen 260, Drawer 55)

Scillonian III, Isles of Scilly
(Pen 1008, Drawer 55)

(Pen 1082, Drawer 55)

The Mary Rose
(Pen 1102, Drawer 55)

Mersey ferries
(Pen 975, Drawer 101)

Mersey ferries (Red back)
(Pen 1184, Drawer 101)

Gedser – Travemunde Ruten
(Pen 1186, Drawer 55)

Condor Ferries, newer
(Pen 1270, Drawer 101)

P&O Stena Line (sunset)
(Pen 1358, Drawer 101)

P&O Stena Line
From England to France, and back again! (Pen 1361, Drawer 55)

Pirate ship
A bit of a puzzle this one – a sailing ship, a desert island, and skulls on the back. (Pen 1379, Drawer 57)

M/S Angelina Lauro
(Pen 1396, Drawer 55)

P&O European Ferries
(Pen 1405, Drawer 101)

Hurtigruten, MS Finnmarken
Norwegian passenger and freight line with daily sailings along Norway’s spectacular western and northern coast. The 11 day trip has been described as the “World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage.” (Pen 1446, Drawer 101)

Hurtigruten, MS Trollfjord
They’ve named this ship after the fjord where the Trolls live! (Pen 1447, Drawer 101)

Hurtigruten, MS Richard With
With what? (Pen 1454, Drawer 101)

Wakerom – Ede (Pen 1455, Drawer 87)

(Pen 1466, Drawer 101)

Asuka II
(Pen 1480, Drawer 55)

M.P.S. Ursula
(Pen 1481, Drawer 55)

St Thomas V.I
(Pen 1482, Drawer 55)

Norwegian Epic
A great gift from Jonathan Wall! (Pen 1623, Drawer 101)

Celebrity Century
Big thanks to Dean for this great pen! (Pen 1624, Drawer 101)

Queen Mary 2
Geoff and Tessa returned from New York on this glorious ocean liner – I would love to do the journey myself, but after our last cruise, I suspect this pen is as close as we will get! (Pen 1711, Drawer 55)

P&O Ferries
Gift from Tim Hennah (ABTOF conference) (Pen 1713, Drawer 101)

Brittany Ferries
Purchased by Russell Eisen at ABTOF (Pen 1715, Drawer 101)

(Pen 1724, Drawer 101)

Mette and Maren Mols
(Pen 1749, Drawer 101)

MS Sunward II, Norwegian Caribean Lines
Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing! (Pen 1819, Drawer 101)
Thanks Jennifer, another cracker! (Pen 1992, Drawer 122)

Norwegian Dream
Another cruise ship, another exotic location (Pen 2003, Drawer 122)

R.M.S. Titanic
Jonathan, we love this, thank you! (Pen 2009, Drawer 122)

Song of Norway Royal Caribbean
(Pen 2022, Drawer 122)

Groeten M.S. Solaris
(Pen 2056, Drawer 122)

M.S.J. Henry Dunant
Named after Jean Henri Dunant, winner of the first Nobel peace prize (Pen 2072, Drawer 122)

HMS Victory 1765
A gift from the father of the lovely Sarah, who works with Russell. He bought it at Greenwich Museum in London – Yes LONDON, where we have lived for over ten years – why have we never visited this place? (Pen 2118, Drawer 122)

Cutty Sark
(Pen 2191, Drawer 122)

Song Of America, Royal Caribbean
(Pen 2317, Drawer 122)

The Royal Yacht Britannia
(Pen 2376, Drawer 122)

MS Baltica
(Pen 2382, Drawer 122)

USS Constitution Boston
We were in Boston in the Great Snow blizzard of February 2015, when most of the shops and Museums were closed. Luckily, the wonderful Sarah at Elman Wall went there a couple of months later and got us this beautiful pen. (Pen 2407, Drawer 124)

Stena Line
(Pen 2461, Drawer 122)

(Pen 2462, Drawer 122)

Townsend Thoresen Car Ferries
(Pen 2565, Drawer 122)

Enjoy your travel with sealink
(Pen 2623, Drawer 122)

FFF, Fast Flying Ferries
(Pen 2625, Drawer 122)

A big thanks to Citycruises for this pen – we love it! (Pen 2642, Drawer 122)

M.S. Prinses Juliana
We think named after the late Juliana Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Pen 2710, Drawer 122)