America and Canada

All the pens from America and Canada

Kennedy – I need my space

(Pen 128, Drawer 1)

Kennedy – Lets do Launch

(Pen 129, Drawer 1)

Dolphins, Miami Beach

(Pen 157, Drawer 1) Intelligent, curious, playful mammals – and that’s just Russell and I – the dolphins are pretty smart too!

Manatee, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 158, Drawer 1) We were not lucky enough to see a manatee for ourselves – perhaps becuase we kept singing Weebl’s Dugong song – do look it up, it is very catchy!

Orca, Miami Beach

(Pen 159, Drawer 1)

Seahorses, Miami Beach

(Pen 160, Drawer 1)

Alligator Beach Club

(Pen 161, Drawer 1)

Florida – Crocodile

(Pen 162, Drawer 1)

Florida – Dolphin

(Pen 163, Drawer 1) Quite an unusual pen – The lower part of the barrel has a transaprent blue front and back image. The dolphin appears to be leaping out of the water. He will happily perform his trick all day without the need for any fish treats!

Florida’s great

(Pen 164, Drawer 1) Says the cute parrot on the back panel. The floater is a stunning red parrot – we have never seen a real parrot float!

Alligators, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 165, Drawer 1) This pen uses the old ‘rear and front scenes identical’ method to show the alligator from both sides

Fish, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 166, Drawer 1) A great pen – the last one in the shop! We didn’t actually go into the aquarium – we just persuaded some nice staff to let us into the gift shop. Would definitely recommend a full visit.

Ladybugs, Miami Beach

(Pen 167, Drawer 1)

Seahorses, Miami Seaquarium

(Pen 168, Drawer 1) Seahorses – lots of them – unfortunately one on the floating panel is missing part of his head.

Key West Conch Tour Train

(Pen 169, Drawer 1) Key West is one of the jolliest places we have ever visited – this lovely pen was a bonus!

Florida – experience the serenity

(Pen 170, Drawer 1) To experience he serenity of Florida, go a few miles out to sea!

Sawgrass recreation park

(Pen 171, Drawer 1)

Alligator Beach Club – Florida

(Pen 1612, Drawer 1) A lovely gift from Yasin Khandwalla from his trip with his family to USA

Flagler museum, Palm Beach, Florida

(Pen 1805, Drawer 1)

9/11 remembrance

(Pen 856, Drawer 2) We shall never forget! The image is in the same colours as a dollar bill.

King Kong NYC

(Pen 857, Drawer 2) An amazing present from Mandi. It’s King Kong up a skyscraper. We love it!

Statue of Liberty – flag

(Pen 859, Drawer 2)

New York (Big Apple)

(Pen 860, Drawer 2)

New York Big Apple

(Pen 861, Drawer 2)

New York Hot Dog

(Pen 862, Drawer 2)

New York Statue of Liberty

(Pen 863, Drawer 2)

New York City The Big Apple

(Pen 864, Drawer 2)

New York (with black bear)

(Pen 865, Drawer 2)

New York Circle Line Ferry

(Pen 866, Drawer 2)

New York NYPD

(Pen 867, Drawer 2)

New York Subway

(Pen 868, Drawer 2)

New York Taxi – facing left

(Pen 869, Drawer 2)

Kingston Trolley Museum, NY

(Pen 870, Drawer 2)

I love New York

(Pen 871, Drawer 2)

New York Police – facing right

(Pen 872, Drawer 2)


(Pen 1072, Drawer 2)

Empire State Building

(Pen 1111, Drawer 2)

New York, Empire State

(Pen 1322, Drawer 2) King Kong and the Empire State Building – an iconic pen

American Museum of Natural History

(Pen 1564, Drawer 2)

Buffalo New York

(Pen 1661, Drawer 2)


(Pen 1727, Drawer 2)

New York’s Chinatown

(Pen 1845, Drawer 2)

Seattle, flowers

(Pen 899, Drawer 3)

Seattle – night

(Pen 900, Drawer 3)

Archie McPhee

(Pen 901, Drawer 3)

Husky Fever

(Pen 902, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Seattle

(Pen 903, Drawer 3)

Heart Seattle

(Pen 904, Drawer 3)

Seattle Millennium

(Pen 905, Drawer 3)

Underground tours

(Pen 906, Drawer 3)

Seattle, City

(Pen 907, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Washington

(Pen 908, Drawer 3)

Waterfront Trolley

(Pen 909, Drawer 3)

Seattle fireworks

(Pen 910, Drawer 3)

Seattle (apple apple)

(Pen 1118, Drawer 3)

Seattle Orca

(Pen 1122, Drawer 3)

Seattle Skyline

(Pen 1123, Drawer 3)

Seattle (wind)

(Pen 1132, Drawer 3)

Seattle (pen 998 with left cloud missing)

(Pen 1133, Drawer 3)

Seattle, Washington, a scenic adventure

(Pen 1134, Drawer 3)

What are you laughing at?

(Pen 1690, Drawer 3) From KUOW 94.9 Seattle and npr

Seattle’s Chinatown

(Pen 1844, Drawer 3)

Pike Place Market (farmers market)

(Pen 911, Drawer 4)

Pike Place Market (fish)

(Pen 912, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (umberella)

(Pen 913, Drawer 4)

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

(Pen 914, Drawer 4)


(Pen 915, Drawer 4)

Curtis Jenny

(Pen 916, Drawer 4)

First in flight

(Pen 917, Drawer 4)

Flying Fortress

(Pen 918, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (600)

(Pen 919, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (605usa)

(Pen 920, Drawer 4)

Space Needle (605wa)

(Pen 921, Drawer 4)

Smith Tower

(Pen 924, Drawer 4)

GM2008 SAM

(Pen 1120, Drawer 4)

Pike Place Market, Seattle

(Pen 1125, Drawer 4)

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, Seattle

(Pen 1126, Drawer 4)

Seattle, Space Needle, see through

(Pen 1127, Drawer 4)

Pike Place Market, Seattle (Farmers market)

(Pen 1131, Drawer 4)

It’s a pirate’s life for me!

(Pen 1135, Drawer 4)

Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

(Pen 2020, Drawer 4)

Canada – Two ducks

(Pen 313, Drawer 7)

Canada – Bear

(Pen 314, Drawer 7)

Canada – Beaver (genuine)

(Pen 315, Drawer 7)

Canada – Caribou

(Pen 316, Drawer 7)

Canada – Horses

(Pen 317, Drawer 7)

Canada – one duck

(Pen 318, Drawer 7)

Canada – Stag

(Pen 319, Drawer 7)

Canada – Two geese

(Pen 320, Drawer 7)


(Pen 321, Drawer 7)

Canada (with plane)

(Pen 1665, Drawer 7)

Canada (Moose)

(Pen 2010, Drawer 7) Beautiful Canadian scenery and a couple of moose

British Columbia – bear

(Pen 297, Drawer 8)

British Columbia – duck

(Pen 298, Drawer 8) A dark but elegant pen. A duck glides behind the reeds in the foreground.

Waterton Lakes National Park

(Pen 300, Drawer 8)

Jasper National Park

(Pen 301, Drawer 8)

British Columbia glitter

(Pen 302, Drawer 8)

Calgary glitter

(Pen 303, Drawer 8)

BC Museum of Mining

(Pen 306, Drawer 8)

Queen of Saanich

(Pen 307, Drawer 8)

Victoria, BC

(Pen 308, Drawer 8) Looks suspiciously like London, even the BC parliament building in the background looks like Harrods when it is lit up at night.

Perth County Thrives in 2005

(Pen 309, Drawer 8)

Columbia Icefield

(Pen 310, Drawer 8)

Jasper Tramway

(Pen 311, Drawer 8)

Maligne Lake

(Pen 312, Drawer 8)


(Pen 1129, Drawer 8)

Mount Rundle, Banff

(Pen 1160, Drawer 8)

The Tallyho and Parliamint Buildings, Victoria BC

(Pen 1669, Drawer 8) Not the same Tally Ho as the famous corner in Finchly, North London

Lake Louise Alberta

(Pen 1723, Drawer 8)


(Pen 2023, Drawer 8) A fabulous pen showing the Ogopogo monster in the beautiful Okanagan lake – The name “ogopogo” originates from a 1924 English music hall song called “The Ogo-Pogo: The Funny Fox-Trot”, by Cumberland Clark and Mark Strong. The cover was said to portray “a boot-wearing, antenna-sporting, banjo-playing, pixie-like monster from Hindustan” – all far removed indeed from Canada’s serpentiform cryptid. Nevertheless, it was this very sheet music that had originated one of the most familiar of all modern-day cryptid nicknames (until then, the Lake Okanagan monster had been known only as the naitaka – a traditional native American name given to it by the local Okanakane tribe).

Greetings from Newfoundland

(Pen 67, Drawer 9)

Montréal, Canada

(Pen 322, Drawer 9)

Manitoba Museum

(Pen 325, Drawer 9)

Perce Gaspesie Quebec

(Pen 326, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower – New

(Pen 327, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – plane

(Pen 328, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – The Forks

(Pen 329, Drawer 9)

Montreal – Olympic Tower

(Pen 332, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower at night

(Pen 333, Drawer 9)

CN Tower at night (Narrower lift and non metalic)

(Pen 334, Drawer 9)

CN Tower – Old

(Pen 323, Drawer 9) Our first vintage pen. It was a present from Katy who bought it at an antique shop in Brighton. It has most of its liquid missing. The elevator does not actually float. We date it at about 1970. Definitely a favourite.

L’oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

(Pen 1164, Drawer 9)

Niagara Falls (with red water)

(Pen 1667, Drawer 9)

Sainre-Anne De Beaupre Quebec – Canada

(Pen 1670, Drawer 9)

Vancouver Aquarium

(Pen 335, Drawer 10) They are now selling the more modern ‘twist and click’ style at the aquarium – this is a discontinued design, bought from a downtown shop.

Vancouver Aquarium – Marine Science

(Pen 336, Drawer 10)


(Pen 337, Drawer 10)

I’d rather be golfing

(Pen 338, Drawer 10)

Gas Town

(Pen 339, Drawer 10)

Gas Town with maple leaves

(Pen 340, Drawer 10)

Canada Place

(Pen 341, Drawer 10) What is that thing to the left? – a balloon? A firework? a seal cub? Not up to the usual Eskesen quality.

Granville Island

(Pen 342, Drawer 10) We LOVE the market on Granville Island – in fact it is a secret fantacy of Susan’s to be locked in there overnight with free access to all the stalls!

Land of the Totems

(Pen 343, Drawer 10) A wonderful pen. A canoe of first nation people rows by a village, with a colourful totem in the foreground.

Prospect Point

(Pen 344, Drawer 10) Totem poles in the foreground, mountains in the background, and a tram in the middle – just like being there!

Sea Bus

(Pen 345, Drawer 10) We used this service a couple of times. The view of Vancouver from the sea-bus is stunning.

Sky Train

(Pen 346, Drawer 10) We took the Sky Train several times during our visits to Vancouver. It was very smooth and slick – a bit like this pen!

Souvenir of Vancouver

(Pen 347, Drawer 10) A nice simple souvenir pen. A bridge in the foreground, a cityscape in the background, and a ship gliding back and forth in-between.

Super Sky ride

(Pen 348, Drawer 10) There is a lot of detail in the background, and not much in the foreground.

Vancouver BC Canada

(Pen 349, Drawer 10)

Vancouver (with maple leaves)

(Pen 1117, Drawer 10)

Vancouver Canada

(Pen 1121, Drawer 10)

Vancouver, Canada

(Pen 1124, Drawer 10)

Vancouver, heart

(Pen 1128, Drawer 10)

Vancouver, Orca

(Pen 1130, Drawer 10)

Vancouver, Canada (Inukshuk)

(Pen 1403, Drawer 10) Not an official Olympic pen, but the Inukshuk is now synonamous with the Vancouver 2010 – we are very happy to have this pen!

Canada Place (no fireworks or leaves)

(Pen 1668, Drawer 10)

Sky Train, Vancouver BC

(Pen 2007, Drawer 10)

British Columbia Sportsmans paradise

(Pen 299, Drawer 20) …If you like killing things!

Butchant Gardens

(Pen 304, Drawer 20) Another very old and faded pen. The people look like they have floated right out of the 1950’s.

Toronto City Hall

(Pen 324, Drawer 20) The Mountie floats along this modern cityscape in this lovely orange-barelled pen. Whoever owned it before must have enjoyed nibbleing the cap!

Niagara Falls

(Pen 330, Drawer 20) An amazingly old and faded pen.

Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

(Pen 68, Drawer 31)

Get Involved – Old Dominion

(Pen 80, Drawer 31)

Museum of our National Heritage

(Pen 81, Drawer 31)


(Pen 82, Drawer 31)

Olympic Torch

(Pen 88, Drawer 31) This shows a runner carrying the torch from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

Stockbridge – main st remembered

(Pen 99, Drawer 31)

Catskill Corners

(Pen 117, Drawer 31)

Chattanooga Choo Choo

(Pen 118, Drawer 31)

Inclined Plane

(Pen 122, Drawer 31)

Mid America Science Museum

(Pen 124, Drawer 31)

Trolley station and museum

(Pen 126, Drawer 31)

Smithsonian Institution

(Pen 127, Drawer 31) *A gift from the manufacturer* Our first ‘Twist and click’ with the slanted top, a groovy translucent green barrel, and a Trekkie float gliding across the Universe.

Airbourne and special ops museum

(Pen 130, Drawer 31)

Bog people, Carnegie Museum

(Pen 939, Drawer 31)

Baltimore-annapolis hash house harriers

(Pen 1056, Drawer 31)

Hog Heaven

(Pen 1092, Drawer 31)

Nashville Tennessee

(Pen 1163, Drawer 31)

Reptile Gardens Black Hill, South Dakota

(Pen 1662, Drawer 31)

Atlanta 1996 (high jump)

(Pen 1686, Drawer 31)

Atlanta 1996 (baseball)

(Pen 1687, Drawer 31)


(Pen 1710, Drawer 31)

Colorado ranch

(Pen 62, Drawer 33)

Washington – mountain

(Pen 64, Drawer 33)

Washington sea

(Pen 65, Drawer 33)

Alaska puffin

(Pen 66, Drawer 33)

Mount St Helens – tree

(Pen 75, Drawer 33)

Mount St Helens

(Pen 76, Drawer 33)

Bellingham Ferry

(Pen 96, Drawer 33)

Idaho lorry

(Pen 97, Drawer 33)

Alaska the last frontier

(Pen 113, Drawer 33)

Shoshone Ice Caves, Idaho

(Pen 427, Drawer 33)


(Pen 1080, Drawer 33)

Multnomah Falls

(Pen 1087, Drawer 33)

Washigton (State)

(Pen 1137, Drawer 33)


(Pen 1178, Drawer 33)

Yellowstone Park

(Pen 1673, Drawer 33) A great big old brown bear

Art at work

(Pen 1792, Drawer 33) November 2007

Follow me to Texas

(Pen 63, Drawer 34)

New Mexico

(Pen 71, Drawer 34)


(Pen 78, Drawer 34)

Las Vegas – Cards

(Pen 84, Drawer 34)

Salt Lake City

(Pen 91, Drawer 34) A gift from the manufacturer. Our first pen in a new translucent barrel colour.

Biosphere 2 Oracle Arizona

(Pen 93, Drawer 34)

Las Vegas showgirl

(Pen 95, Drawer 34)

Grand Canyon (on horseback)

(Pen 101, Drawer 34)

Ruby’s Inn, Utah

(Pen 103, Drawer 34)

Liberace Museum (car)

(Pen 109, Drawer 34) Liberace’s OTT car floating between two candellabras, slightly spoiled by a small bubble, but more than made up for by the reverse panel which is beautiful.


(Pen 116, Drawer 34)

Blackjack – Los Angeles

(Pen 783, Drawer 34)

Southwest Charm

(Pen 1031, Drawer 34)

I muled Grand Canyon

(Pen 1089, Drawer 34)


(Pen 1456, Drawer 34) Wow, we’ve struck lucky with this pen

Carnaval- USA

(Pen 1477, Drawer 34)

Houston, Texas

(Pen 1613, Drawer 34) A lovely gift from Yasin Khandwalla from his trip with his family to USA

Runnin’ in the sun

(Pen 1741, Drawer 34)

Cactus County Arizona

(Pen 1842, Drawer 34)

California desert

(Pen 131, Drawer 35) An evil looking snake floats towards a cute horse – somebody save him!

California redwoods

(Pen 132, Drawer 35) A Bambi looking creature seems to be floating through these weird woods. I wonder if he is looking for his mother?


(Pen 133, Drawer 35) Mmm? What is going on here? A little furry beaver type creature is floating on his back – there is some sort of old church in the background – I must do more research. Isn’t Monterey where the cheese comes from?

Monterey CA

(Pen 134, Drawer 35) Another Monterey pen, another furry beaver like creature and no cheese in sight – must do more research!

San Diego – Killer whale

(Pen 135, Drawer 35) Very colourful – we are not sure why Sandiego is shown with a radioactive horizon, but is sure looks pretty!

Pacific Park – Santa Monica Pier

(Pen 136, Drawer 35) A gorgous bold colourful pen – the floating seahorse floats amonst the bubbles and seaweed.

San Diego

(Pen 137, Drawer 35)

Los Angeles California

(Pen 138, Drawer 35)

California – beach

(Pen 141, Drawer 35)

California Golden State

(Pen 142, Drawer 35) A lovely sunny floaty pen. The genetically modified orange riding on the truck is a little worrying!

Edwards AFB

(Pen 143, Drawer 35) “Home of the Space Shuttle”


(Pen 144, Drawer 35) Really pretty pen – a steamboat paddles past a mini whitehouse type building – I must do some research.

San Diego – Aeroplane

(Pen 145, Drawer 35) Very colourful – we are not sure why Sandiego is shown with a radioactive horizon, but is sure looks pretty!

The Skunk Trains

(Pen 146, Drawer 35) I am not sure why skunks need their own trains.

Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive

(Pen 147, Drawer 35) A very swanky silver car floats along a vintage image of Rodeo Drive.

Hollywood biplane

(Pen 153, Drawer 35)

Beverly Hills white limo

(Pen 154, Drawer 35)

Hollywood black limo

(Pen 156, Drawer 35)


(Pen 1168, Drawer 35)

Solvang, Danish capital of America

(Pen 1397, Drawer 35) America?

The Getty Center

(Pen 1678, Drawer 35)

Yosemite National Park

(Pen 1824, Drawer 35) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

Solvang, Danish capital of America (Carlsberg beer band wagon)

(Pen 1846, Drawer 35)

Disneyland, Walt Disney Productions

(Pen 1395, Drawer 44)

The missionaries of California

(Pen 661, Drawer 65) Thanks to Regina for this explanation: “Around the time the US was founded on the East Coast, the Spanish were settling the West Coast. Father Sera walked most of the length of California, founding 21 mission churches about a day’s walk apart along what we call El Camino Royal. These were set up to convert the natives. There’s been a big stink about Father Sera’s proposed sainthood lately because, you know, the missionaries weren’t very nice about conversions. Anyway, there are these big wonderful colonial churches which are now in various states of repair. Every school child in California has to do a Mission Project on a mission of his or her choice.”

Houston Museum of Science

(Pen 1538, Drawer 67)

Maid of the mist (Chinese)

(Pen 1049, Drawer 70)

Universal Studios, Florida

(Pen 1822, Drawer 75) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

Air Force Academy Colorado

(Pen 1852, Drawer 82)

Cincinnati Zoo

(Pen 69, Drawer 83)

Science Museum Minnesota

(Pen 72, Drawer 83)

Chicago – heart

(Pen 74, Drawer 83)

Chicago Academy of Science

(Pen 79, Drawer 83)


(Pen 83, Drawer 83)

Chicago the windy city

(Pen 85, Drawer 83)

Mark Twain’s Hannible, Missouri

(Pen 114, Drawer 83)

Sears Tower 1454ft Chicago, Illinois

(Pen 115, Drawer 83)

Henry Ford Museum

(Pen 121, Drawer 83)

Chicago, the windy city

(Pen 1078, Drawer 83)

Chicago – waterfront

(Pen 1079, Drawer 83)

Buckingham Fountain

(Pen 1086, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1088, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1116, Drawer 83)

Navy Pier Chicago

(Pen 1157, Drawer 83)

Minnesota, Land of 1,000 lakes

(Pen 1158, Drawer 83)

Adirondack Museum

(Pen 1494, Drawer 83)

Cherokee Trading Post

(Pen 1496, Drawer 83)

Great Smoky Mountains

(Pen 1500, Drawer 83)

James A.Michener Art Museum

(Pen 1699, Drawer 83)


(Pen 1702, Drawer 83)

Cleveland Rocks

(Pen 1704, Drawer 83)

Chicago, water tower

(Pen 1840, Drawer 83)

Chicago, Take the EL Train!

(Pen 1843, Drawer 83)

Boston Tea Party Ship

(Pen 73, Drawer 84) A great present from Audrey. The tea chests drop overboard down to the sea bed. Now we will have to brush up on our American history

History of America-Civil War

(Pen 86, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Moon

(Pen 87, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

Soil Moisture Experiments 2005

(Pen 94, Drawer 84)

History of America-Mayflower

(Pen 105, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Motor

(Pen 106, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-Washington

(Pen 107, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

History of America-West

(Pen 108, Drawer 84) Including The Mayflower, Wagons westwards, Crossing the Delaware, The Civil War, America gets motorised, and First American on the moon.

US Astronaut hall of fame

(Pen 111, Drawer 84) A trade with Jean-Yves* A groovy space shuttle takes off, and then floats right back down into its starting position.

Main Street USA – Route 66

(Pen 123, Drawer 84)

Touch down USA Space Shuttle Landing

(Pen 125, Drawer 84)

Adventures in space

(Pen 139, Drawer 84) “Manned Mobility Unit” Cooool!

America – Land of the Free

(Pen 1068, Drawer 84)

October 20th 1977 6.42pm

(Pen 1497, Drawer 84)

East meets West

(Pen 1501, Drawer 84)

San Fransisco Cable Car

(Pen 148, Drawer 89)

The Golden Gate

(Pen 149, Drawer 89)

San Fransisco (Yacht)

(Pen 152, Drawer 89)

San Francisco

(Pen 1090, Drawer 89)

San Francisco – where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars

(Pen 1091, Drawer 89)

San Francisco’s a zoo

(Pen 1138, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (Cab)

(Pen 1139, Drawer 89)

Aquarium of the Bay

(Pen 1140, Drawer 89)

San Francisco, Oakland Bay Bridge

(Pen 1142, Drawer 89)

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

(Pen 1143, Drawer 89) A huge thank you to Cat, this pen is totally gorgeous! It really captures the San Francisco mist!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

(Pen 1144, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (heart)

(Pen 1145, Drawer 89)


(Pen 1146, Drawer 89)

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (pink)

(Pen 1148, Drawer 89)

The Crookedest Street in the World

(Pen 1149, Drawer 89)

San Francisco (cable car)

(Pen 1150, Drawer 89)

San Francisco, glitter

(Pen 1151, Drawer 89)

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco – newer

(Pen 1320, Drawer 89) (Different scale and transparent bridge)

Seattle Space Needle, Gift Set

(Pen 1177, Drawer 91) To find one 50 year old pen is amazing, but to find two, and still in their original box…

Space Needle (600), pencil

(Pen 922, Drawer 91)

Space Needle World Fair

(Pen 923, Drawer 91)

America’s first rapid transport monorail, World Fair, Seattle 1962

(Pen 1175, Drawer 91)

Seattle World’s Fair 1962

(Pen 1176, Drawer 91)


(Pen 89, Drawer 97) *A trade with Jean-Yves* The lovely Hula girls float behind the palm trees swaying in the foreground.

Aloha Hawaii – hang loose

(Pen 92, Drawer 97)

Hang Loose – Aloha Hawaii

(Pen 1084, Drawer 97)

ABC stores Hawaii

(Pen 1304, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Hawaii – surfboarder

(Pen 1307, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Hawaii – Hula girls – newer

(Pen 1310, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Volcano Hawaii

(Pen 1311, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

ABC Stores Hawaii (map)

(Pen 1313, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Aloha from Hawaii – sunset

(Pen 1316, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Aloha Hawaii

(Pen 1319, Drawer 97) Another great present from Naomi!

Aloha from Hawaii

(Pen 1499, Drawer 97)

Aloha from Kauai

(Pen 1672, Drawer 97) Hello from the oldest Hawaiian island

Aloha from Hawaii (three girls on right)

(Pen 1820, Drawer 97) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Aloah from Hawaii (like pen 1672 Kauai)

(Pen 1821, Drawer 97) Jennifer, your floaty pen scouting is amazing!

Niagara Falls – Rainbow

(Pen 331, Drawer 100)

Remember 9/11

(Pen 858, Drawer 100)

Seattle Space Needle

(Pen 1288, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1407, Drawer 100) Are those oranges driving that car?

BC Ferries

(Pen 305, Drawer 101) We took this ferry over to Vancouver Island. Luckily the sea life was not on the same relative scale!

Alcatraz Federal Penetentiary Swim Team

(Pen 140, Drawer 109) It looks like they are escaping – but don’t worry, the sharks are floating across to bring them back.

San Fransisco (Helicopter)

(Pen 151, Drawer 109)

I love San Francisco

(Pen 1141, Drawer 109) From the days when San Francisco was really hip.

Flying over Goden Gate Bridge

(Pen 1147, Drawer 109)

San Francisco’s a zoo (narrow font on back)

(Pen 1314, Drawer 109) Another great present from Naomi!

Alcatraz Island

(Pen 1495, Drawer 109)

Pigeon Forge

(Pen 1750, Drawer 109)

Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge

(Pen 1839, Drawer 109)

Charleston, S.C., Rainbow Row

(Pen 1841, Drawer 109)

Charlotte North Carolina

(Pen 1847, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (male back)

(Pen 1892, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (male hand on bum)

(Pen 1893, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (female 2 piece)

(Pen 1894, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (female blonde)

(Pen 1895, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (liner – old)

(Pen 1908, Drawer 109) The pen was in a sorry state, and the shop owner tried to give it to us for free – of course as his whole shop was in a sorry state, we wanted to give him something. We then proceeded to enter into a bidding war, where we were doing the bidding up!

Puerto Rico (liner)

(Pen 1909, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (turtle)

(Pen 1910, Drawer 109)

Puerto Rico (dinghy)

(Pen 1911, Drawer 109)

Atlanta Georgia

(Pen 1939, Drawer 109)

Mojave Max

(Pen 2001, Drawer 109) “I am Mojave Max, and I have been very busy since I became the Spokestortoise for the Clark County Desert Conservation Program  in 1995. I have been telling people about native species, what they can do to protect their local environments, and how to safely enjoy nature!”

Las Vegas, non metallic

(Pen 2014, Drawer 109) Very similar to pen 95, but is non-metallic and the purple in the older pen has been substituted for pink in the newer one

Juneau, Alaska, cruise ship

(Pen 2015, Drawer 109) We were lucky we didn’t see any bears the size of a cruise ship while we were there!

Juneau, Alaska

(Pen 2016, Drawer 109) The bears look so cuddly in this pen

World’s only Corn Palace Mitchell – so. Dakota

(Pen 2018, Drawer 109) The Corn Palace is a multi-purpose arena located in South Dakota. The Moorish Revival building is decorated with crop art, the murals and designs covering the building are made from corn and other grains. It is a popular tourist destination, visited by more than 500,000 people each year. The Corn Palace is celebrated with the Corn Palace Festival. Other popular annual events include the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in July and the Corn Palace Polka Festival in September.

The Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

(Pen 2021, Drawer 109) A fun show for all the family

The Royal Gorge and world’s highest bridge

(Pen 2025, Drawer 109) An amazing bridge near Cañon City, Colorado. Tragically the bridge was devastated by fire in June 2013, and it is not know when it will re-open. I hope they didn’t lose any floaty pen stock from the souvenir shop

Monterey, California. (back panel askew)

(Pen 2026, Drawer 109) A very cute otter floats in this pen


(Pen 2038, Drawer 109) Hooray for Hollywood


(Pen 2041, Drawer 109) The Grand Canyon State

Palm Springs California

(Pen 2042, Drawer 109) A fabulous silver chauffer driven car floats towards a very glamorous woman and her dog

International Spy Museum Washington DC

(Pen 2045, Drawer 109) I am not who I say I am. Remember the enemy is listening. Assume nothing!

Hollywood Home of the stars

(Pen 155, Drawer 114)

Miam Beach (female hand on hip)

(Pen 1884, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female hands on head)

(Pen 1885, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male hands on bum)

(Pen 1886, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female 2 piece)

(Pen 1887, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male hands on neck)

(Pen 1888, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male one hand on hip)

(Pen 1889, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (male two hands on hip)

(Pen 1890, Drawer 114)

Miami Beach (female hand on head)

(Pen 1891, Drawer 114)

Miami (dolphin)

(Pen 1896, Drawer 114)

Miami (liner)

(Pen 1897, Drawer 114)

Miami (diver)

(Pen 1898, Drawer 114)

Miami (dinghy)

(Pen 1899, Drawer 114)

Miami (Turtle)

(Pen 1900, Drawer 114)

Florida (flamingo)

(Pen 1905, Drawer 114)

Aligator beach club

(Pen 1906, Drawer 114)

Florida (dolphin)

(Pen 1907, Drawer 114)

City Museum (St Louis)

(Pen 70, Drawer 124)

Grand Canyon

(Pen 90, Drawer 124)

Newport Mansions

(Pen 98, Drawer 124)

New Mexico Route 66

(Pen 104, Drawer 124)

National Toy Train Museum

(Pen 110, Drawer 124)


(Pen 112, Drawer 124)

California State Railroad Museum

(Pen 150, Drawer 124)

Boats, Miami Beach

(Pen 172, Drawer 124)

Liberace Museum (hands)

(Pen 77, Drawer 124) Bejewelled hands float up and down tickleing those ivories! Even more cool about this pen is that it is a ‘blooper’ – The hands have been put on upside down – how cool is that?


(Pen 1703, Drawer 124)

Chicago (glitter)

(Pen 1708, Drawer 124)


(Pen 1709, Drawer 124)

The Ahwahnee, Yosemite, National Park

(Pen 1827, Drawer 124) Part of a very generous gift from the lovely Karol Field

New York

(Pen 2051, Drawer 124) Thanks Sarah, loving both these pens you got us from your trip to the big apple!

Key West lighthouse

(Pen 2053, Drawer 109)

OMSI (The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)

(Pen 2055, Drawer 124) OMSI is home to the U.S. Navy’s last non-nuclear, fast-attack submarine

The Empire State Building New York

(Pen 2058, Drawer 124) Thanks Sarah, loving both these pens you got us from your trip to the big apple!

Atlanta, Georgia

(Pen 2061, Drawer 124) A horse and carriage float past a beautiful old colonial house, with glamarous people enjotying the spacious gardens

Aloha from Maui

(Pen 2062, Drawer 97) A plane floats over the lovely Hawaiian islands

Atlantis Submarines Waikiki Maui Kona Hawaii

(Pen 2079, Drawer 97) Russell would definitely be too scared to swim in this pen! Interestingly, this pen has an identical scene to pen 2080, Marinemuseum Den Helder, 7,300 miles away

Milwaukee Wisconsin

(Pen 2139, Drawer 124)

Saint Louis

(Pen 2142, Drawer 124)

America joins the train age

(Pen 2143, Drawer 124) The DeWitt Clinton of the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad was the first steam locomotive to operate in the state of New York and the fourth built in the United States. The locomotive began operations in 1831. It was named in honour of DeWitt Clinton, the governor of New York State responsible for the Erie Canal, who died in 1828.

New York (hot dog vendor)

(Pen 2146, Drawer 2)

Hawaii – surfers paradise

(Pen 2149, Drawer 97)

100 Years XXVI Olympiad Atlanta 1996

(Pen 2194, Drawer 31)

San Antonio Texas

(Pen 2228, Drawer 136)

Dallas Texas

(Pen 2229, Drawer 136)

Texas the Lone Star State

(Pen 2230, Drawer 136)

Space Center Houston

(Pen 2231, Drawer 136)

Ridin’ the range Texas style

(Pen 2232, Drawer 136)

the house on the rock

(Pen 2233, Drawer 138) This place looks so much fun – we will definitely have to visit, next time we are passing!

Washington our nation’s capital

(Pen 2234, Drawer 115)

Kansas City

(Pen 2235, Drawer 138)


(Pen 2236, Drawer 138)

San Francisco’s Chinatown

(Pen 2238, Drawer 138)

Saint Louis (TWA plane)

(Pen 2239, Drawer 137)

Florida (surfer)

(Pen 2240, Drawer 136)

San Francisco (cab) older

(Pen 2241, Drawer 136) Like pen 1139, but older style of cab

San Francisco cable car

(Pen 2242, Drawer 136) Like pen 1150, but an older photoramic, with tons more detail

Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary Swim Team

(Pen 2243, Drawer 136) Like pen 140 but buildings brown rather than black

Fisherman’s Wharf

(Pen 2244, Drawer 136)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street

(Pen 2245, Drawer 136)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street (bottom row on back panel all in pink)

(Pen 2246, Drawer 136) Like pen 1149, but with much more detail

The crookedest street in the world San Francisco (photoramic)

(Pen 2247, Drawer 136)

San Francisco (sail boats)

(Pen 2248, Drawer 136)

San Jose California

(Pen 2249, Drawer 137)

Monterey Bay Aquarium

(Pen 2250, Drawer 137)

Offical California Earthquake Detector

(Pen 2251, Drawer 137)

Southern California World’s Biggest Parking Lot

(Pen 2252, Drawer 137)

Long Beach California

(Pen 2253, Drawer 137)

Santa Cruz, California

(Pen 2254, Drawer 137)

San Diego (sun bathing and sailing)

(Pen 2255, Drawer 137)

California Cruisin’

(Pen 2256, Drawer 137)

Monterey, California.

(Pen 2257, Drawer 137)

Indianapolis Indiana

(Pen 2262, Drawer 137)

Indianapolis Indiana (race)

(Pen 2263, Drawer 137)

Nashville, Tennessee

(Pen 2264, Drawer 137)

Memphis Tennessee

(Pen 2265, Drawer 137)

Nashville Home of the Good Ole Opry

(Pen 2266, Drawer 137)

Chicago my kind of town

(Pen 2267, Drawer 136)

John G. Shedd Aquarium Chicago-Illinois

(Pen 2268, Drawer 136)

Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo

(Pen 2269, Drawer 136)

Seven Seas Panorama Brookfield Zoo

(Pen 2270, Drawer 136)

O’hare International Airport

(Pen 2271, Drawer 136)

Chicago “The windy city”

(Pen 2272, Drawer 136)

Miniature rock collection Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

(Pen 2273, Drawer 77)

Miniature rock collection Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Illinois

(Pen 2274, Drawer 77)

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

(Pen 2275, Drawer 136)

Chicago (yellow cab)

(Pen 2276, Drawer 136)

John Hancock Center Height 1456ft – Chicago Illinois

(Pen 2277, Drawer 136)

The Oceanarium at Shedd Aquarium Chicago’s ocean by the lake

(Pen 2278, Drawer 136)

Sears Tower Chicago Illinois

(Pen 2279, Drawer 136)

Minnesota, Land of 10,000 lakes

(Pen 2280, Drawer 136)

U.S.S. Constitution Boston

(Pen 2281, Drawer 122)

Boston (sailing)

(Pen 2282, Drawer 136)

Boston (swan boats)

(Pen 2283, Drawer 136)

Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market Boston

(Pen 2284, Drawer 136)

Boston Tea Party Ship, December 16 1773

(Pen 2285, Drawer 136) Similar to pen 73, but non-metallic

Arizona, stagecoach

(Pen 2286, Drawer 136)

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan country

(Pen 2287, Drawer 136)

Queen of the Mall, Minnesota USA

(Pen 2288, Drawer 136)

Puerto Rico (parrots)

(Pen 2289, Drawer 116)

Puerto Rico (sailing)

(Pen 2290, Drawer 116)

Hawaii (canoe at sunset)

(Pen 2291, Drawer 97)

Hawaii (eight hula girls)

(Pen 2292, Drawer 97) Like pen 1310 but back definitely bluer

Aloha Hawaii (fish)

(Pen 2293, Drawer 97)

Hawaii (surfers)

(Pen 2294, Drawer 97)

Casa Loma, Toronto Canada

(Pen 2295, Drawer 9)

Canada (first nations canoe)

(Pen 2296, Drawer 7)

South Carolina

(Pen 2297, Drawer 136)

North Carolina (glitter name)

(Pen 2298, Drawer 136)

North Carolina (fishing)

(Pen 2299, Drawer 136)

North Carolina the Tar Heel state

(Pen 2300, Drawer 136)

North Carolina

(Pen 2301, Drawer 137)

Breckenridge Colorado

(Pen 2302, Drawer 137)


(Pen 2303, Drawer 137)

Pike’s Peak Colorado

(Pen 2304, Drawer 137) The little man is saying “I made it”

Garden of the Gods Colorado

(Pen 2305, Drawer 137)

Air Force Academy Colorado (marching)

(Pen 2306, Drawer 82)

I made it!, Pike’s Peak Colorado 14,110ft

(Pen 2307, Drawer 137)

Cruising St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

(Pen 2311, Drawer 116)

Destination space, Space shuttle launch

(Pen 2312, Drawer 130) Identical front to pen 111

Discovery of the new world, October 1492

(Pen 2313, Drawer 138)

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus discovers America, October 12 1492

(Pen 2314, Drawer 138)

Exploring the future

(Pen 2315, Drawer 130)

It’s a pig pen!!

(Pen 2316, Drawer 62) Like pen 2165, but with more complete door rme on the barn

United Nations (duff piper)

(Pen 2319, Drawer 85) Identical to pen 2124, except in this pen, the piper is playing a bagpipe with only one pipe – I suspect that it has not been cut out properly

Baltimore, Maryland

(Pen 2325, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2326, Drawer 70)

Las vegas (roulette table)

(Pen 2327, Drawer 135)

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History

(Pen 2328, Drawer 135)

Spokane Washington

(Pen 2329, Drawer 135)

National Aquarium in Baltimore

(Pen 2330, Drawer 135)

North American Buffalo

(Pen 2331, Drawer 135)

Atlanta, plane at sunset

(Pen 2332, Drawer 135)

Six flags Great America Shockwave

(Pen 2333, Drawer 135)

New Mexico Land of enchantment

(Pen 2334, Drawer 135)

Eagle River, Wisconsin

(Pen 2335, Drawer 135)

Williamsburg, VA Virginia’s colonial capitol

(Pen 2336, Drawer 135)

Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum

(Pen 2338, Drawer 135)

Wisconsin (mouse and cheese)

(Pen 2339, Drawer 135)

Arkansas is… Hog Heaven

(Pen 2340, Drawer 135) Like pen 1092, but with very different fencing

Lake Geneva Wisconsin

(Pen 2341, Drawer 135)

Denver “the mile high city”

(Pen 2343, Drawer 135)

Land of Lincoln, Springfield Illiois

(Pen 2344, Drawer 85)


(Pen 2345, Drawer 135)

Busch Gardens, Drachen, Fire

(Pen 2346, Drawer 135)

Myrtle Beach, SC

(Pen 2347, Drawer 135)

Las Vegas (Showgirls)

(Pen 2348, Drawer 135)

Ridin’ the range Oklahoma style

(Pen 2349, Drawer 135)

The Bubble Room, Captiva Island

(Pen 2350, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2351, Drawer 135)

Annapolis, MD

(Pen 2352, Drawer 135)


(Pen 2353, Drawer 135)

Shamu Sea World

(Pen 2354, Drawer 135)

Go Bucks! Ohio State University

(Pen 2355, Drawer 66)

New Orleans

(Pen 2356, Drawer 135)

Hi Y’all from Georgia

(Pen 2357, Drawer 135)

Mount Vernon, Home of George Washington. Mount Vernon Verginia

(Pen 2358, Drawer 135)

The Big Apple

(Pen 2359, Drawer 135)

Statue of Liberty Liberty Island, N.Y

(Pen 2360, Drawer 135)

Empire State Building New York City (gorilla with both arms up)

(Pen 2361, Drawer 135)

The Village Express

(Pen 2362, Drawer 112) On time delivery since 1976

Old North Church, Boston MA

(Pen 2418, Drawer 124) Built 1723. The pen depicts the two lanterns being lit in the steeple on April 18 1775, touching off the war for independence.

Boston, Massachusetts, T Underground

(Pen 2419, Drawer 124) Other than the Tea Party visitors attractions in Boston, the other important T is the underground, which we found to be just about the only transport working in the great snowfall of February 2015 when we were there!

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

(Pen 2421, Drawer 2) The Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center was a lot of fun, and even the queuing was entertaining. What’s more, the elevators had special effects projected on the ceilings when we were ascending and descending. We also went up the Empire State Building, but it was quite tedious and we felt like we were herded around like cattle. Also from the Rockefeller, you get a really good view of the Empire State Building, which is the more photogenic building, and cannot be seen when standing atop itself!

Statue of Liberty

(Pen 2422, Drawer 2) A classic star spangled floaty pen

Princess New York

(Pen 2423, Drawer 2) Pens 2423 and 2424 are proof that you have to search high and low in EVERY souvenir shop. When you think you have been in every shop in New York (there are hundreds), there is always one more, and when you think you have searched the shop, look high and low for any old forgotten stock. In our last shop, on our last night in New York, we finally found these two fabulous pens – the pink one is a bit of a mystery – both pens were alone and dirty, without prices, and totally flummoxed the shop assistant, who practically gave them to us! Now they are rescued and back home with us, living with their own kind!

New York the Big Apple

(Pen 2424, Drawer 2) Pens 2423 and 2424 are proof that you have to search high and low in EVERY souvenir shop. When you think you have been in every shop in New York (there are hundreds), there is always one more, and when you think you have searched the shop, look high and low for any old forgotten stock. In our last shop, on our last night in New York, we finally found these two fabulous pens – the pink one is a bit of a mystery – both pens were alone and dirty, without prices, and totally flummoxed the shop assistant, who practically gave them to us! Now they are rescued and back home with us, living with their own kind!

Washington DC (Cherry blossom)

(Pen 2427, Drawer 138) A beautiful pen, capturing the gorgeous pink cherry blossom in the springtime. Of course we were there in the big freeze of 2015, and everything was white!

The White House Washington DC

(Pen 2428, Drawer 85)

Washington, D.C.

(Pen 2430, Drawer 137)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Ninja

(Pen 2441, Drawer 138) On May 30, 1996, an employee was killed while crossing the tracks in the roller coaster’s station. She slipped and fell into a shallow pit beneath the tracks and was struck by a train that was pulling into the station.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Roaring Rapids

(Pen 2442, Drawer 138)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Jet Stream

(Pen 2443, Drawer 138)

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Colossus

(Pen 2444, Drawer 138) In 1978, a 20-year-old woman died after falling out of the ride.[36] The lap bar was locked in place but due to the woman’s obesity it proved to be ineffective. One of the old cars has been sent to the Sky Tower.This incident prompted Colossus to be closed for a year while the trains were switched out and other adjustments made. On September 8, 2014, a fire broke out atop Colossus’s lift hill. The ride had already been closed down for conversion into Twisted Colossus, and no injuries or deaths were reported. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Revolution

(Pen 2445, Drawer 138)

San Diego Zoo (flamingos)

(Pen 2465, Drawer 137)

San Diego (plane)

(Pen 2466, Drawer 138)

San Diego Zoo (Koalas)

(Pen 2467, Drawer 139)

San Diego Zoo (Truck)

(Pen 2468, Drawer 138)

Mission San Diego

(Pen 2469, Drawer 139)

John G Shedd Aquarium The Ocean by the Lake

(Pen 2470, Drawer 139)

Chicago… My kind of town

(Pen 2471, Drawer 137)

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

(Pen 2472, Drawer 138)

Florida (seahorse on back)

(Pen 2473, Drawer 139)

Florida (plane)

(Pen 2474, Drawer 137)

Florida’s Family

(Pen 2475, Drawer 137)

World’s Highest Observation Deck, World Trade Center, New York City

(Pen 2476, Drawer 138)

San Francisco (coloured sailboats)

(Pen 2477, Drawer 138)

Japanese Tea Garden Golden Gate Park San Francisco

(Pen 2478, Drawer 137)

Flying over Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

(Pen 2479, Drawer 138)

San Francisco one Neat City

(Pen 2480, Drawer 138)

I spent time on San Francisco Bay

(Pen 2481, Drawer 138)

Chinatown San Francisco

(Pen 2482, Drawer 138)

Palm Springs California (metallic gold sunset on back)

(Pen 2483, Drawer 138)

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

(Pen 2484, Drawer 138) Palm Springs – California

Los Angeles California (plane)

(Pen 2485, Drawer 137)

California (surfer)

(Pen 2486, Drawer 139)

Southern California

(Pen 2487, Drawer 139)

Las Vegas (slots)

(Pen 2488, Drawer 137)

Luxor Las Vegas (Camel)

(Pen 2489, Drawer 139)

Luxor Las Vegas (boatl)

(Pen 2490, Drawer 138)

Excalibur Hotel / Casino / Las Vegas

(Pen 2491, Drawer 138)

Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2492, Drawer 138)

Wizard of Oz Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2493, Drawer 75)

Star Trek Movieland Wax Museum Buena Park, CA

(Pen 2494, Drawer 139)

Bikin’ and Beachin’ California

(Pen 2495, Drawer 138)

Hollywood Bowl

(Pen 2496, Drawer 137)

Muir Woods (bird)

(Pen 2497, Drawer 139)

Muir Woods (deer)

(Pen 2498, Drawer 138)

Sharks Sea World

(Pen 2499, Drawer 138)

Sea World Mission: Bermuda Triangle

(Pen 2500, Drawer 139)

Spaceport USA (shuttle)

(Pen 2501, Drawer 139)

Spaceport USA (bus)

(Pen 2502, Drawer 137)

Trump Tower

(Pen 2503, Drawer 137)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Viper)

(Pen 2505, Drawer 138)

John G Shedd Aquarium

(Pen 2551, Drawer 136) On the face of it, this pen looks identical to pen 2268, but under the magnifying glass this shows many subtle differences that can;t be explained by just fading. We are convinced it is an earlier print to the one we have, but are open to other ideas

The Huntington

(Pen 2562, Drawer 138) Library Art Collections Botanical Gardens San Marino California

Las Vegas (aliens)

(Pen 2580, Drawer 138)

Hollywood (De Lorean)

(Pen 2582, Drawer 138)

Smithsonian Institution USS Enterprise National Air and Space Museum

(Pen 2585, Drawer 137)


(Pen 2591, Drawer 136) This appears to be the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood

Henry Morrison Flagler Museum

(Pen 2598, Drawer 138) Palm Beach Florida

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas

(Pen 2687, Drawer 139)

LBJ Presidential Library

(Pen 2689, Drawer 85)

Natural Bridge Zoo

(Pen 2693, Drawer 139)

Dinosaurs in their time

(Pen 2694, Drawer 139) Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Astoria Column, Astoria Oregon

(Pen 2695, Drawer 139) “I made it to the top”

Penguin Point National Aviary

(Pen 2696, Drawer 139)

Lost River Cave Kentucky

(Pen 2697, Drawer 139)

Strasburg Rail Road

(Pen ?, Drawer ?) Strasburg. PA. A great gift from Gill Crawshaw, floaty pen and cocktail stick collector!

More pens: