Food and drink

All these pens are good enough to eat!

Ben and Jerrys

(Pen 555, Drawer 47) All the way from Vermont, and they’re not melted yet!

Cadbury World

(Pen 556, Drawer 47) Mmmm! Chocolate and a floaty pen combined – a BIG thank you to Marcus and Antonia Dante for finding this for us.

Baskin Robbins

(Pen 1302, Drawer 100)

SPAM So good its gone

(Pen 558, Drawer 47) Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added salt, water, sugar and sodium nitrite…mmm!

Chiquita banana

(Pen 560, Drawer 47) A sweet and mellow yellow pen

Heinz Ketchup

(Pen 566, Drawer 48) Tip the pen and the ketchup pours over those yummy fries.

Lipton – in arabic

(Pen 449, Drawer 46)


(Pen 451, Drawer 113)

Explorer Vodka

(Pen 454, Drawer 113)


(Pen 559, Drawer 47) The most beautiful artwork and colours – almost good enough to eat.

Chuppa Chups

(Pen 562, Drawer 47)

Nescafe – Romanian

(Pen 453, Drawer 46) With special thanks to Andreea Sarpe for translating this. It actually says: “Nescafe -Try it! – You will be amazed!” On the back it says “Essence of good coffee!” If we’re ever in Bucharest, then we know how to ask for a cup of coffee.


(Pen 1294, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1286, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1291, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1332, Drawer 47) At last – we have this pen! Thanks to Martini Auctions!

M&M’s (clear)

(Pen 1333, Drawer 47) Just like pen 1328, but they’ve eaten the background!

Goldstar Israeli beer

(Pen 1363, Drawer 46) Magniiiiv!

Whisky of Scotland

(Pen 445, Drawer 46) A dark but ingenious pen – the golden whisky is painted on the inside of the barrel, the floater is white. When the pen is tilted it looks like the whisky is pouring from the bottle into the glass.

The World’s Best Drink

(Pen 446, Drawer 46)

Le Mixx

(Pen 447, Drawer 46)

Gevalia House of Coffee

(Pen 448, Drawer 46)

Lesumer Urquell

(Pen 450, Drawer 46)

T Beer

(Pen 452, Drawer 113)


(Pen 455, Drawer 46)

Absolut Raspberry

(Pen 456, Drawer 46)

Meat factory

(Pen 554, Drawer 47) The cow goes into the meat processing plant on the left, and a hamburger comes out on the right.


(Pen 557, Drawer 47) Possibly Cuban? The smoke floats in and out of the cigar. Back panel: “I cannot smoke cigars in Heaven. I shall not go” Mark Twain. Sadly our trip to Cuba in 2009 was devoid of floaties.

SPAM Museum

(Pen 561, Drawer 47)

Heinz EZ Squirt – red

(Pen 563, Drawer 48)

Heinz EZ Squirt – green

(Pen 564, Drawer 48)

Heinz EZ Squirt – purple

(Pen 565, Drawer 48)

Baby Dill

(Pen 567, Drawer 48)

Leader of the pack

(Pen 568, Drawer 48)

Pez – Elephant

(Pen 873, Drawer 58)

Pez – Astronaught

(Pen 874, Drawer 58)

Pez – Bride & groom

(Pen 875, Drawer 58)

Pez – Policeman

(Pen 876, Drawer 58)


(Pen 950, Drawer 20) 6 Up was not enough. We went one louder.

Nectar in bar

(Pen 1043, Drawer 46)

Dr. Oetker

(Pen 1299, Drawer 100)

Calve Mayonnaise

(Pen 1295, Drawer 100)

World of Coca Cola, Atlanta

(Pen 1300, Drawer 100)


(Pen 1328, Drawer 47) There’s an M in everyone – this pen has two!

McVities Digestive

(Pen 1329, Drawer 47) Mmm – perfect with a nice cup of Tetly’s tea


(Pen 1335, Drawer 47) Helps you work, rest and play

Coca Cola – A legend is back. The original Georgia Green Bottle

(Pen 1371, Drawer 46) It’s the real thing!

It’s got to be Rainbow

(Pen 1452, Drawer 47) Full cream evaporated milk

Coca Cola, on check background

(Pen 1472, Drawer 46)

Coca Cola, on check, different back

(Pen 1473, Drawer 46)

Nutricia Nutridrink protein

(Pen 1589, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1593, Drawer 46)

Toms Jackpot

(Pen 1720, Drawer 47) Tom’s Jackpot dragees

Jolly Cola

(Pen 1722, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1718, Drawer 47)


(Pen 1754, Drawer 46)


(Pen 1773, Drawer 113)


(Pen 1774, Drawer 46) A la pulpe d’orange


(Pen 1984, Drawer 105) Dean, what an amazing pen, thank you. I know it isn’t a genuine Eskesen, but the Wesco pens are the next best thing in my opinion, and this one is so beautifuly made. I can vouch that it goes really well with a glass of the black stuff.

Cerveza Nacional Rubia de Gran Clase

(Pen 2005, Drawer 113) A wonderful vintage bottle opener


(Pen 2088, Drawer 105) Ahh, Pimms, the quintessential english summer drink. Thanks to the fab sister in law, Fiona Allen, for this lovely pen. We think this is another Wesco, China pen

Atlanta 1996, Coca-cola

(Pen 2125, Drawer 113) It’s the real thing!

Sailor Jerry Spiced

(Pen 2157, Drawer 46) When this retro lady drinks the spiced rum she puts on a black dress – or does she take it off?


(Pen 2178, Drawer 47) “Only Smarties have the answer” – Unless of course you are not from the UK, where Smarties have a completely different catchphrase or are a the name of a completely different candy (If you were from the UK, we would call them chocolates, not candy!)

Duvel Belgium Beer

(Pen 2195, Drawer 105) Another Wesco-style pen that we bought direct at the brewery in Bruges, Belgium. The tiny balls represent the froth on the beer, and the bubble is intentional in the design. There is a really nice company crest printed on the barrel

Coca-Cola Schutzmarke . Koffeinhaltig

(Pen 2392, Drawer 90)

Coca-Cola marketed by Michel Oks

(Pen 2457, Drawer 113)

Pepsi (in Arabic)

(Pen 2574, Drawer 113)

J'(heart) Le Champagne!

(Pen 2577, Drawer 113)

Bonnet Rouge force sante

(Pen 2612, Drawer 113)

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

(Pen 2690, Drawer 48) Grown, not made

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