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I am flipping frustrated with trying to upload my HTML and then finding broken links etc – this is a safe space where I can quietly test them, box by box. If you find yourself here, please ignore.

Greetings from Newfoundland

(Pen 67, Drawer 9)

Dolphins, Miami Beach

(Pen 157, Drawer 1) Intelligent, curious, playful mammals – and that’s just Russell and I – the dolphins are pretty smart too!

British Columbia – bear

(Pen 297, Drawer 8)

British Columbia – duck

(Pen 298, Drawer 8) A dark but elegant pen. A duck glides behind the reeds in the foreground.

Waterton Lakes National Park

(Pen 300, Drawer 8)

Jasper National Park

(Pen 301, Drawer 8)

British Columbia glitter

(Pen 302, Drawer 8)

Calgary glitter

(Pen 303, Drawer 8)

BC Museum of Mining

(Pen 306, Drawer 8)

Queen of Saanich

(Pen 307, Drawer 8)

Victoria, BC

(Pen 308, Drawer 8) Looks suspiciously like London, even the BC parliament building in the background looks like Harrods when it is lit up at night.

Perth County Thrives in 2005

(Pen 309, Drawer 8)

Columbia Icefield

(Pen 310, Drawer 8)

Jasper Tramway

(Pen 311, Drawer 8)

Maligne Lake

(Pen 312, Drawer 8)

Canada – Two ducks

(Pen 313, Drawer 7)

Canada – Bear

(Pen 314, Drawer 7)

Canada – Beaver (genuine)

(Pen 315, Drawer 7)

Canada – Caribou

(Pen 316, Drawer 7)

Canada – Horses

(Pen 317, Drawer 7)

Canada – one duck

(Pen 318, Drawer 7)

Canada – Stag

(Pen 319, Drawer 7)

Canada – Two geese

(Pen 320, Drawer 7)


(Pen 321, Drawer 7)

Montréal, Canada

(Pen 322, Drawer 9)

CN Tower – Old

(Pen 323, Drawer 9) Our first vintage pen. It was a present from Katy who bought it at an antique shop in Brighton. It has most of its liquid missing. The elevator does not actually float. We date it at about 1970. Definitely a favourite.

Manitoba Museum

(Pen 325, Drawer 9)

Perce Gaspesie Quebec

(Pen 326, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower – New

(Pen 327, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – plane

(Pen 328, Drawer 9)

Winnipeg – The Forks

(Pen 329, Drawer 9)

Montreal – Olympic Tower

(Pen 332, Drawer 9)

Toronto – CN Tower at night

(Pen 333, Drawer 9)

CN Tower at night (Narrower lift and non metalic)

(Pen 334, Drawer 9)

Gas Town

(Pen 339, Drawer 7)

Land of the Totems

(Pen 343, Drawer 7) A wonderful pen. A canoe of first nation people rows by a village, with a colourful totem in the foreground.

Sea Bus

(Pen 345, Drawer 7) We used this service a couple of times. The view of Vancouver from the sea-bus is stunning.

Vancouver BC Canada

(Pen 349, Drawer 7)

Vancouver Canada

(Pen 1121, Drawer 7)

Vancouver, Canada

(Pen 1124, Drawer 7)


(Pen 1129, Drawer 8)

Vancouver, Orca

(Pen 1130, Drawer 7)

Mount Rundle, Banff

(Pen 1160, Drawer 8)

L’oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal

(Pen 1164, Drawer 9)

Canada (with plane)

(Pen 1665, Drawer 7)

Niagara Falls (with red water)

(Pen 1667, Drawer 9)

The Tallyho and Parliamint Buildings, Victoria BC

(Pen 1669, Drawer 8) Not the same Tally Ho as the famous corner in Finchly, North London

Sainre-Anne De Beaupre Quebec – Canada

(Pen 1670, Drawer 9)

Lake Louise Alberta

(Pen 1723, Drawer 8)

Loch ness glittter pen

(Pen 2725, Drawer 123)

London Underground

(Pen 2732, Drawer 140) Not Danish, but a great pen nonetheless. Great scene of Oxford Circus (It’s not really like that) and a bit bubbly (it’s not really like that!)

The most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge, SE1

(Pen 2733, Drawer 140) One of the best pens of 2016!

Pacman Namco Bandai, Paladone Products Ltd

(Pen 2734, Drawer 134) A big thanks to Esther!

New York City

(Pen 2744, Drawer 2)

Rockerfeller Center

(Pen 2746, Drawer 2)

Jefferson Memorial Washington DC

(Pen 2747, Drawer 139)

Florida Beach Club

(Pen 2748, Drawer 114)

Bermuda Aquarium museum and zoo

(Pen 2750, Drawer 116)

Australia (Koala and baby)

(Pen 2754, Drawer 5)

Montana de Feugo Lanzarote

(Pen 2761, Drawer 38)

Baile andaluz Espana (older)

(Pen 2764, Drawer 38)

Sealink British Ferries

(Pen 2773, Drawer 122)

Lourdes La Ville Sainte

(Pen 2777, Drawer 151)

Le Tunnel sous la Manche

(Pen 2781, Drawer 151)

Paris (like 578 but in black)

(Pen 2784, Drawer 151)

Boulogne sur mer

(Pen 2785, Drawer 151)

Worcester Cathederal

(Pen 2790, Drawer 126)

Citte del Vaticano (with Pope)

(Pen 2798, Drawer 152)

Greetings from Holland (conceal/reveal)

(Pen 2799, Drawer 146)


(Pen 2800, Drawer 129)

Bermuda (town)

(Pen 2802, Drawer 116)

Brittany Ferries (truckline)

(Pen 2803, Drawer 122)

Katoomba scenic railway

(Pen 2804, Drawer 5)

Singapore Haw Par Villa

(Pen 2806, Drawer 27)


(Pen 2818, Drawer 139)

Florida (bi-plane)

(Pen 2819, Drawer 114)

Museum of the moving image

(Pen 2823, Drawer 140)

San Francisco cable car Powell at Market Street, older

(Pen 2826, Drawer 89)

Souvenir di Roma

(Pen 2831, Drawer 152) A horse an carriage crosses behind a fountain

St, Martin St. Marten

(Pen 2836, Drawer 116) Sint Maarten is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Caribbean

GTS FinnJet

(Pen 2839, Drawer 122) Sailes with the Silja Line between Finland and Germany. She was the fastest conventional ferry in the world, with a topspeed of 33.5 knots. Scrapped in 2008.


(Pen 2841, Drawer 102) In July 1956, forty five rhesus monkeys escaped from the zoo and ran wild in Hamburg. The incident resulted in calls for help from shocked housewives who met monkeys in their bedrooms and bathtubs. Some of the monkeys sat in trees and chattered excitedly, showing each other toothpaste, soap bars and bathroom utensils which they had grabbed. Managers of the zoo reported that more than two dozen of the long-tailed Indian monkeys had been caught by policemen, firemen, zoo keepers and schoolchildren.

Schloss Mespelbrunn IM Spessart

(Pen 2847, Drawer 102) Those swans again! This time they’re gliding past the picturesque Shloss


(Pen 2848, Drawer 139)

Washington D.C., the Nations Capital

(Pen 2850, Drawer 139) Tourists taking a spring walk along the National mall

Fort Cody Trading Post

(Pen 2853, Drawer 139) As Emily Abell, who gave us this pen says “It’s a hoot!”

Life-saving station Museum, Ocean City, Maryland

(Pen 2855, Drawer 139) What a museum! They even have a collection of sand from around the world. Definitely one to visit as soon as we can.

Buffalo Exchange New and Recycled Fashion

(Pen 2859, Drawer 147) In the 45 years since it opened in Tuscon, Arizona, thet 450 square foot store near the University of Arizona has blossomed into almost 50 stores across the US. Buffalo Exchange continues to be run by Kerstin Block and her daughter Rebecca, and is still headquartered in Tucson. Buy the book “The Way of the Buffalo” via Amazon, Kindle, NOOK, and their stores

The Call of the Loon

(Pen 2865, Drawer 10) Two Loons glide along in beautful British Columbia

Dolphin Swimming & Boating Club

(Pen 2874, Drawer 89) 1,500 members regularly float in San Francisco bay

Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, California

(Pen 2875, Drawer 35) America’s 1st Theme Park, The Friendliest Place in the West

Poulsbo – Washington – Little Norway

(Pen 2876, Drawer 139) Originally home to the Suquamish people, settled by Norwegians in the 1880’s

Rip Roaring Rapids, Great America

(Pen 2877, Drawer 35) California, 1988. Riders careen through the concrete channels in 6-person rafts while facing rapids, whirlpools, and waterfalls.


(Pen 2879, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

Tank 2 Duck

(Pen 2880, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style


(Pen 2881, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

A Cat in a Pen, 8-bit version (w)

(Pen 2882, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

A Man in a Pen, Walking

(Pen 2883, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

A Cat in a Pen, Walking

(Pen 2884, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

On the road again

(Pen 2885, Drawer 130) I don’t recognise these people – I feel I ought to. Let us know if you do.


(Pen 2886, Drawer 147) Lingerie, Sheffield


(Pen 2889, Drawer 151) Viparis hosts exceptional, exciting, one-of-a-kind and innovative events at nine locations in the Greater Paris region.

Takanaka Super Live 2016

(Pen 2890, Drawer 86) Masayoshi Takanaka is a Japanese guitarist, composer, and producer. His music was influential in the city pop genre of the late 1970s and ’80s. He was know for his flashy guitars, including a gold colored Fender Stratocaster, and the one seen floating in this pen.


(Pen 2896, Drawer 140) See London from the Thames

Spreewald (bird on back)

(Pen 2904, Drawer 103) A big thank you to Michael Schebaum – we will visit Spreewald one day

A Cat in a Pen, 8-bit version (b)

(Pen 2907, Drawer 149) Crowdfunded “Scanimation” style

Buckingham Palace (V old boxed)

(Pen 2908, Drawer 20)

Sheep (no text)

(Pen 2914, Drawer 62) This pen is filled to the brip with happy looking sheep, and rams. There is also a sheepdog, and a very happy looking farmer.


(Pen 2915, Drawer 25) The country of Luxembourg is almost as tiny as this pen

A present from Lakeland

(Pen 2917, Drawer 16) I think this means the Lake District in the UK – a beautiful place


(Pen 2918, Drawer 16) This pen looks the business, but the rounded cap leads me to believe that it is not an Eskesen

Victoria British Columbia, Land of the Totems

(Pen 2920, Drawer 10) Indigenous Peoples heritage and legacies live on in Victoria and Vancouver Island through ceremonies, potlatches, dances, art and masks. All part of the Saanich Nation of Coast Salish Peoples, the Songhees, Esquimalt, Tsartlip, Tseycum, Pauquachin, Scia’new, Tsawout and T’Sou-ke Nations have long called Southeastern Vancouver Island home.

Vedettes Paris – Tour Eiffel

(Pen 2921, Drawer 151) This pen is a puzzle to us – the front looks quite old and faded – the back looks brand spanking new.

Funchal – Monte Madeira

(Pen 2927, Drawer 157) This time it’s a sledge/church combo

Souvenir du Maroc

(Pen 2928, Drawer 32)

NASA Kenedy Space Center’s Spaceport USA (Space walk)

(Pen 2938, Drawer 139) Extravehicular Mobility Unit


(Pen 2940, Drawer 139) JF Kennedy Airport, New York

Cape Cod

(Pen 2942, Drawer 139) For a whale of a time

Houses of Parliament, London

(Pen 2947, Drawer 140) This poor pen looks like it has been grossly mis-treated as it arrived in bits. Strangely it is a super modern version of a uch older pen


(Pen 2951, Drawer 152)


(Pen 2952, Drawer 152)

Salzburg, Mozartstadt

(Pen 2953, Drawer 17) This pen is alive, with the Sound of Music

Tavira-Algarve, Portugal

(Pen 2954, Drawer 157) Ponte Romana

Hong Kong (Two dragons on back)

(Pen 2955, Drawer 27)

Virgin Trains

(Pen 2968, Drawer 107) A Virgin train floats through a tunnel

Nordseeheilbad Wyk auf Fohr

(Pen 2969, Drawer 96) Winding streets and rustic Frisian houses shape the townscape of Wyk. Hans Christian Andersen said of Wyk auf Föhr “I have bathed every day and I have to say that it is the most unforgettable water I have been in.” In 1819 Wyk was named the first state-recognized seaside resort on the North Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein.

Etna m.3340

(Pen 2970, Drawer 96) According to both Greek and Roman mythology, the god Vulcan (Greek: Hephaestus) had his blacksmithing forge located under mount Etna. Vulcan was the Roman god of blacksmithing

Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria

(Pen 2971, Drawer 96) Puerto Rico is a fun-loving Canary Island town with a modern feel to it on Gran Canaria’s southwest coast


(Pen 2972, Drawer 96) Ok, so the floater in this pen is a blue silhouette of the island, rotated 90 degrees, travelling east to west through the pen.

Twelve sample vials on a chain

(Pen 2977, Drawer 150) Some sort of floaty sample set – each containing different plastic objects, toys, flowers, seeds etc. I am desperate for more information.

London(red double decker)

(Pen 2978, Drawer 16) There is a very important reason why these 4 pens are in our collection. However we have signed a non-disclosure agreement, so I can’t tell you why


(Pen 2982, Drawer 16) You’ll float too


(Pen 2983, Drawer 16) I myself am strange and unusual

Disney, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas

(Pen 2984, Drawer 16) There’s children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads, they’re busy building toys and absolutely no one’s dead.

Brass Monkey Adequate professional

(Pen 2987, Drawer 130) From Adequate to Pro-fessional – the story of this website

Brass Monkey Master Procrastinator

(Pen 2988, Drawer 130) From Master-Crastinator to Pro-Crastinator – the story of this website

Brass Monkey Problem Causer

(Pen 2989, Drawer 130) Problem causer becomes problem solver

Brass Monkey Critical Thinker

(Pen 2990, Drawer 130) Critical drinker becomes critical thinker

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